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This is my very first Georgia Wing Historical report. It covers the period 1 June 2012 to 1 June 2013.
This period was a banner year for Georgia Wing history, with several activities from around the Wing
documented not only in textual form, but also in photographic and audiovisual form as well. (In cases of
where online video exists, a link to the applicable URL is provided in the interest of conserving bandwidth.
Photos have been uploaded to a specifically designated Flickr account, also to help conserve bandwidth).
The following items of interest are submitted as a part of the historical period heretofore noted:
-Courtesy of the GAWG Encampment staff, we have photographs of the GAWG Encampment 2012. It
was held this particular year at the Marine Corp Logistics Base in Albany, GA on 2-10 June 2012. This
encampment was particularly significant in that it was one of the first times that Georgia Wing held such a
large Cadet Programs activity hosted by a U.S. Marine facility in Georgia. According to comments from
the Marine staff at the facility, they genuinely enjoyed hosting the 2012 Georgia Wing Encampment, and
look forward to hosting the GAWG Encampment at their facility again in the future.
-A bit later in 2012, the Georgia Wing senior officers also had their own training. On 27-28 October 2012,
the Georgia Wing held a joint SLS and CLC in Gainesville, Georgia at the American Legion Post adjoining
Riverside Military Academy. Training at this joint weekend activity was conducted by various USAF and
CAP personnel, and photographs of the activity have been selected to showcase the instruction from a
"student's eye view". In a way, this is a "back to the future" moment in training for the Wing, in that the Air
Patrol of the Georgia State Defense Corps (one of the predecessors of what would later become the
Georgia Wing Civil Air Patrol), initially conducted training back in the 1940s in Georgia in space provided
by the American Legion. As a side note on this particular modern training activity, is that one of the
students, Dr. Ronald Clark (GAWG Group I Medical Officer), became somewhat famous back in the
1960's as the original "Ronny" from the Top 40 musical group "Ronny and the Daytonas", best known for
their hit song "Little GTO". ( A Flickr page of training photos from the joint SLS and CLC is available at ).
-On the morning of 12 April 2013, the DeKalb County Government closed part of runway 9/27 at
Peachtree-DeKalb Airport to begin construction on a newly expanded hangar and tiedown area to
accomodate a larger number of commercial and private aircraft. The very last aircraft to depart that
particular runway before construction could begin, was a Civil Air Patrol aircraft based at PDK. On hand
for the ceremony commemorating this historic occasion, and having a hand in the beginning construction
of the new facility, were a number of DeKalb County Government representatives, as well a number of
Georgia Wing Civil Air Patrol members, including Georgia Wing Chief of Staff Major Andrea Van Buren,
and Group II Commander Lt Col Kelly Johnson. ( A Flickr page with photos from the day’s activities are
available at ).
-The Annual Georgia Wing Conference was held 12-14 May 2013 at the Dolce Hotel and Resort in
Peachtree City, GA. Attached are a few candid photographs of the main meeting in the main meeting
area, as well a photo of Georgia CAP 4, Capt. Sam Levie leading the Communications and IT Seminar at
the conference. A high point of the conference on 13 April 2013 was the Change of Command Ceremony.
Col. Tonya Boylan, who had been promoted to a staff position at Southeast Region, handed over
command of the Georgia Wing to the newly appointed Wing Commander, Silver Medal of Valor winner
Colonel Richard Greenwood, at the ceremony, and the moment was caught for posterity on video, and
uploaded to ( A Flickr page of photos from the earlier
parts of the conference are available at ).
-A Civil Air Patrol glider activity was held at the LaGrange, Georgia Airport on 2 May 2013 with Griffin
Squadron GA014 hosting the event. Cadets and senior members from the Griffin squadron and the
LaGrange squadron, GA153, participated in this activity. It is visible at .
A series of photos were taken that have been sequenced into a time lapse video. This is the second video

made, at 23 frames per second. Two others have been made from the same photographs at 29.97 fps at and 15 fps at
David Brown
Lt Col, CAP
Georgia Wing Historian