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500 Fifth Avenue
N e w Yo r ~ 1 S , N . Y.
30 Juiy 1943


Penalty Privilege (Franking Privilege)


All Wing Co~mmanaers

i. By special arrangement with" the Post Office uepartment,
the penalty privilege may heneefort~ oe used by all Civil nit
Patrol Squauron Commanders who have been commissAone~ by National
~leadqu~rters, Civil Alr Patrol. This is the same privilege previously extended to CAP ~egional, ~Iing and Group Co~mmnders by
G.~l-19, d~Lted 15 ~.~ay i942, ana is limited to the previsions specified and procedures prescrlbed in Gd-19.
2. nny such CAP commanders may use either the officlal
0CD or O~i envelopes aria labeis or the offleial ~ar Department
envelopes and labels.
3. The quarterly re~rts requirem in paragraph ~ of Gi~-19
need not be submitted, although e~ch unlt commander should he
prepared ~o submit, upon request~ an estimate of material
maLled by hi~,~ unaer the penalty privilege.

Lt. Col., j,ir orps