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Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .

WASH~GTON~ ~Y It 1943





1. This GM does not affect or apoly to CAP aircraft ~ners flying
their own aircraft, but does apoly to all CAP member~ who desire to b~y instruction or flight test time in aircraft owns@ by others for the purpose of
obtaining ratings which will qualify them for active particapation in a service essential to the war effort.
2. National Headquarters has been repeatedly asheg for a clarification of the flight training status of CAP members as regards the furtherance
of the war effort and that question is ~n~ered a,~ follo~s:
A. Flying members of C~, as in the case of all civ!lian flyers, are certificated by CAA amg their flying is regulated by the rules of
that agency
B. Su@ervmsion of flight training of civilians is trader the
jurisdiction of CT~&, excspt for those civilians who are tra~;ning ~nder the
strpervision of the arL~ed forces.
3. It is therefore pointe~ out that th~ C~ regulation iss~,~d ADril
12, 19~3 as Standard Practice No ACA-9, is in full force and effect a~ regards
CAP members coming within the scq~c of its moaning~ All CAP applicants ~ho
meet th~ qualifications specific@ in ACA-9 ~',ill make their application~ direct
to CAA.
4. CAP National }leagq~rters~ in cooperation with Cf~&, has accepted
the designation by the Chief of the Aircraft Priorities Branch, ~B, a~ certifying agency for those C~'@ l~cnbers .~ho @o not entirely moot the q~lifications set forth in the abov~ regulation ~uch nembers nay apoly to bhsir
Unit Commanders and suhmit evidence as to their qualifications. When it is
establishes to the satisfaction of the Unit Co~m~andcr that the flight instruction or test of such members is cssontia~ to authorize@ CAP ge~wtcss, the applications will be certified by the intorviev~in[ Off~-cer an~ forwar~]ed through
channels to National Headquarters for final aporoval aug issuanc~ of certific a t e s o f e s s e n t i a l i t y. A l l a p r. l i c a t ? _ o n s f o r v ~ a r d c d t o ~ . ' a t m o n a l H o a ~ q u ~ t r t c r s
m u s t b e i n S o r s e d b y t h e ~ i n g C o ~ m a n d o r. P e r t i n e n t ~ - n f o r m a t i o n r e g a r d i n g t h e
applicants will be forwarded by the int~rvi~w~ing Off'.cot ~itb each aDolication.
5. Each s~pplication ~ill bc cons~er~d on Lts merits as ing~cated
in the reports su~itto¢~ by the intorviewin~ Officer anC 6u~ consideration
~ill be given to the aoproval of the Win~ Commander a~ indicatc~ by his indorsement.
By direction of Fational Co~or JOHN~ON~

llajor~ Air Corps
C oorginating Officer