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Phipps-19 Mar 1943-Appointment of Officer.pdf
Certificates awarded to Henry E. Phipps, CAP

Phipps-Coastal Patrol Flight Log-May:June 1943.pdf
Records concerning Henry E. Phipps' work as a CAP pilot

Phipps-Special Order 31 August 1943.pdf
National Headquarters Personnel Orders

Phipps-8 September 1948-Wing Special Order No. 31.pdf
Maryland Wing Special Orders referencing Henry E. Phipps, CAP

Phipps-Telegram from D.L. Huchins-18 September 1943.pdf
Correspondence received by Henry E. Phipps

Phipps-to H. Sharp-17 August 1942-Assignment to active duty.pdf
Correspondence sent by Henry E. Phipps

Phipps-CAP Bulletin Vol. II, No. 8 February 19, 1943.pdf
Newsletters from the Henry E. Phipps Papers