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500 Fifth Avenue
N e w Yo r k 1 8 , N e w Yo r k

31 August 1943

Office Supplies and ~uipment for Field Activities of Civil ~ir P~uroi

i. The Quartermacter General has advised this Headquarters that a
limited supply of office equipment, general office supplies, and stationery are
available for issue to your Wing Headquarters from the QUartermaster Depot indicated below:

2. Equipment and supplies will be requisitioned from this Depot on
properly executed WD ~C Form 400 (sample attached). Thi~ form will be made out
in quintuplicate- It will be necessary that all requisitions be forwarded to this
Headquarters for approval.
3. Due to the shortage of material it is advised that you do not keep
a large stock of office supplies and stationery on hand.
4. The amount of office equipment allotted to Civil Air Patrol installations is limited. Therefore, the issuance of this equipment will be available
o n l y t o t h o s e W i n g H e a d q u a r t e r s h a v i n g n o o t h e r s o u r c e o f ' s u p p l y.
5. Said office equipment for each unit shall not exceed two office
~ d e s k s , t w o d e s k c h a i r s , o n e s t e n o g r a p h i c d e s k , o n e s t e n o g r a p h i c c h a i r, o n e fi l e
c a b i n e % w i t h l o c k , t w o o f fi c e c h a i r s , t h r e e w a s t e b a s k e t s a n d o n e t y p e , ~ a - i t e r.
By direction of' National Commander JOHNSON:

2d Lt., Air Corps
Supply Officer