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Washington, D. 0.
WA S H I N G TO N , A P R I L 1 6 , 1 9 4 3


Te m p o r a r y W a r C i T i l i a n S e c u r i t y P r o g r a m a s i t A f f e c t s C i v i l A i r
P a t r o l M e m b e r s I n j u r e d o n D u t y.

To :

Wing Commenders, coastal and Liaison Patrol Base Commanders.

1. The above program of the Federal Security Agency provides
retroactively and prospe2tively for all Civil Air Patrol members who have been
injured.while engsged on CAP duty (including training)end, pursuant thereto,
there is made av~ile~le: (1) medical care, (2) death~and disability benefit
payments to the injured member or his dependents to-the limit of $85°00 per
month, (Z) addltional assistance where partlculsr financial need is shown, and
(4) burial expenses not to exceed $100.00.
2. In response to a telegram from this 0ffic~ ~ou formerly notified
us of injuries occurring to certain of the personnel under your j~rlshictlon.
In order to properly present claims in cornection with those injuries, we are
tr8nsmitting to you herewith a set of forms to be used in each case. A different set of forms %Fill be used in each of the following cases: (i)
occurred, (2) i~here disability lasted more then seven days. (S) where disability
lasted less than seven dens. The supply of such forms is very limited, end we
are s~ndlng you only enough to take care of the cases which have been reported.
We have marked the different sets of forms as to the vari0us categories
enumerated so that, in each instance, you may be oerteln that the proper set of
forms is cpmpleted. One set onlF should be used for each claim.
S . T h e f o r m s m u s t b e c o m l ~ a n d ~ fi l l e d o u t , s i g n e d
by you as the "Reporting 0fficer"~ and by the other necessary persons as indicated. Incomplete forms will simply delay payment of the claim. When the
forms have been completed end si~ed, they should %e sent at once to CAP
National Headquarters. The matter shm'&d be followed carefully to see that ell
claims are pre~ented as soon as possible~
4. A letter of instruction Ass been drswn~up under which the details
of the plan end the proced~ure to be followed ~s cerefully set forth. Copies of
these instructions ere enclosed herewith. They should be studie; very carefully by you or someone in y0ur~organizatlo~ ~o that you will be entirely
f~niliar with the procedure to b6 followed in these cases, since any deviation
from such procedure will prejudice claims arising from end after April i, 194S.
In connection with claims arising between Dece~ber 8, 1941, and April i, 1943,
it will be sufficient simply to fill out the forms Fhich we are enclosing, and
certain time limits spscifi2d in the instructions will, of course, he disregarded. However, as to 61~ims arising after April i, 1943, the time limits


must be carefully observed. The instructions should be studied thoroughly
therefore, particularly to acquaint yourself with the procedure to be followed
in the future, but also to learn such information as msy be helpful in filling
out the forms which we enclose herewith.
5. Pursuant to the letter of instructions? it is suggested that in
particular the following procedure be observed at the first possible moment:
Yo u s h o u l d c o n t a c t a t o n c e t h e n e a r e s t l o c a l d e f e n s e c o u n c i l
to learn the neme and adaress of the "Local Chief of
Emergency Medical Service". If the local defense council is
not scauainted with this program or the name of such local
Chief, you should then contact the Stste Chief of Emergency
Medical Service at the State Defense Council to learn from
them the neme of the local Chief.
Yo u s h o u l d t h e n c o n t s c t t h e l o c a l C h i e f o f E m e r g e n c y M e d i c a l
Service in order to arrange with him for a progrem which can
be followed in connection with the medical treatment of in- ~.~
j u r i e s w h i c h m a y o c c u r. T h e p r o g r a m c o n t e m p l a t e s t h a t
certain facillties m~v be arranged by such local Chief under
which certain physicians arid/or hospitals may be designated
ss the facilities to furnish such medical service as may be
required. The ~xact location of such doctors and/or hospitals should be determined, and their availability for your
purposes should be considered and discussed.
~ .

If any additionsZ guestions should arise or you should need
sssistsnce in the filling out of forms, you should consult
the nearest field office of the Bureen of 01d-Age and
orvivors Insurance of the Social Sec~ity Board ~,hich ma~,
be located by contacting the nearest office of the Social
Security Board.

~ .

Yo u s h o u l d n o t i f y a l l o f t h e C i v i l A i r P s t r o l p e r s o n n e l
within your jurisdiction (being certain that the information
reaches directly at least your Squadron Commanders) as

Written notice of all injuries should be forwerded to
you within twenty-four hours of shy accident whereby
any Civil Air Patrol member (including Cadet members)
is injured. Complete details shbuld be given. This
procedure should be followed in connection with all CAP
personnel under your jurisdiction. Wing Co~imanders
should not follow such procedt~re in connection with personnel injured while on duty at Coastal or Liaison Patrol



T h e m e m b e r s s h o u l d b e a d v i s e d t h a t , i n c a s e o f i n j u r y,
they should use the facillties (doctor and hospltal) if

a n y, s e t u p b y t h e l o c a l C h i e f o f E m e r g e n c y M e d i c a l
T h e p e r s o n n e l s h o u l d b e s d v i s e d , h e y, e v e r. t h s l i n c a s e
o f i n j t u c y, t h e y s h o u l d i m L 1 e d i a t e l y s e c u r e m e d i c a l c s r e
end that they may u~e their own doctor and hospital if
the established facilities are not svaileble.

Within forty-eight hours after his first visit, the
doctor ~,ho has been engaged must make a written report
to you,'setting forth the information prescribed in
Section III-A-3-C of the letter of instructions.

Ir~mediately upon receipt of notice of any injury to Civil
Air Patrol personnel, you should repor~ to the local Chief
of Emergency Medical Service the details of the sccident
and, with him, arrs~ge plans for the medicsl care of the injured person.
~t the same time, jou should send a complete written report
co Civil Air Patrol National Heedqu~rters, setting forth
t h e d e t a i l s o f t h e i n j u r y. ~ t h a t t h i s r e p o r t
should be made to this Office rather than to the field
office of the Bureau of 01d-Age end Survivors insurance, as
set forth in Section III-A-S-D. Upon receipt of such report, this Headquarters ~rill transmit the information to the
Central Office of such Bureau and will receive from them
s u c h f o r m s a s m a y b e n e c e s s a r y. T h e s e f o r m s w i l l t h e n b e
transmitted to you at once end may be completed, signed, and
returned to this Office.
6. The supoly of forms which we are enclosing herewith m~z be insufficient to take care of all claims ~ich have arisen to dote. If ~uch is
the case, please 8dvisc us as to the edditional n~mber required in each of the
three categories specified in Paragraph B shove, ~nd we shall arrange to have
such additionel copies transmitted to you.
7. It should be stressed that this matter requires your careful ~nd
earliest attention.
By direction of National Commander JOHNSON:


/ /
Lt., Air Corps
Special Assistant