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500 Fifth Avenue
N e w Yo r k 1 8 , N e w Yo r k

GM-IO/+ ..
7 January 1944

S U B J E C T : Tr a i n i n g F i l m s

All Unit Commanders

1. Certain., training films are now available for use by Civil Air
Patrol in its Training Program.
2. The film is 16 ram., with sound, and will require a 16 ram.
projector with sound equipment, as it is not possible to show these films
in any other type of projecter or one without sound equipment,
3. The subjects covered are all of interest to both adult and cadet
members, and the running time of each subject varies from 12 to 40 minutes.
Therefore, the subjects will be grouped so as to give approximately one
hour' s showing in each set.
4. This Headquarters will notify each Wing in advance of the dates
during which they may have use of the films. Advance arrangements must
be made to borrow1 projectors, screens, and any other necessary facilities
far the showing among the various Squadrons. Undoubtedly suitable
arrangements could be made with high schools for the use of their
projectors and auditoriums, as most modern high schools do have this type
of equipment. CAUTION: These films must be handled only by experienced
5, Due to the limited number of duplicate prints available, it will
be necesse~y that the film be circulated as rapidly as possible within the
Wing, in order that other Wings ~y not be delayed too long awaiting the
films for their shavings.
6. It may be necessary for the :ling to schedule special showings,
where members of various Squadrons and Flights could be centralized into
one special meeting. It is not desirable to"await the reguler meeting
night of a Group or Sqt~dron as this would cause too much delay in the
circulation of the film and would mean that some Wings might have to wait
months before the films could be ~de available.
V. A l l c o m m u n i c a t i o n s r e l a t i v e t o t r a i n i n g fi l m e m d fi l m s t r i p s
will be directed to this Headqu~-~rters.
By direction of National CQmmander JOHNSON:

M a j o r, A i r C o r p s
Assistant Operations Officer