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h TAT L . H Q . , C I V I L A I R PAT R O L
5 0 0 5 t h A v e . , N e w Y o r i ~ 1 8 , E . Y.

16 July 1943

Subject: Survey of Aviation Cadet Recruitment Activities
To :

A l l C A P U n i t C o m m a n d e r s f o r I I , ~ ' ~ D I AT E A C T I O N

i. It is essential that National Headquarters and each Wing Command
have records of the results of OAPts campaign to recruit Aviation Cadets for the
Army Air Forces. Continual checking ~ill reveal areas where unusual results .have
teen secured and where we will want to know how they did it, and other areas where
a c t i o n i s l a g g i n g , t h o u g h w e h o p e t h e r e w i l l b e n o n e i n t h e l a t t e r c a t e g o r y.
~. The following information is requested from al___!l CAP units each month:
a .
~:~-mber of active CAP members in unit.
b .
Number of active C.~P Cadets attached to ~tuit.
c .
Estimated number of young men between i? and 26 inclusive interviewed by CAP members to interest them in becoming Aviation Cadets.
~. Estimated number cf young men so interviewed ~ho apply for Aviation 0ndet ex~inatlen.
e. Actual number of young men who pass the ex2~instio~1 and ere accepted for Aviation Cadet training by the Army Air Forces.
e. Eames and addresses of these accepted.
~ . R a t i o o f t h o s e a c c e p t e d t o C ~ m e m b e r s h i p . ( To t a l n u m b e r o f
Cadets procured bF the CAP unit and accepted, divided by the total number of CAP
member~ active in the unit.)
h. ~hlblicity placed by the CAP ~unit in its area rei~,~rdin~ the recruitment program. Attach clippingz.
i. Informmtion regarding aerial exhibitions, meetir~s, disnlays,
posters, ~nd other methods used by the CAP ~init. Ideas which other C~2 units
can use and pictures which can be issued fez" publicit? are particularly wanted.
S. Each unit ~:,ill prepare the above date im~aadistoly on receipt of this
notice ~nd send to Wing headqL~.rtcrs through channels. -~ch intermediate command
(Groups, and Squadrons with Detached Flights) will take off dat~ from the renorts
so as to ~now what each tuuit u~dcr its command is doing.

4. Each ~,~ing command will compile ~ta covering the recruitment work of
the whol~ ~.~ing to cover the period from the b~ginnin[: of tne' recraitment campaign
last month to the date in July when the fi~ires Pro gathered. It is requested
that this infol~,~etion be transmitted to Nation8l Hoadq~u~rtcrs !~ith the re~ll~r
monthly report of the Wing to arrive here not IPter than Aui~ist 5, without fail.
Do not break dewr_ the rip,ires by individual itnlts; Just give the totals for the
entire Wing. But ~,ou may include appropriate notes on the nerfozTlanoe of some of
the units to which you may want to call psrticu!er attentioD.
~ . B e s u r e t h i s n o t i c e i s d i s t r i b u t e d t o a l l u m . i t s . I f a n y d o n o t r e p l y,
i~mediato stone should be taken to appoint new officers. It is particularly impsrtant tl~zt I~telligence Officers f~mction in this program. Those who do not
should be replaced at once by corlpctent officers who will do the work.

NPtional C omnander