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"~ .... * I~RCH l, 1945

Civil Air ~trol Siation~ in the
W~x ~l'~ency P~dio S~rvics

To :

All T~it So~,a~s~nders~ Civil Air Patrol

'/'he ~oard of ~ar Co~a~u~c~-~tions ~s authorized th~~, Federal
Com~_?~ic~.ti~ Ce~ission to provide a sep~te c?~ss of service
withLn the }Y~r ~m~rge~y Ra~io Service for use of Civil Air Patrol.
a. The Com~issic~.'s and regulations governi~
"Civil Air .atrcl ,.~a~ions under Title 47 - ~elecomm~u ca~on Clm.pter I~ Part l~ (Effective June 12, 1942) were promu~Ated
January 19, 19~3.
b. National Headquarters h~s compiled and fo~wzarded a
composite of these r~!es and regu?~tions ~hieh govern all stations
~ n t h e Wa r E m e r g e n c y R a d i o S o r Ti e s , t o g e t h 2 r w i t h s p e c i fi c S e c t i o n s
which pertain only to "Civil Air patrol Stations,"
c. Operation, st~pervlsion, and contz'ol of all Civil Air
P a t m o l S t a ~ i c n s ~ t h e Ve t E m e r g e n c y R a d i o S e r v i c e ~ i l l c o n f o r m t o
the Federal O.~rau~uicatio:~s C~flssion's Rules sm.d Regulations, and
in addition %.ill be gove~ned b~ e~?-~d co~2erm to specific orders,
regul~tlons, procedures, instructions ~d reoommtndations issued by
t h e ~ t l o n a l C o n ~ A n d e r, C i v i l A i r R a t ~ o l .


By ~greettent, pursuapt to the ai~thoriz~tion of Civil Air Patrol
Stations in th~ War ~rGency P~dio Se~, tl~ ~anufact~re of n~w
equ~nt ~ ~ encm~c&~ed~ .~here ~rs Do pr'ioritiss for pttrch~se of
equipment or ~al.ts for ~intenuzse of equipment in the ~B and only
such equipment as may ~e avail~ble without l~iority will be utilized.
5 , E D C ~ S I ~ D O F A P I ~ L I C AT I O E S F O R N E W S TAT I O N L I C ~
~ S ~ A I R P ~ ' ~ 0 L S TAT I O N L I C ~ . , } ~ W ~ L L B E ~ S ~ L - 3 D O ~ LY TO T H E

3111 3
a. F~ C C Form No. I~9, App!Ic~tion for Authority
t o c o n s t r u c t a n d O p e r a t e R a d i o S t ~ t l o n s i n t h e Wa r E m e r g e n c y
Radio Service" will be executed by the Wi_~A~Co~m~%uder ~fter
p r e p a r a t i o n b y, t h e ~ 7 _ ! i n ~ C e ~ m u n l c a t i o u s 0 f d ~ c e r.
b. Applications for renew%l of Station licenses will
be submitted to National Headquarters s~xty days pzior to the
expiration date specifis~ in the Station license. Application
for Renewal of station llcen~es will be ~!mde ou Form l;o. h09 in
accordance with Section 19-~ (c) of the rubes and regulations.
c. Legal possession of all transmitter units donated
or otherwise procured by means other tl~an ownership in the
Co~",ndsr will be evidenced bY execution of the stan4,~d lee se
for~ p~.e~cribed by h~atio~al Headquar~ers~ a cop~ of ~hioh is
~vai]able at WinS Headquarters. (~:nership of all tran~mitt~mg
apparatus constructed by Civil Air Patrol perso~nel form components
w i l l b e v e s t e d i n t h e n a m e o £ t h e W i n g C o m m ~ u d e r. T h e l e a s e f o r m s
will be executed in tr_~li~, the origim~l to remain in the
possession of the les~o~., one 9srbo__nco~yto be retained by the
WinS Commander as lessee, and the third ~:hich must also be a carbon
~o~_~.,willbe forwarded to National Headqua~'ters withthe application for the station licgmse.
~. Application for modification of Station licenses
will be made in the same manner as proscribed for new stKtion
~. Inform~tlon relative to tranzm3tter units, monitoring
facilities, lease ferns, and techincal data# and any other information which~ay be requested by the ~;inG Commander or the Wins
O o . ~ m ~ n l c a t l o n s O f fi c e r, w i l l b e p r o c e s s e d t l l r o u g ~ e a g h e c h e l o n
with~ the ~ing~ via channels, as follows:
(1) All material will be prepared by the ~quadron
C o ~ u n i n a t i o n s O f fi c e r f o r t h e S q u a d r o n O o ~ n d e r, w h o w i l l i n d i c a t e
his approval by endorsement and forward to G~oup Headquarters.
(~) The Group Communications Officer will revi~ and
check the material, and if found to be satisfactory# he will obtain
t h e a p p r o v a l o f t h e G i ' o u p C o m m a n d e r, w h o w i ] l i n d i c a t e h i s a p p r o v a l
by endorsement and forvard to the Wlng Cemmandez. Section (2) will
not apply to Wings which do not have Group~Co~m-uds.
(5) The Wing Cormnunlcations Officer will review and
c h e c k t h e m a t e r i a l , a n d p r e p a r e t h e p r o p e r F. C . C . f o ~ n n s ,
supplementar~ statements# etc. The Wing Commander and the Wing



3 111 4 3

Co~muni@~tions Officer Will execute and forward the forms direct
to National Headq'u~rters.
(4) The procedure for routing correspondence and
concurrences pertaining to station licenses or modifications sNail
be conducted via channels in the manner outlined in e. (1), (2),

( 5 ) O n F. C . O . F o r m 4 5 ~ , 9 a , n o m a p n e e d b e
included as all operations will be within the state boundaries
of each stati0n licensee.
4 . S U P P l y S TAT ~ 4 E N T S .
Supplementary statements required under Section 15.92 of the
Rules and Regulations will conform to the follCwi~g:
a. General operating procedure, r 0nly recognized
aviation terminology will be used in the transmission of messages
i n a c c o r d a n c e w i t h T D , 3 2 - " Te l s ~ s ~ n e S c ~ m u n i e a t i o n s . "
. . b. Scope of Ss~vlee to be rendered. - Civil A~I~atrol
sta%i/~li~w~ll confine all activities to official operations w~ _
the State boundaries of each station licensee.
c . Ty p e o f m e s s a g e s t o h e t r a n s m i t t e d - A l l t r a n s m i s s : ~ - ~
will relate strictly to Civil Air Patrol activities.

Methods to be used in monitoring, supervls~ng,
ar'~ oontrolllngthe operation of all stations fc~
which the license is requested, including method
of compliance with Restricted Order No. S -

il) All WingI Group, and Squadron Com~/mioations
Officers will be held strictly aeco~table for the monitoring,
supervising and controlling of the operation of all stations
authorized under the station license within their respective Unit.
(2) During actual air raid conditions all Civil Air
Patrol transmitters will be silent.
(5) when Civil Air Patrol stations are in operatlonj
there will be one control station at all such times, which will be
p r o v i d e d w i t h a t l e a s t o n e a t t e n d e d , o p e r a t i n g B ~ c ~ d c a s t R e c e i v e r.
This receiver will he installed at a convenient central point in
the station and will be kept tuned to the designated Key Station
or Rel~y Key Stations whichever is in contrc L of the area. All
stations will cease transmission upon the receipt of instructions
or si~r~is from the Station in control of the area.

- 3 -


e. Method used to measure the operating
fr®queney of the transmitters .
Com~unleations Officers will be ~ireotly responsdble within
their respectlve t~it for assuring that adequate facilities are
a v a i l a b l e To t m e a s u r i n g t h e 0 ~ e r a t i n g f r e q u e n c i e s o f t h e
transmitters. (Some of the approved msastu.lng methGas include
Lecher wires,' frequer~y meters, and calibrated receivers.) ~lhatever
the method adopted~ provision for ~ inspection and Checking
of calibration will be made i~ ~ccordance with 9ection 15.26 of
' the rules and regulations. The procedures established and the
me~surlng ~pparatus used :must be described.
_f. Provisions for frequent inspection
of the equipment~ .
: .

i .r: " '

' ~ ~ Co~dnic&tions 0fficers wil~e~t~blish procedures for and
assure t~t all equipment Will be subjected to ~ inspection
to assure that all ~pnaratus Is in working order The wrocedtme
established must be descrlbed.
_g. So~rce and'dl~triButlon Of the equ~nent..
~- ~" The'source ~ e~Uipment~and th@ mannerlin ~ich ownership or
on ~censee must be dndi~ated,

h. l~ent~.~atlon of t~a~s~itterz. -

All the various L~its of a StAtion Licensee wi~l display
RPomi~e~t-ly ~ photostatic 'copy of ~he s~atlon license, in addition
' ~ ~ o ' ~ t l s f a c t o r i l y c o m p l y i n g w i t h : ~ e c t i o r ~ ~ l P. M I a n d 1 ~ . 5 4 o f t h e
, ; F. C . . C . R u l e s a n d R e ~ t l a t l o n s a p p l y d n g ~ : t o ~ S .
' P. T Y P E O F S TAT I O N S P ~ M I T T E D .
, " , - ~ t a b Te , ' ~ P o r t a b l e - M o b l l e o r M o b l i l s ' - ; s t a t i o ~ s m a y. ' ~ b ' e u s e d i n
Civl:l Air PatrOl. It is reco~nended tb~t all Stations 'be licensed
..i ~ ~s. Portable-Moblle. Fixed 8tations br ~ransmitter's cSnnects~ to
elevated antenna shructures willnot be installed in any ~ir~ort
:;:o~'ot~er C~vi,t),~J~ P~t~ol base~ "~'--'" "

Because of the serious "dan~er 6 the~ National SecUrit~ of
, ", permittLug civilian posbess~_on o~ operatl~n':of r~io t%ans~itters
- ~ during wartih~, the Boar~ of. war '0on~unic~tlons has~ c~arge~' t, he
Federal Communlcatlons~O0mmission- with" res'pon~ibliity for


establishing the tunquestionablo loyalty and inte2~ity of all
Ope~'ator ±~z ~Lm .I autho~'ized be operctc tj:a:~nittel-s. National
Keadq~rters h~:J ~sm~¢d res~nlslb~lity for the certification of
C i v i l A ~ " ~ , ~ , ~ r o l - a c i o o p e r & t o r p e r s o r - u e ! , A c c o r d ~ n G l y, W i n g
CoW-a~ndez, s cu,d all Com~,~ic~,t~ol,s Of~icels ~i .~ be bald st~'ict],z
~coo~-n~?~h~e fo:c t.e e~.6oT~-~'b of's ce~iVie~ to ~?ational
11 ~ ! ~ , ~ r £ ~ r t c r s a s r a $ 1 o _ ~ r & ~ j T ' 2 Z . C . ~ ) ~ . i , . c ~ x o n o f a n ~ r a d i o o p e r a t o r
wl]~ be I ithd~'m ~ ~.t ~ny til:~e whe~ _n in, oDLn~On of the Wing
Oo~under or Natlolm! H@adquzrtel-s the o~erator's actions or conduct
sb~.ll ~ustify suc~l w~t~d[a,e.~.
a. Applications f~,r radio o~e~abor }-e~uuits will be
executed ~ the apl#lice~-t (~d~ ~t be ~ ~,.be_~ of Civil Air Patrol)
v ~ o ;
o n
F ~
C~ :. I ~ = o ' ~ dm r t :h e ~ u.p e r~ i w i . n o f. t. h .~ . S. n u a d r o n
r ~
~ o
Co~.~mtu%~-c~tions 0.~ice_
The ~opllcation, togethe~ with ooi, tification
by th~ Comm'a~ic~.t!ons 0',)ricer tizt the member }ms succeusful]~y
o o r ~ p l e t e d t h e p r e s c r i b e d e c r u - s o i n " Te l s p h o n l o C o r a r a n i c a t i o n s " w i l l
be processed t~ough cha~une!s in the same umrmer as t!~t p~:escribed
f o r p r o c e s s i n g S t a t i o n L i c e n s e A p p l i c a t i o n s ( 5 e . l , 2 , o n l y. )
b. Radio 0pe~-ator permits are valid only when certified
by the ~,~in~ Co~nic~tions Officer ~nd holders ar~ authorized to
operate only those stations licensed to the particular Wi~4 of which
the Operator is a ~em~;e~*.
c. All Civil Air patrol stcticns will be operated by or
in ch,~rge of Civil Air Pst~-ol-o~orato~s holding v~lid War Fmer~emcy
Radio Service oF?rater permit end such o~,e~'ation will be in accordance
~ i t h 2 e c t i o : ~ s 1 5 . 5 0 a r, d 1 5 . 9 4 o f t h e R u l e s a n d R o S ~ u l s t i o n s .

All liaison with other Federal Adenoids on z~tters p~rtzinlng
to Civil Air Patrol Statlons in the War Emergency R~dio Service will
he conducted by ~tio~ml Headq'~-rt~'s.

CO~,ETICAT!0~ WITH 0T}.~ C~=%~S~o C'F STATIO~7S~

Civil Air Fht~'ol transmissions ~J.ll bs co~Xincd to official
activities %.zltbln the 2<~te bo~tuldaries of e~:.cll 1,~ing. Co~m'~micatlon
with other Civil Air Patrol Sbaticns cr wibh other' Classes of
S~hlcns ~.i~.~, be conducted o__n!y upon specific o~'der or authorization
o f t h e U i r ~ C o ~ m ~ u ~ e r, a n d i n s t r i c t c o n f o r m a n c e w i t h S c o t l o n B
1 9 . 11 2 , 1 0 . 9 3 , 1 9 . 6 3 a n d 1 9 . 9 6 ( e ) o f % h ~ R i t ~ s a ~ d R ~ t ~ u ] ~ t ~ o n s .
Co~,lete e.~3~_~at~on of the circt~nstsm, c~s Justify~n~ such ope~etion,
togetl-~r with a e~._y of the log covering, the ao±:~l br~smissicns
will be Iorwarded to ~ational Headqu~%rters~ Civil Air Patrol~
i~sdi~tely following the incident,
Bydirection of National Commander ~0!E~Oy: ~

~- 098D-Pg-Final-~OBU-COS-WP

~ J o y, A i r C o r p s
T~alning Officer


C ] i Vi L : J ] ~ " 0 9 . L

i '3~!.? ....... 1 , 1 : , . f r o 3 . ~ n 8 L ' . a i s o n ] : a







! Abbs: :.Lot, ~,:
~-<n?.u r?'<';. ~ {~].]$ c C;!%


:i]! ,i Im
ti, c idtsh
-~ O.C,'i
::tl C.. ,~'.I
'~" t ,b: " "'" '~:

]9:':~ ',ulject~ c"~ "

oi (;~ m,t~nder s

Air }atrol b5~t..ot ~
e,A'c~ n~: ~tc :
~at ~) e ~ubject .~e~c
2 Co ~ ~.i Patro] :u

:c.1 [_.i co!. a:£ I~a <,
'icR~: i, oi3 1" ~.~ b~ Of Ce) [,~ [~.i ;t of ,zl~t"o: Z t
o f t - ( ~ , : ; [ ' 5 : f ~ a h O f ' fi , , r ~ m c ] : : a r e q u i e m t:.,
( ~'J.i ~, rlzatioz..
" i',.:' '., :'! ]~!: bi 'icat3
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