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Ci--~IL A~I p~_TROL


FEBRb~RY i3, 1542

Intelligence Officers
Uin~ and Group Co[~uanders

i. The organization chart of the Civil Air Patrol calls for an
Intelligence auud public R~la5~.ons Officer for each Wing~ Group, and
Squadron. The Intellif~cnce f'm~ctzon, operating thre~Eh CAP channels
v;ithin the orzanization, is to Rather mnformation useful to the Patrol
a n d t o p r o t e c t m i l i t a r y s e c r e c y. T h e P u b l i c R e l a t i o n s f ' ~ c t i o n , o p e r a t i n ~
through pufoiioiLy cha~m~Is and .~edla, ±s to gather huforlm~t~on suitable
for public education s~nd to d~-sseminate ~atsrial cons~shent with
military secrecy he adwnce the a~us of 5he C92 program. For present
purposes, it is s~gested that one off racer perform the ~o functions
for the C7~ ~lit.
2. If you h~vs not alrendy done so please sen~7 in ~he name, home
and bus~ness addresses, ~mi beleuhone n'~focrs of the Intelligence and
Publmc Rel.~bions Officer for each R~g, Gzoup, and Squ~dron.
3. The term ~'Inte~li~ence Officer~ in ~t, rther coamlunications ~-ill
be used in hhe interests o? brevlty ~n lieu of ~'Intellizence and Public
R e l a t i o n s O f fi c e r. ~
4. Inte~-lizence Offmeers corn help by s-ndin7 hi action photos of
C . a 2 a c t k v i t h ~ S , f u l l y e r ~ T t i o n e d - ~ ; i t h p e r. , ~ i s s ~ o n f o r r e p r i n t i n g , e n d p r e s s
clippi~gs of inte~'esting C~ ~:ork, fui~y ~de~.tifJed as to the mnme ~nd
city of the ne.;soaper and bhe date of issue.
5. Co~=:~umications to ~,~imona± Hes6quartors on In~_li~n~e i~.tters
should be aiidressed to the Intelligence Officer, Civil Air Patrol.
6. Detailed directives on inte!l~ence and _Public Relations procedtu-e
~ , i l l b e i s s u e d t o I n t e l l i g e n c e O " ~ ! c e r s s h o r t l y.
J o h n F. C u r r y
lajor General, Air Corps
National C o~m.~ud er

/ /

Earle L. Johnso~ /
~ x ~ C U t l Ve

0 A ±

i c e r