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Subject : Merit A~srds
To :

&ll Unit Co~man~ers

i. In order that o~stamding sol vices of CAP Mombers may be duly recognlz
Wing Oomm~mders are authorizel to s~nd to Natioual Headquarters their recom~endation~
A . D i ~ t ~ d ~ S e ~ t ~ - - F o r h i g h l y e x c e p t i o n n l p e r f o r m a n c e
of specific missions, or acts of heroism, under unusually difSicult or hnzardous
b. Merit Cit%tlons--For initi&tivs ~.nd performance of '~-nustml merit
on specific missions.
c. Cermet--For e~cnptie~a! performcnc~ contribnto?y to tlm c~rrying
out of missions of ~iusu~& merit.
@ . S u c h r o c o m n e n d ~ t i o n s s h o ~ a l d m % a t e t h e f u l l n ~ m e , C 2 ~ s e r i a l n u m b e r,
e n d C A P Ti t l e i f ~ m y, o f e a c h m e m b e r r s c c : ~ e n ~ c i f o r c i t a t i o n ! t o g e t h e r w i t h a
highly condensed ~csount of the circ~mstsac~s.! p~pol's mmy b:. filed
in j'astifiestion. Following is an outlin~ fo:~:

Recommend~tio~ fo~ I~eri~ Cit~tlons
1 . J o h n J . J o n e s ( i - 1 - 2 5 4 ) C s t u ~ o m d o r, S q l u ~ d r o n l l P - 1 , B l a n k s v i l ! e , M e , ,
for prompt mobilization of h~g Squadron to fly ever a forest fire ne;:r Smithville;
for oiloting his plane with a State Fire Warden as observer over the area ~mdcr
~difficult woati~r ~nd visibility conditions with the result that the fire, which
was of incendiary origin, w~s brought under control.
~. George ~. Smith (1-1-8PS) Pilot Cfficer. Squ;~ron 1!~-1, Blsnksvil]s,
Me., for pi!otiy~ a plane over a forest fire nest S:z~thville o~d reporting a fs.mily
trapped by the fl~!es with the resulZ that all were sa~ed.
S . W i l l i r u n B . G r e e n ( 1 - 1 - 2 8 0 ) S e n i o r 0 b s e r v ~ r. S m ~ a d r o n l l P - l , B l n n k s v i l l
Me., for flying as observer in a plon* piloted by G~orge B. Suith over a forest
fire ... etc.

4. Wing Cozn~nderz may receive recozn~endations from their Group slld
Squadron Com~uqnders for tr~msmittal to -~ntion-i Hoadq~u~rterz. Please no~e til~t citations must be limited to ro;~lly ~unustuql cases in order that they will hpve signiflca~


National C crmn 8s-~/e r~