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5 0 0 F I F T O AV E N U E

NEW YORK, 18, N. Y.
-'-n January X9liU

SUBJECT Revocation\^6f WPB General Limitations Ortier L*-262
c; •

All Unit Commanders


1, As of 1201Q, 15 January 1944, WB General Lijnitations

Order L-262 is revoked and the aircraft formerly affected thereby
are no longer "frozen" in their present ov/nership. "Transfers of

Title" may be made by the procedure used prior to the issuance of
the above order, viz. by the sole approval of the C. A, A.
2, Sale prices of all used aircraft formerly regulated byn

the WPB ceiling price formulae will be controlled by OPA Revision

SR 14, Amendment #72, dated 3 January 1944• This document, which
may be obtained at local OPA offices, inpludes the formulae for

arriving at the maxijnum allowable price of all used aircraft

3». Effective this date, use of Form #661 "Request for
approval sale of aircraft" will be discontinued,

4». National Headquarters will be advised immediately by

rtiail of all changes in ownership of aircraft registered in the
A Category by the filing of a ne?/ Form )(^657, Application for

Aircraft Registration, duly completed, and stating specific assign
ment of the aircraft. This is necessary in order to insure WPB
preferential ratings fpr all eligible CAP aircraft,
5# If an aircraft is not to be eligible for A Category
uppn transfer of title, the A Certificate will be returned to

this Headquarters with notice tha\the aircraft is to be withdrawn
from the A Category,
By direction of National Commander JOHNSON:




Major, Air Corps

Asst. Operations Officer