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P r e p a r a t i o n o f a l l Vo u c h e r s


All Coastal Patrol Commanders

i . Vo u c h e r s w h i c h a r e n o t p r o p e r l y p r e p a r e d t o m o o t t h e e s t a b lished procedure of the Government cannot be honored for payment and must
necessarily bo returned for correction. This moans delay in pcying your
mou and obligations. If the following instructions are ourofully obsorvcd~
chocks in payment of vouchers can be cleared apprc~matoly two weeks after
the vouchers arc rocoiwd at National Headquarters.

GE)~RAL INSTRUCTIONS for all Vouchers
The firs_~t name, middle initial and last n~n~e of the payco '.;ill be given a~d the mignaturo should co~orm o:mctly (firs___~t name, middle initial and last n~ao)
In case of a married woman, her given name must be used,
a s M r s . H o l o u M . S m i t h , n o t M r s . H e n r y W. S m i t h .
Where a coFporaticm is ths payee the voucher will boar
the signature of the porsc~ authorized to sign for the
corporation with his or her titla.

Addresses of p~oos will always be given as,


(Base Commander)
Civil Air ~atrol
( A i r p c ~ t , C i t y, a n d S t a t e

P~yoos should n o~_ designate their houo addresses. In case
of miscellaneous expenses for which voucher No. 1034 is
used, the payee may designate the address hc chooses for
chocks will be mailed direct to kim.
The duties performed and all rates for Per Diem, Aircraft,
a n d S t a n d - b y Vo u c h e r s w i l l f o l l o w s t r i c t l y O p o r a t i o u s
Directive No. 13-B "Reimbursement Schedules far Coastal
Patrol Missions" (as the same may be o~uondod from t~o
to time).


The original of each voucher will be sinned by the oayee
a n d c e r t i fi e d b y t h e B a s e C o m m a n d e r.


Completed vouchers should always be checked with another
person at the base before sending them to National Headquarters.

f .

Vo u c h e r s w i l l b e ' m a i l e d a s a g r o u p f o r e a c h p e r i o d h e r e inafter prescribed. They ~ill be prepared and mailed
not later then seven days after the cl6se of the period
for vJhich they are submitted.

g. Daily Operation Reports and all vouchers will be submitted
he National Headquarters in duplicate. The base should
retain a copy for its own file.
h. Do not make erasures. An ~unavoidable erasure that might
appear should be initialed and dated by the o~ of the
v o u c h e r.
i ,

Do not abbreviate.


Submit to National Headquarters dai&~

b. If a particular plane is equipped ~,Jith bomb racks, place
an (A) following the NC nur~bor listed in first colun~, of
this report.
c. List in the column hcadod ,,Pilot" not only the n~ of
the pilot but also the n~ne of the obsorver on each mission.

In th~ columfl'hceAed '~ssion", state the nature of the
m i s s i o n ; i . e . , 1 ~ C o a s t a l P a t r o l " , " R a d i o C h e c k " , , Te s t
Flight", "Courier", etc~ Nith regard to courier missions,
state the destination .

a. Submit to National Headquarters for periods from th~ is_~t
to the 15th, inclusiv% and the 16th to the end of the
month inclusive. Do not subn~t a voucher coverlngmore
than one period.
b. If during a particular period, one individu~1 performs a
duty different from one he: performed during a p~t of that
period and for which a different per diem allowance is
specified, submit scperate vouchers.

Submit to National Headque~ters for periods from the ls__~t
to the 15th~ inclusivu, and the 16tb to th~ end of the

manth~i inclusive. Do ho~ submit a voucher cover~_/~g more than
one period.

Airplane vouchers will conform with dally operations reports
a s t o N C n u m b e r, d a t e s o f m i s s i c m s , m i s s i o n s , a n d t i n s i n v o l v e d .
D~ whether or not the ship is equipped with bomb racks.
Insurance costs are based on flying time. If vouchers do not
conform to daily operations reports, the reinbursements will not
agree with the insurance premiums charged.


If a plane becomes equipped with bomb racks in the middle of a
porind, submit separate vouchers.

d .

In the column headed "Pilot" state the nane of the
t h e o b s e r v e r. .

e. The airplane vouchers shall iuclmio the hours and minutes of
tins in flight from home base to patrol base for each plane
ordered to duty and shall l~/~owise include time in flight from
patrol bess to home base v~hen plane is ordered off duty at conolusica of service. It shall include also time in flight for
purposes of radio chocks, meter tests, weather observation, etc.,
under operations orders. Those figures shall also be included
in the daily operations reports.
f. If the owner of an airolane domires to dnsigna%o an agent to
sign his vouchers and collect rental for him, ho should write
to National Headquarters for the proper form of Po~or of Attorney
and further instructions.

Stand-by invoices will be cubm~_ttod each month covering a period
of the entire month.

b. The invoices shall inclndo each day from the date on which a
piano takes off from its homo base under orders to report for
duty at a coastal patrol hast to the date on which the plane
returns to its homo base whom ordomod off duty at conclusion
of sorvico,
a. These vouchers arc only to be used for miscellaneous expenses
which arc absolutely necessary for the operation of the base.
If in doubt about the necomsity of an expenditure ~rito
N a t i o n a l H e a d q u a r t e r s b e f o r e i n c u r r i n g i t . Vo u c h e r # 1 0 3 4 i s
n o t t o b e u s e d f o r Tr a v e l E x p e n s e s . A s p e c i a l t r a v e l m e m o r a n d u m w i l l b e f o x ~ a ~ d o d s h o r t l y.
b. UTILITY BillS. A schedule of rates will accompany the first
u t i l i t y v o u c h e r s u b m l t t o d f o r a n y p a r t i c u l a r c o ; ~ p e n y. T h e
schedule v~ill be filed at the General Accounting Office and
future bills will be chnskod against it.

TELEPEONE BILLS. The telephone number and tho place of Inst~.llation will be sh~:n. All toll charges and credits will bc
i t e m i z e d e a u d t h e n u m b e r o f l o c a l c a l l s ~ t a t e d . Tr ~ i s l n i t t a l c o p i e s
of any telegrams will accomp~ly the invoice. Do not nso thq
loM~ dist~ucc telephone when you co~n transact your business equally
~vcll by letter or telegram.
T E L E G R ~ ] P H D I L L S . Tr a n s m i t t a l c o p i e s o f a l l m e s s a g e s T: i l l h c s u b mitted with the invoino.

Yo u v ~ i l l p r o p . a r c t h e o r i g i n a l c o p y ( ~ v h i t o ) a n d t k r o o c a r b o n
(yellow) copies. The original and two carbon copies ~ill ~c
sent to National Headquarters. The Base will retain one carbon
copy for its fifo. Only the vrhito copy need be signed by the
poyoo (the person furnishing the services or m~torials) o~d
c e r t i fi e d b y t h e B a s e C o m m a n d e r.
It is importc.ut that all bills or invoices be explicit. They
should ho dated. Should describe in full and Lu detail the
services or materials rendered and in the case of utility
hills will sho~7 the roster readings. Before preparing vouchers
for miscellaneous expenses study carefully paragraph 3d of
Operations Directive 13-B "Reimbursement Schedules for Coastal
Patrol Missions". Do not submit bills covering items which
should be p~%id from the Operation and Maintenance all~vancos.


Ty p e o n f r o n t s i d e , O N LY t h e f o l l m T i n g :
(a) "Office for Emergency Managomc~nt
Office of Civilian Defense
Address and Date
N ~ q m c o f p a y e e ( fi r m ~ c o n l p a n y, o r i n d i v i d u a l r o n d e r ~ i g
material or sorvlcos)
Address of payee.
Date of service rendered or m~torials delivered.
Description of service rendered or materials delivered
(to bc substantiated by itemized invoice attoahod to
Certification of payco~ signature and title (road carefully)



This certification appears ca the ,:~hitc copy only in
the loft center of the p~gc.
If the original bill or invoice from the p~uyoo boars

in certification with proper slgn~tu~c and tltlc, it is
not necessary for the payee to sign the white copy of
voucher #103~.
( 5 ) ~ y p o o n t h e b a c k s i d e , O N LY t h e f c l l o ~ l i n g :
The certification of the b~so cozu~andor and h~vc him sign it.
In the case of toinpnone bills the follcwin~ certification
should also be added and signed by the base cormandor:
"I'cortify that the use of the telephone
for the official long-dist~uce cc.lls
listed herein ~'ras necessary in the ir~torcst of the Government".
I "



By direction of National Oo~e~dcr JOHNSON:

Charles ~. Chase
Fiscal Dopartn1~nt