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Manufacturing and Ordering of CAP Insignia


~ll Unit Commanders

1 . Yo u r a t t e n t i o n i ~ c a l l e d t o S e c t i o n 3 o f O f fi c e o f C i v i l i a n
"Defense Regulations No. 2 providing that no official articles, including
collar and cap emblems, sleeve insignia, uniform buttons, aircraft decal
insignia and automobile sticker8 and plates, may be manufactured, sold or
districted by any manufacturer unless such m~nufactuzer has first obtained
a License from the Washington Office. This applies to all articles Bmbodying the three-blended propeller an& triangle insignia of the Civil Air
2. In the case of the Civil Air Patrol, s~ch licensed manufacturers may sell or distribute only on orderg properly al/proved by the National
C o m m a n d e r o r b y t h e a p p r o p r i a t e W i n g C o ~ m a n g e r. T h e W i n g C o m m a n d e r m a y,
h o w e v e r, d e l e g a t e a n d a u t h o r i z e t h e W i n g , G r o u p . a n d S q u a d r o n S u p p l y
Officers to app#ove orders, signing the Wing, Cor~sn&orts name to such orders,
3. All unlicensed manufacturers, to your k~uowledge, supplying
Civil Air Patrol official articles at the preseat time. or desiring
tg do so in the future, should be directed to apply at one~ to the
Insignia Section. Office of Civilisn Defense, Dupont Circle Apartment
Building, Wsshington, D. O., for a License. Such Licenses may bo issued
by and with the advice and consent of the National Commander of the Civil
Air Patrol after due consideration of, among other factors, the character
and workmanship of the article to be made and the need for additional
production of such articles. Manufacturers applying for a ~icense should
enclose sampleB, specifications and maximum ~ales prices.
4. It should be pointed out to prospective menufacturera that
opportunities for sales are limited since the wearing and use of C~P
insignia mu~t be strictly confined to the membership of the Patrol.
By direction of National Commander JOHNSON:

let Lieut., A~
Supply Officer