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WWII Office of Civilian Defense Civil Air Patrol Special Bulletin Concerning GM-72, GM-74, and GM-45.pdf

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Subject: Enforcement of ~,I-72, ~,1-74, and GM-45
To :

A l l W i n g C o m m a n d e r s f o r Tr a n s m i t t a l t o a l l C A P I n t e l l i g e n c e O f fi c e r s

1. The permission granted to CAP members to rent CAP planes for bona
fide training gives civilian pilots and student pilots without planes a chance
to continue flying. If CAP members can police their own ranks, there is every
reason to hope that they can carry on. If not, they can expect to be grounded.
2. Wing Commanders are renuested to see that all CAP Intelligence
Officers under their command are functioning and are on the watch for actions
of CAP members who make or permit improper use of CAP plan~s or otherwise violate
~4-72 or C,M-74.
3. In the enforcement of these directives, the proper role of a C.~P
Intelligence Officer is that of a friendly policeman walking his beat openly and
wanting to help rather than to punish. His job is to aet around to the airports
i n h i s a r e a , i n p e r s o n o r t h r o u g h a d u l y a p p o i n t e d d e p u t y, t o c h e c k o n v i o l a t i o n s .
4. Since there is bound to be some initial confusion, there may be
inadvertent violations which CAP Intelligence Officers should be able to stop
quickly by friendly warnings and by advising all members as to the terms of the
new directives.
5, When members are slow to conform, their attention will be called to
the penalties in Paragraph 12 of ~,!-74. They will be warned that, since violations Jeopardize flying througho,~ the whole organization, it will be necessary
to report them if they keep on asking for trouble.

6. If members persist in wilful violations, there is no choice but to
report their actions. Hold reports to telegraphic brevity but give specific details--who, where, when, what, how; names of persons, aircraft numbers, and all
pertinent facts as in a legal brief. Be prepared to call witnesses and furnish
a f fi d a v i t s i f n e c e s s a r y.
7 . O r d i n a r i l y, i n t e l l i g e n c e r e p o r t s w i l l b e t r a n s m i t t e d t h r o u g h r e g u l a r
c h a n n e l s a n d h a n d l e d w i t h i n t h e W i n e i f ~ o s s i b l e . I f n e c e s s a r y, a s i n c a s e s w h e r e
a CAP unit commander or a close friend of his is involved, the ~mit Intelligence
O f fi c e r m a y r e p o r t d i r e c t l y t o I n t e l l i g e n c e 0 f ~ ' i c e r s o f h i g h ~ r C A P " m i t e o r, i n
c a s e s o f e x t r e m e i n p o r t a n c e , u r g e n c y, o r c o n fi d e n c o , t o t h e N a t i o n a l I n t e l l i g e n c e
Officer who will b~ck up the legitimate actions of unit Intelligence Officers in
the performance of th~ir duties. By vigilance and discretion, it should be possible to meet slt~mtions within our own r&nks and not have to t';rn cases over to
WPB whose penalties include fin~ and imprisonmnnt.
8. Regarding ~i-45, pr~scribing CAP uniform and insignia, Int~.lligence
Officers are cmltiened that members improp:~r!y attired ar~ likely to be picked up
by Military Police for impersonating officers and enlisted personnel of th~ armed
By Direction of National Oommander JOl~iS~i:

" "7- " <. .... __, ... ,!- ...

",/r~/. ..

K~.4J..L K. HOYT
Captain, Army Air Forces
Intelligence 01ricer