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S,AbJsct: Gro,.~nd Insurance
All Unit Oo~ma~ders

This insurance is p~ovided by a master policy which has been
filed at Natier~l Haadq, Aarters, Civil Air Petrol° The m~ster policy
covering crash insurance h~s been extended to provide ground coverage
for c~rtain pl~nes heretofore end h~rcafter covered for crash insurance.
Sample copies of this m~tor policy ~.dll be ~vail~ble for dlstrlbuti~n
in th~ near fut~e, l~s~xance may be obtained at this time by the o~ner
of a~v pleas which is to be used in Oivll ~ir Patrol coastal ~
which a~e performed st the request of, and with funds furnished
b y, t h e ~ ' ~ a r D e p s z t m s n t . P ~ r t l c u l a r s i n r e g a r d t o t h e g r o o m d i n s u r a n c e
coverage ar~ as follows:

On ~ud after June I, 1942 the c~rrying of this insurance shall
be compulsory on all Oivll Air Patrol coastol patrol operations which ~re
p e r f o r m e d ~ t t h e r e q u e s t o f , a n d w i t h f u n d s f ~ n i s h e d b y, t h e W a r D ~ p a r t ment, No plane sl~ll be used in any such operation ~ntil the owner of
the plane or his agent shall h~ve completely fills& out and signed an
application for this insurance on a form (beiag the smme form e.s that on
which an application for crcsh insurance is made), supplies of which will
he distributed for thin purpose to Civil Air Pe.trol task forces.

_HGW TO SEOU~.E THE INSbE~CE now operating at ta~k force basBs, for which ~.ppllcations
for cr&~h insurance have been executed, s~re now protected by ground coverage. Hereafter the completion and signing of rm application for hull
i~s~r~co will provide both crash InslLr~liOe protection as set forthln
General Mezors~.dum 24 and ~roun@ insurenc~ pro~ection ss harein set forth.
The procedur~ as set forth in paragraph S of General Memorandum 24 is still
to bs followed. No further procedure Is necessary to put this insurance
i n t o e f f e c t . Ta ~ k f o r c e c o m ~ a n d e r ~ , h o w e v e r , s h o u l d s e e t h a t t h e s e ~ p l l cations are completed aud signed immediately upon arrlv~l of a plane at
the base.


General Memorandum No. ~J~

T h e p r e ~ . u m c h a r g e f o r t h i s i n s u r a m c e w i l l b e computed on a
pen diem basis, there be.~ng a standard rat~ for all aircraft falling
within the sp3clfiad horsepower e~s~es. It ~hc~ld be ncted that the
premium charge for p~mes equipped with b~mb racks differs fro~ the change
for those pl:,n~s noi~ ~.c e~,~d"~. The applinable premium m~y be determined
from the fo.~.iD.J~ug n.hc~uio:
Ca- ouni Inseam ~nce
( p].~es Wi-bhcut
boi~h ~'e.cks )___

~ .15

Ground Insurance
(p]aues with
bomb rae]m~.__
$ .225

FOV aircraft ordered to duty at a ta~k force base, the alrnrlft
o w n e r w i l l r e c e i v e a d a i l y ~ i Tc r a f t s t a - n ~ i b y a l i o w a n c e ~ t h e s m o ~ m t o f w h i c h
will be exactly sufficient to cover the grouri inm~s~nce premiums as set
forth above, Forms entib!ed "A.~mcra~t Standby Invoices" will be fur~Ished
to each task force base. These forms should b9 fillod out, ~ud si&mad by
t h e a i r c r a f t o w n e r a n d t h e B h s e C o u m ~ m d e r. T h e y s h a l l b e s u h m i t t a d t o
National Headq~-mtors once each calendsr month in 4ujL~ic~t~. A separate
invoice covering each aircraft s~il of course be ~ub~itted. ~ special
arrangement with the -anderwriters, the grc~uud Ir~sur~_nce coverage has been
in effect since June l~ 1942. Detai~s in cormection ~dth premi~m payments~
e t c . , h ~ v e v e r, h a v e b e e n c o m p l e t e d j ~ t r e c e n t l y. I n o r d e r t o p r o v i d e f o r
premium p~rm~nts duo for June 19~.2~ standby invoices sh(u~d be ~umbitted
to Nation~,l IIeadquarters in dt~plicate as ~oon as possible. This procedure
should be foll~.~ed ~m cc~uncetion with cnsv~ng mcnzhs. Checks in payment of
these voucheys pnyable to the aircraft o~a~ers ~,~ill be trans.~.ttcd to each
base. Since the entire anount of tho~e ehe~,ks is to cover the cost 6f the
ground insurance prcmi'~ms~ the aircraft ~nnrs m~y choose to on'cA'so these
checks to the undez~~ribers rather than cash them :And issue a personal chock
in the same amount. In ~ event~ no chocks covorS~g th~se st~dby ~l~vammos should be dellvorcd to the aircrrlt owners ~t~-til ~.'6pcr arr~zgcmcnts
have been made for the payment of the ground in~urcnco pyeminm charges.

The policy covers all physical loss or damage to the a~rcraft,
including the engines, propellers, propeller hubs~ operating and navigating
instruments, radio equipment usually attached thereto ond standard tools and
. M-1822

General Memorandum No. 44


repair equipment therein, caused by fire, lightning, explosion, selfignition, tornado, c~clone, windstorm, earthquake, flood, hail, sleet,
snow or the o~llapse of a h~gar, ~hop or ~imilar structure, theft,
robbery or pilferage except by any persnn in the employ of Civil ~ir
Patrol, including damage d~ne by thieves, or caused by ~ cnldision between
the aircraft ~d.s~y other aircraft, v~ssel, vc~Licle, building er other
object whilo the aircraft is on an established airport nr landing place
@ r e l ~ c w h c r e o n t h e g r o u n d o r w a t e r f 0 11 n w i r ~ a f o r c e d l e n d i n g , . r c a u s e d
by an acciden~ ~ ~ any conveyance in or upon which the aircraft when properly
dismantled and prepared fnr shipment i~ being trs~usported°
The ~bove cover~e shall be in effect under all circumstp.nce~
except dt~ring ~he period of time commencing with the actual take-off run and
continuing thereaftor until the aircraft shall safely completed its
landing run (durir~ which time the crash insurance coverage as set forth
in General Memorandum 24 is of cours~ in effecto)
It covers ~7 C or ~C aircraft owned by private interests and
operated under Civil Air Patrol operetions orders. Covernge shall autnmatically attach as s~cn ~ the owner ~r agent ~f the owner has filed a completed ~pplication form ~th a Base Cc~umander ~r other Commander of the
Oivil Air Patrol.
The liability of the insurance companies on ar~ one aircraft shall
not exceed the actu~l c~sh value thereof ~t time nf loss nor in any event
shall it exceed $80,000.
In the case of a total loss, the insurance c~zpanies~ liability
shall not exceed the a~ount of the insurance on the aircraft involved
less depreciation at pro rata of an annual rate of 20 percent on new aircraft (i.e., net mere ti~n three months old at the time the ~nplication
form was conpleted and signed) or ~t pro rata of an ann~al rate of 15 percent
on used aircraft.
In the case Of a total loss of ~u aircraft from one of theground
risks hereinabove specified, there will become ~e ~nd p~vable a premium
figured at ~ percent of the msximttm insured value of that aircraft less
the total amount of ground insurance premium earned under the policy on
said aircraft.
The aircraft is covered whil~ in use withi~ the g~ographical
limits of the Continental United States (iNcluding Alaska), lO0 miles into
Mexico er Canada ~d waters adjacent thereto hot beyond 25 miles from land~
The policy does not cover arcz loss or dannge while the aircraft
i s b e i n g u s e d f o r a r ~ u r. l a ~ . ~ u l p u r p o s e i f s u c h u s e i s w i t h t h e k n o w l e d g e
and consent of the owner or w~le the aircraft is being operated i~ violation of the regulations ef the 0.A.~. unless such violation is .due to

General -M~morandum I~o. 44

specific orders from a Base Oon~ander or Wing Co,:-m~nder of Civil Air P~.brol
or is unavoidable in the performance of ~ Civil Air Patrol assi~m.ent.
N o r d o e s t h e p o l i c y c o v e r a n y l o s s o r d a m a g e c a u s e d b y, o r
resulting from: (1) the act of an~ enemy of the United States; (2) th~
insured aircraft or its occupants being shot ~tt nr bombed by ~my person
whatsoever; (3) the participation of the aircraft or its occupants in
actual hostilities; or (4) inslu~rection, strike, riot or civil war.

.IN CASE 0? ASOT~7!~

As soon as possible afher the occurrence of any e.ccident, the
owner or the local CAP off, car shall telegraph C~P Netiona~ H~adquarters
andthe insurance und.e~;riters ~.nd ~lithin 60 days shall render a statement
to the ttnderwriters ~i~ned and swor~ to by the o~.mer stating in deta~l
the time. place, ca'ase, and amoD/it of damage. In the ov6nt of any accident,
the ogmor or persons red, resenting him should protect th~ property from other
or further loss or damage ond no repairs should be ;~de on the domaged aircraft ,/ntil report has been f~%de to the insur&nce underwriters and an
adjustor has had an Ol~ortu/%Ity to examine tile extent of the damage.

~he statements contained in this Memorand~ are merely a stumnary
of the terms and provision~ in connection with ground insurance coverage.
They are not intended to cover in detail all of the exact terms, provisions,
or conditions but simply sum~merize the more inportant elements. For the
exact details, reference should in all czs6s be nade to the policy itself.
By direction of National Com~omder JOHNSON:

Lt., Army Air Forces
Special Officer
Civil Air Patrol