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Wa s h i n g t o n ~ D . C . "



WA S H I N G TO N , J ~ I 0 , 1 9 4 2


Application for Active D~ty Servlce
All Unit Commanders

i. With whis notiOe you will receive a supply of application
blanks whereby yourmcmbers may volunteer for ~nomonth, ~wo months, or
t h r e e m o n t h s o f a c t i v e d u t y s e r v i c e p e r y e a r. T h i s d o e s n o t p r e c l u d e
longer s~rvice. Members who wish to serve more than three months or for
the duration should so state. A short term volunteer can pledge for
longer term at any time by executing a new oath.
2. Each volunteer should make out his application in duplicate,
have one of the copies notarized, sad file both with his Squadron Commander
who should fill out the part of the two blanks requiring his signature and
send both directly to the Wing Comnmndoro A Squadron Commander who volunt e e r s o r a m e m b e r o f ~ G r o u p S t a f f s h o l t l d fi l e w i t h t h e G r o u p C o m m a n d e r,
a n d a m e m b e r o f t h e W i n g S t a f f w i t h t h e W i n E C o m ~ a n d e r.
3. The Wing Com~inder sho1~d at once sign the notarized form
requiring his signature, send it immediately to National Headquarters, and
keep the duplicate for his files.
4. Each Wing Co~,mnder should sat upn special file of duplicate
applications, classified according to individual abilities for service as
pilots, observers, mechanics, etc. In the larger Wings, card file systems
may be necessary to kocp track of members who are qualified in more than on
5. The VJing
teers in each category
can pick from those at
that they may be called
place on the list.

Colander should develop a priorities list of voluns o t h a t w h e n a c a l l c o m e s f o r, s a y, fi v e p i l o t s , h e
the top of the list. Members next in order will kno~
at say time and shoNld be kept advised as t o their

6. Preference should be given to those who volunteer for the
longer tarzs of service. Other factors to be considered in determining
priorities include the experience of individuals, the airplanes and equipment they can bring, their record of proficiency in the Patrol, and their
preference as to time, place, and nature of service.


General Memorandum No. 32

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" /

7. A volunteer is bound by this pledge for the duration
of the war and six months thereafter unless inducted into the armed
f o r c e s , d i s c h a r g e d a s a P a t r o l m e m b e r, o r p h y s i c a l l y i n c a p a c i t a t e d .
Advise National Headquarters promptly as to changes in status.
8. Every effort must be made to sign UP as many of the
members as posslble~ For replacements on going missions Of the Patrol
and for new missions to be manned; your National Headquarters needs a
l a r g e fi l e o f c l a s s i fi e d p e r s o n n e l a n d e q u i p m e n t o n w h i c h t o d r a w.
Each Wing must keep its volunteer files current~ Reports will be requested from time to time on the number of men and airplanes available.
The efficiency and effectiveness of CAP units will be judged by their
performance of this important Job of mobilization,
" "

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--(y ,,
u-o- ,..ca_.

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National Oommand~



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