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C I V I L A I : : PAT R O L

NATI 9NAL .q~.-;M)~UA.R~S
WA.T~][~GTOH, JANUARY 7, 1942

I - Origin
II - Purpose
~II - Order of Establlehmeat
IV -. The Aviation Pl~.nnln~ Staff
V - Te c t l c a l A d m l n l e t r a t l v e O r ~ n i z a t l o n C h ~ . . r t
V7 - Regional Commanders
Vll - Aonolatment of Wing Co~mandere
Section VIII - Desi~natlon of Un~forme
IX - Deeip;netion of In~i:~n~a Section
X - Procedure for Enliztment
XI - As~i~nment to l~zty
XII - InPt~ction on Win~ Or~ni~at~on

Section I. ~: The orion of the Civil Air Peotrol
i~ hereOy credited to the universal demand of the civil airmen of
the United St~tce to be ut'ili~ed, t'c~ether with their equipment and.
f~oilities, in the common defense.
~u~ivld~L~le an~ orRani~atlons have rendered dletlngulehed
service in succe~.',~Ive styles of develoumeut of the Civil Air Patrol
and such contributions t~re hereby acknowledKed.
".oct~on II, ~~ The purpose of the C~vll Air Patrol
is to ~obillze and or~ni'ze thec~v!l aviation personnel ~.nd equlp,.,ant of the nation not otherwise actively er,~ed full-ti~e in
~overnnental Service or co~ercial air tran~oortatton ect!vitie~,
that ~uch may be availabl'e and effective for auxtli~-ry ~ervice to the
ar~ed and civil defense forces of the United Ste.te~, and further that
civil aviation may be preserved and activated for the poet-war requirements of the United State~.
This should not be construed ~s to bar any tndtvidu~l from
~ember~hi.v in thl~ or/~nizatl~n,
The CSvil Air Patrol Is further declared to be founded upon
the basis of voluntary eerv]ce, to the n~tlon~.l defenee by the flying,
nnd ground personnel of civil ~vi~tion. au~ented by nsr~onnel of
,ueclvl ~kill~ which rela~ed to the oper~tlon and m.~.tenence
o f c l v ~ l v v ~ - P t ~ o n s q u . l p m e n t a n d f a c 111 t l e e .

STOU71.1I 'o~oT~0 '-oav ozeo10 q~uog 696g '~,~,o~I ~ ~,zeq:~ "-rH
lrpT,zo"[& .~,zuqo~e$,eeT" ~g
' ~ o T P ' [ T ~ K ~ ' e K Te u ° T ~ ' a R ~ , B z T ~ 4 p z o s J ~ ' v I , { Z . z z ~ " - " H
u o ~ e J 0 , p t m - 1 ~ 4 , t o c T " , : ~ a T p ' [ . ' [ t t E [ : o R I I ~ o T- r e ~ ~ ' " ¢ e ~ 3 0 0 ~ , t , x ~ " 4 H
eT~rao3TT~0 .se'[e:~r.~" so,l '1n~o8 PlOT3.1Tu~ g5,9 *~u'~'K ..~aol~ ~.~
~'~T0 X.xo~ ~eR 8e~u'°~?' u°sT91sR ~TcJg 'uq~ "la j~o~o~ ".zR
eeae3e([ u'e'V[TAT0 ,TO
COT330 .,xo~oe4"ffZ eq0. o~t O'pT~ uo'~0,~T~-'7 'o'i;Pus'I "O peat1 .4ff
o8~03 e(~
u~TIT~10 ,To OOT,I:,T0 '=o~,oe'tI(I ~nc~a(I ~.~s'[uo:'~at~ soLumeg ".T, ',xH
uoT0,g.Z~gT~TU;TR, soT~,TmUOZe't/' "('~T0 ' uO~U~O,g "7 "0 ".~H
uoT~'I~,sT~TtcPI~ SOTO, Ueuo.zcy .r.TA.~0 , eeq~rtoS O~Z~ °-~H

:poo~Ido~ "f.T~,u~ e~-~e~ II~ o~ suos~o~ ~olIo3 e~,
o ~ " o ~ T o ; 8 u o m a T ' ~ T T ~ T O o x ' T 3 p ~ r ~ * o s u o 3 e ~ u ~ T ' ~ T. ~ ' ~ O
30 0oT330 eq~ mo~3 o~, ,uo'~u.z';eTu'wP'~ eo'l:~,u~uo'x;)~' "['~,~T0

ecrU. moa~ ~e~.l:~,e,~uooeadoa o~ ,1:o ,po~odmoo ,,T.;"e~ ~uTu'u~'r.,:Y
UOTe,~T,~Y u'e pesl;~oq~x~ ,'[Oa:,,:e,,T ,=TY "[T,~TO oqo, :~ul:qsT'[q~,e.e
"[~,6"[ *g 4oo.mOoo(z polyp ~6 "Ot, t J.e'i~0 e~T~~J[~,g'l:UTmT:R'p

3 0 O ~ g p o q ~ . u 0 T, ; 3 " e ~ S : ~ u Tu ~ " ~ u o ~ T, ~ Y e q , t , " k ! u o ' r ~ o ¢ $
.~sue3e([ u'eI:'[TAT0 4O'~0O.IT~ "~ ".rl
. esua;ep "~uo'~u
4 u o o ~ , u o T ~ u q T. x ~ u o ° ~ u ~ 0 , . ~ o ~ T s T ~ u T ~ , S T S g e e g T ~ , z a q ' ~ o

-~,~ ',~epu~moo "L~oT~I{ B~
'sd,XOO .I~ '.~J:x~O ",~ tn:t01" "['s,zOUO0 'ZO{'S1'; ~°~uT°dd~J oA'Sq Iii
p o p ' T. ~ o , z d s e p e ~ o u p u o o p ~ m p o e ~ x o 3 : o q T I T ~ u o T q ~ z ~ u s ~ ~ ° e ~ &
.Toz~,~ aT~r "[;ATO eq~ ' esuo3e(~ u'eT'~Tx'~0 30 0o~;3,~0 oq0,
,zepa'o. po~.~'T' ,xo'p~zo .¢qe:req o~ I~ '~o~,~,g "pO~.T~ eq~, ,To
~,uel)TSeZ& sqo, ,1:o .zel~x0 oA~,u0ex,g ~q 'esuo3:oCr U'eTITXTO 3°
eq~ q;T~
oq~ o~. ~re~=~:[ p~r~ 't[o'~0/et~ s'~, 3:0 suo'~T~Z~.[.p~l~oecIs~
eaT'[ UT 'Vo"PT~.Oad ~q ,-o'z sueST~'~o peT3TTeub
,¢q eo.~.,.zes £x~uu~o~ :o3 ~Tu~zoddo ~ pue eq~, o~,.
~ ' 0 " ( ] [ ' u ° ~ u T q e ~ ~ s g s u a 3 o ~ ' ~ T ' T, ' T ~ ; O 3 °
oOT,T,T0 oq~, mo~;~ poussT s~ ~4ue~e~,a~,s ~u'~ao'['[o3 er~l. "[~,6"[ 'T ~oqm~ooG
, To o ~ , m ~ ~ O T m ~ l T ~ u e ' ~ n t s T I q e ~ 3 o a o p ~ " ~ I u o ' f o , o e g


" A s A v i a t i o n A i d e t o t h e D i r e c t o r, I . ~ L a n d i s B i l l a c t a s
Chief of the Aviation Planning Staff, The Staff shall be
a r e s e a r c h a u d a d v i s o r y b o d y r e p o r t i n g t o t h e D i r e c t o r,
OODu Its duties shall be the investigation and reporting
o n a n y p r o g r a m s v ~ i c h , i t T. u ~ y h a v e s u g g e s t e d t o i t f r o m
any sm~rce~ or originate itselfp having to do with the
conduct of Ci~Ll Air Patrol or other aviation programs
within the OCD, or utilizing such facilities~- Its reports
will be submitted by the Aviation Aide to the Director~.
0CD, for approval before being placed in operation or
given publicity°
" I d e s i g n a t e G i l l R o b b Yi l . s o n o f Tr e n t o n , N e w J e r s e y ~ t o
be the Acting Executive Officer of Civil Patrol~ and
approve ~he attached outline of duties and responsibilities
of various persons in connection with the Civil Air Patrol~
U~ S, Director of Civilian Defense"
S e c t i o n Vo T ~ a c ~ i c a l . A d ~ ! n ~ , , t r a t i v e O r ~ . a n i z a t l . o n C h a r t ~
T h e Ta c t i c a l A d m i n i s t i ~ a t i ~ O r g a n i Z a t i o n C h a r t d e s i g n a t e s t ~ a e c o r e m a n d
and staff personnel for the or~sr~Ization of the Civil Air Patrol~
The channels of co,~,~nd and administration are as indicated
o n t h i s Ta c t i c a l a n d A . d m i n i s t r a t i v e O r g a n i z a t i o n C h a r t ~ .
Section VI. ,R!~_g_~na!_ O o~er~: Regional Commanders shall
establish Regional Headquarters of CAP~ with the aid m~d consent of the
Regional Directors of O, Go D. in such quarters as are made available
at the Regional offices of OCD, or at such other place or places ~hin
the Region of OCD as shall be mutually agreeable to beth and effectiv~
.in the interests of natiom~l defense, Regional Commanders shall report
directly to the Naticza!1 Commander~.
Duties of Regional Commanders: Included in the duties of
Regim~l Commanders sP~II be.~
(a) Supervision and. coo~auation of ~'~ing Organization°
(b) Liaison of CAP ~.~th ~rmed and civil defense
~uthorit~es ~-~Ithin tb,~ Region,
( c ) Tr a n s m i s s i o n o f G e n e r a l O r d e r s a n d p o l i c i e s o l "
National Comm~uder to. ~.~ Organizations.,
(d) Reports ~ National Commander of Win~ organization
aud acti~-ties,~

-4Section VXIo Appointment of ~.:ing ~ers: The appointment

of the fo o ng r:ing Ooamanders' S' "an Uuced:

A l ~ b a m a ~ H a r o l d F. U o o d ~ r ' o o d C h e v r o l e t C o . , I ~ n u i n g h a m
Arizona, O~rl C° Knier# Box 6~9~ I~oenlxp Arizona
Arkansas~ Gilbert Leigh~ 210 Louisiana St., Little Rook
CaliforniaS Bertrand mlinej 929 Citizens Nail° BarL~ Bldgo~
Los Angeles
C o l o r a d o , M a j o r W o r ' . ~ , N a t i o n a l G u a r d H a n g a r, D e n v e r
Gonnectioutw Thomas lIo Lockhart, Box 537, Hartford
Delawarep IIolger Hoiriis, 200 West 9th St., Uil~n
F l o r i d a , ~ : ~ J o r W r i g h t Ve ~ m i l y a , 2 r. , P. 0 . B o x 1 9 2 6
West Palm Beach
G e o r g i a , ' ; : i n s h i p N u n n a l l y, P. 0 = B o x l Y i 6 , A t l a n t a
Idaho, A. A. Bennett, State Director of Aeronautics# Boise
l l l ! n o i s , J a c k V i l a s , S r. , 3 0 N O . W a c k e r D r i v e ~ C h i c a g o
I n d i a n a p Wa l k e r W = W ~ - u s l o ~ , 6 1 2 B o a r d o f Tr a d e B l d g o , I n d i a n a p o l i s
I o w a , L t ~ C o l . D a n i e l F. H u n t e r, S t a t e H o u s e , D e s r. l o i n e s
Kansas, J~ H~xl Wilcox, Antho~
Xentuekys Albert Iio Nea~ Kentucky AerOnautics Commission~
Bowman Field, Louisville
Loulsisxat~ Byron A. Armstrong~ New 0rle~ns Airport, New Orleans
Maine~ Guy P~ Gannett, Airport, A,~nm~
r, ~ r y l a n d ~ A r t h u r C ~ l l y d e ~ C o n g r e s s i o n a l A i r p o r t ~ R o o k v i l l e
~ , ~ s s a c h u s e t t s ~ G o r d o n C . P r i n o e ~ P. O o B o x 2 2 5 , S o u t h ) 1 ( u n i l t o n
Miohigan~ S~ B~ Steers~ ~pital City Airport~ Lansing
? A ~ n n e s o e a , E ~ J o r L e s l i e L o S c h r o e d e r, 3 0 1 6 ~ a m e s Av e . S O o ~
Mississippi, ~litoheil Robinson, Uo~ I~ill~ Jackson
~isso~ri~ Major Win. B. Robertson~ L~bert~Sto i~uis Muuioip~l
Airport, Robertson
Montana, Herman lh HenrioMson, 210 Oity Hall~ Bi~l.~-r~
Nebraska, ~ ?° Packard, Hebraska Aeronautics Commission~ Lincoln
Nevada~ E. Jo-Questa~ First National Bank~ Reno
New Hampshire~ Russell Hilliard~ I~ea Hampshire Aeronautics
Commission, Concord
N e ~ 3 c r e c y, G e o r g e A o V i e l m a n n ~ S o m e r s e t H i l l s A i r p o r t ~
Saski~ Ridge
N e w M e ~ / c o ~ H e r ] l e e To w n s e n d ~ J r o ~ P c 0 o B o x 2 7 4 ~ ~ e s t
Mesa Airport~ Albuquerque
N e w Yo r k ~ L t o O d r o B e c k w i t h H a v e n s , I ~ g a r D ~ R o o s e v e l t
Field, Garden City~ Lo ~o
N o r t h C a r o l i n a ~ J t m i u s ~ 1 o H o m e r, J r. , J a c k s o n B u i l d i n g ~
North Dakota~ Arthur Mo Sampson, State School o£ Science.~
O h l o ~ E a r l e L o J o h n s o n ~ R o o m 5 0 1 Wy a n d o t t e H Z d g o ~ O o l u m b ~
Oklahoma~ ~.1oss Fatterson~ The Liberty National Bank~
Oklahoma City

Oregon, Capt. Leo G. Devaney, Lumbermens Bldg., Portland
Pennsylvania, William L. Anderson, Harrisburg Airport,
New 0umberland
Rhode Island, Willard N° Fletcher, Theodore Francis Green

Airport, lhtllsgrove

South Carolina, Dexter C. P~=~tin, South Carolina Aeronautics
Commission, Columbus
South Dak~taj T. B. Roberts9 Jr.9 South Dakota Aeramautios
Oommlesionp Pierre
Te n n e s s e e , L t Q C o l . H e r b e r t F ~ B e r r y F i e l d , L ~ m i o i p a l
Airport, Nashville
Te x a s , D . H a r o l d ~ d , ~ n i t e P l s z a H o t ~ l , D a l l a s
Utah, Joseph Bergin~ 439 State Capitol Bld~., Salt Lake City
Vermont~ Frederick U. Shepardsonw State Houses Montpelier
Virginia, Allan O. Perkimsou, 924 State Office Bldg., Richmond
Washington, Philip H. Ilinkley, 2nd Floor State Armory, S~kane
West Virginla, David M. Giltiuau, State Board of Aeronauticsp
Wisconsin, Seth W. Pollard, Wankeeha
W y o m i n g ~ W. D i l l a r d Wa l k e r s P l a i n s A i r ~ I n c o , C h e y e n n e
Section VII!= pj.~~ p.f .,Uniforms: Uniforms are being
desi~ated by the Quartermaster Corps of the War Department, which
division u~_ll also ~sh specification,@ These specifications will
be ~ubmitted to manufacturers. Uniforms can be secured by personnel
entitled to secure them through placing orders with the Squadron
Com~auders who will be informed by the Wing Commanders where the
uniforms cam be purchased. If they desire, any volunteer of the
Civil Air Patrol may secures through ohanmelss a copy of the uniform
specifications and color deslgnatiam and have the uniform made
p r i v a t e l y b y a n y t a i l o r, .
Uniforms may be worn by any me~ of the Civil Air Patrol
at any time, but must be worn by all personnel ghau on active duty
assignment and at all formatioass drills and formal oeoasious~ or
upon such other occasions as individuals may be officially repre-,
sentiug the Civil Air Patrol.
Sect!co IX. ~epi~aatiau of Insi~a: The iusi~ia for
the Civil Air Patrol has been desired and approved by the IIeraldry
Section of the Quartermaster Corps. Ins~nla shall be seotu~ through
the Squadron Commauder to ~hom i~ shall be transmitted by channels
from National Headquarters. GAP insi~ is patented by the Govern=
ment of the United States and Shall not be worn by unauthorized
persons o
Pilot and observer insignia (~ngs) gill be of ~etal and
will be purchased by personnel entitled to se~Are them from the
Squadron Commanders who will be iuformed 'through channels where the
insignia can be purohased.

V; i n g ~ G r o u p a n d S q u a d r o n i n s i g n i a w i l l b e s u b m i t t e d t o
the National Headquarter8 for approval before it is used.
Section X° _P "cedure for Enlistment:
io Application for enlistment shall be made upon those
forms which have been printed and distributed among the civil airmen
of t~e United States for that purpose by the Office of Civilian
2. No application for enlistment will be considered which
is lacking in ar~ of the fundamen%al information nor on ~tztch the
O a t h o f A l l e g i a n c e " t o t h e U n i t e d S t a t e s r. e m a i n s u n s i g n e d .
3o No application for enlistment shall be considered
unless such appklcation .is accompanied by the completed fingerprint
card f~nlshed by the Fodez~Ll Bureau of Investlg~tion for this purpose
and filed by the applicant together with three full-face photographs
of the applicant,.
~ . o U p o n c h e c k o f e l i g i b i l i t y b y t h e P. B . I . , i n f o r m a t i o n
shall be transferred from the application to a dup]~.cate service
record made out according to the n~me and serial number of the applicant, one copy of which shall be retained in %he files at National
Headquarters of the Civil Air Patrol, and the other copy of which
shall be forwarded to the Wir~ Commander for assignment to proper
Group and Squadron.
5. Upon receipt of the .application of enlistment, form
notice shall be Immediately mailed %o the applicant bf the receipt
of the application at National Headqu~rtereo
6o Accompanying the. service record of the applicant which
is returned to Squadron through cha/%nels there shall be an identification card with photograph of the applicant attached and stamped by
the seal of the Civil Air Patrol of the Office of Civilian Defense
which identification c~ shall be ultimately delivered to the appllcantby the Squadron Comnander unless atany point of command, in the
Wing~ the Group or the Squadron, reasonable grounds for wltholdlv~
the identification card from the applicant shall have been filed at
the National Headquarters of the Civil Ai~ Patrol, in which case
the application shall be reviewed by Board appointed for such purpose
by the National Cmnmmnder°
7. Upon assignment of the applicant# the Squadron Cce~
mender shall be responsible for transmitting through channels the
date of assignment~ classification, Group and Squadron of each person
enlisted ~n his Squadron° Following the orgamization of the Squadron~
a monthl~ report of transfers, promotions~ in fl.i~ht ratln~,s~
training co~rses completed~ commendations, or dlsciplinary a~tlorm
shall be forwarded on the first of each month through ch~%nnels to
National Headquarters of the Civil Air Fatrolo

Section XIo

efo~e assignment Co

(1) Each pilot must produce a currently acceptable pilot
certificate issued by the Ciwll Aeronautics Administration for the
i n s p e c t i o n o f t h e Y l ~ g h t L e a d e r,
(2) Ylight Leaders shall no~ place any person on flying
duty until the Flight Leader has personally seen and inspected the
CAA certiflcat~ of said person~
(3) No pilotshall be placed on flytn~ status until the
Flight Leader has checked out su~hpilot or knows definitely and
personally theft such pilot is competenSto fly the aircraft to which
he 1, aseigned~ under conditions meeting all requirements of ~he
regulations of the Civil Aeronautics AdmtnistratioD.
(4) Non-flylng personnel shall be placed on a duty status
only after the FliGht Leader has assured hlmself of the ]oyal~y and
~n~eRr!ty of ~he person concerned.
Section XII.~ ~i n on Wi Or iz t~ The ~lng
Commander shall be reeponslble for organ!zatton of Civil Air Patrol
personnel in his State according to the plan set forth ~n the
Ta c t i c a l a n d A d m i n i s t r a t i v e c h a r t o f t h e C i v i l A i r P a t r o l .
Suecemslve s~eps of organization are suggested as followe~

Selection of location of ~tng Headquarters.

(b) Secure clerical assistance by seeking cooperation of
S~ate Governor and State Defense Council authorities~
( c ) S e l e c t i o n o f E x e c u t i v e O f fi c e r. T h e E x e c u t i v e
Officer should have ~vailable time, be familiar with the affairs of
t h e S t a t e , a c a p a b l e o r g a n i z e r, a n d a b l e t o w o r k u n d e r p r e s s u r e . " H e
~eed not be a pilot~
(d) Selection of Ving Staff. Each man on the Wing Staff
is of vital importance° All Unit Staff o~ficers are of equal rank~

The ~t~t - Keeps the record,| transmits orders o~ the Conumander
and F~eeutive 0ffteer~ must be a pilot or observer°
P eersonne~a~d~Ga],.~9~f~e~.- ~esponsible for mental .~n~ physical
fitness o~rsonnel~ Reports on dt~ci~line and a~tttude of per~onnel~
~K~ke~ recommend~tions to Co~mnding 0~ficer if personne~ are unfi~
for flight duty° Need not be a pilot° Will handle personnel records
u~der diree~on of the adj,%ant at the discret~on o~ the ~ommandtng
O f fi c e r.

I n t e l l i ~ e n c e ~ m d P u b l i c R c l a t ! g n s O f fi c e r, - H a n d l e s p u b l i c i t y ; s e c . ~ r e s
public ~udL, rste.nding of the ~,'crk and purpo.e of Civil Air Patrol;
prov£ds~ confidelltia! information for Unit Con~Jlder; need not be
a pJ.lot.
~rai, nin~ Pad O/poI~tions Officer - Must be an experienced pilot.
Responsible for trainlnK within the unit. PiP~R e~ supervises
missions. Responsible for carrying out the orders of the Contm~ndlng
Officer in relation to all operations.
=Ecu~pgent an~ S uppliee Off~ger - Responsible for all unit property
an~ records of s~Jne. Need not be a pilot°
T~ns~Qrt~t~on Officer - Has chr:rge of Pll groun~ transportation
ma~ters. Need not be a pilot.
C ~ m m ~ m A c a ~ i o n s 0 f ~ c e r - M u s t b e a n e x p e r i e n c e d r a d i o o p e r a t o r. H a s
cl~rge of all co~munications, radio, telegraph and tdlephone. Is
resuon~ible for weather report~, mes~sge centers, etc.
W h e r e d e s i r a b l e t h e W i n ~ C o m m ~ n ~ e r m ~ v a a ~ i ~ n s S t a ff
Officer to more than one section and he ma~ also apl~oint assistant
section officers if ~enireble. ~he ~ud~snt of the Wing Ccmm~nder
will be relied upon to m~ke any adjustments which to his mind increase
the efficiency of hi~ comm~nd. He m~y remove or ~ppotnt staff
officers ~t an~ time or trtnsfer ~taff personnel from one section
t o a n o t h e r,
The ~ing ¢omn~nder ie responsible for the tr~inin~ of his
s~ff', the under~t~ndin~ by each of his exact duties, privileges e~d
responsibilities. He will hold frequent ~t~ff meetings, keep hl9
staff constantly informed of hl~ ~elicie~ ~nd decisions s~d have
them Pdvise and counsel wit], him upon all vital matters. He will
depend upon hi~ staff to carry out the ~,ork of the Wing, rathnr
th~ attempt to do all the ~ork himself. He should not fear to
deleA~te authority and should backup the Judt3nent ~nd decisions
of l~is ~taff members, vales, he is nonvlnced they are unsound,
(e) %'~hen WihgHeadqu~rters ha. been selected end the
Wing Staff chosen, the Wing Co~Pndlng Officer with the advice of
his staff shall an~lyze his potenti~l Win~ strenKth, and the logical
loc~tl~ns for Group Or~ni~ations. This problem will differ in each
State. Density of aeronautic population and geo~raphic~l consider~tl':ns
will influence hie Judgment. As a ba~lcrulethe Wing Comn~der will
take the n~,b~r of certificetedp~lote ~n his State and,double this
number to allow ~or student pilots now coming e~long, and for ~ound
personnel. If the Wing Connnan~er keeps this figure in mind (double
the number of his State pilot~) he will have a basis for the number
o f G r o u p s h e m u s t e v e n t ~ l l y o r ~ P. n i z e o H o w e v e r. i n t ~ c b e E i n n i n g
the Judgment of each Win~Oom~.uder m~st determine the number of
Groups he wishes to currently activate°

~ZeOT$30 eA~,U0eX~

I~O..Zq.T~4~ ,.ZTY tTA1.0 ',zopcmmmoO "[gUUTq.~,~
s~zoo a'l:Y "'L'~ZmzeO zo~gH
~ID4.q0 o Jr ~HOC

-TTS~ uodu Toz~,WcT .ZTV TTAT0 sq~ 30 ~TZZ~TSUT eq~, eo~-[c! esT~.zoqo, o ,to

oez~pu~mmoo uozp~ubS ~q~, o~ m~q~ ~TmOUszq
uzu~, UT ~-~qs cq~ sz~pu~u~oo cTuuao ~ o~ ~oq~ ~uT~T~sue-~ .zo~

+$3,~'S cluozO ~ pu~ sze~eubp'+~ett duo-,~
qs$'~q~s~ o~ zepummoo duo~o ~ou~ qoee d'~eq i-~qe .,epu~moo 2u~ eqq