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Washingtcii, D, C,


^ .SUBJECT; Aircraft Limitation Order
;T0: All Unit Conunandersj All Base and Station Commanders

^: 1* A General Limitation Order (L-262) freeair^ aircraft, of 500 horse"power .and less and thus restricting their use has been issued by the V/ar Pro
duction, Bo9,rd, Herewith is a full-text copy,
2» All CAP activities will be in conformity with this order and, as
before, with the Civil Air Regulations, The intent of the order is to minimize

miscellaneous flying so' as to conserve planes, parts, accessories, fuel, and oil,
with tthe> effect of limitin^'? their use to essential wartime services*

3« The order is not vsithout advantages in the performance of active
duty missions of the Patrol, In terms of CA? training, it meails rea"djustments

-.^which may be difficult. However it is not as severe as actual grounding would be,

^^^"On the V/est Coast, whore private flying was grounded early in the war and in the

, Eastern defense area where it was stopped last summer, large and active CAP units
^ have-, carried'on. Rules for guarding airports, limitations on ground travel, radio
restrictions, and parts prioriticjs have all presented problems which were sur. moun'table though the v^ill to make apd keep CAP a vital wartime organization,
• ■' A# For the purposes of this memorandum, authorized CAP active duty
: missions'!are defined as follows;

• ' a. Continuing missions—Missions paid out of Army funds include

CAP Coastal Patrol, Liaison Patrol, military courier service, and miscellaneous

'fliglit sG3r7icos for Army units. Other continuing missions, v/here operations
prpcoed .oyer a period of time, include forest patrol for the U, S, Forest Service

or fSt^te agencies, arid • courier servicc for war industries. Such missions, heretoforo^;,or'/}ier.eafter authorized by CAP National Headquarters, will proceed as before

. -v gubj,o.ct\:t'o;^ below as to assignment of planes,

, b. Non-recurrent mid missions—As compared with the continxiing

c3xiss. of DUssions above, these missions are those which involve a single flight

. or vpperations of short duration, in the interests of the war effort or to fill a

yitol; public need. Examples: carrying of an Army officer from one post to .

. another inhere a Army courier mission is not operatingj carrying, a vital
shipment to a war plant where a war industry courier servicc has not been
Authorized, In such cases, missions may be performed by pilots in their own or

'^,^;;rpntod;'Pc don approval c a s e sNational Headquarters, ' Telegraphic approval may be
by ,
' roquost
,in urgent
" c. Emergency volunteer missions—Unpaid missions may also be flown
^^on approval of National Headquarters as in "b" above. Such missions will include
v' search for lost aircraft, rescue missions, disaster relief, flying of medical
sVq^plios, and similar flights of on emergency nature,
5. Effects of the new order are briefly a's follows:
Pianos assigned to CAP activo duty—Will be considered

^^ayailablo for duration, as assignments are available, and will not be used during

■^(".or between assignments for flights ether than on authorized CAP missions in the
,^,vfurthcrahce, of the war effort, except that the owner of such an aircrsift may

••.^request fits release from duty on completion of its present assignment. In this
'^^■^-f-case^'^.^such aircraft will not be considered eligible for further service.

G%72 ,
■r - ' r f • '


;•', •'* j^,'* r'.;; ; •

t .
. N

^ Planes available for activo duty-'^f^y be assigned only for the
opportunities for assignment develop* 'After such as&ignment, their
above, V/e are unable to estimate the number of

planes which bo assigned but have asked all Wing Couiinanders to

:;4^f^UB^;;JUsts. of ^aircraft available for the duration,
' "■ Pianos owned by individuals.—Itey

be flbvm by the a.-mers as

may not be sold, leased, traded, rented (except as in "e" below),
fielivered. Owners have the moral obligation of li^iiting the use of .

to* flying in the interest of the vi-ar effort and mailing thera available
authorised by CAP National Headquarters wherever

' A*

Planes ov/ned by group3-~May bo flown by any one of the present

vr ■'as in the case of planes owned by individuals® But a flying club in which
*'"i.•,cvm and maintain a plane jointly cannot add ncv; members,

i-Jv:- -v construed to mean that planes cannot be rented by pilots orthe order
Individi^als without planes-^^trictlv intex'preted,
student pilots
of f^Light training and CAP practice missions. But every effort is be-

to -have this point interpreted more liberally^ Tomporarv permission
until April 1, 194'3 for accredited members of GAP to rent bona

CAP.'.pianos 99 horGCpower or..;less by the hour for the purpose of bona fide
pianos are those ovmed by CAP members, flown only by
mciLbcrs^ .cjid identified "by the CAP emblem on v;ings and fuselage,
'. fV ^ ^

V-VV;' ^6, in summary, the order tends to keep in the hands of present ovmers

.;^>|-thc'planes needed for active duty missions* It permits plane owners and part

pwnord'>to: continue their practice ar.d training, and to perform CAP active duty

.^J^,.^th:^^eirip as before, KV^rribers without pianos can perform active duty

t^f''-®is'3ioriB' :a.s'.defined in "4-" above, but are other^.vise limited to an extent not yet
^A^7,clf8''rly^defitied, with temporary perriission to fly as'in "5e'," Do not write.
>^-(^h6nei /ror"%ire inquiries« V^e will give you further information as soon as w/ e







. m i s



A d d e n d u m t o u i / i - V- c

Jan. 26, 19^f3


Part 3191—Aircraft

(General Limitations Order L-262)

The fulfillment of requirements for the defense of the United States lias

created a shortage in the supply for defense, for private account, .and for^oxport, of aircraft; and the following order is deemed necessaiy and appropriate
in the public interest and to promote the national defense;

3191.1 General Limitation Order L«-262—»(a) Restrictions on transfer,_Q£_.
link trainers and certain aircraft. No single-engined aircraft of five hundred

horse power or less, nor any "link trainer-,y nor any interest therein, shall be
sold, leased, traded, rented, given or delivered by any individual, partnership,

association, business trust, corporation or any organized group of persons (v;hethe
incorporated or not), exclusive, hoy;ever, of the Army or Navy of the United State?
any United States Governmental agency, any air carrier holding a certificate of
necessity from the Civil Aeronautics Board, or any manufacturer of aircraft,
except pursuant to specific authorization of the Director General for Operations.
(b) /\pp-|Tc«h-i1U.v nf priorities roj^ulations. This order, and all trans

actions affected thereby, are subject to the provisions of priorities regula
tions of the War Production Board, as amended from time to time,

(c) Reports. All persons affected by this order shall execute and file
with the War Production Board such reports and questionnaires as the War Produc
tion Board shaD.l from time to time proscribe.

(d) Violations. Any person who wilfully violates any provisions of this
order or who, in connection with this order, wilfully conceals a material fact
or furnishes false information to any department or agency of the United States,

is guilty of crime, and upon conviction may be pimishcd by fine or imprisonment^
In addition any such person may be prohibited from making or obtaining further

deliveries of, or from processing or using material under priorities control and
may be deprived of priorities assistsince,

(e) Communications. All reports to be filed and other communications
concerning this order should be addressed to War Production Board, Aircraft Pro

duction Board, Washington, D. C., Ref.: L-262.

(P.D. Reg,,l, as amended, 6 F.R. 6660$ W.P.B, Reg, 1, 7 F.R. 561; E.O, 9024.,
7 F,R. 329; E.O. 90^0, 7 F.R. 527; E,0. 9125, 7 F.R. 2719; sec. 2 (a). Pub.

Law 671, 76th Cong., as amended by Pub, Laws 09 and 507, 77th Cong,)
I s s u e d t h i s 2 6 t h d a y o f J a n u a r y, 1 9 4 3
Director General for Operations.