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WA S H I ~ T ~ , J A ~ 8 ~ 1 9 4 2

All Wimgj Group and Squadron Oommamders
SDI~EOT: Adminlstrative Procedure

When service records accompanied by identification cards
roach Wing Oomma~ers, they ax~ ~ proce~ to take +~ae following steps and instruct Group sa~ Squadron O~ers to
similar proes~hn'es as the service reoo~s s~ accompa~in~ identification cards proceed ]through ohanuels,
Carefully review ~ervice reeorc~sa~ abstract a~ i~ormation:essential to files of organization office.
Withold ~md ~eturn to Natiomai O~mas~er the service reoor@
of any applicant of wh~ you ~ disapprove for reasons of
disloyalty to the Unito~ Sta~es or un~h of Information
furnished by applicant.
If you approve o£ appliean%~ transmit service record an~
identification to p~-oper unit of Wing.
l:~.'agraph )

~nen application reaches Squadron C~ers ~ Group O~
m~eru ~ ~ocedure v~CLl be:
The file of the Squadron is the final repository of the
service record.
The S~'~on O~m~a~der upon receipt of service record m~
identification card will notify applicant to report for pers o n a l i n t e r v i e w,
I f ~ a t i s fi e d w i t h a p p l i o a n ~ , f 0 ~ i n t e r v i e w, S q u a d r o n
Oo~or will issue appiican~~ i~e~ifieation card s~ assign
to duty in proper ol~ssifioation]~ applicant has ~d~n
oath of allegiance by verbai repe%:ition %o S~on Commander.


. %

Applicant has boen assigned to Wi~ on'tesis of residence.
If applicant for Eood reason desires assi~ent in another
Wing~ Squa~on Comber ~.ii ret~n app!ioatlon and. identlfioation direCtlY to Natlo~l Head--tars for reasslg~m~=~.
Squadron Co~er will :notify Group a~l Wing of action in
such eases~
S~on Co~mar~ar should noti~F Natioml ~adquarters of
fir~l a.~sig~ment oZ' app1_ioan% 1o Group~, Satmdron an~ ,lassl.fication, Olassifioation to be one of fo].~d.z~$ Pilot~
Observer~ Meohe~Ic~ Radio Operator~ or if other gromxl service,
si,~ci~y particular skillo