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WA S H I N G TO N , F E B R U A RY 8 , 1 9 4 3

Subjects Registration and Rental of CAP Planes»
To J A l l U n i t , B a s e , a n d S t a t i o n C o m m a n d e r s

1 . R e f e r e n c e G M ? - 7 2 , P a r. 5 e , i t i s t h e r e s p o n s i l b i l i t y o f e v e r y
CAP. Unit Coitinander and every member to guard the rental privilege accorded,











2. In this reference the •term "accredited member" applies

only to;persoiis carrying their valid CAP identification card, with their
photo attached," Postal cards acknowledging receipt of application are .






3. The term "CAP aircraft" means one o)^ed or controlled'by an

accreditcd CAP member or by a group composed entirely, of CAP-.member's, "

CAP planes will be identified by the CAP emblem on wings- and fuselagje as
p r e s c r i b e d i n G M - 4 5 . U s e o f s u c h p l a n e s w i l l b e l i m i t e d a s s e t f o r t h b e l o w.

4. All CAP aircraft will be registered by CAP National Head
quarters. -A form will be provided and a registration card will be issued
for display in aircraft. Registration v/ill be in two categories, "A'* and
"B", as follows!

a . A i r c r a f t r e g i s t e r e d i n t h e " A " c a t e g o r y, v d l l b i s t h o s e

used exclusively for CAP a:ithorizj&d missions as defined in Par. 4 of GM~72,
a n d w i l l b e fl o w n o n l y u n d e r O p e r a t i o n s O r d e r o f C A P. O f fi c e r s a p p o i n t e d
t o i s s u e s a m e . S e e a l s o G I - I - 7 2 , P a r. 5 a ,

■b . A i r c r a f t r e g i s t e r e d i n t h e " B " c a t e g o r y w i l l b e a l l
those owned by CAP personnel, which are not assigned for use on authorized
m i s s i o n s , a n d a r e t h e r e f o r e n o t r e g i s t e r e d i n t h e " A " c a t e g o r y.
5. Aircraft pledged by their owners for active duty but not

yet assigned will be registered in "B" category and automatically re-regis
tered in "A" effective on take-off to comply with orders assigning to use

o n a c t i v e d u t y. I t i s u r g e n t - t h a t l i s t s o f a l l C A P p l a n e s a v a i l a b l e a n d
on active duty, as previously requested in telegrams to Wing Commanders,

be filed immediately for registration. Registration cards will not be ^




6. An "A" aircraft may be withdrawn from an authorized Civil Air
P a t r o l m i s s i o n b y i t s o w n e r, o n s u b m i t t i n g a w r i t t e n r e q u e s t t h r o u g h c h a n n e l s
to National Headquarters, and securing approval on same. When such aircraft
is withdrawn the owner will remove the CAP emblem and return the registration

card to National Headquarters within 24 hours. Such aircraft v/ill net be
considered eligible for any further registration.

7. "B" aircraft may be rented and used by CAP student pilots fly
ing under the supervision of certificated instructors to attain private pilot
certificates and by CAP pilots flying under the supervision of instructors
to advance their ratings.


8 , Te m p o r a r i l y, a l l p l a n e s o n . a c t i y e . d u t y w i l l " b e c o n s i d e r e d

in the .''A" categpry ^d so -used. All other planes iDearing the CAP emblem
will be considered'in the "B^'- category and will be so used. On and after
March 1, 1943, no plane will' be considered in CAP registry imless a CAP
registration card is displ^ed in the plane and the prescribed emblems are
on the planej nor will the CAP emblein be displayed on a plane not regis
t e r e d b y C A P.

,9, Prlbn-ties: will, be, available for repair parts ^d accessories




b h l y, •




^ : -10, All communications oh airor^t registration /related
mattfers>will be through CAP., channels. It is particularly important "that

CAP mem^ber^l do hot wi^ite ,^d~- bthor. Fedejral .agencies. Member's who.go
outside of channels'v/ penalized delayia in issuance of registra

' tions i 'and, i pini ncase
d iac

of a c t i o n # "brna:ch-''of di.s.cipline/ s\ibject • to ■

.11.^ Procuring of .aircraf't''^gh chase or lease by CAP- ■

members .for the direct purpose oY'making theia"aVdilal)l9. for duration

use on authorized CAJf missions will be peiinittod bn..approval of the
• i)irector, (T.eneral of Operations, WPBi Xnformation regarding procedure • for securing such approval v;ill be furnished by tMs Headquarters as..soon

as"it,.is available.
• . : 12, Violations of'this iaftmo.randum and GH^7.3rmay'be punished by
suspension or revocation of aircraft registrations and dismissal, suspension,

or demotion.of members,. Wilful violations.of WPB General Limitations Order
L-262 are ptinishable by. fin.6'and inprisQnment. 5?o g^rd the privilc^'ge of

•continued.flying, CAP must'polifee'its ovm raiiks and tolerate no violations
c n : e v a s i o n s o f t h e o r d e r. ,







E S UL . J H ^ ! .
A L ' . C NN
National Comniaiider