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01~I0~, 0Y CIVILIAN ~S~



Donations of Flying ~quipment and ~nds for
Civil Air Patrol Activities
All Unit Commanders

I. Numerous inquiries have been received by this
Headquarterswith respect to units of Civil Air Patrol accepting from business men donations of flying equipment and
funds for CAP activities.
2. National Headquarters feels that it would be
proper to accept the use of flyir~g equipment for CAP activit i e s p r o v i d i n g t i t l e t h e r e t o r e m a i n s i n t h e n a m e o f t h e d o n o r.
As for the donation of funds to be used in financing CAP activities, National Headquarters sees no objection to acc e p t i n g s u c h d o n a t i o n s . I t i s f e l t v e r y d e fi n i t e l y, h o w e v e r,
that it would not be proper or in keeping with the nature and
purposes of CAP to solicit the public for contributions or
subscriptions or to engage in d,~uces, carnivals, circuses and
other fund-raising projects or to put on money-raising campaigns.
3. In no case should donations of funds or the use
of flying equipment be accepted which involve advertising/or
p u b l i c i t y f o r t h e d o n o r.
/ /
By direction of National /mmanderJGR~O~L~ ~~/ ///~

TC°I~ in~&~Ce°ar~ions Officer