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WWII Office of Civilian Defense Civil Air Patrol GM-125.pdf

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O I V I L i m PAT K O L
BCO Jlfth Avenue


Yo r k


N . Y.


11 April-, 1944

SuVJercts Reports en Army lilalson Altcraft
, ^\^\o

To : A l l W i n g O o m m a n d e r a ^

1« Sometime ago Major Hu^ee sent out a directive
stating that operation repArte on M? aircraft must "be in "by the

7th of the month. I want to Call yo.iir attention again to the

fact that some of these reports have arrived late and that this must
nol continue to happen. The AAJ lo very pextlculer that the consolidated

report be mailed to Washington on the 7th of the month, and it puts this

headquarters in a very eml^arrassing position if ve are una"ble to send i^^
our report "because we do not have the information. If this continues,

wo will have to ground tho planes in the States which do not make their
reports in time#

2« I do not like to havo to call this to your attention
again, but it is Just one of those things that we must have not later

than the, 7th of each month. This means that they must l)e in the mall
"by the 2nd to arrive here by the 7th, with the mail situation as it
i s ,

3, I think that this is the only time we have insisted on

reports "boing In on time. This is due to the fact that the Army Air
rorcBs insists on oiir getting the report to them on time, 'and we csai
do this only if you do your part. Bach month so • far there have been

about eight Wings that were behind time. This month on April 7 twelve
States failed to get their reports In by the deadline, and this will be
the last time you will bo reminded. From now on planes will be grounded
automatically if reports are not received.


Lt. Col., Afr Corps
National Commander