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CAP Missouri Volunteer September 1974.pdf
Missouri Wing Newsletters, 1974

Chandelle June 1965.pdf
Colorado Wing Newsletters from the 1960s and 1970s

CAP Times: May 1959
The Civil Air Patrol national newsletter from 1959 to 1968.

CAPNews-NOV 1968 - W.pdf
This page is under construction. National Newsletter of the Civil Air Patrol, 1968-2005

Cornhusker CAP News Vol. 1, No. 1 August, 1942.pdf
Nebraska Wing Newsletters, 1942-1953.

Phipps-CAP Bulletin Vol. II, No. 8 February 19, 1943.pdf
Newsletters from the Henry E. Phipps Papers

Phipps-to H. Sharp-17 August 1942-Assignment to active duty.pdf
Correspondence sent by Henry E. Phipps

Phipps-Telegram from D.L. Huchins-18 September 1943.pdf
Correspondence received by Henry E. Phipps

Phipps-8 September 1948-Wing Special Order No. 31.pdf
Maryland Wing Special Orders referencing Henry E. Phipps, CAP

Phipps-Special Order 31 August 1943.pdf
National Headquarters Personnel Orders

Phipps-Coastal Patrol Flight Log-May:June 1943.pdf
Records concerning Henry E. Phipps' work as a CAP pilot

Phipps-19 Mar 1943-Appointment of Officer.pdf
Certificates awarded to Henry E. Phipps, CAP

National Capital Wing Summer Encampment Handbook 1956.pdf
Booklets from National Capital Wing Summer Encampments

Summer Activities 1964.pdf
Booklets related to national cadet summer activities