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C I V I L A I R PAT R O L ( C o m - F I A 500 Fifth Avonue

N o v ; Yo r k I B , N c v r Yo r k G M - l l A

25 February 19A4

SUBJECT: Return of Old Radio Transmittor Crystal^^


■iC V

TO: All "l^ing Commandors#

le Refercncc is mado to (^M-112, dated 14-

Fcbruoj-y 1944-j par 3o Wing Comnip.ndcrs '^ill ^return all
the eld crystals v^hich came with the Liaison type
aircraft to the Coimnunications Officcr^C-AP National

Headquarters, 500 Fifth Avenue, Neiv York IS, New York.
2(. In connection vdth these crystals, a

letter of transmittal will be forwarded to the National
Communications Officers worded substantially as follows:

Under separate cover, (number) crystals aro being re
t u r n e d i n a c c o r d a n c e w i t h G M - 11 4 .

3,. This Headquarters will receipt for the

return of the subject crystals by 1st Indorsement to
your letter of transmittal.

By direction of National Commander JOHNSON;

'frank I< tolMS,
Capt., Air Corps,
C o m m u n i c a t i o n s O f fi c e r.