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Promotion of Coastal Patrol ar~ Liaison Patrol Personnel

To :

All Unit Commanders

i. When a~ member of Ci~rll Air Patrol goes on duty with a CAP
Coastal Patrol or Liaison Patrol unit, his rank and ~,ade are determined by
his duty assignment irrespective of his rank or grade prior to such active
d u t y, a l l a s s e t f o r t h i n G M - 5 0 , t h i s H e a d q u a r t e r s , J u ~ v 2 0 , 1 9 4 2 , S u b j e c t :
R a n k a n d ~ a d e D e s i g n a t e d f o r C A P C o a s t a l P a t r o l s , a n d i n t h e Ta b l e s o f
Organization presented in paragraphs % and 5 of Operations Directive No. 32,
this Headquarters, November lO, 1942, Subject: CAP Southern Liaison Patrol.
2. Effsctive March l, 1943, any Civil Air Patrol member then or
t h e r e a f t e r o n C o a s t a l P a t r o l o r L i a i s o n P a t r o l d u t y, a n d w h o h a s n o t p r e v i o u s ly been promoted one step in rank or grade above the rank or grade corresponding to his current active duty assignment as indicated in the foregoing references, will, upon completion of a total of six (6) monthsi service in said
Coastal Patrol and/or Liaison Patrol duty in said rank or ~orade corresponding
to his current active duty assi~ament, be eligible for consideration for a
promotion of one step in rank and grade above that corresponding to his
current active duty assignment.
3. Promotions within the non-commissioned off±cer grades will be
m a d e b y t h e B a s e C o ~ , a n d e r. P r o m o t i o n s t o o r w i t h i n t h e c o n ~ s s i o n ~ d o f fi c e r
grades (Flight Officer and higher) will be made by National Headquarters.
Coastal Patrol and Liaison Patrol Con~,s~ders will to National IIeadquarters with their Monthly Rosters the n~nes, serial numbers, and current
assignments of any personnel of their com~Luds whom they have promoted to or
within the non-commissioned officer goades as hsreln provided. Recommendations for promotions to or within the cor~unissioned officer grades will be
submitted to National Headquarters by Coastal Patrol and Liaison Patrol Commanders covering only such of their personnel mooting the requirements sot
forth in paragraph 2 above as arc outstanding in the execution of thelr
a a s i ~ n n o n t s a n d i n t h e i r l o y a l t y a n d d e v o t i o n t o d u t y. E a c h s u c h r e c o m m e n d a t i o n w i l l i n c l u d e t h e n a m e , s e r i a l n u m b e r, c u r r e n t a c t i v e d u t y a s s i ~ u l ~ o n t
with dates, resume of previous active duty assl~nmcnts with dates, and detailed statement of facts justifying recol~londation for promotion.

B y d i r e c t i o n o f N a t i o n a l C c ~ m m a n d o r J O H N ~ N : ~ r,

Cg&onol~ Air Corps
~. O~crations Officer