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2 December 1943




SUBJECT :j^Civir Air Patrol Service Ribbons
TO: \ All Wing CommandGrs

1, The. War Department and Quartermaster General has approved the

-following Service Ribbons for members of the Civil Air^Patrol:
a. Description of ribbons;

(1) Ribbons in length and li" in width of white

I with the Civil Air Patrol insignia imposed in
the center in natural colors, -For ribbons

signifying 250 hours, ends of ribbon are to

have a 5/l6" green striiie; for ribbons signifying
500 hours, the stripe is to be red; for ribbons
signifying 1000 hours, the stripe is to be blue,

(2) The ribbons will be worn by CAP members on CAP| '
uniforms ONLZ and only one ribbon will be worn
at one time. If a green ribbon is awarded, and
subsequently a red or a blue ribbon is awarded,
only the highest ranking ribbon will be worn,

(3) Time computed for service will NOT be restricted
to flying time, but will include all ACTUAL hours
spent on CAP work,
. b. Awards to be made as follows:

(1) 250 actual working hours with one year minimum


enlistment will be entitled to the green striped


(2) 500 actual working hours with a minimum of
eighteen months enlistment will warrant the red
striped ribbon,

(3) 1000 actual working hours with a minimum of

two years enlistment will justify the blue ribbon,

2, The above hours include active duty service, active (iuty flight
s#}rvice and actual working hours in the Field,

3# Permission for wearing these ribbons will be granted by the Vfing,
Group or Squadron Commanders and a re;5ord of each ribbon given out by a

Commander must be sent in to National Headquarters by filling out CAP Form

No» 62-12, which will be kept with applicant's Service Record,

Civil Air Patrol Service Ribbons - 2 December 1943 - GM-103

U* The above described CAP Service Ribbons can bo purchased from

the Gemsco Company, 395 Foiu'th Avenue, Now York, at a price of . 25^ each,

which price include^"poetagc and insurance to destiWtion, with a minimum
order of $1,00.

5, Each ribbon\embodiea the CAP basic design. Therefore, it will

be necessary that the Wing CorainandGr^s signature appear on every order,

6, The Unit Supply Officer must receive written instructions from
the Unit Commander regarding quantity and types of ribbons to be ordered,
7, Money order or chock must accompany all orders.
By direction of National Commander JOHIJSON:


/ Lt, Col,, Air Corps
Executive Officer