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NEW yO~( I~, N. Y.
20 January 1944

Monthly Financial Reports
All National Field Units

i .
National Field Units will submit the followi~g~Pinanoial
r e p o r t s t o N a t i o n a l H e a d q u a r t e r s , C A P, a s o f t h e l a s t d a y o f e a c h m o n t h
so as t~ arrive not later than the tenth of the following month:
a. Balance Sheet.
b. Income statement for the month.
Individual aircraft report.
The h~lance sheet will include the items on the attached
form, "A". The following should be given particular attention in the
make-up of the accounts:
a. Assets will include no property or claim which does not
' belong to the base as such, except for certain funds which are offset
BY proper reserves, e.g. the aircraft belonging to the individual owner
oanuot be considered among the base assets, nor should property returnable to individuals or the government be shown as an asset. Liabilities
will be similarly treated.
b. Cash funds will include only fuhds received in the form
of 6ash or a check negotiable by the base.i.e, a check received in payment of a yes, chef but which requires the payee's indorsemsnm before it
is negotiable by the base is not an asset.
c. Receivables should not include vouchers awaiting payment
at National Headquarters nor eheck's'h~vaiting proper indorsement. These
IJill be shown in footnotes.
d. Supplies and inventories should be, shoral at cost.
e. Shop equipment and fixed assets should be shown at cost
or estimated value at acquisition offset by reserves to bring to present
depreciated value.
f. Due Insurance, 06~M Reserves and Due Aircraft Owners on
Depreciation will be credited only as cash or negotiable checks are
actually received,
S. The income statement will include the items on the attached
form, "3". In this ~orm, sales cover material and services charged to
i n d i v i d u a l a i r p l a n e s . T h e o t h e r i t e m s a p p e a r s e l f - e x p l a n a t o r y.


20 January 1944

The individual aircraft report should list each airplane on
duty at that station for any period durin~ the month and the total nf
s lea to that airplane .broken down into ~_L@~ne, oil, parts, services,
o v e r h e a d a n d m i s c e l l a n e o u s . To t a l h o u r s ~ l ~ w n \ r J i l l a l s o b e s h o ~ n ,
Form "C" is su~ested as a suitable layoht ~r~his report.
5. State~nts should be foot-noted ,uhere~nh ~ i::essary to clari
their meanln~ and the 'derivation of the tota~se~o~various accounts,fy
By diroct~n'Df I~tional Commsnd~r JO}~TSOIi:

L O U I S P, L I C I { T, J R .
~sptain, ~ir Corps
3ud~et & Fiscal Officer