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R e s T; A - t o t e d U s e o f L o n g D i s t a n c e Te l e p h o n e S e r v i c e .

To :

C o ~ - ~ s z ~ e r s o f ~ i I U n i t ~ , I n c l ' d d i n g Ta s k F o r c e s .

S e c t i o n V, W a r D o p a r h z s n t C i r c u i a r N o . 2 0 % J u n e 2 6 ~ 1 9 4 2
is reprod,:~ed below for the information and ~uid~-nce of all Civil
Air Patrol personnel. G~.eful co:.~plian.cs with tl~e provisi~ns of
this Dt~blication will do m~ch to ol~nate ne'~dless clogging of
telephone lines:

,T_I. As a res!~It of ragid~v ~creaslnZ de~mnd for ion;~ di~t~_nce
telephone serviee~ the faclT~tios of telephon~ co, 't~ro~l~hollt
the country are becom~n~ ssriou@l~7 ow~rlcaded ~.d the C~h:y~tion of
C i r c U i t S c a u s e s c o n s i d e r a b l e d o ] . a y i n t h e c e m p l c t ' ~ o n o f l o n g d i s t a r, c e
calls. The telephone companies have placed i~ effecL pract~c~ 9or
giving priority to certain urgent Govern[cut c,~]s but -,he !-olumc of
such priority traffic has increased to the point -~4here this classification also eneotu~iers serious de!~.
"2. ~ae to t,~e la=k of critical materials wkich Zo into the
m~!~ufact~re of telephone pla~ts, ~Tdi-~ions to existing facilities are
not readily obtaiilable. It is obv/o~is that the serious congestion
ef nation-wlde tciorfaone faciliti:s wzll ~pede the ~4ar effort 8-u4
ih is imoeratiw; that the use of ~xistinj com,n;~rcial facilihi~s bc
c o n d u c t e d w i t h t h e u t m o s t e f fi c i e n c y.
"3. ~qe tel~phone comps/!les are organlze~ to -~:~ %~eir uimos~ in
providing for efficient han(~lin~ of lon~ ~ist~%e ~ ca3.] <, and ih is
necessary that users ~f the ~er~icc "zocper~',,~ in the effort to pre~ent
ineffective circuit u~a~jc. ~o this end ~ho fo!lowin!~ st~ps will bs
t~'~en by all military pgrso~z~e! using telephone c,~,ll Facilities:
a. Before ~*~ing long dist~ico tulepho~e calls, dc~rm!n~e
whether the us_q p_f J~n~l t~el.eo_2ig}~u// ~=~ absolut~l~ es~enhAal. In man7
cases it is probable that th,~ com:=unicat~o~ m:q~ bc haudi:,d by m:~il,
or by wire or radi~, s,~rv!ce~.
b. In the event that a telephone ca~i is do no~
dcmsm_d urgcnL handling nnlesc tLc ~cail i~ aetna]l! of the highest
p r i o r i t y. T h e h a b i t u a l ~ I s o Q f t h e w o r d s ~ n r ~ , ~ t ~ o r ! p r i o r ~ t 3 ~ i n
placing telephone calls dofoa~n th,~ ~oo~'~; cf this c]assifieatien.

c. Having placed a long dist~ico call, remain near the
t e l e p h o n e i n o r d e r t h a t c o m p l e t i o n m a y b c s e c u r e d r e a d i l y. ~ c h
circuit time is wasted i~A tryi~ig to locate calling potties vJho have
loft their tclophonos after placing long distance calls.
d. I.~akc certain that the subject to bo discussed is wJll
in mind, and confine the convorsation to the conduct of business."
" B y o r d e r o f t h e S e c r e t a r y o f Wa r ~
G. C. is~qSl~L,
Chief of Staff,
~jor General,
The Adjutant GQncralo"

E~21J~ L o JOHNSO}~/
National Co~,~andor/