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32(i AAJ' EASE innT

500 Fifth Avenue

N e w Yo r k 1 8 , N . Y.
31 Octoljer 1944

SUBJ1)CT: Reports to Training Liaison Officers
TO; All Wing Commanders

1. This Headquarters has "been advised Tjy the Commanding General,

Army Air Forces, Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Training, under whose
supervision this Headquarters operates, that Training Liaison Officers
assigned to Areas indicated in "Training Liaison Officer's Information

Guide", dated 18 September 1944, for the .purpose therein also indicated,

are experiencing some difficulty in securing from some Civil Air Patrol
Wings, certain required reports either sufficiently complete or promptly
enough to serve their intended purpose.

2. Certain information is extracted from the reports required

from Wing Headquarters "by these Liaison Officers, consolidated, and for

warded direct to Headquarters Army Air Forces where again, in part, it

is used for the purpose of deter.nining the effectiveness of the current

program and the trend to be adopted for future programs.

3. Incomplete and delayed data might have the effect of indicating
a condition not actually existent and might, in turn, have an adverse
effect on the whole program.

4. To the end that reports from Training Liaison Officers may re

flect a true picture of the current situation in each Wing and to avoid
the possibilities 8U^;gested in paragraph 3, each Wing is urged to secure

from its lower echelons, in ample time, such information as is necessary

to assure prompt, fend .«&.ccarete reports as required.

By direction of Colonel JOHNSON, National Commander:

A '■"

" =■-

Airossw L. MONROE

Lt. Colonel, Air Corps