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2012 Middle East Region Annual History

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2012 Middle East Region Annual History


Middle East Region


Philip Saleet



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Civil Air Patrol
Auxiliary of the United States Air Force

1 JANUARY 2012 – 31 DECEMBER 2012



Civil Air Patrol
Auxiliary of the United States Air Force

1 January 2012 – 31 December 2012

Prepared By
Lt. Colonel Philip Saleet, CAP
Middle East Region Historian

Reviewed By

Signed: Larry J. Ragland, Col., CAP, June 2013
Col. Larry J. Ragland, CAP
Middle East Region Commander





Colonel Larry J. Ragland of Sanford, NC, was appointed Middle East Region Commander on 4
November 2011 after serving as interim Region Commander since August of 2011. Col.
Ragland was the former MER Vice Commander for two years, and has also served a four year
term on the National Board as North Carolina Wing Commander prior to that. His service to
Civil Air Patrol began in 1976 and has included Deputy Squadron Commander for Seniors,
Squadron Commander, Deputy Group Commander, Group Commander, and NC Wing Vice
Commander. He is an active Mission Pilot with 1900 hours, Incident Commander, qualified Air
Branch Director with NC Wing and is a qualified cadet orientation pilot.
When not performing CAP duty assignments, Colonel Ragland practices Landscape Architecture
in Raleigh, North Carolina. His award winning design firm does a wide range of site design
projects, including schools, parks, subdivisions, housing projects, and shopping centers. The
Governor of North Carolina appointed Larry to the NC Board of Registration for Landscape
Architects for two (4) four-year terms and he has participated as an exam writer and exam grader
for the National Landscape Architect Registration Exam (LARE). In 1996, Larry was the
recipient of the NC Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architect’s President's
Council Award for "Significant and sustained contributions to the profession of Landscape
Architecture" in North Carolina.
Col. Ragland is married to Ethel A. Ragland and has two children. His son is Evan Allen
Ragland of Sanford and his daughter is Ginger Alicia Miller of Washington, DC. Colonel
Ragland will not hesitate in bragging about his grandson Cohen Miller, born in December of


LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Middle East Region Commander Col. Joseph R. Vazquez of Richmond was
elected as Civil Air Patrol's national vice commander recently by the CAP National Board, one
of the non-profit organization's governing bodies.
Vazquez's election to a one-year term as national vice commander occurred on the first day of
business at the 2011 Civil Air Patrol Annual Conference and National Board meeting, held in
Louisville, KY, this week. The other candidate for vice commander was former Southeast
Region Commander Col. James M. Rushing.
"I appreciate the confidence CAP's National Board has in me," said Vazquez. "I look forward to
fulfilling the challenges and shaping the future of America's best volunteer organization.”
Vazquez's primary duty as vice commander is to assist CAP National Commander-Elect, Brig.
Gen. Charles L. "Chuck" Carr Jr., in leading CAP's more than 61,000 volunteers in fulfillment of
the organization's three congressionally chartered missions - emergency services, cadet programs
and aerospace education, as well as CAP's steadily increasing role in America's homeland
Carr is entering his first year of a three-year term as national commander. Both will assume
command on Saturday in a change of command ceremony to be held during the conference
banquet. As national commander and national vice commander, Carr and Vazquez will serve on
both the National Board and Board of Governors, CAP's governing and advisory bodies.
Before his election as national vice commander, Vazquez served as the highest-ranking officer of
CAP's Middle East Region. Appointed region commander in 2008, he led the region's 7,000plus volunteers in his home state of Virginia, as well as Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina,
South Carolina, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. He also was a member of the
National Board and the CAP National Executive Committee, and he served on the CAP National
Finance Committee as an adviser.

Before becoming region commander, Vazquez was CAP's national operations adviser. In this
position, he restructured CAP's core flying regulation, CAPR 60-1. His commitment to
regulatory overhaul started a trend among other national staff that will benefit many areas of
CAP in the future.
Vazquez joined CAP's Georgia Wing as a cadet in 1975 and rose to the rank of cadet major
before transitioning to the senior member program in 1978. He qualified as a CAP ground team
leader while still a cadet, and as a senior member became a mission pilot in 1986. He qualified
as a flight instructor and check pilot, and in 1992 became an incident commander, the highest
search and rescue rating in CAP.
Vazquez served as group commander in the South Carolina Wing, squadron commander and
group commander in the Maryland Wing, and group commander in the Virginia Wing before
being appointed wing vice commander in 1997 and wing commander in 2001. In 2003, he
became vice commander of the Middle East Region and the national operations adviser in 2007.
Vazquez is a CAP senior pilot with an instrument rating. He also has a master rating in CAP's
standardization/evaluation and communications professional development specialty tracks. His
CAP awards include the Distinguish Service and the Brig. Gen. Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager
Aerospace Achievement awards. He also holds CAP's highest academic honor, the Gill Robb
Wilson Award.
A native of Savannah and a graduate of Warner Robins High School in Georgia, Vazquez
attended the University of Georgia, earning a bachelor's degree with majors in psychology and
computer science. He began his career as a software engineer with E.I. DuPont at the Savannah
River Plant in Aiken, S.C.; he later transferred to Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). He
retired in October 2010 as an operations manager with CSC's North American Service
Restoration Team.
Vazquez is married to another CAP member, Lt. Col. Leslie Vazquez, who is CAP's national
standardization/evaluation adviser.


This page is, dedicated to all Civil Air Patrol Members of Middle East Region
who left us in 2012.




Lt Col Bill Thomas

September 19, 2012

Lt Col Jim Carr

May 24, 2012

Maj Donald G. Patterson

October 9, 2012

Maj Jesse W. Collum Sr.

November 30, 2012

Chaplain (Lt Col) Wade Gibson

December 2, 2012

Cadet Noah G. Shields

June 1, 2012

Lt Col David A. Caraway

July 6, 2012

Lt Col Robert Ayers

March 14, 2012

Maj Bob Hawkins

April 24, 2012

Maj Caryl Weiss

June 6, 2012

Capt Benjamin Hall

July 12, 2012

Lt Col Donald Caldwell

August 10, 2012

Maj Gary Mullen

September 26, 2012

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Security Notice and Administrative Controls …..…..………………………………………… i
Table of Contents …………………………………..…………………………………………... ii
List of Illustrations …………………………….…..…………………….……………………..iv
Chronology ……………………………………….……………………………………………...v
Purpose of 2011 MER History ………………………………………………………………...xv
North Carolina Wing ………………………………………………………………………….. 1
Statistics 2012 ………………………………………………………………………….. 2
North Carolina Wing Squadrons …………………………………………………….. 4
Aerospace Education ………………………………………………………………….. 6
Cadet Programs ……………………………………………………………………….. 8
Operations ……………………………………………………………………………...16
Emergency Services …...………………………………………………………..16
Disaster Relief .………………………………………………………………….20
Outreach …………………………………………………………………..........23
Professional Development ………………………………………………………33
Historical Interest ..…………………………………………………………………….37
Special Honors …………………………………………………………………………51
Maryland Wing ………………………………………………………………………………..58
Statistics 2012 ………………………………………………………………………….59
Maryland Wing Squadrons …………………………………………………………..61
Aerospace Education ………………………………………………………………….62
Cadet Programs ……………………………………………………………………….62
Operations ……………………………………………………………………………..65
Emergency Services …………………………………………………………….65
Outreach ………………………………………………………………………...67
Historical Interest ……………………………………………………………….68
Professional Development ………………………………………………………71
Virginia Wing …………………………………………………………………………………..72
Statistics 2012 ………………………………………………………………………......73
Virginia Wing Squadrons ……………………………………………………………..75
No Articles Submitted for This History Report from Virginia Wing, CAP………,,75


Delaware Wing …………………………………………………………………………………76
Statistics 2012 …………………………………………………………………………..77
Delaware Wing Squadrons ………………………………………………………........79
Operations ………………………………………………………………………….......80
Emergency Services ……………………………………………………………..80
Outreach …………………………………………………………………….......80
West Virginia Wing ……………………………………………………………………………81
Statistics 2012 …………………………………………………………………………..82
West Virginia Wing Squadrons ……………………………………………………….84
Aerospace Education …………………………………………………………………..85
Cadet Programs ………………………………………………………………………..87
Operations ……………………………………………………………………………...97
Emergency Services …………………………………………………………….97
Disaster Relief ………………………………………………………………….101
Outreach ………………………………………………………………………..101
Professional Development ……………………………………………………,,107
South Carolina Wing …………………………………………………………………………108
Statistics 2012 …………………………………………………………………………109
South Carolina Wing Squadrons …………………………………………………….111
Aerospace Education …………………………………………………………………112
Cadet Programs ………………………………………………………………………112
National Capital Wing ……………………………………………………………………….113
Statistics 2012 …………………………………………………………………………114
National Capital Wing Squadrons …………………………………………………..116
Aerospace Education …………………………………………………………………117
Cadet Programs ………………………………………………………………………117
Historical Interest …………………………………………………………………….117
Wrapping up and Looking Forward ………………………………………………………..121
A. Lineage and Honors Data 2012 ………………………………………………………….122
B. Middle East Region Staff 2012 …………………………………………………………..123
Glossary of References and Supporting Information ………………………………………126
References …………………………………………………………………………………..126
Abbreviations and Acronyms ………………………………………………………………126
Gazetteer ……………………………………………………………………………………127
List of Source Documents …………………………………………………………………….128

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Flags of Middle East Region Wings ……………………………………………..
Colonel Larry J. Ragland, MER Commander ……………………………………
Colonel Joseph R. Vasquez, National Vice Commander ………………………...
“In Memoriam” - CAP/USAF Auxiliary Patch ………………………………….
North Carolina Wing Patch ………………………………………………………1
Col Charles W. Fields receives award from Col David Crawford………………54
Lt Col Clive Goodwin Jr. receives award from Col David Crawford…………...54
Lt Col Paul Sigmon receives award from Col David Crawford…………………55
Mrs. Pat Saleet rings the Ceremonial Bell……………………………………….55
2d Lt Frank Blazich Keynote Speaker at Manteo Memorial Dedication for
Cadet Color Guard from Wild Eagle Squadron at Base 16 Roadside Memorial
Col C. Weldon Fields and relatives of Coastal Patrol Base 16 Members at the
Roadside Memorial………………………………………………………………57
Attendees at the Coastal Patrol Base 16 Roadside Memorial Dedication……….57
Maryland Wing Patch …………………………………………………………...58
Virginia Wing Patch …………………………………………………………….72
Delaware Wing Patch …………………………………………………………...76
West Virginia Wing Patch ………………………………………………………81
Cadets prepare their Rocket for the Team America Rocketry Challenge………..86
Blast Off!!!!!! ...................................................................................................... 87
West Virginia Cadets leave for Encampment……………………………………93
Cadets Packing Up…………………………………………………………….....93
Encampment Water Survival Training…………………………………………..94
C-130 Orientation Ride……………………………………………………….....94
“Come Fly with the West Virginia Wing CAP.”………………………………..95
Thunder Over the Blue Ridge Airshow………………………………………....95
Cadet Ken with some young admirers. Thunder Over the Blue Ridge Airshow 96
World War II Fighter. Thunder Over the Blue Ridge Airshow…………………96
Ground Search and Rescue Training………………………………………….....98
Aircrew Training Clarksburg, WV……………………………………………..100
Joint Services Open House. Joint base Andrews, MD…………………………105
“Zombie Attack”. Berkeley County Health Department Emergency Exercise..106
Martinsburg Composite Squadron Legislative Day Presentation………………106
South Carolina Wing Patch …………………………………………………....108
National Capital Wing Patch …………………………………………………..113
MER Lists Quality Cadet Units………………………………………………...119
CAP/USAF Auxiliary Patch …………………………………………………..120

Middle East Region
1 January – 31 December 2012


19 Dec 2012 (U) NC - Eastern Carolina Infragard (ECI) Learn About CAP
(U) NC - New Private Pilot in Asheville NC019
(U) NC - Group 3 Subordinate Unit Inspection (SUI) Team Training at New Bern,
(U) NC - New MER Staff Members
(U) NC - New Spaatz Cadet in Apex, NC
(U) NC - National Quality Cadet Unit Awards

(U) NC - NC National Guard Dedicates New Joint Forces Headquarters
(U) NC - Capt Cathy Gaddy, Wing Administrator, Earns National Award
(U) NC - Points of Distribution (POD) Training at Tar River
(U) NC - “Checkertail Clan” P-51 Pilot Returns to the Air
(U) NC - NC Wing Group 3 Members Complete SUI Training at New Bern, NC
(U) NC - CyperPatriot Competition Winners in NC


(SBU) NC - ELT Mission in Raleigh
(U) NC - MER/NC Wing 2012 Conference at Raleigh, NC
(U) NC - Asheville Cadet Headed for Air Force Academy
(U) NC - Iredell Composite Squadron Gives Back to the Community
(U) NC - New Private Pilot at Apex Unit
(U) NC - Cadet is Accepted into Air Force Academy


(SBU) NC - ELT Mission at Winston-Salem
(U) NC - The Charlotte Senior Sqd Goes to the Drag Races
(U) NC - Group 3 AE Day a Great Success
(SBU) NC - 7.2 Hours of Airtime and 15 Members Finds Elusive ELT
(U) NC - A New Pilot in the Winston-Salem Squadron
(U) NC - Four Squadrons Tour Washington, DC and the Naval Academy
(U) NC - NC CAP Pilot Completes 200th Cadet Orientation Flight




(U) NC - US Coast Guard Puts CAP on Their Historical Map – Team Award
(U) NC - Shelby Senior Members Assist with 5K & 10K Event While Two
Cadets Run the Race!
(U) NC - The Dedication of the “Double Deuces” – Burlington Comp Squadron
(U) NC - Lt Col Jayson Altieri Receives US Army Promotion in Brussels,
(U) NC - Two New Majors for Charlotte Senior Squadron at Concord
(U) NC - Wing Commander Named Chief of Staff for Middle East Region
(U) NC - Iredell Unit Hosts Group 4 AE & Rocket Day
(U) NC - CAP Squadrons Involved in “CIS Big Toy Day” Event in Brunswick
(U) NC - NC Wing Members Attend Chaplain Staff College, Blackstone, VA
(U) NC - “Start Your Engines”, Shelby Cadets Present Colors
(U) NC - Shelby Cadet Recognized for Community Service as a New Century
(U) NC - Operation Flying Flowers is a Success
(U) NC - Gastonia Cadet Gets Full ROTC Scholarship to NC State University
(U) NC - Orange Co Comp Squadron’s (NC-150) Commander Promoted
(U) NC - South Piedmont Senior Squadron Tours Cyril Bath Company in Monroe
(U) NC - Wing Commander Becomes Chief of Staff for Middle East Region
(U) NC - NC Wing Conducts Change of Command Ceremony
(U) NC - Shelby Sqd Cadets Participate with the US Military All Stars for
Presentation of the Ground Zero Flag
(U) NC -MER Commander Announces New NC Wing Commander
(SBU) NC - US Coast Guard Requests Help with Locating an EPIRB
(U) NC - Shelby Squadron Hosts Its First National Weather Service Skywarn
(U) NC - Asheville Comp Squadron has 10 New CERT Members After Training
(U) NC - Seventy Years of Safe Flying Earns Pilot Prestigious FAA Award
(U) NC - “O-Flights” at 2012 NC Wing Encampment Increase Again
(U) NC - Raleigh-Wake Comp Summer 2012 Airman School




29 Jun-1July (U) NC - Pilots Sharpen Mountain Flying Skills at “Mountain Fury”
(U) NC - Shelby Squadron Cadets Lead the Lattimore Independence Day Parade!
(U) NC - Raleigh-Wake Cadets Help at Independence Day Celebration
(U) NC - Iredell Unit Presents Colors at Carowinds
(U) NC - Brunswick Co. Squadron Color Guard to Southport 4th of July Parade
(U) NC - Asheville Squadron Cadet Solos at National Flight Academy,
Blackstone, VA
17 & 24

18 & 20

(U) NC - North Carolina Wing has a New Leader
(U) NC - Lt Col Altieri, CAP, Earns Royal Netherlands Medal
(U) NC - Shelby Squadron Holds Two Rocket Days
(U) NC - 2012: CAP Olympic Games Come to Raleigh
(U) NC - Dedication of Coastal Patrol Base 16 Marker
(U) NC - Shelby Squadron Hosts an 8-Week Toastmasters Youth Leadership
(U) NC - American Red Cross Provides Disaster Assessment Training for CAP
(U) NC - Iredell Composite Sqd Cadet is First to Solo at National Flight Academy
(U) NC - A Night of Awards for Majors Johnson and Tessin of Raleigh-Wake
(U) NC - CAP Making Area Pilots Aware of “No-Fly Zone” During Democratic
National Convention in Charlotte, NC
(U) NC - Shelby Cadets March at Keeter Stadium for American Legion World
(U) NC - A Weekend With CAP at the Winston-Salem Air Show
(U) NC - Seniors and Cadets From Shelby Participate in HAM Radio Class
(U) NC - Asheville Squadron Member Receives Scholarship for Flying
(U) NC - Pilgrimage to Birthplace of Aviation by Pitt-Greenville Comp Squadron
(U) NC - Two Brunswick Co. Comp Sqd Members Receive a Special Honor





(U) NC - Shelby Unit Presents Plaque to Historic Site
(U) NC - Winston-Salem Comp Sqd Hosts Group 4 AE & Rocket Day at Sugar
Valley Airport
(U) NC - Shelby Cadets Learn About Flying RC Aircraft at Moore Field
(U) NC - Shelby Cadets Lead Pledge for County Commissioners


(U) NC - Father and Son Promoted to Captain
(U) NC - Ranger Training Weekend at Medoc Mountain State Park, NC
(U) NC - Shelby Squadron’s Fall Banquet A Huge Success
(U) NC - Shelby Airport Holds Its Annual Fly-in
(U) NC - Cadets Receive Rocketry Badges at Asheville Sqd Awards Ceremony
(U) NC - Lt Col Frank Sincox Awarded Wright Brothers Master Pilot


(U) NC - CAP Honors Members Who Served in CAP During WWII
(U) NC - Cadets Participate in Basic Mountaineering Training
(SBU) NC - NC Wing Completes Aerial Photo Missions During Hurricane Sandy



(U) NC - Raleigh-Wake Provides Honor Guard at Annual Christmas Tree
(U) NC - Shelby Squadron Hosts Basic First Aid Class
(U) NC - Shelby Squadron Holds Annual Christmas Party
(U) NC - Winston-Salem Comp Sqd Holds “Wreaths Across America” Ceremony
(U) NC - NC Wing Professional Development Weekend (PDW) at Wake Forest
(U) NC - Shelby Squadron Holds DDR and Drug Awareness Class
(U) NC - Asheville Member Solos at Foothills Regional Airport
(U) NC - Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron Holds Holiday Banquet


(U) MD - Three Martin’s Squadron Cadets Earn Earhart Award
(U) MD - Mount Airy Members Visit Air Traffic Control Facilities
(SBU) MD - Hagerstown Squadron Teams with Pennsylvania Wing for Exercise
(U) MD - Civil Air Patrol’s Budget Fully Restored






(U) MD - Maryland Wing has Been Chosen to Host IACE Program In 2012
(U) MD - Maryland Wing’s 70 for 70 Campaign Begins
(U) MD - Harford Squadron Holds Change of Command
(U) MD - Maryland Wing Held It’s Safety Stand Down
(U) MD - Hagerstown Squadron Celebrates 70th Anniversary


(U) MD - Harford Squadron Members Receive County Counsel Proclamation
(U) MD - Maryland Members Visit Congress
(U) MD - Maryland Cadets Earn Air Force Pilot Slots
(U) MD - Annapolis Cadet Earhart Award


(U) MD - Two Baltimore Composite Squadron Cadets Experience First Flight
(U) MD - Osprey Composite Squadron Converts Flight Theory Into Practice
(U) MD - Wing Holds Search and Rescue Exercise


(U) MD - Maryland Wing Cadet Accepted to US Air Force Academy
(U) MD - Osprey Cadets Take First Flight
(U) MD - The Joint Service Open House at Joint Base Andrews
(U) MD - Apollo 1 Squadron Member Earns ACE Award


(SBU) MD - Howard Squadron Prepares For SAREVAL
(U) MD - Bethesda Chevy Chase Cadet Accepted to the U.S. Air Force Academy
(U) MD -Two Osprey Cadets Get U.S. Air Force Commission
(U) MD - Fredrick Cadet Becomes CAP Pilot Weeks Before Heading to the US
Naval Academy
(U) MD - Howard Squadron Holds Cadet Change of Command Ceremony
(U) MD - Glenn L. Martin Cadets Earn Fitness Award

None in Report






(U) MD - We Hosted Seven Members of the International Air Cadet Exchange
(U) MD - We Filled Every Slot We had for the 2012 Tri-Wing Encampment
(SBU) MD - Maryland Wing Continues to Fly Bay Patrol
(SBU) MD - Maryland Wing Tasked To Work with NBC News Crew
(U) MD - Annapolis Squadron Begins Third Year of Speaker Program
(U) MD - Civil Air Patrol Launching 70-Year Cadet Celebration in Baltimore
(U) MD - Six Cadets Graduate from the Lt Col Robert Ayers Flight Scholarship




(U) MD - Maryland Wing Received Two Letters of Commendation
(U) MD - Maryland Wing Receives Several Awards at National Board
Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland
(U) MD - Maryland Members Tour Udvar Hazy Center
(U) MD - Annapolis Holds Change of Command
(U) MD - Martin Presents at Essex Day Festival
(U) MD - Montgomery Senior Squadron Remembers Bob Hawkins and Bob
(U) MD - Upper Montgomery Squadron Color Guard Presents Colors at Nationals
(U) MD - Martin Color Guard Presents Colors’ During World War II Reunion
(U) MD - Osprey Squadron Hosts 2d Annual Remote-Control Fly-In and

(U) MD - Maryland Wing Assists Warfield Air national Guard For Family Day
(U) MD - Martin Squadron Cadets Get Medevac Tour During Orientation Flight
(U) MD - Wing Member Jake Weiser Joined CAP as a Cadet In 1999
(U) MD - Charles Squadron Celebrates First Year With Dining Out

(SBU) MD - Civil Air Patrol Revs Up Missions Over Storm-Ravaged New York,
New Jersey
(U) MD - Members of Maryland’s Group 3 Serve at Warfield Dining Facility
(U) MD - Carroll Squadron Helps Local Election Board





(U) MD - Civil Air Patrol to Observe Long Legacy Of Service
(U) MD - Get High on Life Not Drugs
(U) MD - CAP Board of Governors Selects Chairman, Vice Chairman
(U) MD - Civil Air Patrol to Honor Veterans as Part of Wreath Laying Salute

Virginia Wing - No Information For 2012

(U) DE - Congratulations to Our Diamond Flight Drill Team

(SBU) DE - Delaware-Based Aircrews Perform Aerial Imaging Along New
Jersey Coast For FEMA



(U) WV - Martinsburg Receives Runner- Up Honors in The Wing Color Guard
(U) WV - Two Units Named Quality Cadet Units by MER CAP
(U) WV - 25 Members of Martinsburg Composite Squadron Visit the National
Museum Of The Marine Corps



(U) WV - Cadet Smith Finally Solos After Completing Flight Training
(SBU) WV - West Virginia Wing Conducts Cold-Weather Operations SAREX
(U) WV - West Virginia Wing Visits State Capital for CAP Legislative Day

(U) WV - Martinsburg Members Participate In Civil Air Patrol Legislative Day
(SBU) WV - Martinsburg Composite Squadron Holds Ground Search And Rescue

(U) WV - West Virginia Wing Holds Comprehensive Training Weekend
(U) WV - Professional Development Training Weekend





(SBU) WV - Ground Team and Aircrew Members from Civil Air Patrol’s West
Virginia Wing Support Statewide Search and Rescue Exercise
(SBU) WV - Operation Apocalypse
(U) WV - Three Senior Members and a Record Sixteen Cadets from Martinsburg
Composite Squadron Attend Open House at Joint Operating Base Andrews

(SBU) WV - U.S. Air Force Guided Training Exercise
(U) WV - MAAM World War II Weekend
(U) WV - Zombie Attack


(U) WV - West Virginia Wing Summer Encampment
(U) WV - Cadet Orientation Flight Weekend Held in Petersburg


(U) WV - Common Ground
(U) WV - Come Fly With The West Virginia Wing
(U) WV - Potomac Highlands Squadron Holds Rocketry Weekend
(U) WV - 2012 National CAP Conference Cadet Day



(U) WV - Wheeling Squadron Initiates Commanders Fitness Challenge
(U) WV - Civil Air Patrol Teaches Respect Discipline
(U) WV - Cadet Leadership Changes Hands
(U) WV - Thunder Over The Blue Ridge Air Show


(U) WV - Boone Composite Squadron Cadets Meet Former POW Jessica Lynch
(SBU) WV - Four Day Search For Missing Aircraft Ends In Southern West

None in Report





(U) WV - Team America Rocketry Challenge Great Meadows


(U) SC - An Idea for Aerospace Education Officers
(U) SC - Emerald City in Newbury Opera House Celebrates the Holiday Season

None in Report
None in Report
None in Report

(U) NAT-CAP - The Fairfax Composite Squadron Wins MER Cadet Competition

None in Report
None in Report
None in Report

(U) NAT-CAP - Three Members Nat-Cap Wing Honored at National Board
(U) NAT-CAP - Arlington Composite Sqd Has a New Commander


(U) NAT-CAP - Fairfax Cadet Receives the CAP Brewer Award
(U) NAT-CAP - Fairfax Cadet Program Among the Nation’s Best



(U) NAT-CAP - Arlington Comp. Sqd. Hosts William Staruk, “Human Powered
Helicopters” Seminar

None in Report

(U) NAT-CAP - Tuskegee Cadet Sqd. Formed at Joint Base


(U) This narrative seeks to preserve the historical facts of Middle East Region, Civil Air
Patrol, during the period of 1 January through 31 December 2012. The information provided
forms an orderly overview of the activities of the Middle East Region during the historical report
and is provided in a chronological format, covering monthly activities and areas of historical
significance. This is presented in sections which include Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs,
Operations, and Professional Development. The Operations section will include Emergency
Services, Community Outreach, and Disaster Relief. Materials contain an inventory of source
documents to support the content of this report. The arrangement of Middle East Region’s
annual history comes from formats provided in CAP Pamphlet 5, Handbook for Civil Air Patrol
Historians and CAP Regulation 210-1 (E) The Civil Air Patrol Historical Program.




North Carolina Wing Statistics
Volunteer Members
873 Adult Members
689 Cadets
275 Aircrew Personnel
994 Emergency Responders
40 Locations Statewide
11 Single Engine
19 Vehicles
Inter-operable Communications
16 VHF/FM Repeaters
181 Mobile Radios
35 HF Stations
18 Search and Rescue Missions/ 12 Finds
4 State Support Missions
Cadet Flying
800 Cadets Flown


North Carolina Wing Statistics
Total Hours Flown
2,425 Hours
$155,000 State Funding
$3.6M Value of Wing’s Volunteer Hours


North Carolina Wing Squadrons
Headquarters North Carolina Wing
Group 1 Headquarters
Asheville Composite Squadron
Gastonia Composite Squadron
Shelby Composite Squadron
Hickory Composite Squadron
Boone Composite Squadron
Group 2 Headquarters
Burlington Composite Squadron
Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron
Randolph Composite Squadron
141st SAR Composite Squadron
Franklin County Composite Squadron
Orange County Composite Squadron
Brigadier General Steven R. Ritchie Flight
Apex Composite Squadron
Group 3 Headquarters
Tar River Composite Squadron
Pitt-Greenville Composite Squadron
Goldsboro Composite Squadron
Coastal Patrol Base 21 Flight
Cunningham Field Composite Squadron
Halifax Composite Squadron
Elizabeth City Composite Squadron


Group 4 Headquarters
Winston Salem Composite Squadron
111th Search & Rescue Cadet Squadron
South Piedmont Senior Squadron
Iredell Composite Squadron
South Charlotte Cadet Squadron
Charlotte Senior Squadron
Group 5 Headquarters
Fayetteville Composite Squadron
Cape Fear Composite Squadron
Moore County Composite Squadron
Johnston County Cadet Squadron
Brunswick County Composite Squadron
Sandhills Senior Squadron


(U) On May 18-19, Iredell Composite Squadron hosted the Group 4 Aerospace
Education Day at the Statesville Regional Airport. There were a record number of participants
from the South Charlotte Cadet Squadron, the 111th Search and Rescue Cadet Squadron, the
Burlington Composite Squadron, the Hickory Composite Squadron, and Iredell Composite
Squadron. Rocket building and testing were offered on Friday night by Lt Col James Williams.
C/2ndLts Montana Shores and Felix Reyes assisted fellow cadets with rocket building.
Launch day began very early. Some cadets were so motivated to complete the rockets,
they began working at 0500. Approximately fifty (50) rockets were successfully launched, with
many cadets completing all requirements to earn their Model Rocketry Badge. Four (4) CAP
aircraft were present for orientation flights. Sixteen (16) Orientation Flights were conducted with
seven (7) being first-time flights. Cadets from the Iredell Composite Squadron served as flight
line marshals.
(U) Shelby Squadron holds two rocket days: Tuesday July 17 and Tuesday July 24.
Cadets and seniors from Shelby participated in rocket education, rocket building, and of course
the most fun of all, firing the rockets. Five (5) senior members devoted the majority of two (2)
days to help ten (10) cadets learn how the rockets function, how to build them, and the proper
and safe way to launch them.
The squadron would also like to thank Chaplain Melvin Lutz, Capt, for allowing the
cadets the use of his property to shoot the rockets. The cadets completed the Redstone Saturn and
Titan testing phases and built foam rockets: two (2) single-stage rockets and one (1) two-stage
(U) On April 20-21, 2012, Group 3’s Aerospace Day was a great success. Halifax
Composite Squadron along with the Pitt-Greenville Composite Squadron hosted the Group 3 AE
Day at the Halifax-Northhampton Regional Airport.
A special thanks to Lt Col Williams and Maj Twiddy, Wing A/E officers, for attending,
offering their expertise and assistance in making this a great success. Thanks also goes out to
Emeril Lagasse and Bobby Flay impersonators, Capt James Newton, SMSgt Stephen Madison,
Lts Ricky Jones, Brad Durrett, and Steve Taylor for manning the task of cooks for the event. Lt
Ralph Johnson was the 5 minute grits cook for breakfast…more like 1 hour grits.
Squadrons from Group 3 included NC-169, NC-079, NC-057, NC-805, NC-143; the
JOCO Squadron also joined in the event. Eleven (11) cadets received their first time “O” rides.
“O” ride pilots were Maj Fred Eldridge, Lt Ricky Jones and Lt Brad Durrett.
Cadets launched the rockets that were built on Friday evening and were afforded the
pleasure of seeing a demonstration of Remote Control aircraft supplied by local 95 Squadron RC
Group of Roanoke Rapids. Buddy boxes allowed the cadets to fly hands-on the RC aircraft.

(U) In October 2012, cadets learn and have fun at a Rocketry Weekend. At the
Asheville Squadron October Awards ceremony five (5) cadets received their Rocketry badges
and patches. Cadet Airman Caleb Freeman, Alexander Hopkins, Symantha Briggs, Jarrett Poto,
Ross Mundy, and Molly Boothe were recognized for their achievement.
The cadets earned their badges during a rocketry weekend at Fort Augur, the name given
to senior member Lt Col Richard Augur’s farm when it’s taken over by cadets for their rocketry
events. The farm, nestled in the Barnardsville area of the Western North Carolina mountains,
comes complete with its own K-9 ballistic recovery system. better known as Parker and Lucy,
who chase the rockets as they’re launched.
Cadets used the weekend to fulfill their requirements for the rocketry videos and classes
in the barn, building the rockets on site and launching, all in the fun-filled, but highly educational
(U) On September 14-15, 2012, Winston-Salem Composite Squadron hosted the Group 4
AE Day at beautiful Sugar Valley Airport, Mocksville, NC. One of the most challenging tasks
when planning a Rocketry Aerospace Education Weekend is finding a place that is safe and will
allow rockets to be fired. Winston-Salem Composite Squadron was invited to just such a place
by the Sugar Valley Airport in Mocksville, and offered to host the Group 4 AE Weekend.
C/1st Lt Obediah Fire organized the event under the direction of Maj Eric Orgain. Friday,
September 14, twenty (20) cadets from four (4) squadrons - South Charlotte, Boone, WinstonSalem, and Iredell, converged at the beautiful Sugar Valley Airport with one purpose in mind: to
fire rockets!
Lt Col James Williams, assisted by Lt Col Paul Twiddy, NC Wing Director of Aerospace
Education, began the task of leading the cadets through the CAP Rocketry program, while 2d Lt
Thomas Holman (Boone) shot video footage, and 2d Lt Paul Carnes (South Charlotte) looked on.
The cadets built rockets and in the process, learned some of the math, science, and history of
rocketry. All cadets passed their Redstone, Titan, and Saturn exams, proving they had indeed
been listening.
Saturday morning could not have been more perfect for firing rockets. The weather was
cool with very little wind, and air traffic around the airport was sparse. Lt Col Twiddy flagged
off three firing platforms and assigned a SM to supervise each. Lt Col Williams sat at the Firing
Director’s table set twenty (20) feet back, with Lt Col Dan Wishnietsky by his side. With Safety
Officer, Maj Robin Sides observing, the cadets lined up behind the table, each awaiting their turn
to fire their rocket. Lt Col Bill Hawke manned the communication trailer where he monitored
local air traffic, while Capt John Lovette sat ready to record the altitude of each flight.

Certificates of Completion were handed out at the end of the afternoon by Lt Col
Williams. C/SMSgt Nathan Bouffard had the honor of being the only cadet to complete all the
requirements for the Cadet Model Rocketry Badge. In October, Winston-Salem Squadron hopes
to assemble some more Stage Two Rockets so that more cadets can join him in this honor.
The cadets drove away from the airport with new knowledge, great memories, and an
open invitation to return from Thomas White, the manager of the Sugar Valley Airport. If
schedules permit, in October, there may be rockets once again piercing the air space around
Sugar Valley Airport.
(U) Asheville Composite Squadron announces their newest Private Pilot, C/Lt Col
Joseph Houston who received his Private Pilot License on 5 January 2012. Cadet Houston
started flying in 2010 as a student pilot at the NC 019 Flight Academy and soloed in the fall of
2010. After a six-month pause, Cadet Houston pursued his goal of becoming a pilot with his
Flight Instructor, Capt Gary Lux. Cadet Houston becomes the fifth cadet from NC 019 to obtain
a pilot license in the last three years. Congratulations to all of those who played a part in
assisting C/Lt Col Houston achieve his goal.
(U) New Spaatz Cadet in Apex. Apex Cadet Squadron is excited to announce our newest
Spaatz Cadet – C/Col Peter Barrow. C/Col Barrow has been a member of our unit since he was
old enough to join, serving this past summer as the Cadet Commander of the Middle East Region
Drill Team. We are extremely proud of C/Col Barrow and all of his accomplishments.
(U) New Private Pilot in Apex unit. It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce
that Cadet 2d Lt Dominick Deshaies has become NC Wing's most recent Private Pilot. He is
Apex Cadet Squadron’s first Cadet Private Pilot!
(U) It is with extreme pride that South Charlotte Cadet Squadron announces that
C/CMsgt Joshua Harold has been accepted for admission this fall to the United States Air Force
Academy. Cadet Harold has demonstrated through the years all the qualities that will provide
the basis for a future leader of this nation. We know you all join with us in offering
congratulations to this outstanding Cadet and soon-to-be Air Force Officer.
(U) On May 5, 2012, a warm, sunny afternoon, the dedication of the members of the
“Double Deuces” took place. Most teams would prefer to be out having fun with their friends by
splashing in the pool to keep cool or eating ice cream while playing video games at home with
air conditioner cranked up. However, the cadets of Burlington Composite Squadron 022 are a
very dedicated group of teens who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and do work hard.

Contrary to the usual grumbles and complaints that are heard when teams are asked to do
hard work, the cadets of Squadron 022 welcomed the opportunity to clean up the lawn, trim
trees, paint the interior of the CAP Headquarters and actually enjoy it! After Lt Col Lucy Davis
had requested having the cadets come in to clean up the grounds of the Civil Air Patrol
Headquarters and paint the interior the building, a sleepover was scheduled for the cadets to
work hard and also complete a Ranger Training Course that included map reading. Under the
watchful eyes of Lt Col Andy Wiggs, 1st Lt Jason Bailey, Lt Col Lucy Davis and Capt Kathy
Gaddy, the cadets remained hard at work performing tasks that most teams would try to get out
of. When C/MSgt Timothy McCann asked why he would forgo an enjoyable Saturday afternoon
of relaxation, he responded that he does it for the camaraderie with his friends.
Even though the tasks that the cadets were called upon to perform on May 5 were hard
and the temperatures were soaring, the cadets never flinched. C/SMSgt Wesley Bishop
answered that he comes to the Civil Air Patrol Headquarters to work in order to better the
squadron. "We all get to use it and it helps us all to be in a better environment."
Some of the cadets were working inside the building painting walls, while others were
outside cleaning and landscaping the grounds. Some later went behind the headquarters building
to find a way to get inside of the Civil Air Patrol trailer. The trailer had been sitting there for
quite a while with a flat tire and unopened because no one knew where the key to the trailer was.
Under the supervision 1st Lt. Bailey, the cadets were able to remove the back window of the
trailer and make sure that the trailer was free of insects, rodents and snakes. After changing the
flat tire, they then put an insect fogger into the trailer to drive out any insects or snakes that they
may have missed. While cleaning out the contents of the trailer, the cadets found two pairs of
(U) Gastonia Cadet gets full ROTC scholarship. C/A1C Billy G Mullis Jr. was awarded
an ROTC Full Scholarship to North Carolina State University. His outstanding academic work
in high school has earned him the Type I Four-Year Scholarship. The squadron takes pride in
Cadet Mullis’s accomplishment and wish him continued success as he prepares the serve our
nation as an Aerospace Engineer with aspirations to be a Fighter Pilot/Astronaut the future.
(U) Encampment Orientation Flights – 2012. As in the past 2 years, this past week the
North Carolina Wing conducted a major Air Operation to fly Cadet Orientation flights during
encampment week. This year we raised the bar once again: 2012 total Orientation Rides 67;
first Cadet Orientation Rides 33.16; orientation pilots from two (2) wings flew 93.1 total hours in
support of the orientation rides; and we had a full team of flight-line marshalls to support us.
On Tuesday, we had eight (8) CAP and one (1) personal aircraft on the ramp and
Wednesday we had seven (7) CAP aircraft in operation. Just to give you a sense of scale, a
weekend wing-wide SAREX may involve 25-35 Air Sorties. In the two (2) days, including ferry
sorties, we flew 98 sorties. The wing spent over $4000 for fuel.

This year we were back at the Oxford-Henderson airport, the scene of our 2010 debut.
We got outstanding support from Mike Kellogg, the airport manager. Our hats are off to the
staff at KHNZ further assistance.
(U) During the Memorial Day weekend (May 2012), the cadets from Raleigh-Wake
Composite Squadron conducted their Summer 2012 Airman School. The airman school was
hosted at 2nd Lt Duncan’s house who was kind enough to allow the squadron to use his property.
The cadets that had received staff jobs were eager to prove themselves.
The staff arrived around 0430 and started getting administrative check in set up for the
basics and logistics list for cadets who needed items for their camp. The basics start arriving at
0530 and the staff went through the routine of getting the basics checked in, inspected their bags
for contraband, and assigned them to A, B, or C flight.
The flight staff then marched the basics out to their campsites to set up the GP smalls that
they would be staying in. After the GP's were set up C/Lt Col Kyle Zobel gave his safety
briefing for the weekends’ activities. Kitchen staff started on dinner soon after, the basics were
fed and then marched down to the GP's. Staff started campfires and assigned fire watch to the
When reveille sounded the next morning the staff got to work getting the basics out of the
tents and into formations for PT. PT lasted about an hour, the cadets running the mile, doing
push-ups, and so forth. The cadets then marched back to the house for breakfast. Lt Duncan
gave his rifle safety class shortly after breakfast the first group, while the other cadets did drill
than the two (2) groups switched. Staff then gave classes on customs and courtesies, drill, and
uniforms. Lt Col Zobel gave a motivational speech to the basics about advancing in the program
and all the benefits of CAP to get them interested in all the program has to offer.
After the classes, the basics were told to meet back at the GP’s for motivational PT,
which to their surprise was a game of capture the flag using the flights’ guidons. Rules were
given and the game started; the game is a break from the wear and tear the airman school giving
the cadets a chance to relax and have a good time. After the game everyone was called up to the
house for briefing on an activity that would happen later in the night.
The briefing was about an activity that Lt Duncan had done a few times with other youth
groups where the cadets make an escape plan from an "armed stranger" almost like the
lockdowns at school. Cadets discussed what would be a good way to get out if an unknown
person, who was armed, came onto the property. Call signs were given, named after Cadet
Cmdr., to each place that the stranger may come from. For instance, if the stranger came from
the hill that Bravo flight was on, the call sign was “Capt Hunneycutt is on the mountain" and so

The flights started on their “Jodie's” which they would sing during Pass-and-Review the
next day. When it began to get dark the cadets marched down to their tents and got ready for the
armed stranger drill. To make sure everyone was clear on where to go, the staff went over the
plan of action with the flights. The flights gathered by their GP’s and waited for the call to move
to their designated safe zone. Thirty minutes later, Lt Duncan called everyone to the staff
campsite and discussed what went on. He hadn't actually gone through with putting a person out
there to be the stranger because it was better to have us come up with a plan just in case of this
type emergency.
On Sunday, the last day of the Airman school, the cadets were awakened up and marched
out to do PT and breakfast. Lt Duncan gave the last part of his rifle safety class before the basics
had to take down their tents and get packed up. “Jodie's” were practiced a few more times before
the parents arrived for Pass-in-Review.
Flights were formed up and the staff got ready for Pass-in-Review. C/Capt Hunneycutt
told the parents what had gone on during the Airman School and gave a brief summary of what
the cadets would be showing them. Pass-and-Review started with inspections of the flights,
followed by a drill down, and finally the “Jodie’s” by each of the flights. Honors were awarded
and then the squadron was dismissed.
(U) Nine (9) Cadets and one (1) Senior member, from Cape Fear Composite Squadron,
were taken by the North Carolina National Guard on a flight in a C-130, arranged by Brig. Gen.
D. Todd Kelly and Lt Col Jerry West. The aircraft arrived at Wilmington International Airport at
1230 with a crew of fifteen (15) officers and enlisted personnel. Prior to the outbound flight, the
National Guard crew gave two (2) briefings – one (1) on General Safety and then one (1) on
Medical Safety. The CAP members were loaded on the C-130 and the aircraft took off at 1250
for the flight, with a turnaround at Charleston, South Carolina. The aircraft arrived back at
Wilmington at 1350 and all CAP personnel deplaned safe and sound. Everyone totally enjoyed
the experience.
(U) C/2nd Lt Joshua Ammons, from the Iredell Composite Squadron (NC 162) was the
first to earn his "wings" at the National Flight Academy in Fort Pickett, Virginia his first solo
flight came after just eight hours of flight training, under the instruction to Col Bill Fountain.
Since his return home, Lt Ammons has flown several more solo flights, the most recent being a
takeoff from Concord Airport, landing at the Salisbury Airport, and ended with a safe return
back to Concord.
C/2nd Lt Ammons is a 12th grade home-schooled student, and a student at Mitchell
Community College. He joined the squadron in September 2010, where he currently holds the
position of cadet leadership officer. He was a squadron "NCO Cadet of the Year," in 2011.
Cadet Ammons would like to join the Army and become a helicopter pilot.

The Iredell Composite Squadron is also home to several more upcoming cadet pilots.
C/Maj John Robertson and C/A1C Reese Cocrane have both soloed multiple times and also in a
glider. C/1st Lt Montana Shores recently completed a pre-solo at National Glider Academy and
plans to solo in the near future.
(U) Shelby Squadron hosts an eight-week Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program. In
April of 2012 a number Shelby cadets approached the staff about the possibility of holding a
public speaking class. That simple request started a process that has allowed the cadets to
participate in an incredible program offered completely free by Toastmasters International to
young men and women ages 12-18. The program was presented by members of the Shelby
Charter of the Toastmasters, the Cleveland County Communicators, led by Club Vice President
Ken Mooney, and assisted by Michael Chrisawn, the Cleveland County Chamber President.
The program focuses on specialized speaking and leadership skills. The cadets learn to:
overcome nervousness when speaking before an audience; organize and present ideas logically
and convincingly; listen carefully to others ideas; offer advice to help others improve their
speaking and leadership skills; and participate – and even lead – group discussion and meetings.
"Over the weeks, you can see their confidence build" says Capt Kirk Johnson, whose son is
participating in the program. Each session lasted a little over an hour. Some of the activities that
took place include: evaluations of the cadets present speaking abilities, presentation of speeches,
group evaluations, discussion practice in listening, and discussion of voice and vocabulary to
name a few. The cadets will be showing off their newly learned skills during the squadron
summer banquet on Tuesday, July 31.
Because of an almost weekly influx of new cadets, the squadron is already planning to
hold another eight-week program with the help of Toastmasters. The senior members and cadets
would like to thank the Cleveland County Communicators of Toastmasters International for
volunteering their time and resources to plan and execute such an outstanding program.

(U) Asheville Squadron Flight Academy solos another cadet. Asheville Civil Air Patrol
Squadron C/2d Lt Logan Lueck took to the skies on Saturday (July 14) from Asheville Regional
Airport as he had done many times before in his flight training. However, this time there was
one major difference: he was by himself. Cadet Lueck, 16, is the second cadet to complete
Asheville's 2012 flight Academy and the 14th cadet to complete the Academy since beginning in
2008. A flight academy like this is usually conducted on a regional level in Civil Air Patrol, but
the Asheville Squadron took on the Cadet Flight Academy program to encourage cadets in the
Squadron to learn to fly.
Lt Col Ray Davis was Cadet Lueck’s primary instructor, and after signing him off for
solo, handed him the keys to the aircraft for three takeoffs and landings on his own. Three (3)
other Asheville cadets are currently working to obtain their solo wings this year.

(U) July 20, 2012: Olympic Games come to Raleigh. While the Olympic Games in
London are going to be the attraction of this coming summer, the Cadets of the Raleigh-Wake
Squadron had a preview of the great excitement of participating at the Olympic Games. On
Friday, 20 July 2012, cadets arrived at the Deputy Commander for Cadets, Major Zobel’s house
out in Rolesville, NC: a great place to hold such a competition, with unpaved roads for biking
and running and even access to a small lake for the water events.
After administrative duties were taken care of, the cadets were briefed about how their
next 24 hours would be occurring. Then cadets were assigned to teams with a team captain and
isolated from the other teams to sign up for Saturday’s events, decorate team banners and batons
(which were construction hardhats), and the unify team hats. Teams were given names such as:
Greek Gods, Seals, Powderpuffs, Trolls, and Blue Rangers.
The next morning began with breakfast, stretches, and the first event at 0800.
Motivation filled the air as the first heat of cadets waited at the starting line and the torch was
ignited in reference to the official Olympics. The events were as follows: 800m Run, 100m
Weighted Sprint, 4x100m Sprint Relay, Island Canoe, 2 mile Cycling Race, 4 x 200m Cycling
Relay, Quadathalon 800m Run/200m Swim/1 mile Bike/25 Pushups and 50 Sit-ups, Shot Put,
High Jump, 100m Swim, 200m Swim Relay, 3 Cadet Canoe Carry, Tire Toss, and Individual
All events were performed with excellent enthusiasm by the teams and event participants
and medals were awarded, in full Olympic spirit, the 1st placers, 2nd placers, and 3rd placers and
trophies were awarded to the winning team’s members. After a long day of vigorous exercise,
the tired cadets cooled down in the lake in which swimming and canoeing took place and finish
the day with 60 lbs. of chicken and desserts.
(U) Shelby Squadron holds DDR and Drug Awareness Class on Tuesday, December 18.
Members of the Cleveland County Sheriff's Department Narcotics Division spent the evening
covering a number of topics including pill diversion, the dangers of drugs, and the consequences
of addiction. The latter part of the class covered what to pay attention for and what items are
used in meth lab construction.
The class began with investigator Brad Pearson of the Narcotics Division explaining how
pill diversion is a growing issue in our society. Young people and adults are raiding their own
medicine cabinets for old unused medicines that were prescribed to someone else in the home.
He went on to explain the use of medicines not prescribed to you is as illegal as purchasing them
on the street and just as dangerous. Investigator Pearson reminded the class to talk with their
parents about the proper way to dispose of unused prescription drugs.


Lt Brian Gordon of the Narcotics Division began his portion of the class with the dangers
of methamphetamine. His message focuses on what happens to the human body after the use of
meth and other drugs. The members learned the new rules regarding Sudafed and its use in meth
manufacturing. The class learned what to look for if they happen to come across remains of a
meth lab, how to identify the key components needed in every lab, and what to do if you see
those items. Lt Gordon went on to explain that meth labs can be just as dangerous, if not more
dangerous, once they have been dismantled. The reason for this is, while in use most labs,
however crude, are hidden and mostly out of sight from the general public, but once they are
finished cooking the meth, they throw these items out wherever they want, and it is at this point
anyone could come in contact with them. This portion culminated with the hands-on
demonstration of what a "shake and bake meth lab" may look like.
Shelby Squadrons DDR Officer Lt Kim McDonald reminds us that, “The recovery rate
for drug addiction is at best 18%. Once you start, the odds are against you that you will ever
stop. Using drugs even once changes your life for the worse! You may never achieve the goals
and desires you once had."
The Squadron would like to thank the members of the Cleveland County Sheriff's
Department Narcotics Division that took the time to prepare and teach this class: Lt Brian
Gordon, Investigator Brad Pearson, and Investigator Tom Watterson.
(U) Winston-Salem Squadron has a new pilot. One would probably say to this
statement, so what, there are always new pilots joining as senior members. This one is different
as he is not a senior member but a cadet. C/SSgt Tyler Wimbish, just barely 16 years old, soloed
to get his private pilot license in April 2012. His “O” flights as he progressed in the cadet ranks
fueled his desire to take flying lessons to become a pilot. He started off at the Piedmont Flight
School but soon transferred to the Mt. Airy county airport to help reduce the cost. He is a
student at Woodland Baptist Christian School and wants to become a commercial pilot.
(U) In April 2012, four (4) squadrons tour Washington DC and the Naval Academy,
Annapolis, MD. Cadets and senior members from the Iredell Composite Squadron, WinstonSalem Composite Squadron, South Charlotte Cadet Squadron, and the 111th Search & Rescue
Cadet Squadron recently toured Washington DC and The United States Naval Academy. The
tour was hosted by the Iredell Composite squadron and directed by Lt Kristin Osborne, Public
Affairs Officer. A total of fifty (50) members took advantage of the highly educational trip. The
group traveled by chartered bus with the first overnight stop at the Navy Lodge in Annapolis,
The following day, the group toured the campus of the Naval Academy and watched the
noon formation. A group of cadets that expressed interest in applying to the Naval Academy
attended a very informative admissions briefing. The group then boarded the bus for the

National Air and Space Museum,, and Udvar Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia. A few
of the highlights of the museum included the SR-71 Blackbird, the fastest jet in the world, the
Space Shuttle Enterprise, Gemini VII space capsule, B-29 Enola Gay, and the Redstone Rocket.
The next day began with various tours in Washington DC, including the Smithsonian Air and
Space Museum, National Archives, the Capitol Building and a photo stop at the White House.
After dark, the group visited the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial,
Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial.
“The monuments and memorials were spectacular to view at night,” said Lt Kimberly
Ammons. The last day of our trip included a stop at Arlington National Cemetery. The cadets
ceremoniously paid their respects to former North Carolina CAP Cadet Daniel Lucas Elliott, who
was killed in action last year in Iraq. The cadets gave a slow salute and placed a Cadet NCO cap
device on his tombstone. The trip concluded at the National Marine Corps Museum in Quantico,
(U) In April 2012, a NC CAP pilot completed 200th Cadet Orientation Flight. Recently
Civil Air Patrol pilot, Lt Col Wally Courtney, took Cadet Elijah Holden on his fifth cadet
orientation flight. That orientation flight was number two hundred (200) for Courtney. Each
CAP cadet gets to take five (5) of these “O-flights” as part of their program and they are allowed
to get familiar with the plane, controls and instruments. Both Courtney and Holden are members
of the Asheville Composite Squadron.
Courtney, a Canton resident, added this milestone to a growing list of accomplishments.
In 2008, he was recognized as the Orientation Pilot of the Year among all units in the North
Carolina Wing, and the runner-up for that award in 2009. His commitment to flying “O-flights”
comes from his pleasure in seeing young cadets become excited about aviation and, in particular,
flying. Lt Col Courtney is a retired Navy Captain and Naval Aviator, and hopes that some of the
cadets he flies will seek careers as military pilots.
While on active duty in the Navy, his primary aircraft were the P2V-5F Neptune and the
P3C Orion. He flew many hours over the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea tracking Soviet
submarines. Courtney joined CAP in December 2005.
(U) A van load of cadet and senior members from the Pitt-Greenville Composite
Squadron of the Civil Air patrol performed a pilgrimage to the birthplace of manned powered
flight at Kill Devil Hills, NC, in August 2012. They visited the monument, toured the facilities,
and retraced the path of those first steps into the air at the Wright Brothers National Memorial.


On the way, they visited the site of one of Civil Air Patrol’s World War II Coastal Patrol
Bases. Coastal Patrol Base 16, at the present Dare County Airport in Manteo, was the temporary
home of CAP volunteers from across the state who volunteered to take their civilian aircraft,
some loaded with improvised ordnance, to patrol the coastal waters off the state looking for
enemy U-boats as well as vessels in distress. They visited a museum in the airport’s terminal
building set aside to pay tribute to those efforts.
(U) On September 15, 2012, Shelby Squadron cadets learn about flying Remote Control
(RC) Aircraft. The cadets had an amazing time learning about these large remote control
aircraft, and then getting the opportunity to fly them. The club members were gracious enough
to offer trainer controls so the cadets would have an opportunity to control the planes. “It’s a
little different than the real thing,” said Captain Kirk Johnson. “I caught myself having a
conversation with other cadets about the differences between controlling an RC plane and flying
a real one,” said C/TSgt Kelli Bradley. “Then I thought how lucky we are to have CAP and the
aerospace program, because where else can you find a group of young teenagers who have both
of those experiences to be able to compare,” she added.

(SBU) March 10 2012 - ELT mission in Raleigh. The North Carolina Wing was alerted
that an ELT was active in the Raleigh area. With Maj Chris Bailey as the Incident Commander 3
and Lt Col. David Crawford as Supervising Incident Commander 1, Major Mason as Mission
Pilot, and 1st Lt Kenneth Currie as Mission Observer departed Fayetteville on CAP 3202 and
located the signal in a residential area in North East Raleigh. Due to the residential location and
improbability of this being an actual distress situation, the search was suspended for the night.
In the morning, the IC duties were handed off to Maj. John May. A UDF team, from
Greenville, was dispatched to the area that was identified by the aircraft. After several hours of
searching a high density residential area, the beacon was located at the residence of a boater with
an EPIRB from his boat. The owner had been working on the boat the day before and didn't
realize the switch had been activated.
(SBU) On June 27, 2012, the US Coast Guard requested help from NC Wing CAP in
locating an EPIRB in Dare County. Response was quick. Capt Rick Laviano, Mission Pilot of
NC 048, and Major Chris Bailey, Mission Observer of NC 022, were assigned to crew N963CP
out of Raleigh. They got airborne quickly and headed for Manteo. Phone contact was made
with the Coast Guard and frequencies determined to enable direct communication with them
from the aircraft. Continuous communication was established between the Incident Commander
in the aircraft using repeaters and viper radios. The Coast Guard was working the search on the
ground and with a helicopter as we flew to the scene.

The EPIRB was found by the US Coast Guard in a small boat on a trailer in Manteo. It
was a very old unit with expired battery date and was full of water probably from recent rains. It
was silenced, just as 963 was arriving in the area. Our aircraft had picked up the signal 30
minutes out. Our response was appreciated by the US Coast Guard even though they found it
Our DF equipment and skills are respected by them as is the professionalism of our
crews. Thanks also to Capt Dave Nelson of NC 079 Pitt-Greenville, who was working on
possible UDF support on the ground and Cadet Ethan Jacquin of that squadron who volunteered
by himself, but wasn't needed this time.
(SBU) Pilots sharpen mountain flying skills. Flying in mountainous terrain in small
planes can be dangerous, even more so when you're searching for lost aircraft or missing hikers.
Pilots who conduct search and rescue missions practiced and sharpened their skills this weekend
at an event put on by the Asheville Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol at the Asheville
Regional Airport.
The event, known as “Mountain Fury”, was open to Civil Air Patrol pilots from across
the state and included classroom instruction by experienced Civil Air Patrol mountain pilots as
well as hands on experience in the cockpit. Civil Air Patrol, an all volunteer group and
chartered by Congress, has as one of its missions, emergency services in which they conduct
search and rescue missions both in the air and on the ground, damage assessments and
reconnaissance in times of natural disasters such as hurricanes and homeland security.
This is the sixth such training exercise conducted by the Asheville Squadron, which in
previous courses have included pilots from Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and
Pennsylvania. "We've got to have trained pilots capable of doing search and rescue in these
mountains in a safe and productive manner and this clinic guarantees that will happen," said Col.
Larry Ragland, Middle East Region Commander and former North Carolina Wing Commander,
who was attending the course for the fourth time.
Asked what made Asheville a great place do this kind of training, Ragland said location
and proximity to the mountains. Also "this is where we have many of our pilots who are very
experienced mountain flying and who know how to do what they're doing in terms of doing it in
a safe manner and so this is where we come for the expertise."
Asked why this clinic was important, Event Incident Commander Maj. Joe Weinflash
said "Readiness, being prepared, being ready. Should a mission, whether it is homeland security,
disaster relief or search and rescue take place in the mountains, it is important, to be qualified
and competent beyond the standard FAA qualification."

Asked what pilots walked away with after attending the event, Weinglass said,
"Confidence! This type of flying is not for everyone, but when called on you want pilots that can
say, ‘I can do this.’"
(SBU) On November 17, 2012, cadets participate in basic mountaineering training.
Cadets and Senior members from every group in North Carolina Wing merged on Fort Bragg's
Range 85 to take part in the Group 5 Introduction to Basic Mountaineering training class. With
the giant rappelling tower, jetting over 50 feet in the air and obstacles in the background, one
could see the excitement on the cadets faces as they gathered onto the range. Along with Officer
in Charge 1st Lt Justin Bauer, CAP and the U.S. Army Liaison, Major Joshua Bauer, were a
highly trained group Army Special Forces, Airborne Rangers, and Sappers from the post to help
assist with the training.
As the cadets received their safety briefing, they learned they would not only be
rappelling but would be learning all the knots needed in tying their own Swiss seat harnesses,
working with medics from the post to learn advanced litter carry techniques, and putting the
skills to use.
The cadets and seniors would progress through three stations as they moved on. While
Group 1 tied knots and learned the steps in tying their harnesses, Group 2 was using a Skedco
SKED Rescue system to pull their fellow members around the range in order gain understanding,
skill and stamina required by the medics to evacuate casualties from the field. All the while,
members of Group 3 were working with litters to carry the simulated injured cadets under, over,
and through a number obstacles on the course.
As the cadets completed their Swiss seat harnesses, they each moved to the small tower
to get a lesson on how to lower your body down the line. They were taught the terminology used
and the functions of the rappel Master on the top of the tower and the belaying man at the
bottom. Each members’ Swiss seat was checked by the ranger personnel and each member
rappelled down the short diagonal tower. Once cadets and seniors made it down the short tower,
each had the opportunity to rappel down the tall tower on the boarded side. Once everyone had
completed this rotation and all cadets and seniors had made it through all stations, the tower was
opened on both sides for those who wanted another turn. There were a number of takers. At the
end of the day, forty-three (43) cadets were trained from a number of squadrons including:
Burlington, Fayetteville, Iredell, Johnston County, Orange County, Shelby, Tar River, and
(SBU) On April 6, 2012, the AFRCC notified NC Wing of a 406 ELT in the Greensboro
area. Alerts were sent to North and South Piedmont and the Winston alert system. Lt Col Andy
Wiggs called right away from Burlington with the ability to man a ground team. However
before they could man up to leave, Capt Dave Morse of Winston Squadron was at his hanger at

Winston-Salem and pulled out his personal handheld radio and got a 121.5 signal there in
Winston. A Winston aircrew had assembled and converted to UDF and they pursued the signal.
It turned out to be in a Nigerian airline Boeing 737-800 that was in the Northstate Aviation
hanger for maintenance. The Nigerian crew had apparently left the plane with the ELT in the on
position. The maintenance crew silenced the ELT with a remote switch in the cockpit.
(SBU) April 23-24, 2012. 7.2 Hours of Airtime and 15 Members Finds Elusive ELT.
NC Wing was alerted for an ELT at 0704 on April 23. Multiple airborne reports “near
Charlotte” had been reported to the Atlanta Center. Lt Dennis Bissell took the mission as
IC3/Trainee, supervised by Lt Col Crawford. After consulting with the AFRCC and getting
additional information, the search area was refined to an area north of Rutherfordton. An aircraft
was launched from Asheville led by Lt Col Wally Courtney along with Capt Rheta Perkins and
Lt Col Bill Fleming who worked the search through most of the day in the area east of Asheville
and south and west of Hickory. They were able to pick up the signal at 5000’ and above, but
were not able to get a solid lock on a direction. A ground team, led by Capt Michael Gallandt
was also dispatched to assist. Due to winds and turbulence, a decision was made to stand down
on the 23rd and regroup with the AFRCC.
The AFRCC requested additional airborne reports from the Atlanta Center and received
several that indicated that the signal was coming from an area significantly farther east than
originally reported. Lt Col Courtney, along with Capt Ralph Weber and Maj Jim Styles,
launched from Asheville on the morning of the 24th and proceeded east toward an area east and
south of Hickory. Communications relay was provided by Maj Chris Linker. The aircraft was
able to subsequently DF the signal to Statesville, locating it in a Cessna Citation. The mission
was closed out on April 24. A total of 7.2 hours were flown, with 15 members participating in
the safe execution of this mission.
(SBU) October 28, 2012. Civil Air Patrol, North Carolina Wing offered its third annual
Ranger Training Weekend at Modoc Mountain State Park. Over 140 cadets and senior members
from North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania came to the
park for ranger training.
Ranger training is a continued education to the CAP Ground Team Qualifications. So for
its students, they would be learning much more than expected. Members learned rope work, firebuilding, man tracking, health, safety, and other valuable skills including advanced land
navigation and map work.
The weather all weekend was very unpredictable since Hurricane Sandy was passing
North Carolina, there would be times where there would be a 100% chance of rain, but would
not be raining. This provided a very realistic training atmosphere. The only time it rained was
Friday night, so it was a relief to the students of the activity.

In addition to learning Search and Rescue Techniques, for the cadet staff it was an
activity where they could increase their leadership skills and experience. C/CMSgt Aiden
Maxfield, a team Commander for the Bravo Squadron said, “In addition to the Search and
Rescue training offered, I have really learned a lot about leading cadets.” This training activity
was also C/Capt Horner’s first time in the field since his tragic accidentm so it was great to see
him again. He was Alpha Squadron Commander, which was the advanced course offered at
Ranger Training Weekend.
During the weekend, many ranger certifications were made. In addition to ranger Grades,
many staff members were awarded their Staff Scarves. Col Douglass, MER Chief of Staff, Maj
Lyerly, Maj Bohler, Capt North, and Capt Rinehart were all awarded their Orange Scarfs,
making these CAP members permanent Ranger Staff at Hawk Mountain Ranger School. In
addition to that, several cadets completed the requirements for their Yellow Scarves, making
them Staff members in Training at Hawk Mountain.
(U) American Red Cross provides disaster assessment training for CAP members.
Sixteen (16) members of the Civil Air Patrol and one (1) Red Cross member gathered together at
the general aviation terminal of the Raleigh-Durham Airport to learn how to assess damage from
a disaster both quickly and accurately. Red Cross Regional Director, Joselido Garcia-Ruiz,
Rocky Mount Disaster Coordinator, Carlos Soto, Disaster Assessment Lead for the Raleigh
Area, Dan Waterman and volunteer Derek Battle presented a lot of material in a short amount of
They were able to demonstrate how Civil Air Patrol's Ground Teams and Air Crews
could easily be integrated into the rapid primary disaster assessment and the detailed disaster
assessments. CAP's Air Crews would have the distinctive role of providing aerial assessment for
regions which would not be reachable by road or foot.
Participants practiced some of these skills through tabletop exercises in which they had to
think outside the box to solve problems such as transportation, information gathering and needed
resources, all while dealing with unexpected situations that emerged, such as the emergency
operations center being on lockdown, communications been disrupted, and roads/bridges being
out. Lt Col Beckett, the North Carolina Wing Disaster Relief Officer, mentioned the possibility
of joint training exercises to hone the newly acquired skills.
(SBU) North Carolina Wing completes aerial photo missions. Over 33,000 images were
taken as part of Hurricane Sandy’s disaster relief mission. A total of thirteen (13) North Carolina
Wing members joined several CAP members from other wings to execute the missions to
support FEMA. Civil Air patrol members provided aerial damage assessment imagery of the
affected areas in New Jersey and New York.

CAP provided three (3), three-person crews and collectively Middle East Regions’ Wings
uploaded approximately 33,000 images. More than 90 mission sorties were flown for total of
more than 200 mission hours. All NC Wing crews returned safely after successfully supporting
FEMA in this critical function of gathering images.
North Carolina Wing Commander, Col. David E. Crawford, noted that Sandy taught us
the value of consistent, persistent training in our chartered missions. "This horrific storm was
beyond comprehension until the thousand disaster relief photographs began to fill the FEMA
websites – giving new meaning to the term; "Disaster Relief. CAP proved, beyond our wildest
dreams that, when disaster strikes, hundreds of volunteers came forward, sacrificing time, energy
and know-how to serve our country. My deepest thanks go to the North Carolina Wing
Members who played such a significant role in the Sandy Mission with aircrews and support
The Middle East region commander, Col. Larry J. Ragland added, "The hard work of so
many has succeeded in getting FEMA valuable photographic information and supporting NER in
mission management.”
(U) December 14, 2011. Eastern Carolina Infraguard members learn about Civil Air
Patrol. More than thirty (30) members of the Eastern Carolina Chapter Infraguard assembled for
the monthly member meeting to learn about Civil Air Patrol. The meeting was held at the Cisco
Campus in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
Lt Col Conrad D’ Cruz, who is a North Carolina Wing CAP member and has served as
Secretary of the ECI since 2007, kicked off the presentation with a detailed history of the Civil
Air Patrol beginning with the loose organization aviation buffs in the late 1930s and the
movement that led to the signing of Administrative Order 9 by Army Air Corps Director La
Guardia on 1 December 1941. The presentation then described the evolution of the organization
during World War II until the organization was formally incorporated when President Truman
signed Public Law 447 and later in 1948, established it as the auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force
when Congress passed Public Law 557. Lt Col D’ Cruz described the three original missions of
CAP – namely Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs, Search and Rescue – how they have
continued to today with expanded programs and initiatives.
Lt Col Don Beckett gave an overview of Emergency Services and provided details of the
Federal statutes that supported the work that is done by the volunteers of Civil Air Patrol. He
described the activities for Search and Rescue with respect to finding missing aircraft and
missing persons and how the Incident Command Systems allow CAP to work closely with other


agencies. Lt Col Beckett also provided a very high-level overview of Homeland Security
support in the areas of Critical Infrastructures, Restricted/Sensitive Areas, and Borders. He
described the National Emergency Services Academy at which CAP members get trained and
earn the ratings.
Lt Col Beckett than focused on Disaster Relief and provided a summary of services North
Carolina Wing CAP members have provided to the community during hurricanes and tornadoes
that have hit the state over the past few years. He provided details of the Points of Distribution
Training programs in the activities that are involved in setting up and supporting distribution
centers during disasters.
Infraguard is the public/private partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and
provides a forum for both physical and cyber security professionals to meet and share ideas.
There are Infraguard chapters located across the USA. North Carolina has two chapters: a
chapter based in Charlotte serving the needs of the southern and western parts of the state and the
Eastern Carolina Infraguard Chapter, based in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina,
services central and eastern parts North Carolina.
(U) Iredell Composite Squadron gives back to the community. The Iredell Composite
Squadron has started the year off by giving back through community service. The Squadron has
completed two community service projects so far this year and has plans for several more. The
most recent project was helping a local disabled veteran get his overwhelming yard back on
track. Cadets and senior officers raked, picked up limbs and debris for 6 hours until the task was
completed. When we first arrived at the location, we had our doubts that we could get the job
done; the leaves were knee-deep in some locations. Because of the veterans disabilities, the
expansive yard had not been maintained in quite some time. We were determined not to leave
until the yard was in tip-top shape. While on location, the cadets enjoyed hearing military stories
from a two-time Purple Heart recipient who spent 33 years in the Army and Special Forces.
With the help of Iredell Composite Squadron Booster Club, the squadron was able to
present a check for $500 to a local veterans group called Welcome Home Veteran. The Booster
club held a BBQ chicken fundraiser to assist the squadron with travel expenses for their
upcoming field trip to Washington DC and the Naval Academy. Richard’s Coffee Shop in
Mooresville, which is a nonprofit living military museum, hosted the fundraiser. As part of our
community service, the booster club donated a portion of our proceeds to the organization.
Cadets and senior officers help make our first fundraiser of the year a success by boxing and
delivering over 500 BBQ chicken plates.
(U) On May 1, 2012, the US Coast Guard puts Civil Air Patrol on their historical map.
Reportedly for the first time in history members of the Civil Air Patrol received the "Coast
Guard Meritorious Team Commendation", without operational device. Members from Civil Air

Patrol's Elizabeth City NC Composite Squadron, Cape Cod Massachusetts Composite Squadron,
and Massachusetts Wing were cited as stated in the citation that accompanied the award, "For
exceptionally meritorious service from 20 December 2011 to 17 January 2012".
The ceremony was held at the US Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center Heavy
Maintenance Facility in Elizabeth City, NC. The team comprised of members of US Coast
Guard Massachusetts Wing and Massachusetts Wing’s Cape Cod Composite Squadron; Rhode
Island Air National Guard; and the Cape Cod Airport were awarded the Coast Guard Meritorious
Team Commendation.
On 20 December 2011, the ALC Medium Range Surveillance Division received
notification that support for the procurement of a large critical piece of De-Icing
Equipment/Vehicle would be needed for the upcoming winter operational test and evaluation of
the Coast Guard's new HC-144 Aircraft. The test period was scheduled to begin late January,
which gave the Coast Guard less than 28 days to complete the procurement. The team quickly
formed a multi-agency network, identified operational requirements, conducted the research,
identified the sources of supply, found the equipment, selected the source, completed the
contracting process, then delivered the equipment within 28 days, a process that normally takes
at least 60 days to complete.
Without the combined exceptional efforts from all the participants and volunteers from
all team members; US Coast Guard, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol, and the Rhode
Island Air National Guard, the Coast Guard could not have completed the critically important
test and evaluation period of the HC-144 aircraft.
Members from Civil Air Patrol Cape Cod Composite Squadron and Rhode Island Air
National Guard were scheduled to participate in a ceremony in Elizabeth City, but the U.S. Army
flight from Cape Cod was forced to cancel due to bad weather. Maj Gen Dwight Wheless, on
behalf of the CAP National Commander, Maj. Gen. Chuck Carr, and Maj Linwood Dabney,
NCWG Group 3 Commander, on behalf of the NC Wing Commander, acccepted the award on
behalf of those who could not attend. On behalf of the Commandant of the Coast Guard, Capt.
Warner Wintz, Commanding Officer of the US Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center,
presented the awards to Capt Terry Blucher, Gen Wheless, and Major Dabney.
(U) Start your engines, Shelby cadets the present colors! Every Friday night this
summer you will find Cadets from the Shelby Composite Squadron Color Guard presenting the
colors for our National Anthem just before the flag drops at the Historic Cleveland County
Fairgrounds ‘Good Old Days’ racing series. "We are so proud of these cadets, to see their
commitment to mastering this time-honored tradition brings a smile to my face" says Squadron
Commander Maj. Tom Bly.

These races are just one of many events our Color Guard will be participating in this
summer. With so many requests, our desire to fill them all is met with a growing number of
cadets interested in the program, and we are constantly training more.
We would like to thank our current roster of cadets for doing such a wonderful job and
making it look so easy; Cadet Maj. Westmoreland, Cadet Staff Sergeant Easter, Cadet Senior
Airman Bradley, Cadet Senior Airman Willis, Cadet Airman Thompson, Cadet Airman Webb,
and Cadet Airman Rodarte.
(U) May 9, 2012. Cadet recognized for Community Service as a New Century Scholar.
Each year only sixty-eight (68) students are inducted into the New Century Scholars Program
and the Rutherford and Polk County School Districts by Isothermal Community College. This
honor is given to students who demonstrate potential for academic success and leadership. In
order to maintain good standing in the scholarship program students must maintain good school
attendance, grades, citizenship, remain drug and alcohol free, and perform ten (10) volunteer
community service hours each year.
C/SAmn Kelly Bradley was first inducted into the program in 2010 and has continued to
meet and excel beyond the standards set forth. She was recognized by her peers and the faculty
of Isothermal Community College along with the middle school program coordinators for going
well beyond the required ten (10) hours in successfully completing one hundred fifty-four (154)
community service hours in the 2011-2012 school year.
We would like to congratulate Cadet Bradley for a job well done, her hard work and
determination reflects greatly upon herself and the Civil Air Patrol.
(U) Operation flying flowers. Eighteen (18) squadrons participated, in which a total of
one hundred fifty (150) orders were obtained, for Operation Flying Flowers. Congratulations are
in order to the Tar River Composite Squadron who sold the most flowers! The money that the
squadrons earned for themselves ranges from $4.25 to $183.88. In the fundraiser, 50% of the
flower money received goes to the flower company and the other 50% goes to those doing the
fundraising. Of the latter 50%, 1/4 is returned to the squadron for their participation, and 3/4
goes to the Wing.
(U) May 5, 2012. Shelby Senior Members assist with 5K and 10K event while two (2)
cadets run the race! It was a very busy day for a number of our members with two (2) cadets
running the 5K and our senior members helping out with the race events. It was worth it for all
of us to help support our community and this wonderful cause. The Dash, Dine & Drive In: Hot
Rad Dash 5K and 10K were held in Boiling Springs, North Carolina to help support two (2)
causes this year. Proceeds from the event were split between Relay for Life, in memory of
Marsha Long Greer who passed away earlier this year from melanoma and Kristi Wagner, who is
currently battling breast cancer.

Senior members Lt Melvin Lutz and Senior Member Keith Keever helped staff the race,
Senior Member Tony Bradley helped organize members and provided photography for the finish
lines, while Senior Member Kim McDonald staffed our recruitment table. At the same time,
C/SSgt Easter and C/SAmn Bradley were making their way through the 5K course to the finish
line where their fellow cadets waited to cheer them on. C/Sgt Easter finished 1st in his age
group and Cadet Bradley 3rd in hers, with C/Sgt Easter finishing 7th overall in the race.
(U) May 19, 2012. CAP squadrons involved in CIS Big Toy Day event in Brunswick
County. For the third year in a row, the Brunswick County Composite Squadron and the Cape
Fear Composite Squadron teamed up to support Big Toy Day at the Cape Fear Regional Jet Port
at Oak Island on Saturday. A wide variety of equipment was displayed, ranging from fire trucks
to helicopters and airplanes to cranes, ambulances and antique automobiles. Proceeds from the
event benefit programs and services provided by Communities in Schools of Brunswick County.
A total of 1700 people attended, raising $7,500.
Cadets and senior members of the two squadrons participated in the activities by signing
up youngsters for the Young Eagle Flights, conducted by members of the local experimental
aircraft Association Chapter 939, and as aircraft marshaling/safety personnel in handling aircraft
and passengers on the very busy tarmac. Additionally, squadron members manned a recruiting
exhibit located adjacent to the CAP "glass cockpit" Cessna 182 aircraft in which a large number
of youngsters and adults were shown the controls, instruments, and avionics panel of the plane.
Many questions from the public regarding the operation of the airplane and the missions for
which it was used were answered during the course of the day at the static aircraft display.
Youngsters and their parents waited to be transported across the airport to take their Young
Eagle Flights, during which a total of sixty-two (62) children were flown in single-engine planes
piloted by EAA members.
A total of twenty-two (22) CAP cadets and senior members participated in Big Toy Day.
They contributed to the success of the event and increased the public's awareness of the local
Civil Air Patrol squadrons, their missions and the opportunities available in the units for
youngsters and adults. Attendees also gained a better knowledge of Cape Fear Regional Jet Port
and the role it plays in the overall economy of the area. Recent and ongoing improvements at the
airport are resulting in increased aircraft operations and related activities, ranking the airport as
number ten (10) in the state. Having a CAP Squadron based at and operating from the airport
has helped Brunswick County residents understand and appreciate the services performed by the
unit’s volunteer cadets and senior members.
(U) April 15, 2012. The Charlotte Senior Squadron goes to the drag races. Several
members of the Charlotte Senior Squadron attended the drag races at the zMac Dragway in
Concord, North Carolina. Their seats were neither in the stands nor in the pits, but rather circling
above the raceway and surrounding area in a CAP Cessna 172. Now, how did those prime seats
become available to the aircrew members of Charlotte Senior Squadron?

As part of the ongoing outreach efforts with Cabarrus County and the City of Concord,
the squadron offered to be the eyes in the sky for law enforcement and emergency management
personnel located in the command center at the raceway. 2nd Lt Mark Goodman, a member of
the squadron, is also a Battalion Chief with the City of Concord Fire Department and was
instrumental in making the contacts and presentations needed for the operation. As both a first
responder and CAP member, Lt Goodman could easily see the value CAP would bring to the
The main objective of the mission was to fly two sorties, one in the morning and one in
the afternoon, to observe the traffic flow in the surrounding area and to provide real-time updates
in the form of radio communications and photographs as needed. In the event of a traffic
incident, the crews would be able to assist emergency vehicles to the scene using the best route
possible, affording response personnel a minimum of response time. Capt James Emerson was
located in the communication center at the track to provide the valuable link between the
aircrews and emergency personnel.
The secondary objective of the mission was to provide a collection of aerial photographs
of the area for the city to view the extensive construction on Interstate 85. This road is a main
artery leading into and out of the area and with it down to two lanes in both directions, one
fender-bender could be a major upset to the delicate balance of traffic flow. Review and study of
these photographs by the City of Concord could prove to be quite valuable for traffic and
emergency response teams during the busy NASCAR season that lies ahead.
This was a test on small scale to measure the value of having aircraft patrolling the area
during the critical traffic times of the event. There were a lot of details to work out with
emergency personnel, the tower at Concord Airport and the pilots of other aircraft with whom we
would share the airspace. Both flights went very smoothly and there were lessons learned for
both the squadron and city, with the hopes of expanding operations to the larger NASCAR and
other events held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.
(U) June 22, 2012. Shelby Squadron Cadets participate with the US Military All-Stars
for presentation of the Ground Zero Flag. Cadets from the Shelby Squadron Color Guard were
proud to be part of such an incredible ceremony. Cadet Major Westmoreland, Cadet Airman
Webb, and Cadet Airman Edlund presented the US Colors for a team of American Heroes many
of whom are scheduled to redeploy over the next few months. The Ceremony lasted a little over
20 min. and culminated with the singing of our National Anthem and presentation of colors.
The US Military All-Stars were founded in 1990; during a visit to the Naval Aviation
Museum, President H. W. Bush discussed the positive impact baseball had on morale during
World War II. His comments initiated the development of military baseball in the modern era.

Over two decades later, we are the only program in history, where camouflage uniforms
with historical references to represent all branches of military and first responders, is on one
team. Since 1990, more than 25,000 Armed Forces personnel have represented their service
while paying their own expenses, with a philosophy of Hustle, Think, Win! They are the
"Globetrotters" of baseball. As the largest, fastest-growing and most successful barnstorming
team ever created, delivering competitive, exciting "must see" patriotic entertainment enjoyed by
millions visiting over forty-five (45) states and eight (8) countries, while competing against some
of the finest organizations in the world, including the Boston Red Sox.
As part of the Red, White, and Blue Tour, the team conducts "Passing the Flag" and
"Walk of Honor" ceremonies, both of which our Cadets were able to be a part of. The Ground
Zero Flag was passed before the Color Guard while the words to “I am Old Glory were read.
The flag was then presented to Michael Osborne of Asheville, North Carolina. After the walk of
honor, where the flag is carried from the mound to home plate while our National Anthem was
sung by Sarah Johnson, an incredible young lady whose father is an Air Force Officer currently
serving his 7th combat tour.
(U) July 4, 2012. Shelby Squadron Cadets lead the Lattimore Independence Day Parade!
Hundreds of on-lookers lined the 1.3 mile parade route in the early morning hours. Many of
them, driving in from other counties just to participate in the festivities, some arriving two (2)
hours before just to get the best spot. The cadets were told they would be the 2nd Color Guard
that morning, but when the primary guard could not make it, the Shelby Cadets proudly took
their place. Marching in step the entire 1.3 miles were the Color Guard, C/Major Westmoreland,
C/SSGT Willis, C/AMN Edlund and C/AMB Edlund. Walking behind were Major Bly, C/SSGT
Bradley, C/AMB Weaver, and in his Fire Department Uniform, C/AMB Binion. "I was
approached by a photographer that works the event every year," said Squadron Commander Maj
Tom Bly. "He was impressed with the Color Guard’s professionalism and performance." This
marks the first time in many years the squadron has marched in a parade and it will be far from
the last. When asked if they want to march in another, C/Major Westmoreland said, "We are
certainly looking forward to the parades coming up later this year; we will be ready." The
Squadron hopes to expand the color guard equipment prior to the holidays, so multiple teams can
march in parades simultaneously.
(U) July 4, 2012. Cadets help at Independence Day celebration. The city a Rolesville
NC hosted a community day followed by a fireworks show. Cadets from Raleigh-Wake
Composite Squadron assisted the event by providing crowd managers. The duty of a crowd
manager is to direct people towards exits in the event of an emergency. Crowd managers are
required by the fire department for events with more than 1,000 people attending. In addition
being crowd managers, cadets also ran various attractions including a rock climbing wall. At the
end of the event, cadets assisted in cleanup duties. Overall it was a successful day.

(U) July 4, 2012, Iredell unit presents colors at Carowinds. The Iredell Composite
Squadron Honor Guard presented the colors for the opening ceremony at Carowinds Amusement
Park for military day. Carowinds recognized past and present military personnel with free
admission, along with a hotdog and hamburger picnic. The Honor Guard was led by C/Maj John
Robertson, a three year graduate of the National Honor Guard Academy. Other Honor Guard
participants were C/1st Lt Montana Shores, C/1st Lt Felix Reyes, C/2d Lt Joshua McCoy, and
C/MSgt Zachary Fleming. The Honor Guard’s flawless performance was received with much
applause. Carowinds allowed the Honor Guard to use the VIP room for the entire day, which
were fully stocked with unlimited refreshments, and given full access to the amenities of the
park. Carowinds and WSOC Radio staff were awed by the cadets professionalism and invited
the Honor Guard to return next year.
(U) Brunswick County Squadron Color Guard in Southport Fourth of July parade. For
the second year in a row, the Color Guard of the Brunswick County Composite Squadron,
marched in the Southport, North Carolina Fourth of July Parade, one the largest and highest
attended Fourth of July observances held in the state. Thousands of attendees along the parade
route were impressed by the military bearing of the four (4) cadets in the Color Guard and
cheered their performance during the more than one-hour long parade.
Additional recognition for the Civil Air Patrol and Brunswick County Composite
Squadron was provided by having a uniformed squadron Cadet and Senior member standing in
the vehicle pulling a float entered in the parade by Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter
939. The red white and blue decorated float featured a replica of the Wright Flyer with "Let
Your Dreams Take Flight" as its theme. The Cape Fear Regional Jetport and Brunswick Air
Flight School were featured in signage on the float along with the CAP. The producers of the
new movie, “Safe Haven”, much of which is being filmed in Southport, have asked that this
EAA Chapter 939 float be part of a modified parade shooting, which is scheduled for 8 August.
Brunswick County Squadron will soon celebrate its third anniversary since being
chartered in August 2009 at the Cape Fear Regional Jetport, where it conducts its meetings and
flight activities. The young unit has been very successful in recruiting seniors and cadets and
getting its members qualified in their respective positions, ranging from Mission Scanners to
Mission Observers to Mission Pilot.
(U) August 14, 2012. CAP Made Area Pilots Aware of “No-Fly Zone” During the
Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. The North Carolina Wing is assisting the
Continental US North American Aerospace Defense Command Region in ensuring area pilots
are aware a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is being established by the Federal Aviation
Administration for the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte Sept. 3-6.


“This outreach is a great way to inform the General Aviation community about the
FAA’s upcoming temporary flight restricted area in place for the Democratic National
Convention,” said Maj John May, NC Wing Incident Commander. “The Civil Air Patrol is able
to greatly enhance the effectiveness of the outreach program at a relatively minimal cost. With a
greater awareness of the TFR, we hope to see fewer TFR violations.”
Posters designed to alert pilots about the upcoming TFR are being delivered by CAP to
all public airports within a 75-mile radius of Charlotte. “The posters are a reminder that a TFR is
a No-Fly Zone and when it goes into effect, there will be serious consequences for violators,”
said May. Approximately fifty-five (55) North Carolina and South Carolina airports exist inside
the 75-mile circle, and the North Carolina Wing is delivering the posters to each location as part
of regularly scheduled training exercises.
“CAP adds tremendous credibility when we show up at an airport in a CAP uniform to
deliver the posters and to explain TFR procedures to airport personnel and pilots,” May said.
The deliveries began August 3. Among the first airports visited was Gastonia Municipal Airport
near the South Carolina border, where May was greeted by a contingent of CAP cadets on hand
for orientation flights in a CAP airplane. The cadets presented the posters to airport flight
instructor Jill Cagle.
“This assignment is a departure from our usual Air Force missions of searching for
missing aircraft or people and our emergency response activities during natural disasters,” North
Carolina Wing Commander Col David Crawford said, adding, “the North Carolina Wing is glad
to assist with this very important mission. We want to ensure all pilots in the area are aware the
TFR is being established.”
CAP has performed this mission with great success in the past and that is why the Air
Force has requested CAP’s support to get the word out about TFRs for both the Democratic and
Republican National Conventions again this year.
(U) August 18-20, 2012 Shelby Cadets March at Keeter Stadium. Seven (7) Shelby
Cadets had the honor and privilege to march onto Veterans Field at Keeter Stadium in Shelby,
North Carolina to present our Nation’s colors for the American Legion World Series. The crowd
watched silently as they marched perfectly in step to a position just behind the pitcher’s mound.
All eyes were on the cadets as the National Anthem was played. The cadets then marched off
the field in silence. As the flags came down, the crowd of more than 3,000 for each game
cheered. The cadets participated in 4 games total and split the responsibilities.


These games, as well as most of the presentation of colors, were carried on ESPN3 live.
“We were so proud to have them come out; they did an outstanding job,” said Chief Warrant
Officer 3 John Brooks, the Military Affairs Liaison for the games. “They certainly knew what
they were doing,” he added. These cadets train on a weekly basis and are always learning
something new. They take their roles very seriously, which for a group of teenagers isn’t
something you see every day. Special thanks to the Color Guard members: C/TSgt Easter,
C/TSgt Bradley, C/SSgt Willis, C/SrA Rodarte, C/Amn J Edlund, and C/AmB Edlund, and
C/Am L Edlund. Well done!!
(U) August 24-26, 2012. While many teenagers headed to the beach to enjoy their last
weekend of summer vacation, nearly ninety (90) CAP cadets from all points of North Carolina,
and even Ohio, headed to the Winston-Salem Air Show. It sounds like the perfect weekend for
aerospace lovers: Harrier jets, C-130, P-3 Orion, Prowler, A-4 Skyhawk, Cobra Helicopter, B25, T-6, and so much more. Our cadets, however, were not there as spectators, they were there
to fulfill a CAP core value: volunteer service.
With over 30,000 Air Show attendees that weekend, our cadets had much work to do.
C/1st Lt Obediah Fire as the Cadet Deputy Commander, under the guidance of C/Lt Col Gourley,
began planning for the show immediately after the 2011 Airshow. In early August the staff was
chosen, selected were some of the best cadets from the 15 participating squadrons around North
Carolina. These leaders worked in the following weeks making all the preparations to ensure a
smooth mission. Thursday night, August 23, the mission base tent was set up and the
communications trailer brought in and all was ready for the weekend show.
Though the cadets run the flight-line and CAP tasking part of the Winston-Salem Air
Show, they were always under the watchful eye of Maj Ron Cheek who has been the Air Show
Commander for many years. Ten (10) additional Winston-Salem Squadron Senior members
worked directly with the cadets, with even more members dispersed throughout the Air Show
with various duties. Several of the NC squadrons also brought along senior members whose help
on the flight-line as back authority was a swift deterrent to the occasional belligerent spectator.
Maj Eric Orgain, as Deputy Commander of Cadets, was impressed once again with the caliber
and professionalism of the NC CAP Cadets in carrying out their duties throughout the weekend.
These duties, of course, involved flight-line management as per FAA regulations, but that
was not all. Moving the flight-line as directed by the aircraft director, safely wing-walking
aircraft, and keeping guard when there was potential danger to a careless spectator near an event
such as the helicopters or the Sheriff’s fast-paced K-9 unit demonstration, were just a few of the
special tasks.


Being the CAP cadets’ number one priority, safety, naturally, was the primary task of the
weekend: crowd safety in particular. While crowds watched the show, the cadets were watching
the crowds for any signs of dehydration, or heat related illness, on stand-by to radio for an EMT.
As is common, CAP was responsible for the quick uniting of lost child and parent/grandparent a
few times.
Cadet safety was also a high priority. Safety briefings were given each morning and
dispensed throughout the day. Squad leaders were tasked with reminding their cadets to hydrate,
eat salty snacks and generously apply sunscreen. Reapplication of sunscreen was especially
necessary as covers are not allowed on the flight-line for safety reasons. Senior Members
watched the cadets as they came in for breaks for signs of heat stress. 2nd Lt David Bouffard, the
Medical Officer, and a head-nurse at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital when he’s not at CAP, drove
up and down the line checking on cadets and carrying loads of water.
A retired Marine General observed that the Winston-Salem Air Show could not have
been so successful without these dedicated cadets. After the close of the show, as the Air Force
C-130 took off for base, the cadets saluted; and one could almost envision a flashback to the
1940’s. Recalling WWII when the first CAP members with respect and appreciation for the men
and women serving overseas, took to the air in the spirit of volunteerism to tirelessly tend to the
tasks necessary for the safety of our homeland. The cadets who sacrificed their weekend at the
beach were similarly rewarded with an incredible learning experience.
(U) September 13, 2012. Shelby Unit Presents a Plaque to Historic Site. A brief
ceremony was held on the steps of the historic Cleveland County Courthouse, which is currently
undergoing renovation to become a museum, a plaque displaying the squadron’s new patch and
to commemorate this landmark being featured on the patch. Present were the Cleveland County
Commissioners, Chamber of Commerce and other county dignitaries, the general public, and the
Shelby Composite Squadron Cadets and Seniors.
(U) September 18, 2012. Shelby Cadets Lead Pledge for County Commissioners.
Cadets from Shelby were invited to lead the pledge for the Cleveland County Commissioners
meeting. The Cadets and 2nd Lt Bradley also presented the Commissioners with a Squadron
patch plaque to commemorate the event. The cadets also took this opportunity to present County
Commissioner and patrol squadron Member Ronnie Hawkins with his squadron patch. We
invited all County Commissioners and officials to become members of the Civil Air Patrol and to
help in leading today’s youth, our cadets, to greatness.
(U) October 2012. Shelby Airport holds its Annual Fly-in. Cadets and seniors from the
Shelby and Gastonia Squadrons were on hand to assist with this annual event. The beautiful
weather brought out more than 1000 spectators and over forty (40) aircraft including two (2)

CAP aircraft from the Asheville Squadron to conduct cadet “O” flights throughout the day. In
all, nine (9) Cadets received their first orientation flights and two (2) cadets received their 2nd
flight. Not only did the cadets fly, many more were on hand to assist with the fly-in and help
answer visitor questions about aviation, the Shelby Squadron, and CAP in general.
“This was by far the smoothest fly in I can remember and a lot of that is thanks to the
cadets,” says airport director Ben Yarboro. He added “You can tell the cadets want to be here;
they are so proud of what they do.”
(U) Shelby Squadron’s cadets march in the Boiling Springs, NC holiday parade. Cadets
from Shelby marched in the annual Boiling Springs North Carolina holiday parade on Sunday,
November 25. The squadron plans to march in a number parades this holiday season and were
proud to have their first to be the one most local. The cadets enjoyed being part of this joyful
community event and are looking forward to the remainder of the season.
(U) December 6, 2012. Raleigh-Wake provides Honor Guard at Annual Christmas Tree
Lighting. Governor Beverly Perdue presided one last time over North Carolina's official
Christmas Tree lighting ceremony Thursday evening. As part of an 11 year tradition, Cadet and
Senior Members of the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol's Raleigh-Wake Composite
Squadron participated in the ceremony by assisting with setup for the bands and the area where
Governor Purdue and her special guests would be seated, as well as providing an Honor Guard
along the governor's path.
Before the event began, Governor Purdue stood for a photograph with the members of the
Raleigh- Wake Composite Squadron. Afterward, the members of Civil Air Patrol lined the
sidewalk to provide an Honor Guard for the governor and her guests, among them was Santa
Governor Purdue began the procession by hanging wreaths on the doors of the old
Capitol building in Raleigh and ending by lighting a beautiful Christmas Tree on the south side
of Capital Square. She then spent some time addressing the numerous children present by
reading The Night Before North Carolina Christmas. During the lighter moments, it was hard to
keep a straight face while Governor Purdue read about Christmas, mixed with NASCAR, Hush
Puppies and many other references to North Carolina.
After the ceremony, Governor Purdue retired to the Capitol Building and Santa left on his
big sled, while Cadet and Senior members were invited inside the Capital for warm drinks and


(U) December 15, 2012. Winston-Salem Composite Squadron Holds Wreaths’ Across
America Ceremony. Winston-Salem Composite Squadron gathered to: "remember our fallen
heroes, honor those who serve, and teach children about the sacrifices made by veterans and their
families to preserve our freedoms."
Maj Ron Cheek arranged WAA ceremonies for the past four (4) years. One of our
Cessna 172’s circled overhead against the blue sky making a touching addition to the solemn
sermon, as the cadets presented the wreaths at the memorial below. After the preliminary
ceremony, the wreaths were transferred indoors. There they were put on display to be seen by
thousands that would be attending the free holiday Pops Concert with the Winston-Salem
Symphony Saturday evening.
(U) January 28, 2012. First Wave of the New Subordinate Unit Inspection Team
Training Conducted in Group 3. During a six-hour training course, conducted in New Bern,
North Carolina, fifteen (15) CAP members listened intently as Lt Col John Kay, North Carolina
Wing CV, imparted the newest iteration of the North Carolina Wing Subordinate Unit Inspection
Team Training Course. All the participants and instructors serve on Subordinate Unit Inspection
Teams or will do so in the near future. This particular training is designed to make preparation
and conduct of the SUI easier, as well as prepare teams and team chiefs to conduct all the unit
inspections in a professional and meaningful manner throughout North Carolina Wing.
(U) February 25, 2012. North Carolina Wing Group 3 Members Complete SUI
Training. On Saturday, eleven (11) officers in Group 3 received the Subordinate Unit Inspection
portion of the IG Basic Course, conducted by Lt Col John Donahue. This was the second and
final part of the inspection Team Training program spearheaded by Lt Col John Kay. This
training built on the Inspection Team Training module conducted in January, and the second half
of the training consists of inspection techniques, familiarization of regulations and SUI final
report writing.
This same two-day training is scheduled to be conducted in each of the remaining four
groups beginning with Group 2 in March and April and completing with Group 5 in September
and October. The training concept, the idea of Lt Col Kay, was to standardize the procedure to
complete SUI's conducted in NC Wing Groups and Squadrons, and the preparation of the
subsequent SUI reports. The SUI is essentially a detailed operational review of how a squadron
is performing and how it is prepared to complete the missions it is assigned by CAP. The intent
of the training is to have all seventy-five (75) or more North Carolina Inspection Team Members
and Team Chiefs conduct the inspections and report writing in a standard, uniform professional

Group 3 now has eleven (11) fully trained Inspection Team members qualified to conduct
SUI’s. In accordance with CAP regulations, SUIs are to be conducted in each subordinate unit in
the wing on a scheduled basis. Now Group 3 has a trained inspection team ready to follow the
SUI schedule and conduct inspections that should benefit the unit commanders and their
(U) Three (3) Chaplains and one (1) Character Development Instructor from North
Carolina Wing joined other Regional Chaplains at the 2012 MER Chaplain Staff College in
Blackstone, Virginia, May 20-23. Attendees from North Carolina included: Wing Chaplain Lt
Col Wayne Byerly, Deputy Wing Chaplain Capt Laura Johnson, Lt Col Richard Pannell,
Character Development Instructor of the Asheville Squadron and Chaplain Capt Melvin Lutz of
the Shelby Squadron.
MER Chaplain Lt Col Jack Epperly and National Chaplain Lt Col Ken Colton led the
sessions. During this conference, Chaplains and CDI's reviewed regulations and courses related
to their specialty tracks.
(U) Asheville Squadron has ten (10) new CERT Members after Training. Ten members
of the Asheville Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol completed Community Emergency
Response Team (CERT) training during the month of April. The class was led by CAP 1st Lt
Lewis Toms, who is also the Western Representative on the North Carolina CERT Committee
and is a member of CAP.
The new graduates more than doubles Asheville CERT members from nine (9) to
nineteen (19), giving them a greater advantage having members to help in time of disasters.
CERT training includes learning how to put out small fires with a fire extinguisher, light search
and rescue techniques, triage and first aid, family readiness along with the disaster relief training.
Toms said of the training, "It not only helps CAP members to assist in disaster relief, but
also help them prepare their families for future disasters."
(U) June 5, 2012. Orange County Composite Squadron: Squadron Commander Pete
Wehr promoted. The cadets, officers, and senior members of the Orange County Composite
Squadron, as well as officers from North Carolina Wing located in Burlington, North Carolina
celebrated as Squadron Commander Peter Wehr was promoted to Captain. Peter Wehr replaced
Maj Eileen Kong in June 2011, who resigned her position to pursue a medical career.
Capt Wehr will continue in his position as Squadron Commander, as well as continue
serving as Disaster Preparedness Officer, Logistics Officer, and Search and Rescue Officer.
Wehr’s vision for the Orange County Squadron is serving the community in the realm of
emergency services, including search and rescue, emergency supply POD, and CERT. To that

end, he has already seen to it that squadron members have gotten CPR and First Aid training, as
well as coordinating a practice search and rescue operation with Cpl Scott Foster and his K-9
partner Talon, of the Hillsboro Police K-9 Unit back in April 2012.
(U) June 28, 2012. Shelby squadron hosts its first NWS Skywarn class. Thursday
marked another step forward for the Shelby Squadron with the successful completion of its first
community National Weather Service Skywarn class. Twelve (12) CAP Senior Members along
with seventeen (17) citizens of Cleveland and Rutherford Counties received their Skywarn Basic
certification. The class was a mixed group with CAP, U.S. Army, Ham Radio Operators, IT
Directors, First Responders, Firefighters, Boy Scouts, and citizens active in the community.
Since the program started in the 1970s, the information provided by SKYWARN
spotters, coupled with Doppler radar technology, improved satellite and other data has enabled
NWS to issue more timely and accurate warnings for tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and flash
floods. SKYWARN storm spotters are part of the ranks of citizens who form the Nation's first
line of defense against severe weather. There can be no finer reward than to know that their
efforts have given communities the precious gift of time – seconds and minutes that can help
save lives.
Although SKYWARN spotters provide essential information for all types of weather
hazards, the main responsibility of a SKYWARN spotter is to identify and describe severe local
storms. In the average year, 10,000 severe thunderstorms, 5000 floods and more than 1000
tornadoes occur across the United States. These events threatened lives and property.
We would like to thank Tony Sturey from Greenville-Spartanburg SC National Weather
Service Forecast Office coming out in teaching such an informative class.
(U) July 2012. A Night of Awards at Raleigh-Wake for Maj Johnson and Maj Tessin.
During a Thursday night Squadron Senior Member meeting, attended by a high number of
participants including Col Larry Ragland, Col Dave Crawford, and Maj Max Noureddine, Col
Dave Crawford awarded Capt Laura Johnson, Chaplain of the Squadron, with the Davis Award,
the Loening Award and a Commander’s Commendation for Outstanding Duty Performance.
The streak was not over for Capt Johnson because she also was promoted to the rank of
Major. Soon after, Col Dave Crawford presented a Commander’s Commendation for
Outstanding Services to Maj Tim Tessin as Wing Flight Orientation Coordinator, improving
flight performances, record of hours flown, in particular, during the recent Cadet Summer


(U) December 2012. Asheville Member’s Solo Flight. Asheville Squadron’s own Capt
Rheta Perkins soloed at the Foothills Regional Airport. Well Done!
(U) December 8, 2012. Shelby Squadron host basic first aid class. On Saturday, cadets
and seniors took part in a basic first aid class hosted by the squadron and taught by EMTs from
Dallas Rescue. The class covered many aspects of first aid, from splints and slings to bandages,
personal protection, hot and cold weather injuries, and shock.
On top of teaching the members how to treat injuries until help arrives, the instructor
spent time teaching the cadets and seniors just how to facilitate help arriving as fast as possible,
which can mean life or death in certain situations. Tips include: staying calm when calling 911,
speaking clearly, knowing where you are, relaying your location properly, and communicating
what is happening and what you see to the 911 operator.
The class rounded out with situational awareness, this included paying attention to what
is around you and not just focusing on the person that is hurt, and making sure you aren't injured
in the process of helping someone else.
The Squadron would like to extend our thanks to EMTs Ricky Cureton and Lt Angel
Cureton of the Dallas North Carolina Rescue Squad for taking time out from other schedules to
plan and teach this class.
(U) November 17-18, 2012. North Carolina Wing Professional Development Weekend
held at Wake Forest University. CAP senior members from around the state in North Carolina,
in addition to guests from the Virginia Wing, gathered on the campus of Wake Forest University
for the second annual North Carolina Wing Professional Development weekend. The facilities,
presenters, and participants combined to provide a positive atmosphere for a successful
Professional Development Weekend.
The classrooms were designed for higher learning and included the technology needed to
make quality presentations. The classrooms were also designed for comfort, facilitating class
participation and enabling attendees to be comfortable during hours of class time.
The speakers for the weekend were experienced, prepared and encouraged class
involvement. The main presenters for Training Leaders of Cadets, Squadron Leadership School
and Corporate Learning Course were: Lt Col Max Benbow, Maj Jason Bailey and Capt Matthew
Phillips, respectively. Lt Col Rob Smith, NCWG Director Professional Development, Col David
Crawford, and Maj Chris Bailey were also part of the PDW staff. Additional speakers such as
Maj Bruce McPherson, Financial Officer for NC 082, spoke concerning their particular specialty.
Chaplain Lt Col Wayne Byerly, inspired by an "Armor of God" challenge coin, led services
Sunday morning for a packed room.

The highlighted speaker of the weekend was Col Sean T Hannah, U.S. Army, retired,
former director of the Center for the Army Profession and Ethics at West Point and current
Professor of Management, and Tylee Wilson, Chair in Business Ethics at Wake Forest
University School. Col Hannah conveyed key leadership principles that all members would
benefit by applying in their CAP careers.
Classrooms and presenters are important factors in a successful professional development
weekend. The participants are the ones that really brought things together. Capt Matthew
Phillips created a WordPress website that was timely and informative. It was clear that the
weekend was well organized; perhaps that is why there was such a large turnout. Twenty-one
(21) North Carolina Squadrons and three (3) Virginia Squadrons were represented at the PDW:
28 SLS students, 31 CLC and 9 TLC, total of 68 students. The students were quick to participate
and share their Squadron experiences so all could learn. When divided up for small group
sessions, the participants blended seamlessly into new teams, eager to complete assigned tasks.
Professional Development Weekend could have simply been a weekend CAP members
put aside to meet assigned requirements for advancement. However, with excellent planning and
execution, professional presentations and active participation from all class members, this
Professional Development Weekend gave so much in one weekend: leadership lessons
clarification of CAP’s organization, new ideas, and new friendships with fellow CAP members
from across North Carolina and Virginia.
(U) January 2012. New Members to Middle East Region Staff. Maj. Keith Mottas is
coming on board as the new Standardization and Evaluation Officer. Major Mottas is a mission
pilot, CFI and a F5 Pilot Examiner. He is a pilot with a Delaware Aviation Foundation and
Commemorative Air Force, flying the B- 24, B- 25 and B-29 World War II bombers at various
military and civilian airshows. He looks forward to working with other Middle East Region
operational staff and the Standard/Evaluation officers in the wings to ensure the best training for
our pilots.
Lt Col Philip Saleet will be assuming the duties of MER Historian as additional duty. He
is currently North Carolina’s Wing Historian. Lt Col Saleet has served in Civil Air Patrol since
he joined as a cadet member in Maryland Wing’s Glen Burnie Squadron 1960. He has served in
Virginia Wing, Maryland Wing, West Virginia Wing and North Carolina Wing, so he has
witnessed a lot of Middle East Region's History.


(U) January 2012. National Quality Cadet Unit Awards. Congratulations to the winners
of the 2011 Quality Cadet Unit Awards from North Carolina Wing. North Carolina Wing alone
had eight (8) units awarded this year out of 207, which means that North Carolina wing alone
won 4% overall from National. The units are listed below:
Asheville Composite Squadron
Burlington Composite Squadron
Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron
Pitt-Greenville Composite Squadron
Winston-Salem Composite Squadron
Boone Composite Squadron
Iredell Composite Squadron
Apex Cadet Squadron
The squadrons will be presented a certificate to post for visiting perspective cadets and
parents to see, so these folks will know that they are in a place that will be awesome for them to
be part of. These squadrons will also receive special recruiting materials to hand out also
showing how awesome they are.
(U) February 10, 2012. North Carolina National Guard Dedicates New Joint Force
Headquarters. The North Carolina National Guard, in conjunction with North Carolina
Emergency Management and the State Departments of Public Safety and Transportation, hosted
a dedication ceremony to open their new joint force headquarters. The building is designed
primarily to be an operations center for the state in the event of natural disasters or other
Col Larry Ragland, MER Commander, Col Roy Douglas, North Carolina Wing
Commander, Lt Col Paul Meade, Lt Col Lucy Davis, CAP Division Director, and Lt Col Andy
Wiggs were among the invited guests. North Carolina Wing Cadets were asked to assist with a
variety of duties, including escorting VIPs in attendance. Cadets who served were C/2d Lt
Aleasha North, C/2d Lt Rachael Bailey, and C/SSgt Aiden Maxfield.


(U) February 2012. Capt Kathy Gaddy, Wing Administrator, earns National Award. The
North Carolina Wing was informed that one of its tireless workers is a recipient of a National
Headquarters Award. Mr. Don Roland, National Headquarters Executive Director, notified Col
Roy Douglas, North Carolina Wing Commander, that our very own Wing Administrator, Kathy
Gaddy earned the Wing Administrator of the Quarter Award.
The Civil Air Patrol Wing Administrator of the Quarter award is presented each quarter
at the National Headquarters Quarterly Team Meeting. The award for Ms. Kathy Gaddy was for
the October-December 2011 quarter.
(U) February 20, 2012. Veterans Day Celebration Honors World War II Fighter Ace
Barry Davis. "The red-tailed" fighters of the Tuskeegee Airman have drawn a lot of attention
with the release of the motion picture, but a similar fighting force also won fame as protective
escorts to numerous B-17 and B-24 bomber raids into the German Heartland during World War
II. Flying with the "Checkertail Clan" of P-51 Mustangs is still a vivid memory for Franklin
County Resident, Barrie Davis, so his friends and fellow airmen at the Triangle North Executive
Airport near Louisburg decided to put some real meaning back into the Veteran’s Day.
"We are honoring World War II fighter ace, Barrie Davis on February 20 at 1200," said
CAP member Ben Cason, Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron. Cason, along with CAP
members Clive Goodwin and Steve Merritt, Airport Manager, began to spread the word.
Following the event Cason, sent this summary of the day’s activities: Steve Merritt, Airport
Manager and CAP member introduced Barrie Davis to the group.
(U) March 23-24, 2012. Middle East Region and North Carolina Wing conduct Joint
Annual Conference. More than two hundred (200) Civil Air Patrol members representing the
seven (7) states comprising the Middle East Region descended upon the North Raleigh Hilton on
Friday. Billed as the first ever joint conference co-sponsored by the Middle East Region and the
North Carolina Wing, members attending the Saturday morning session took part in a general
assembly followed by the presentation of service awards and recognition of individuals and CAP
units within the region.
Col Larry Ragland, MER Commander, and Col Roy Douglass, Commander of the North
Carolina Wing organized the weekend. Former wing commanders attending were, Col Ralph
Vogt and Col Larry Trick from Maryland Wing, and Col Don Edwards and Col Harold "Tink"
Schaeffer from North Carolina Wing.
Also recognized were the members of the Region and North Carolina Wing Staff who
have done the yeoman's work to make the conference possible: Lt Col Lucy Davis, North
Carolina Wing, Lt Col Jay Langley, Middle East Region, Lt Col Jeff Willis, Middle East Region,
and Capt Kathy Gaddy, North Carolina Wing. Active members from Delaware, District of

Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia participated in
the proceedings. The North Carolina Wing received the Paul Turner Safety Award for a third
consecutive year from the Middle East Region.
Col Rick Moseley, Middle East Region Vice Commander, served as master-ofceremonies, and he opened the general assembly with the introduction of special guests.
Following welcome messages from Col Ragland and Col Douglass, the keynote speakers for the
session were Brig Gen Joseph Vazquez, National Vice Commander, and Mr. John Salvador, the
Assistant Executive Director of CAP, who highlighted the status and current strengths of the
organization. They stated that CAP now operates 550 aircraft, 960 motor vehicles, 4,675 mobile
radios, and CAP expects to purchase 19 replacement aircraft and 127 replacement vehicles
during fiscal year 2012. Also in attendance were Mr. Frank Jirik, the National Headquarters
Director of Safety and Col Warren Vest, National Finance Officer.
Lt Col Kevin Hubbard, U.S. Air Force, presented an overview of the current and future
status of the Air Force and CAP. He stated that, due to significant budget constraints, the Air
Force is discontinuing the program of including state directors to the wing structure of CAP.
Continued coordination between CAP Wings and U.S. Air Force will be maintained by a reduced
team of Assistant Directors of Operations serving on a national basis rather than filling the
current 38 state directorships wing by wing. Lt Col Hubbard stressed that CAP-US Air Force
was cutting positions not people.
A sizable block of time was allotted to the awards ceremony. The Exceptional Service
Award was presented to six (6) members. The grand total of twenty-four (24) Meritorious
Service Awards and fifteen (15) Commanders Commendations were presented as well as
numerous other individual awards.
Attending the conference for the first time was CAP's recently elected National
Commander, Maj Gen Charles L Carr. Also in attendance was Brig Gen Joseph A.Vazquez,
National Vice Commander and former Middle East Region Commander. In addition, past
National Commanders included Maj Gen Eugene Harwell, who is a former commander of North
Carolina Wing, and Maj Gen Dwight Wheless, who is a former commander of the North
Carolina Wing.
The afternoon session saw members attending a variety of seminars that included
learning labs on Emergency Services, Operations, Safety, Aerospace Education, Homeland
Security/Counter Drug, Cadet Programs, Information Technology, Communications, Logistics,
Public Affairs, Middle East Region Commander's Call and Professional Development.


At 7:00 p.m. the Hilton’s Grand Ballroom was the scene of the regions annual banquet.
Col Moseley served as Master of Ceremonies, and the featured speaker of the evening was Brig
Gen D. Todd Kelly, Assistant Adjutant General for Air NC National Guard. Gen Kelly, a highly
decorated command pilot, spoke about the Guards past, present and future mission for our state.
Col Douglas commented on the historical significance of this conference. "The logistics
involved in the planning and coordinating this event were staggering. But the result was a
comprehensive, invaluable learning experience for all involved, including our wing and region
staffs to the newly-minted cadets attending," he said.
At the conclusion of the evening, Col Ragland offered his special thanks to North
Carolina Wing administrative team, in particular, Lt Col Lucy Davis, Lt Col Andy Wiggs and
Capt Kathy Gaddy for providing the input that made this joint conference a truly memorable and
successful event.
(U) May 14, 2012. North Carolina Wing Commander named Chief of Staff for Middle
East Region. Middle East Region Commander, Col Larry Ragland, announced today that Col
Roy Douglass has been selected to fill the position of Chief of Staff, to become effective on June
9, 2012. In his announcement to members of the region, Col Ragland said, "Col Douglas has
served CAP for many years and demonstrated steady commitment to excellence and
professionalism. He will step down as North Carolina Wing Commander after having served in
this post since January 2009."
Col Douglas assumed command in January 2009, succeeding Col Ragland as North
Carolina Wing Commander. He joined Civil Air Patrol in August 1992 and served two 24month tours as the San Angelo Composite Squadron Commander in Texas Wing. He also served
two years on the staff of Southwest Region Staff College – one year as Public Affairs Officer
and the other year as a Seminar Advisor.
The Vice Wing Commander of the North Carolina Wing, Lt Col John Kay, will fill the
command position of the North Carolina Wing until a permanent selection is made for Wing
Commander. Col Douglas will fill the position recently vacated by Lt Col Phyllis Griffin. Col
Douglas and his wife, the former Gail Pleger moved to North Carolina in 1999, where he
continues his CAP career.
(U) May, 9 2012. Fayetteville Unit Member receives U.S. Army Promotion. North
Carolina Wing Member Lt Col Jayson A. Altieri, was recently promoted to the rank of Colonel,
U.S. Army, at a ceremony held at NATO headquarters, Brussels, Belgium.


The host for the ceremony was US Air Force Brig Gen Paul T. Johnson, Deputy
Commander, US Military Mission to NATO. In attendance at the ceremony were Mrs. Shelle
Wheless Altieri, Col Altieri's wife, their children Isabella and Jayson, Jr.; U.S. Air Force Major
and North Carolina member Todd Shugart; and associates and friends from the NATO and U.S.
Army Brussels Garrison Community. Col Altieri, who has been a member CAP since 1979, is a
27-year veteran of the Army and currently serves as an Army Standardization Planner with
NATO. In addition to his promotion, Col. Altieri has been selected to assume command of the
110th Aviation Brigade, Fort Rucker, Alabama.
(U) May 12, 2012. Two New Majors in Concord. Maj James E Emerson and Maj
Willie Wright were promoted recently to their new ranks after successfully sitting before the
Field Grade Promotions Board at Wing Headquarters.
Maj Emerson serves as a squadron Communications Officer and Assistant Operations
Officer. He is a current Form-5 pilot, who will soon begin his Mission Pilot Training along with
holding ratings as Mission Scanner, Mission Observer and Aerial Photographer and is also UDF
qualified. In addition, the Major is Ground Team and Ground Team Leader qualified and is
currently working on his Air Operations Branch Director and Communications Unit Leader
Maj Wright is a Squadron Supply Officer, Logistics Officer, and Recruiting and
Retention Officer; he recently completed his master rating in the Logistics specialty track. He is
now building the unit’s recruiting and retention program and working on the specialty track in
that area. The Major is a Form-5 pilot currently training to become a Mission Pilot along with
being rated as a Mission Scanner, Mission Observer, and Aerial Photographer. On the ground,
Major Wright is UDF qualified and a Ground Team Trainee. They both are valuable members of
the Charlotte Senior Squadron.
(U) June 9, 2102. North Carolina Wing Conducts Change of Command Ceremony.
Before a record turnout of its membership, the North Carolina Wing conducted a Change of
Command Ceremony. Col Roy Douglass has served the wing with honor and distinction for 3
1/2 years and has accepted the recently vacated position of Chief of Staff for the Middle East
The ceremony was opened by the cadet color guard from the Burlington Composite
Squadron; C/2nd Lt Joshua Gordon, C/SAmn Ian Shepherd, C/Amn Kody Holmes and C/SAmn
Mary Puppo. Cadet Puppo and C/Maj Christina North sang the National Anthem. Cadet North
is now serving as a PFC in the U.S. Army.
Lt Col Max Benbow, serving as Master of Ceremonies, introduced the dignitaries
assembled for this very special occasion. Attending were National CAP Vice Commander, Brig
Gen Joseph Vazquez and Middle East Region Commander, Col Larry Ragland.

(U) June 27, 2012. Middle East Region Commander Announces New North Carolina
Wing Commander. After extensive review of each candidate's qualifications, detailed
interviews and vetting of the two candidates with an Middle East Region Selection Board
consisting of a North Carolina Member-at-Large, a past North Carolina Wing Commander,
Middle East Region Staff, and an adjacent current Wing Commander, Col Larry Ragland
announces Col Select Dave Crawford as the next North Carolina Wing Commander.
Col Select Dave Crawford has many years of experience and service to the Civil Air
Patrol, serving in numerous positions at various levels within CAP. He is a former CAP cadet
and served in the U.S. Army. His CAP operational experience will be of great benefit in North
Carolina Wing's future. His leadership is expected to take North Carolina Wing above-andbeyond an already impressive level of performance and accomplishments.
(U) June 2012. Seventy Years of Safe Flying Earns Pilot Prestigious FAA Award. On a
rainy Monday evening in the general aviation terminal at the Raleigh-Durham International
Airport, Mr. Clive Delmont Goodwin received the prestigious FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot
Award presented by Bob Sutherland of the FAA. This award has been presented to only 1,600
pilots. It is earned by having a minimum of 50 years of civil flight time with no accidents. In
some instances up to 20 years of military flight time can be substituted for part of the required
Mr. Goodwin began his career of flight in the fall 1942 when he joined Civil Air Patrol.
Shortly thereafter, in 1943, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps and attended a 30-day basic
training at Shepherd Field, Texas. During his training, he was pulled aside to fly B-25 and B-29
bombers. Mr. Goodwin was attached to the training command at Lowry Air Force Base in
Colorado where he and his crew flew many hours in the B-29 bomber aircraft.
He was eventually assigned to the 500th Army Air Corp out of Saipan but the war ended
before he deployed and he was discharged into the reserves as a private in 1946; his temporary
rank of 2nd Lt being part of a contract due to the need for pilots. Mr. Goodwin served the
remainder of his 12 years in a reserve unit out of New York and left the service in 1955.
He has run a small airport in New Jersey, flown for the Coast Guard Auxiliary and aided
the country of Trinidad with the development of an FAA like certification system for pilots and
mechanics. Now in his late eighties, Mr. Goodwin has enjoyed over 70 years of flying and still
enjoys soaring through the skies in light sport aircraft. He still serves in Civil Air Patrol as a
Major at the Franklin County Composite Squadron, which meets at the Franklin County Airport
in Louisburg North Carolina.


(U) June 6, 2012. South Piedmont Senior Squadron Tours Factory. Group 4
Commander Col Don R Edwards, South Piedmont Senior Squadron Commander Maj Jeffrey
Focke, Lt Col Jerry Langley, Maj Thomas Cook, Maj Will Grooms, Maj Ron Goetchius, Maj
Tom Schick, and Capt Ki Tae Sung toured the Cyril Bath Company at the Charlotte-Monroe
Executive Airport, in Monroe, North Carolina. The tour conductor was Vice President of
Operations Mr. Herbert Amster.
First, Cyril Bath is not a bathroom renovation company for your house! They are a
leading International manufacturer of aeronautical components and airframe structures. All that
metal twisting, carving, and crafting – these are the guys who do it! It is called stretch forming,
hot stretch forming, elastoforming, linear friction welding, and various other technologies and
They began in the conference room to explain what they do and how they are situated in
the global aviation scheme. Quite fascinating - the work they do with metallurgy and other
structural design and equipment. Then they took us out on the production floor – and what a
show that was! Since it was late afternoon and they had already finished for the day, we had a
rare opportunity to walk on the floor and have them show us all the equipment and components
they work on.
(U) July 17-20, 2012. North Carolina Wing Member Earns Royal Netherlands Medal.
Lt Col Jayson Altieri, North Carolina Wing, recently completed a four-day, 160 km Vierdaagse
March in Nijmegen. The International Four-Day Marches Nijmegan is the largest marching
event in the world. It is organized every year in Nijmegan in mid-July, as a means of promoting
sport and exercise. Participants walk 30, 40 or 50 km daily, and, on completion, receive a
royally approved medal – the Holland 4-day Event Cross.
The participants were mostly civilians, but there were also a few thousand military
participants. Col Altieri, along with 10 members of the EuroCorps Team from Strasbourg,
France participated in the march. The 4-days’ has taken place since 1909 and is considered a
National Holiday in the Netherlands.
Each day of the march is named after the biggest town it goes through. Tuesday is the
day Elst, Wednesday the day of Wijchen, Thursday the day of Groesbeek and Friday the day of
Cujik. The routes always stay the same unless there is a significant need to change, as it did in
2007 when the walkers went through Waalkade on Wednesday for the first time, since the
original route got too crowded and the walkers had to wait for over an hour at times. 2006 was
the first year to be canceled in 90 years (apart for WWII).


After the first day’s march, there were thousands of dropouts and two deaths because of
extreme heat. On the Friday, as participants near the finish, the public awards walkers with
Gladioli, a symbol of force and victory stemming from Roman times when the gladiators were
showered with Gladioli. The Nijmegen walkers are similarly showered in flowers on their
arrival. The entry into the city and towards the finish, the St. Annastreet, is for that reason called
Via Gladiola during the Nijmegen Marches. In preparation for the march, the Colonel marched
more than 600 km in September of last year, carrying a pack weighing 16 kg.
(U) December 8, 2012. Shelby squadron holds annual Christmas party. Shelby
squadron held their annual Christmas party on Saturday, December 8. The event was held at the
AmericInn in Boiling Springs, North Carolina, since the use of the facilities were donated to the
squadron by the hotel manager and cadet mother, Shelly Bell.
The evening was filled with fun and laughter as the families met other members and door
prizes were awarded. As the evening was winding down the moment was taken to recognize 2nd
Lt. Tony Bradley for his contribution to the squadron this year and a Certificate of Appreciation
and award were presented.
Festivities were followed by something not normally seen at Christmas parties; the cadets
swimming in the hotel's indoor pool.
(U) December 2012. Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron Holds Holiday Banquet. At
the end of each year, the Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron hosts a holiday banquet for cadets,
senior members, and their families to enjoy dinner, dessert, prizes, promotions, awards and
The event requires a lot of manpower provided by the Cadets. There was a lot to be set
up in order to make the evening the success that it was. We had C/2d Lt Devyn Williams and
C/Capt Katie Zobel compile pictures from every event of the year to create a music video
presentation. The night before, a select few cadets met at the Zobel's house to bake, ice, and
decorate hundreds of cupcakes for dessert in addition to the dinner that was catered.


The event began with the Color Guard posting the colors, a prayer led by Chaplain Capt
Sunman and introduction of the Head Table. After everyone had a chance to eat, C/2d Lt Devyn
Williams and C/Capt Katie Zobel presented the music video of all the pictures captured over the
year, followed by one of the main components the event: Cadet Promotions. The following
Cadets were promoted at the banquet:
C/A1C Nicholas Pantlin to C/SAmn
C/A1C Toby Vestal to C/SAmn
C/SSgt John Newsom to C/TSgt
C/TSgt Amilyn Kober to C/MSgt
C/MSgt Mark Kober to C/SMSgt
C/SMSgt Rebecca Smart to C/CMSgt
C/SMSgt Ari Brown to C/CMSgt
C/SMSgt Brick Ingle to C/CMSgt
C/SMSgt Ryan Almich to C/CMSgt
C/CMSgt Devyn Williams to C/2nd Lt
C/CMSgt Grey Hodson to C/2nd Lt
C/MSgt Erica Adams to C/SMSgt and to First Sergeant
After the Cadet promotions, Deputy Commander for Cadets, Maj Zobel, and Cadet
Commander, C/Capt Zobel, announced the awards voted upon by the Cadet Staff and Senior
Members involved with the cadet program. The following were awarded:
Respect Award to C/SrA Nicholas Pantlin
Detective Michael S Phillips Award to C/SSgt Graci Gordon, C/SSgt Christa Gordon, and
C/MSgt Braxton Robertson
Cadet Staff Member of the Year to C/2d Lt Devyn Williams
Cadet Officer the Year to C/2d Lt Eric Pantlin
Cadet Program Staff Member of the year to Senior Member Bill Robertson
Cadet of the Year Award for 2012 went to C/MSgt Amilyn Kober
Following the Cadet awards, the Squadron Commander, Capt. Rich Laviano gave a very
thoughtful comment of the Squadron activities for 2012, walking the audience from his Squadron
Commander appointment to the reiterated objective of having close and concerted activities
between the Seniors and Cadets, making our squadron largest and most successful North
Carolina Wing. The evening was concluded with Capt Laviano and Maj Peter Bohler, Deputy
Commander, presenting the Senior awards. The following appreciations and achievement
awards were announced:


Senior Member Richard Zobel for Dedication and Leadership for the Cadet Program
2nd Lt Brian Flynn for Squadron Aerial Photography Education Training
2nd Lt Terri Richards for Dedication to Staff Operations
1st Lt Randy Lindsey Squadron Finance Officer
Capt Joe Lipsey as Squadron Logistic Officer
Capt Marcus Howard as Squadron Personnel Officer
Maj Timothy Tessin for Dedication to the Cadet Program
Maj Peter Bohler a Squadron RDU Security Officer
Maj Terri Zobel and Capt. Susan Lowery for Dedication and Leadership in the Cadet Program
Capt Jose Guzman for the Squadron Communication Capability Revitalization
1st Lt Alberto Griffa for the Squadron Emergency Services Training Program
Senior Member the Year 2012 Award went to 1st Lt Alberto Griffa his effort in the IT
Department and in the ES program
Final thoughts and prayer concluded a very organized program.
(U) August 2012. Seniors and Cadets from Shelby Participate in Ham Radio Class. The
Shelby Squadron would like to thank the Cleveland County Amateur Radio Club for teaching the
six week HAM class and for assisting with the final testing. The Shelby Squadron looks forward
to working with other community groups and clubs to help further the education of its members.
Congratulations to Major Bly, 2nd Lt Bradley, SM Keever, C/TSgt Bradley, and C/SSgt
Willis for receiving their technician amateur radio license.
(U) August 2012. CAP Member receives Scholarship for Flying. The Asheville
Squadron’s Capt Rheta Perkins has recently been awarded a $1,500 scholarship from the
Western North Carolina Pilot’s Association to be used in her pursuit of a private pilot’s license.
Rheta’s flying endeavors started back when she joined the US Air Force after high school. After
that, she started a career in the aviation industry and volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol, a
nationwide congressionally chartered all volunteer organization that conducts Search and Rescue
and Homeland Security missions, Cadet Programs, and Aerospace Education.
Perkins is a valued member of her squadron in Asheville where she is a flight crew
mission observer and also trains additional aircrew members. She has attended and taught at
CAP National Emergency Services Advanced Aircrew School, where she was a distinguished
graduate and attended CAP Middle East Region Search and Rescue College.
Rheta has been awarded the CAP Find Ribbon for a non-distress Emergency Locator
Transmitter find, the CAP Disaster Relief Ribbon for a Presidential declared disaster after
Hurricane Katrina, and she is part of the aircrew which received Outstanding Performance
Recognition by the US Air Force.

“I am so thankful to the Western North Carolina Pilot’s Association for giving me the
opportunity to pursue my aviation dream,” said Perkins about receiving the scholarship. The
WNC Pilot’s Association usually awards one scholarship per year, but this year they awarded
(U) August 2012. Two Brunswick County Composite Squadron Members Receive a
Very Special Honor. 1st Lt Kathy Nicholas and 2nd Lt Dick Hart, both pilots in Brunswick
County Composite Squadron were honored recently by the widow of James C. Harrington,
Mission Director of the Luna Module and Apollo XII.
About a year ago, Lt Hart, who never had met Jim Harrington, even though they attended
the same church, became aware of Jim’s background. During a conversation, Lt Hart asked Jim
if he would talk to the Brunswick County Squadron members about his experiences in the space
program. Jim agreed to do this. Lt Hart, contacted Lt Nicholas, Aerospace Education Officer for
the squadron, and plans were made to schedule the presentation.
Unfortunately, Jim’s health was not the best, and the presentation had to be postponed
twice. Jim passed away on 23 June 2012. At Jim’s wake, his wife mentioned to Lt Hart that Jim
had left something for him and lst Nicholas.
Recently, Lts Nicholas and Hart paid a visit to Jim’s widow, Lorraine. Mrs. Harrington
spent a considerable amount of time showing them all of Jim’s awards and talking about his
career. Jim truly was a gifted person. It was especially meaningful that Jim thought enough of
Civil Air patrol to honor two of its members with renditions of the Apollo XII Mission Patch in
recognition of their support of our nation’s space endeavors. Lorraine Harrington seemed very
pleased to be able to present the patches to Lts Nicholas and Hart, on behalf of her late husband.
(U) October 19, 2012. Father and Son Promoted to Captain. During a recent promotion
ceremony, Cunningham Field Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, two squadron members
were promoted to the rank of Captain. Robert Hoffman, Captain, CAP, and Cadet Karl
Hoffman, C/Capt, CAP, were promoted. The uniqueness of the ceremony was that the two are
father and son. This is a first for this squadron, and the two were congratulated by the squadron
commander and the deputy commander for seniors.
(U) October 2012. Lt Colonel Frank Sincox awarded Wright Brothers Master Pilot
Award. In recognition of his contributions to building and maintaining the safest aviation
system in the world, through practicing and promoting safe aircraft operations for 50 consecutive
years, Colonel Sincox was awarded The Wright Brothers “Master Pilot” Award by the FAA.


Lt Col Sincox served our country for 36 years in the United States Navy as a Naval Flight
Surgeon from March 1960 until 1996, retiring at the rank of Captain. His first solo flight took
place at NAS Pensacola, FL in 1960 in a US Navy T-34 Trainer. Throughout his illustrious
naval career, he has flown a number of aircraft including: Grumman S-2F Tracker, UH-34
Seahorse, Lockhead T-33 Shooting Star, AH-1 Cobra, and Huey UH-1. He has served ashore at
locations including Naval Hospital Long Island, NAS Pensacola, Naval Station Norfolk, NAS
Atlanta, Charlotte, and Trinidad, and afloat aboard The Aircraft Carriers USS Antietam CVA-36
and the USS Randolph CVS-15, the Destroyer, USS Melvin DD-680, the Amphibious Assault
Ship, USS Tripoli LPH-10, and the Amphibious Transport Dock, USS Juneau LPD-10.
Lt Col Sincox has served in CAP since June 1988, and currently serves as the Health
Services Officer for the Shelby Squadron. The Colonel is designated as an Aviation medical
Examiner and Medical Doctor. He is board certified in Family Practice and was previously a
North Carolina Medical Examiner. Although he retired in 1996 from Family Practice, he is still
certified to practice medicine at the age of 80 and still sees patients on a limited basis. The
Colonel is still flying today; he is the very proud owner of a 1949 Navion-A high performance
complex aircraft.
(U) October 2012. Shelby Squadron’s Fall Banquet a huge success. With fall in full
swing, Shelby Squadron was very excited to hold their fall potluck banquet. “These banquets
allow friends and family members, guests from the community, and officials from the county and
state the opportunity to learn more about the squadron. It also allows the squadron to showcase
its activities form past months and to discuss what the future holds,” says squadron Public
Affairs Officer, Tony Bradley. He adds, “We also like to center the banquet around a speaker or
activity to help focus the event.”
This banquet was no exception. The guest speaker, 14th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air
Force Gerald R. Murray, made quite the impression. “That was one of the most motivating
speeches I have had the pleasure of experiencing,” said Squadron Commander, Maj Tom Bly.
Chief Murray focused his message towards the cadets of the squadron, but was applicable to all
who listened. The message was to “Ask why? Why do we do the things we do in our careers,
with our friends, in life in general? In order to grow personally and professionally, we need to
know why we do the things we do; what drives us? The attendance for the event was a mixture
of members and their families, friends of the squadron, visitors interested in the squadron, and a
number of honored guests including 2 State Senators, 3 County Commissioners, a County
manager, and their spouses.
Activities for the evening included honoring members of the community that have
supported the squadron with certificates of appreciation, cadets were recognized for taking their
first orientation flights this month, 2 Cadets were recognized for receiving Ranger 3rd Class at
the NC Ranger weekend, and 3 Senior Members received their Yeager awards.

(U) 14 July 2012. North Carolina Wing has a New Commander. The 1500 members of
the North Carolina Wing now have a new Commander. The Middle East Region Commander,
Col Larry Ragland, passed the ceremonial guidon to Col David E. Crawford before a packed
auditorium at NC Wing Headquarters in Burlington, NC. Crawford, a 30-year veteran of CAP,
began his four-year term in office by expressing his vision of the direction in which he will lead
the wing.
“It is my hope to see the NC Wing move toward a more universal approach for our
operations,” Crawford said. “We will continue reaching out to the other six wings in the Middle
East Region by removing boundaries. State lines are just lines on a map and we will encourage
more interaction and joint operations between us and these wings,” he said.
Col Crawford noted that later in July, the NC Wing will conduct a joint search and rescue
exercise with the SC Wing, and he will promote additional activities with the VA Wing and
beyond. “When disaster strikes with hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, each wing in the region
must be prepared to move quickly and effectively to assist its neighbors.” Col Crawford
succeeds Lt Col John Kay, who has been serving as Interim Commander. Lt Col Kay assumed
command of the wing back in June when then commander, Col Roy Douglass accepted the
position of Chief of Staff with the Middle East Region.
Noting that he joined CAP as a cadet, Crawford stressed that the wing continue
vigorous support for CAP’s three Congressional mandates: Emergency Services, Cadet
Programs and Aerospace Education.


(U) July 21, 2012, at Manteo’s Dare County Airport, I took a “Walk in the Past”. Back in
the dark days, at the beginning of World War II, the German Navy’s Submarine Force was
sinking so many allied ships within sight of our coast that the German Submariners called it “The
Happy Times”.
The Civil Air Patrol Coastal Patrol came into being because of this submarine campaign.
Due to shortages of military aircraft to handle patrol and escort duties, the CAP was tasked with
helping to counter the U-Boat threat.
CAP established 21 Coastal Patrol bases along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast, from Maine
to Mexico. At Skyco Field, Base 16 was established when an advance party began arriving on
22 July 1942, with the first aircraft arriving on 27 July. The Base was able to launch its first
Patrol on 10 August 1942. During the winter of 1942, the base and personnel relocated to
Manteo, NC while they continued to fly their missions. Daily missions were flown from dawn to
dusk by base aircraft up and down the coast, providing convoy escort, search for survivors of
torpedoing, looking for floating mines, and other services.
The Navy eventually took over patrol duties and the Coastal Patrol Bases closed on 31
August 1943. Bases 16 and 21 flew over 9,000 hours and millions of miles on their patrol
missions. Also during the time Base 16 was in operation, two (2) Civil Air Patrol members gave
their lives in the service of their country: Frank M. Cook and Julian L. Cooper, who both went
down at sea.
On Saturday, a North Carolina Roadside Historical Marker was dedicated to the members
who served at Coastal Patrol Base 16. One of CAP’s Greatest Generation was there for the
unveiling: Mr. C. Weldon Fields, who served as Communications Officer for Coastal Patrol
Base 16 and later for Base 21 at Beaufort, NC.
The dignitaries in attendance were: Mr. John Ratzenberger, Curator of the Dare County Airport
Museum; Chaplain (Major) Laura Johnson, CAP Assistant North Carolina Wing Chaplain;
Major General Dwight Wheless, Past CAP National Commander; KaeLi Schurr, Curator, Outer
Banks History Center, NC Department of Cultural Resources; George Wood, Chairman Dare
County Airport Authority; Warren Judge, Chairman, Dare County Board of Commissioners; and
Stan White, State Senator, NC Senate District 1.
The Keynote Speaker was 2nd Lt Frank Blazich, CAP, Ohio Wing Historian and Doctoral
Candidate, Graduate Teaching Associate, Ohio State University. Lt Blazich was the driving
force behind the procurement of the marker from the State of North Carolina.


Other notables that took part in the unveiling of the marker were: Harry Bridges,
Museum Founder and son of CPB 16 Pilot William Bridges; Dianne Daniels, daughter of former
State Senator and CPB 16 Pilot Melvin R. Daniels Jr.; and Charles Small, nephew of Col Frank
Dawson, NC Wing Commander and Commander of CPB 21, Beaufort.
North Carolina Wing personnel assisting in the dedication were: Capt Terry Blucker,
CAP, Commander, and 1st Lt John Shepard, CAP, Public Affairs Officer, of Wild Eagle
Squadron, Elizabeth City and their Color Guard members: C/MSgt Cory Randolph, C/SSgt
Liam McLerath, C/SSgt Nathaniel Fields, and C/Amn Consuela Merkle (Miller). Also
representing CAP were Lt Col Philip Saleet, CAP, North Carolina Wing Historian, and Capt
Allen Johnson, CAP, of New Bern.
(U) November 10, 2012. Civil Air Patrol Honors Members who Served CAP during
WW II. Barely one week before the beginning of World War II, a large group of aviation
enthusiasts offered their services to the US government as a means of countering the rising threat
posed by NAZI “U-Boats” along the Atlantic coast. Historians tell us that well over 2000 ships
carrying vital supplies to the European theater war were sunk, sent to the bottom of the
"graveyard of the Atlantic" by enemy torpedoes and brazen surface attacks.
“During the war, the U-boats sank about 2,779 ships, for a total of 14.1 million tons. This
figure is roughly 70% of all allied shipping losses in all theaters of the war and to all hostile
action. The most successful year for the German war machine was 1942, when over 6 million
tons of shipping were sunk in the Atlantic,” according to
The US was ill-equipped to counter this menace, with the bulk of our Armed Forces
material being direct overseas, thus the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) was created by Congressional
Charter. This volunteer force, using their own airplanes, was credited with actually driving the
submarine menace from our shores. CAP pilots flew more than one-half million hours, credited
with sinking two (2) enemy submarines, and rescued hundreds of crash survivors during World
War II. Following the war the admiral commanding the German submarine operations was
asked why he abruptly moved his U-boats away from the Atlantic coastline. He replied, "It was
those damn orange and yellow planes."
Lt Col Phil Saleet, historian for the NC Wing, CAP, took a long, determined look at the
activities originating from the two (2) coastal patrol bases that supported the war effort in North
Carolina. His research located three living CAP members that are currently North Carolina


On November 10, 2012, the NC Wing conducted a special ceremony for these war heroes
at its headquarters in Burlington, NC. NC Wing Commander, Col David Crawford said, "During
the time CAP bases were active, the wartime effort, which included border patrol operations,
search and rescue, disaster relief, forest fire patrol, emergency transportation of personnel and
critical cargo, and towing practice targets for the US military, resulted in 64 member deaths and
150 lost aircraft by war’s end. It is our privilege to honor these survivors for their determined,
dedicated service to our nation."
Based on the research of Lt Col Saleet, the following honors and promotions took place:
Charles Weldon Fields: Assigned as communications officer Coast Patrol Base 16, Manteo,
NC. 1st Lt Fields flew as an Observer on anti-submarine missions, accumulating over one
hundred fifty (150) hours of patrol duty. He then transferred to Monogram Field, Driver, VA
and served as communications officer for Tow Target Unit 21’s new base of operations. He was
promoted to the rank of Colonel and was presented the Distinguished Service Award.
Clive Goodwin, Jr.: 2nd Lt Goodwin joined a CAP squadron in Cortland, New York, and flew
out of the Courtland Municipal Airport. The squadron’s assignment was to fly Missing Aircraft
and Search Missions for the Army Air Forces. While serving with this squadron, 2nd Lt
Goodwin flew missions as a pilot during his active duty with CAP. The ceremony included his
being promoted to Lt Col and he received the Exceptional Service Award. It also noted that Maj
Goodwin is currently active with the Franklin County Composite Squadron, CAP and is still an
active pilot.
Paul Sigmon: Corporal Sigmon assisted in building Coastal Patrol Base 21 in Beaufort, NC
where he found an overgrown grass field, surrounded by marsh and the home of thousands of
mosquitoes. Cpl Sigmon was one of base members assigned to build a new runway. Once the
base was up and running, he served until the day it closed. He also was promoted to Lt Col and
received the Exceptional Service Award. All three officers were granted lifetime CAP
memberships. At the conclusion of the ceremony, names of those NC Wing members who made
the supreme sacrifice were read to the audience. As each name was read, Pat Saleet, wife Lt Col
Philip Saleet, sounded a bell:
Coastal Patrol Base 16: 1st Lt Frank Cook, 1st Lt Julian Cooper
Coastal Patrol Base 21: 1st Lt Guy Cherry, Capt H. Leonard Lundquist, Sgt. David Williams
Tow Target Unit 21: 1st Lt Norman Buckley, 1st Lt Alfred Kendrick
"Today, Civil Air Patrol continues the serve our nation," Col Crawford said. "At this
very moment, CAP aircrews from across the country flying aerial photography missions,
recording the destructive force of hurricane Sandy in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Two (2) of our wing’s aircraft have been supporting this mission while many other members are
assisting in ground support activities."

Col Charles W. Fields receives award from Col David Crawford.

Lt Col Clive Goodwin Jr. receives award from Col David Crawford.

Lt Col Paul Sigmon receives award from Col David Crawford.

Mrs. Pat Saleet , rings the ceremonial bell.

2d Lt Frank Blazich, Keynote Speaker at Manteo Memorial Dedication for Coastal
Patrol Base 16.

Cadet Color Guard from Wild Eagle Squadron at Base 16 Roadside Memorial


Col C. Weldon Fields and relatives of Coastal Patrol Base 16 Members at
the Roadside Memorial.

L-R; C/MMSgt Cory Randolph, C/SSgt Liam McLerath, C/SSgt Nathanial Fields,
C/Amn Consuela Merkle (Miller) behind Capt Terry Blucker, 2d Lt Frank Blazich, Lt
Col Phil Saleet, MG Dwight Wheless, Col C. Weldon Fields, Chaplain (Major) Laura
Johnson, 1st Lt John Sheppard and Capt Allen Johnson.



Maryland Wing Statistics
Volunteer Members
798 Adult Members
854 Cadets
184 Aircrew Personnel
834 Emergency Responders
35 Locations Statewide
10 Single Engine
3 Vehicles
Inter-operable Communications
9 VHF/FM Repeaters
91 VHF/FM Stations
13 HF Stations
13 Search and Rescue Missions/ 5 Finds/ 1 Life Saved
32 Other State Support Missions


Maryland Wing Statistics
Cadet Flying
857 Cadets Flown
Total Hours Flown
2,106 Hours
$38,700 State Funding
$4.6M Value of Wing’s Volunteer Hours


Maryland Wing Squadrons
Headquarters Maryland Wing
Group 1 Headquarters
Bethesda – Chevy Chase Composite Squadron
Cumberland Flight
Frederick Composite Squadron
Hagerstown Composite Squadron
Howard Composite Squadron
Montgomery Senior Squadron
Mount Airy Composite Squadron
Parkland Middle School Composite Squadron
Upper Montgomery Composite Squadron
Group 2 Headquarters
Carroll Composite Squadron
Easton Composite Squadron
Fort McHenry Composite Squadron
Glenn L. Martin Composite Squadron
Harford Composite Squadron
Osprey Composite Squadron
Towson Composite Squadron
Wicomico Composite Squadron
Group 3 Headquarters
Annapolis Composite Squadron
Apollo I Composite Squadron
Arundel Composite Squadron
Bowie Composite Squadron
Calvert Cadet Squadron
Charles Composite Squadron
College Park Composite Squadron
Hyde Field Flight
Spring Ridge Middle School Cadet Squadron
St. Mary’s Composite Squadron

(U) March 27, 2012. Annapolis Cadet Earns Earhart Award. Civil Air Patrol- Maryland
Wings’, Annapolis Composite Squadron’s newest Cadet Captain, Kateri Brown, recently
received her Amelia Earhart Award from Col. Mary Feik, CAP, at an awards and promotions
ceremony held at Lee Airport, in Annapolis, Maryland.
(U) January 1, 2012. Three Martin Squadron Cadets Earn Earhart Award. Civil Air
Patrol Maryland Wings’ Glenn L. Martin Composite Squadron awarded three Amelia Earhart
Awards during an annual banquet held at Warfield Air National Guard dining Hall in Middle
River Maryland.
(U) December 9, 2012. “Get High On Life, Not Drugs”. CAP members took the Drug
Demand Reduction message, “Get high on life, not drugs.” to Ridgely, Maryland when DDR
made its annual appearance in the Ridgely Holiday Parade. Once again, Cadet Ken was the hit
of the parade. The CAP float featured the CAP jet. The jet was originally donated to Col. Tim
Hahn of the Bowie Composite Squadron. Col. Hahn is now commander of Nevada Wing CAP.
Col. John Knowles, with the assistance of Clark Construction, refurbished the jet. Maj. Jeffrey
Welch now owns the jet and makes it available for CAP functions.
(U) October 21, 2012. Martin Squadron Cadets Get Medevac Tour During Orientation
Flight. Two cadets, from the Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wings’ Glenn L. Martin Composite
Squadron, were given a tour of the Life Lion Medevac helicopter during their first orientation
(U) September 12, 2012. Maryland Members Tour Udvar Hazy Center. Members from
the Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wings’ Charles Composite Squadron and St. Mary's Composite
Squadron recently toured the Smithsonian's Steven Udvar Hazy Center near Dulles International
Airport in Chantilly, Virginia.
(U) August 19, 2012. Annapolis Squadron Begins Third Year of Speaker Program. The
Annapolis Composite Squadron, of the Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing, celebrates the second
anniversary of its monthly guest speaker program. Since its inception, the squadron has hosted a
number of speakers who talk to the squadron on variety of topics.


(U) June 29, 2012. Howard Squadron Holds Cadet Change of Command Ceremony.
Civil Air Patrol C/2d Lt Joni Taylor recently took command of the cadet component of the Civil
Air Patrol Maryland Wings’ Howard Composite Squadron, relieving C/2d Lt Julian Paul, in a
ceremony held in Laurel, Maryland.
(U) June 29, 2012. Glenn L Martin Cadets Earn Fitness Award. Civil Air Patrol
Maryland Wing cadets, from the Glenn L Martin Composite Squadron, participated in the
President's PhysicalFitness Challenge during their normal physical training night at the Martin
State Airport, in Middle River, Maryland, in May.
(U) June 15, 2012. Frederick Cadet Becomes CAP Pilot Weeks Before Heading to the
US Naval Academy. Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing Cadet Maj. Aaron Hull has earned his
CAP pilot status just weeks before leaving for his plebe summer at the United States Naval
Academy. Hull, a cadet in the Frederick Composite Squadron, will be a member of the US
Naval Academy class of 2016.
(U) June 11, 2012. Bethesda Chevy Chase Cadet Accepted to the U.S. Air Force
Academy. Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing Cadet Capt Colin Asbury has been accepted to the
United States Air Force Academy. Asbury, a cadet in the Bethesda Chevy Chase Composite
Squadron, will be a member of the class of 2016.
(U) May 18, 2012. Osprey Cadets Take First Flight. Civil Air Patrol Cadets Bradley
Bonham, Ryan Dorsey and Michael Gibbs, from the Osprey Composite Squadron of the Civil
Air Patrol Maryland Wing, took their very first flight in a Cessna 182 G1000 “glass cockpit”
single engine aircraft recently in the skies over Baltimore.
(U) May 6, 2012. Maryland Wing Cadet Accepted to U.S. Air Force Academy. Civil
Air Patrol Maryland Wing Cadet Maj John Rowan has been accepted to the United States Air
Force Academy. Rowan, a cadet in the Calvert Cadet Squadron, will be a member of the class of
(U) April 1, 2012. Two Baltimore Composite Squadron Cadets Experience First Flight.
On April 1, two cadets, in the newest squadron in Maryland Wing, experienced their first
orientation flight. The pilot, Capt James Holcomb, flew C/AB Razul Jones and C/AB Kahlil
Stanley from Martin State Airport to Easton, Maryland and back, with a stop at Bay Bridge


(U) April 9, 2012. Osprey Composite Squadron Converts Flight Theory into Practice.
With the help of an Air Force Association grant and the Radio Control Modelers of Baltimore,
Osprey Composite Squadron is constructing a 2-meter model sailplane.
(U) March 21, 2012. Maryland Cadets Earn Air Force Pilot Slots. Four current and
former Maryland Wing cadets are among those earning highly competitive pilot training slots
through their Air Force ROTC training programs.
(U) January 2, 2012. Mount Airy Members Visit Air Traffic Control Facilities. Eighteen
members from Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wings’ Mount Airy Composite Squadron recently
visited the Air Route Traffic Control Center in Leesburg, Virginia, and the Dulles Airport Tower
at Dulles International Airport in Chantilly, Virginia.
(U) February 2012. Maryland Wing, once again, has been selected to host cadets from
the International Air Cadet Exchange program in 2012. Lt Col Wes LaPre has volunteered to
serve as the project officer. He will be putting together a schedule for our visitors to give them a
taste of the US and Maryland. Similar to last year we will be planning an evening dinner for
cadets and seniors to welcome them to our State.
(U) August 2012. We filled every slot we had for the 2012 Tri-Wing Encampment and
Region Cadet Leadership School. Lt Col J.D. Ellis, DC Wing Vice Commander, did a terrific
job serving as the Encampment Commander, with Maj Mike Crockett, the Maryland Wing
Group 1 Vice Commander serving as the deputy. Maryland’s own Cadet Lt Col Kathleen
Crockett was the Cadet Cmdr, returning to Tri-Wing from her summer field training at Maxwell
Air Force Base to prepare her to be commissioned as an Air Force 2nd Lt. The staff did a great
job with the week topped off by a Dining Out with Lt Gen Ted Bowles, U.S. Air Force retired.
As a former Spaatz cadet, Gen Bowles honored us as guest speaker, and Maj. Gen. Chuck Carr,
the CAP National Commander, not only coming by for a visit, but also taking a turn with the
Maryland Wing Commander and Maj Colin Carmello at the grog bowl.
(U) August 2012. We hosted seven members of the International Air Cadet Exchange
program. They came to us from Canada, Hong Kong, and Turkey. Lt Col Wes LaPre did a great
job serving as the project officer for the visit. The Sherstha family served as the host for three of
the cadets from Turkey and the Lloyd family served as the host for the cadets from Canada and
Hong Kong. Brig. Gen. Allyson Solomon, Air National Guard and Brig. Gen. Joe Vazquez,
CAP, and his wife, Lt Col Leslie Vazquez, along with about 40 other wing members welcomed
our guests to the state at a dinner in Annapolis.


(U) August 28, 2012. The final event of a long month was a graduation of cadets from
the Lt Col Robert Ayer's Flight Scholarship Program on the 28th. Six cadets from the wing were
selected to participate in this intense week of flight instruction preparing them to solo. Lt Col
John Henderson served as the Activity Director, and Maj Pete Loewenheim, Maj Doug
Lundgren, Capt Kevin Martin, and Capt Curtis Berry served as instructors for the school. We
were honored at the graduation by the Ayers family who attended the 22nd solo school, now
renamed in Lt Col Ayres honor.

(SBU) November 12, 2012. Civil Air Patrol Revs Up Missions Over Storm-Ravaged
New York, New Jersey. Crepas said 700 to 750 CAP members are supporting the posthurricane missions daily throughout the Northeast and Mideast regions, putting in up to 7000
man-hours a day. “Were bringing in talent and personnel to handle this” from as far away as
Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. They are dedicated volunteers, most of whom have put their
personal lives on hold to serve the American public.
(SBU) June 10, 2012. Howard Squadron Prepares for SAREVAL. Members of the
Howard Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing practiced their emergency
services skills today. New cadets learned the basics from seasoned members of Howard
Composite Squadron’s ground team. Experienced personnel also had a chance to practice and
hone their abilities in preparation for the upcoming United States Air Force evaluation of
Maryland Wing known as a SAREVAL.
(SBU) April 16, 2012. Wing Holds Search and Rescue Exercise. The search and rescue
exercise is part of Maryland Wing’s ongoing preparedness for actual emergencies. Six aircraft,
five ground teams, and a total of 56 personnel took part in the exercise. Participants were given
the opportunity to practice the skills necessary to conduct an actual search and rescue mission.


(SBU) January 12, 2012. Hagerstown Squadron teams with Pennsylvania Wing for
exercise. Ground teams and aircrews from Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wings’ Hagerstown
Composite Squadron and Pennsylvania Wings’ Bedford Composite Squadron recently joined
members of the following groups for a practice search and rescue exercise mission:
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Rangers; the McConnellsburg
Fire Company 56; the Mercersburg-Montgomery-Peters Warren Fire Company 9; Air Methods’
Life-Net Helicopter Medevac; and other Maryland Wing and Pennsylvania Wing CAP staff.
(SBU} February 18, 2012. Maryland Wing held its Safety Stand down on February 18.
We took the opportunity to hold a meeting for all aircrew members in the wing to provide a
briefing on current policies and procedures. We also took questions from our members during an
open question and answer period. The meeting was facilitated by our Vice Commander, Lt Col
Bill Parris, with presentations by our Standard/Evaluation Officer Maj. Pete Loewenheim, our
Deputy Chief-of-Staff, Operations, Capt Kevin Martin, and Assistant DCS Operations, Capt
Charlie Summers. Some of the subjects covered included flight releases, crew resources, and
crew management.
(SBU) August 2012. Maryland Wing continued to fly Bay Patrol and were tasked with
seven additional “No-Notice” practice missions from the CAP National Operations Center over a
two-week period, to not only test our readiness, but our ability to do aerial imagery and upload
the properly labeled pictures. Our incident commanders, aircrews, and ground teams did a great
job along with Col Jerry Weiss who served as liaison between the NOC and Maryland Wing.
(SBU) August 2012. Maryland Wing were tasked to work with an NBC news crew for a
background on a story about Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs). When NBC asked all the
experts, FAA, NTSB, AOPA, and NOAA about who was the expert that could give them the
best information on chasing down ELTs, they all said the Civil Air Patrol. Our wing took NBC
up on two flights, one tracking a 121.5 beacon and one a 406 beacon. They also went out into
the field with a ground team, filming what it is like to do a search from the ground. Maj Tim
Strickland set out the targets. Lt Col John Henderson was the Incident Commander, Capt.
Harvey Dalton was the Mission Pilot, assisted by Maj John Harris as the Mission Observer and
Capt John Ralph as the Mission Scanner and Aerial Photographer. The ground team consisted of
cadets from Towson, Arundel, Osprey, and Hagerstown, and I had the pleasure of serving as the
Ground Team Leader.


(U) December 14, 2012. Civil Air Patrol Honor Veterans as Part of Wreath Laying
Salute. This year, in tribute to the 25 million men and women who have served in the US Armed
Forces, guarding and preserving America's freedom throughout history, Main-balsam wreaths
will be placed on more than 325,000 veterans graves at 800+ Cemetery or Memorial sites in all
50 states, as well as more than 20 foreign locations.
(U) November 14, 2012. Carroll Squadron Helps Local Election Board. Civil Air Patrol
Maryland Wing members from the Carroll Composite Squadron assisted the Carroll County
Election Board and Maryland citizens during the 2012 election. The Carroll County Composite
Squadron feels privileged to be involved in this important effort to elect a president, members of
Congress, and local officials. The squadron has served the county in this capacity for the past
several years.
(U) November 13, 2012. Members of Maryland’s Group 3 Serve at Warfield Dining
Facility. Recently 20 members from Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wings’ Calvert Cadet Squadron,
the Arundel Composite Squadron, and Bowie Composite Squadron, all part of the Wings’ Group
3, assisted the Maryland Air National Guard 175th Wing in the Warfield Air National Guard
Base dining facility during Air National Guard training weekend. Maryland Wing Civil Air
Patrol members from around the state have participated in this monthly activity for over 10
(U) October 4, 2012. Maryland Wing assists Warfield Air National Guard for Family
Day. More than 60 Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing members from 13 squadrons, along with one
Florida Wing member, assisted the 175th Air National Guard at Warfield Air National Guard
Base in Middle River, Maryland, during their annual family day.
(U) September 29, 2012. Osprey Squadron Hosts Second Annual Remote Control Fly-in
and Cookout. Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing’s Osprey Composite Squadron hosted their
second annual radio controlled aircraft fly-in and family cookout on September 29 at the Radio
Control Modelers of Baltimore flying field in Parkton, Maryland.
(U) September 17, 2012. Martin Color Guard Presents at Essex Day Festival. The color
guard from the Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing’s Glenn L Martin Composite Squadron
presented the colors during the opening ceremony of the annual Essex Day Festival.


(U) September 29, 2012. Martin Color Guard Presents Colors During World War II
Reunion. The color guard from Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wings’ Glenn L. Martin Composite
Squadron posted the colors during an annual World War II reunion banquet at the Baltimore
Washington International Marriott Hotel.
(U) September 25, 2012. Upper Montgomery Squadron Color Guard Presents Colors at
Nationals Game. Cadet Airman Nate Springer's first experience at a major league baseball game
came when he presented the colors at a recent Washington Nationals game in Washington, DC.
The teenager summed up the experience with one word: “Awesome.”
(U) May 18-20, 2012. Joint Service Open House at Joint Base Andrews. Civil Air Patrol
will be hosting a large static display area as well as providing staff to the base to help out.

(U) December 12, 2012. CAP Board of Governors selects Chairman and Vice
Chairman. Civil air Patrol's Board of Governors, meeting in person for the first time since
organization’s new governance structure was introduced in August, elected retired Air Force Maj
Gen John Spiegel as its chairman and CAP Lt Col Ned Lee as vice chairman. Spiegel, previously
the board's vice chairman, succeeds Brig Gen Richard Anderson when Gen Anderson's term
concludes in February.
(U) December 2, 2012. Civil Air Patrol to Observe Long Legacy of Service. “Each day
our members provide a valuable service to their communities,” said CAP National Commander
Maj Gen Chuck Carr. “They help mentor America's youth through our outstanding aerospace
education and cadet programs and save lives and preserve liberty for all through search and
rescue missions and emergency service, disaster relief and homeland security missions
nationwide. As this anniversary approaches, be sure to say thanks to these unsung heroes in your
communities who provide so selfless service, often without fanfare.
(U) October 29, 2012. Charles Squadron Celebrates First Year with Dining Out. Nearly
100 invited guests and members of Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wings’ Charles Composite
Squadron recently celebrated their first anniversary with a dining out and awards ceremony.
(U) September 23, 2012. Montgomery Senior Squadron remembers Bob Hawkins and
Bob Ayers. Members from the Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing’s Montgomery Senior Squadron
and the Congressional Flying Club held a commemoration ceremony at the Montgomery Airpark
for Lt Col Bob Ayers and Maj Bob Hawkins.


The event celebrated both their lives and contributions to CAP and flying. Maj Hawkins’
wife, Anne Culver, and Maryland Wing Commander Col. John Knowles, were present. Both
Bobs served as commander of Montgomery Senior Squadron and president of the Congressional
Flying Club over the years.
(U) September 12, 2012. Annapolis Holds Cadet Change of Command. Civil Air Patrol
Cadet Capt Kateri Brown recently assumed the role as the Cadet Commander of Maryland
Wings’ Annapolis Composite Squadron during a change of command ceremony held at Lee
Airport in Edgewater, Maryland.
(U) August 23, 2012. Civil Air Patrol Launching 70-year Cadet Celebration in
Baltimore. More than 600 Civil Air Patrol members gathered in Baltimore this week as the US
Air Force Auxiliary officially wraps up its yearlong 70th anniversary celebration with all eyes on
its high-flying cadet program. CAP officially celebrates the 70th anniversary of its cadet program
in October of this year, but gets started early at the 2012 Annual Conference and National Board
Meeting August 21-25 at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront.
(U) June 14, 2012. Two Osprey Cadets Get US Air Force Commission. Two cadets
from Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wings’ Osprey Composite Squadron became officers of the
United States Air Force on May 28. Wayne Mowery and Shaharazad Purvis were commissioned
as second lieutenants at the Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, and were sworn in by Col
Robert Pecoraro, Commander the US Air Force ROTC Detachment 330 at the University of
(U) May 18, 2012. Apollo 1 Squadron Member Earns ACE Award. Civil Air Patrol
Maryland Wing member 1st Lt Ronald Miller was recently awarded the ACE award from
Explore Maryland by Air Program. This program began in 2011. It encourages those interested
in aviation to explore the 36 public airports in Maryland, as well as visit the four aviation
museums, and attend several FAA Faasteam safety seminars. The ACE award is the highest of
three awards possible in the program.
(U) March 18, 2012. Maryland Members Visit Congress. On March 1, members of the
Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wing spent the day visiting Maryland's eight federal representatives
and two senators during Civil Air Patrol’s National Legislative Day. Maryland Wing’s two
teams, working with Maryland Wing Commander Col John Knowles and the Wing Legislative
Liaison Officer, Lt Col Rory Garnice, delivered briefings to each congressional office, providing
details on CAP's efforts during 2011 with a special emphasis on the work done by Maryland
Wings’ almost 1,600 volunteer professionals.


(U) March 3, 2012. Harford Squadron Members Receive County Counsel Proclamation.
Nine members of the Harford Composite Squadron recently received proclamations from the
Harford County Council for their work during Hurricane Irene.
(U) February 26, 2012. Hagerstown Squadron Celebrates 70th Anniversary.
Hagerstown Civil Air Patrol Composite Squadron held its annual awards banquet on February 4.
During the event, the squadron recognized the efforts of many of its members and celebrated the
70th anniversary of the squadron.
(U) February 8, 2012. Harford Squadron Holds Change of Command. Major Jeff
Koubek, CAP, Commander of Civil Air Patrol Maryland Wings’ Harford Composite Squadron,
relinquished command to Lt Col Eric Tiso, CAP, in a ceremony recently at the squadron
headquarters located at Harford Airport in Churchville, Maryland.
(U) February 2, 2012. Maryland Wing’s “70 for 70” Campaign Begins. The Civil Air
Patrol Maryland Wing Recruiting and Retention Staff launched the 2012 membership
recruitment campaign named “70 for 70”. In recognition of Civil Air Patrol’s 70th birthday this
year, the goal is to recruit 70 new members to the Wing. Squadrons will compete for the most
recruited members over the year, with the top squadron winning a squadron activity at an A-10C
aircraft simulator.
(U) January 30, 2012. Civil Air Patrol's Budget Fully Restored. The U.S. Congress has
fully restored Civil Air Patrol's fiscal year 2012 budget. As a result, all flying operations are not
only back to normal, but more money is also available in this year's budget for Air Force mission
training and cadet orientation flights then CAP had last year.
(U) September 2012. Maryland Wing received two Letters of Commendation from the
Assistant Executive Director of CAP for Cadet Col John Brennan, who served as the narrator for
the awards ceremony and general assembly, and for Cadet Staff Sgt Britton Irechukwu who
played “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipes to honor our deceased members from last year.
(U) September 2012. Maryland Wing was award for having the most outstanding cadet
program and for the most outstanding emergency services program on a national level for the
region awards. This is a very prestigious award and speaks volumes about all the efforts our
members are doing in these two vital missions of the Civil Air Patrol. The Bethesda-Chevy
Chase Composite Squadron, Group I of the Maryland Wing, was also honored as the most
outstanding squadron in the Civil Air Patrol. Its commander, Maj Mike Crockett, received the F.
Ward Reilly Leadership Award at the closing banquet on Saturday night.


Maryland Wing was also awarded second place in the Middle East Region Safety Blitz.
While second may not sound as good as first, this is the first time we have been placed in the top
half in a very long time. Congratulations to our Wing Safety Officer, Capt Matt Cauthern, and
all the unit safety officers that made this possible.

(U) October 27, 2012. Maryland Wing member Jake Weiser joined CAP as a cadet in
1999. He was a very active cadet, who completed the Earhart Award in 2002. He attended five
encampments, as well as the National Flight Academy for Gliders. He joined the Maryland Air
National Guard and served as a crew chief on the C-130J. He has served in a number of
assignments overseas with the Guard, and, while all this was going on, he completed his
Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in Aviation Sciences.
He left Maryland on October 27 to begin the next step in his career working towards his pilots
slot as an Air National Guard pilot. Jake is a great example of what many CAP cadets dream of.
He further demonstrates how CAP and ANG work as a partnership.




Virginia Wing Statistics
Volunteer Members
916 Adult Members
830 Cadets
168 Aircrew Personnel
885 Emergency Responders
29 Locations Statewide
11 Single Engine
1 Glider
24 Vehicles
Inter-operable Communications
14 VHF/FM Repeaters
142 VHF/FM Stations
27 HF Stations
14 Search and Rescue Missions/ 11 Finds/ 1 Life Saved
4 Counterdrug Missions
18 Other State Support Missions
Cadet Flying
847 Cadets Flown

Virginia Wing Statistics
Total Hours Flown
2,296 Hours
$100,000 State Funding
$4.8M Value of Wing’s Volunteer Hours


Virginia Wing Squadrons
Group 1
Lynchburg Composite Squadron
Danville Composite Squadron
Roanoke Composite Squadron
Montgomery Composite Squadron
Martinsville Composite Squadron
Holston Valley Composite Squadron
Fort Pickett Composite Squadron
Group 2
Langley Composite Squadron
Tidewater Composite Squadron
Southside Composite Squadron
Byrd Field Cadet Squadron
Newport-News Composite Squadron
West Richmond Cadet Squadron
Hanover County Composite Squadron
Coastal Composite Squadron
Hampton Roads Composite Squadron
Group 3
Augusta Composite Squadron
Winchester Composite Squadron
Monticello Composite Squadron
Prince William Composite Squadron
Fredericksburg Composite Squadron
Leesburg Composite Squadron
Burke Composite Squadron
Minuteman Composite Squadron

There are no articles submitted for this report from Virginia Wing CAP.




Delaware Wing Statistics
Volunteer Members
306 Adult Members
203 Cadets
75 Aircrew Personnel
308 Emergency Responders
10 Locations Statewide
7 Single Engine
12 Vehicles
Inter-operable Communications
5 VHF/FM Repeaters
61 VHF/FM Stations
7 HF Stations
2 Search and Rescue Missions/ 1 Find/ 1 life Saved
6 Counterdrug Missions
16 Other State Support Missions
Cadet Flying
145 Cadets Flown


Delaware Wing Statistics
Total Hours Flown
1,768 Hours
$10,000 State Funding
$1.4M Value of Wing’s Volunteer Hours


Delaware Wing Squadrons

Brandywine Cadet Squadron
Dover Composite Squadron
Delaware Air National Guard Cadet Squadron
Coastal Patrol Base 2 Memorial Composite Squadron
Tri-State Cadet Squadron
New Castle Senior Squadron
Middletown Cadet Squadron
Delaware State Legislative Senior Squadron
The Delaware Wing has no Groups.


(SBU) November 6, 2012. Delaware-based aircrews perform aerial imaging along New
Jersey coast for FEMA. Members from 15 units from six wings, Delaware, Maryland, National
Capital, New Jersey, North Carolina and Virginia, staffed the mission base established at
Newcastle Airport to provide the Federal Emergency Management Agency with aerial geostatic
survey photos of damage to the New Jersey coast from Hurricane Sandy. Five mission pilots
began flying Civil Air Patrol Cessna 172s and 182's early Sunday morning and continued doing
so until low visibility prevented further photography. The flights concentrated on homes,
businesses, roads and surveying the New Jersey shoreline. FEMA will use the CAP photos to
assess storm damage and to allocate the resources needed to restore the structures. Delaware
wing staffed the mission base, which maintained radio communication with pilots as they carried
out their missions. The survey's base staff also marshaled mission aircraft, arranged for refueling
and briefed the pilots and crews on their upcoming missions.
(U) June 20-24, 2012. Congratulations to our Diamond Flight Drill Team who
represented the Middle East Region at the National Cadet Competition at Wright State
University in Dayton Ohio. Our team and their senior member advisors and support crew
worked very hard over the past several months to perfect their performance. Finishing fifth
overall, they took home trophies for placing second in innovative drill and second in the standard




West Virginia Wing Statistics
Volunteer Members
422 Adult Members
277 Cadets
84 Aircrew Personnel
399 Emergency Responders
13 Locations Statewide
6 Single Engine
24 Vehicles
Inter-operational Communications
12 VHF/FM Repeaters
92 VHF/FM Stations
19 HF Stations
1 Search and Rescue Missions/ 3 Finds
3 Counterdrug Missions
1 Other State Support Mission
Cadet Flying
316 Cadets Flown


West Virginia Wing Statistics

Total Hours Flown
1,275 Hours
$275,000 State Funding
$1.5M Value of Wing’s Volunteer Hours


West Virginia Wing Squadrons

Charleston Cadet Squadron
Martinsburg Composite Squadron
Boone Composite Squadron
Clarksburg Composite Squadron
Parkersburg Composite Squadron
Wheeling Composite Squadron
Morgantown Composite Squadron
Mercer Composite Squadron
Beckley Composite Squadron
Greenbrier Composite Squadron
Mid Valley Composite Squadron
Potomac Highlands Composite Squadron
The West Virginia Wing has no Groups.


(U) December 12, 2012. Team America Rocketry Challenge Great Meadows, Virginia.
In an effort to encourage students to study math and science and to consider related careers,
Aerospace Industries Association and the National Association Rocketry created the world's
largest model rocket design and launch contest, the “Team America Rocketry Challenge”.
Approximately 7000 students from across the nation compete in TARC each year. Teams
design, build and fly a model rocket that reaches a specific altitude and duration determined by a
set of rules developed each year. The challenge for 2012 is to design a rocket weighing 650 g or
less that can carry two large grade A eggs to an altitude of 800 feet and return them to the ground
by the use of a parachute, in 43-47, seconds without breaking the eggs.
Martinsburg Composite Squadron’s Team #13585 started work on their rocket design in
December and made their first practice flights at Great Meadow, Virginia on Saturday, February
12. The Martinsburg Squadron’s Team is one of 669 teams across the nation. The team
consisting of C/SrA Denver Brenizer Iser, C/SSgt Casey Densmore, C/Amn Nicolas Horedia,
C/Amn Chase Kelvington, C/TSgt Kenneth May, and C/SrA Duncan Smith lead by C/1st Lt Tim
Dye. The team’s NAR mentor is 2nd Lt Frank Panek.
The TARC Team made a second trip to Great Meadow on St. Patrick's Day and did an
outstanding job of tweaking the rocket design to meet the flight objectives. On the third flight of
the day the team flew the rocket to 795 feet and scored 7.5, which is about as good as they come.
However, on taking the egg out and handing it off to the judge it cracked resulting in
disqualification. The team will make its last qualifying flight attempt on the weekend of March
31. Regardless of the outcome, the Team should be proud of its accomplishments.
(U) August 24-26, 2012. Potomac Highlands Squadron Holds Rocketry Weekend. The
Civil Air Patrol Potomac Highlands Squadron hosted a Rocket Weekend at the Squadron
Headquarters located at the Grant County Airport, West Virginia. Nineteen Cadets and ten
Seniors from the Greenbrier Squadron, the Wheeling Squadron and the Potomac Highlands
Squadron participated in the rocket weekend. Cadets, Seniors and Cadet Parents camped
onboard the grounds of the airport. Reveille was at 0630 each morning, with the day's events
starting at 0800. Each day commenced with a Safety Brief. Safety of the Cadets and Seniors is
always of paramount importance!
The CAP rocket program consists of three stages: Stage I Redstone Program, Stage II
Titan Program, and Stage III Saturn Program. Each stage has a presentation, a test and
construction, and launch of rockets. The Redstone Program consists of a presentation on the
History of Rocketry, going all the way back to ancient times when the Chinese discovered
firecrackers for use in their many wars. Then each cadet constructed and launched a TP Rubber
Band powered rocket, and a Fizzy Rocket. Stage I was completed by each respective squadron
at their Home Base before attending the Rocket Weekend.

Stage II presentation, consisting of Sir Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion and Rocket
Aerodynamics, was presented on Friday evening, the 24 August. Saturday morning, Maj Lynn
Hoffmann, the Squadron Cadet Liaison Officer, led a thorough review of the Presentation
followed by a test in which the Cadets needed a passing grade of 70%. All the cadets passed.
After a break, the Stage III presentation, consisting of Rocket Apogee and Rocket Engine
Designations and Thrust parameters, was presented, followed by a review and test.

Cadets prepare their Rocket for the
Team America Rocketry Challenge.


Blast Off!!!!!!

(U) January 2012. Martinsburg receives runner-up honors in the wing color guard
competition. They do not work for the Postal Service, but bad weather did not deter the members
of the West Virginia Wing from completing the competition to see which squadron’s color guard
would represent the wing at the upcoming Middle East Region Competition.
Color guards from Charleston, Martinsburg, Mid -Valley, Morgantown, and Potomac
Highlands competed in six different events: Uniform inspection, indoor practice drill, written
exam, outdoor practical, indoor posting and quiz bowl. Lt Col Don Burke headed the judging
team, consisting of cadets from the WVU ROTC program.
The following cadets represented Martinsburg Squadron: C/MSgt Ty Stansbury, C/SSgt
Zach Bowman, C/A1C Kyle Powers, and C/CMSgt John Dye, with C/SMSgt Nathan Worley as
the alternate.


After a tough competition, Charleston Cadet Squadron emerged as the overall winner.
They will represent the wing at the Middle East Region Competition held at Fort Pickett
Virginia, April 20-22. Two Martinsburg members received individual awards: C/CMSgt John
Dye received the award for top scorer on the written exam, and C/MSgt Ty Stansberry was
awarded the Fleet of Foot Award for the fastest time in the mile run. In all 112 members, family
members, and guests attended the event held on January 28, at the Kingwood Armed Forces
Reserve Center.
(U) January 27, 2012. On January 27, 25 members of the Martinsburg Composite
Squadron, West Virginia Wing Commander, Col. Dennis Barron and 3 guests took a field trip to
the National Museum of the Marine Corps's, located in Triangle, Virginia
The National Museum of the Marine Corps's is a lasting tribute to the US Marines past,
present, and future. Situated on a 135-acre site adjacent to Marine Corps Base Quantico,
Virginia, and under the command of Marine Corps University, the Museum’s soaring design
evokes the image of the flag-raisers of Iwo Jima and beckons visitors to this 120,000 square-foot
structure. World-class interactive exhibits, using the most innovative technology, surround
visitors with irreplaceable artifacts and immerse them in the sights and sounds of Marines in
(U) April 20-22, 2012. A total of 21 cadets and 52 senior members completed the Third
Annual West Virginia Comprehensive Training Weekend held at Camp Dawson, near
Kingwood, West Virginia. Included in those numbers were 4 cadets and 5 seniors from the
Martinsburg Squadron. The 2012 curriculum included: Cadet Leadership Training Course,
Cadet Learning Course, Training Leaders of Cadets Course, and Unit Commanders Course.
I especially want to mention the cadets who attended the CLTC. The cadets who attended
this year's CLTC were required to prepare a 3 to 5 min. speech on some DDR related subject.
Since public speaking is a major topic of the CLTC, we use the new national DDR Speech
Contest as a basis for the cadets’ presentation this year. “The cadets did an excellent job
researching, preparing, and practicing their speeches,” remarked West Virginia Wing
Commander and training weekend coordinator, Col Dennis D Barron. Martinsburg's C/SSgt
Dustin E. Smith placed 3rd in this event and will be submitting his videotaped speech to National
Headquarters for the DDR Speech Contest.
Martinsburg graduates: CLTC-C/MSgt Kenneth May, C/SSgt Duncan Smith and C/SSgt
Dustin Smith. Instructor- Capt Mark Guiney. TLC-2nd Lt Frank Panek, 2nd Lt Dennis Webb,
and SM Frances Webb. CLC-Capt Gary Gourley. UCC-Maj Russ Voelker.


(U) June, 2012. Ten Martinsburg members joined other members of West Virginia Wing
for a trip to the Challenger Learning Center, at Wheeling Jesuit University, in Wheeling, West
Virginia. Participants are transformed into astronauts, scientists, and engineers; the researchers
working together in order to return to the moon; mission control crew; directed activities of
astronauts onboard the spacecraft; navigating, maintaining critical life-support systems,
communicating, and solving emergencies. Martinsburg members participating: Cadets Kendall
Barrett, Austin Bradford, Clarke Gordon III, Nicholas Aredia, Patrick Aredia, Dallas King, Ty
Reed King, Nathanael Main, and Jacob Perry. Senior: Gary Gourley
(U) July 2012. 2012 West Virginia Wing Summer Encampment. West Virginia Wing
announced the successful completion of the 2012 West Virginia Wing Cadet Summer
Encampment. The encampment was once again held at Camp Dawson, the West Virginia
National Guard Training Base, in Kingwood, West Virginia. This year 109 cadets graduated
from the encampment training course; 89 West Virginia Wing cadets, 8 Ohio Wing cadets, 8
Maryland Wing cadets, 2 Pennsylvania Wing cadets, and 2 Virginia Wing cadets. This was the
largest Cadet Encampment for the West Virginia wing in over 20 years.
Despite extremely hot temperatures at the beginning of the encampment week, there were
no injuries or illnesses during the week and no one went home due to homesickness.
Unfortunately, due to bad weather the last day of the encampment, as well as some major
construction at the base, the usual Pass-in-Review Parade was canceled, but it was a standing
room only crowd that witnessed the cadets receiving their Certificates of Completion. It was a
great encampment with a great staff!
During the week, the cadets experienced a taste military life by flying in a C-130 cargo
aircraft, as well as a Black Hawk helicopter. They rappelled down an 80-foot rappel tower, were
challenged by the Leadership Reaction Course, shot rifles on the firing range, launched model
rockets that they had built, and learned about Land and Water Survival. These were only some
of the exciting activities that the cadets enjoyed, plus they made good use of the base pool.
During the graduation ceremonies, numerous awards were presented to some of the
outstanding cadets of the encampment. Those awards included: Outstanding Cadet NCO
C/CMSgt Chloe Powers; Distinguished Graduate: C/SSgt Tony May. Both the cadet and senior
staff did an outstanding job of running the encampment this year. My thanks and appreciation for
all their hard work and efforts in order to make this such a successful encampment.
(U) August 25, 2012. National CAP Conference Cadet Day. On Saturday, August 25,
the following Martinsburg Sqd. members attended the 2012 National CAP Conference Cadet
Day in Baltimore, MD: C/2d Lt Nathan Worley, C/2d LT Nathanael Main, C/SrA Nicole Orr,


C/MSgt Dustin Smith, C/MSgt Duncan Smith, C/MSgt Ben Baker, C/Capt Tim Dye, C/SMSgt
Kenneth May, C/Amn Tyriq King, S/SSgt Toni May, C/SrA Angel Webb, 2d Lt Dennis Webb,
and 2d Lt Sherry Main.
Cadet Day activities: the cadets learned uniform tips from the US Air Force Honor
Guard, checked out exhibits featuring CAP’s 71 year history, explored careers at the CIA, and
met aviation legend of longtime CAP member Col Marry Feik.
(U) August 11, 2012. 7 cadets and 3 senior members, from the Martinsburg Squadron,
took part in the wing wide event “Come Fly with the West Virginia CAP,” hosted by the
Potomac Highlands Squadron. While some cadets took powered and/or glider aircraft orientation
flights, others waited their turn playing volleyball, tossing a Frisbee, or participating in a
scavenger hunt. At the end of the day, a catered picnic was held at the airports Pavilion.
Participating members: Cadet C/Amn Austin Bradford, Cadet James Kemman, C/Amn Dallas
King, C/Amn Tyriq King, C/A1C Nicole Orr, Cadet Tyler Mason, and C/A1C Angel Webb.
Seniors: Capt Larry Dean, Capt Adam Saunders, and Maj Russ Voelker.
(U) September 4, 2012. Cadet Leadership Changes Hands. Martinsburg Composite
Squadron got a new Cadet Commander. During a formal ceremony, the mantle of leadership
was transferred from C/2d Lt Chloe Powers to C/Capt Tim Dye. C/2d Lt Powers has been Cadet
Commander since December 2011.
Cadet Dye, a CAP member since December 2008, is a dedicated member of the
squadron’s award-winning color guard and serves as Cadet Commander. In addition, Cadet Dye
has attended three West Virginia Wing Summer Encampments. His previous awards include the
Red Service Ribbon, CAP Achievement Award and multiple Certificates of Appreciation. Cadet
Dye recently completed his 3rd year at Civil Air Patrol's Honor Guard Academy. Tim is home
schooled and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dye Sr. Cadet Dye and his family reside in the
Martinsburg area.
(U) July 18, 2012. Cadet Orientation Flight Weekend held in Petersburg. The Cadet
Orientation Flight Weekend was held at the Grant County Airport in Petersburg, West Virginia,
and was a great success! A total of 19 glider Cadet Orientation Flights were conducted. Six
glider proficiency sorties were also conducted. The wings staff meeting and commanders’ call
were held while flight operations were being conducted. Members of the wing then enjoyed a
great barbecue at the campground across from the airport.
Thanks to all pilots, support staff, and other members who contributed to making this a
fun, productive, and a safe activity. Thanks also to the Potomac Highlands Squadron for hosting
the event. As an added bonus, a glider flight literally soared with the eagles as two mature bald
eagles were flying nearby.

(U) September 2012. Wheeling Squadron Initiates Commander’s Fitness Challenge. Maj
Paul McCroskey, Commander, Wheeling Composite Squadron, has initiated a new and voluntary
fitness program for all Civil Air Patrol cadets under his command. The program is meant to
teach cadets self-discipline, physically conditioning them to better enhance the physical fitness
aspect of cadet programs. The challenge ties in with Drug Demand Reduction and healthy, clean
The cadets arrive a half hour early each meeting to do stretches and calisthenics, or to
run. The weekly routine brings them closer together as a flight and allows them to spend time
with the Commander in a small group setting. Cadets especially enjoy running in formation
while McCroskey and spectators are treated to morale building as the flight rolls by.
(U) September 2012. Civil Air Patrol teaches Respect, Discipline. As dusk falls on the
Air National Guard Armory near Coonskin Park, cadets in dress blues practice footwork drills.
It is one aspect of a Civil Air Patrol program that focuses on aviation, but also emphasizes
discipline and teamwork. Adults and students meet from 630 to 9 PM each Tuesday.
Members are able to take part in activities at local, state, and national levels, assisting
with different hands-on experiences. Cadets are able take part in leadership training, obstacle
courses, flying exercises, exploration of aviation careers and more. “The cadets are able to
participate in aerospace activities, using gliders for training, and different types of training
camps,” said 1st Lt Amy Higgs, Public Affairs Officer for the Charleston Cadet Squadron.
Although the program might sound like fun and games, there are certain requirements that the
cadets must abide by. “There are certain objectives the cadets must meet, such as completing
hours in classes,” Higgs said. “This helps them earn certain ranks in the program.”
The Civil Air Patrol program offers students between ages 12 and 18 the opportunity to
experience applied aviation curriculum. With this multi-step program, cadets have a chance to
make a difference in their own lives as well as their community’s. The cadet can stay with the
program until the age of 21.
The young cadets say they got involved for a variety reasons. “I've been in the program
for about 3 months and have already learned a lot from the program,” said Samantha Bryant, an
8th grade student at Ripley Middle School. It's a respectable program that helps you become
trustworthy and apply more respect towards others.”
The Coonskin unit of Civil Air Patrol cadets has 40 students participating. “We are
constantly getting new members,” Lt Higgs said. “New members are always welcome.”
Another cadet, Tag Morgan, who is a sophomore at Capital High School, looks forward to
participation by more cadets.

“The program has grown greatly since I joined,” Morgan said. “I joined because it
looked like a great opportunity, and I have been able to learn a lot about discipline because of it.”
The history of the Civil Air Patrol goes back about 70 years. Founded in late 1941, the Civil Air
Patrol program was established by volunteers with a love of aviation. They wanted a program
for people to build skills to use in defense of the United States.
Civil Air Patrol was able to help with many critical wartime missions, including response
to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. By July 1946, Civil Air Patrol was officially designated
as a nonprofit, and two years later the organization was designated as the Auxiliary of the U.S.
Air Force. Primary focus points for the program included aerospace education, cadet programs
and emergency services. Today, these operations are still part of the program.
(U) January 2012. Two Units Named Quality Cadet Units by Middle East Region CAP.
Congratulations to all the units in Civil Air Patrol's Middle East Region that have been
recognized as Quality Cadet Units and will be receiving the Quarterly Cadet Unit Award
Streamer. For 2011, Middle East Region had 35 units recognized, verses 10 in 2010. Wheeling
Composite Squadron and Morgantown Composite Squadron were named from the West Virginia
(U) February 2012. Cadet Smith Finally Solos after Completing Flight Training.
C/CMSgt Isaiah Smith soloed for the first time back on December 2011, after completing cadet
solo flight training. Smith did the solo flight in a PA-28 aircraft at Parkersburg, West Virginia.
Cadet Smith was selected for the cadet solo flight training two summers ago, but his
inability to obtain a medical certificate prevented him from soloing at that time. Since then, he
has obtained his medical certificate and earned funds for his flight training in the fashion of
aviation legends, by working waxing airplanes. Smith is a recent graduate of Ritchie County
High School, and plans to continue his flight training to obtain commercial certification.


West Virginia Wing Cadets leave for

Cadets Packing Up.

Encampment Water Survival Training.

C-130 Orientation Ride.


“Come Fly with the West Virginia
Wing CAP.”

Thunder Over the Blue Ridge Airshow.

Cadet Ken with some young admirers.
Thunder Over the Blue Ridge Airshow.

World War II Fighter. Thunder Over
the Blue Ridge Airshow.


(SBU) June 1-3, 2012. U.S. Air Force Guided Training Exercise. Eight members of the
Martinsburg Squadron participated in the U.S. Air Force Guided Training Exercise, held at the
Clarksburg Squadron Headquarters. Flight crew included: Capt. Mervin Bourque, Capt. Larry
Dean and Lt. Col. Raymond Feliciano. ES Training Officer: 1st Lt Gary May. GTM3 trainees
included: C/A1C Kendall Barrett, C/2nd Lt John Dye, C/TSgt Duncan Smith, and C/TSgt Dustin
(SBU) May 11-13, 2012. Ground team and aircrew members from the Civil Air Patrol's
West Virginia Wing supported a statewide Search and Rescue Exercise in Pocahontas County,
West Virginia. The West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
and the West Virginia Search and Rescue Council sponsored the statewide SAR, titled Operation
2012 Apocalypse. The event was held at the Buckskin Boy Scout Reservation in Dilley's Mill,
West Virginia.
Exercises included a search for a simulated downed aircraft as well as a missing person
search. Dave Canterbury, co-star Discovery Channel series “Duel Survival”, and his crew,
attended the event and filmed some of the action. He and his wife, Iris, volunteered to serve as
“missing persons” for the search exercise. Exercise participants also included the West Virginia
National Guard, first responders, state HAM radio operators, and other vital civil search and
rescue agencies. The American Red Cross used the event as mass-care training, providing food
over the weekend.
“This was a tremendous opportunity for agencies to train in a joint search and rescue
environment. Better learning what each agency brings to the table definitely makes us better
prepared to work together for real world rescue operations,” said Maj Paul McCroskey II,
Commander of the Wheeling Composite Squadron.
(SBU) February 3-5, 2012. West Virginia Wing Conducts Cold-Weather Operations
SAREX in Elkins. The West Virginia Wing of the Civil Air Patrol was on hand for a ColdWeather SAREX at the Elkins Randolph County Airport.
The main purpose is a training exercise to train and evaluate CAP personnel in coldweather operations. The secondary purpose is to introduce Randolph County Office of
Emergency Services, US National Forest Service, several local volunteer fire departments, and
the Elkins Randolph County Airport CAP's emergency services to one another. Trainees will be
learning the basic tools for survival in the field. Training starts from something as simple as the
right close to wear, food to eat, and the proper shelter. Communications is a key part search and
rescue. The Wing also conducted air to ground communications as well.

(SBU) October 6, 2012. Four-Day Search for Missing Aircraft ends in Southern West
Virginia. A four-day search for a missing piper PA-32 Saratoga ended October 6 when a Civil
Air Patrol member spotted the airplane from the West Virginia State Police Helicopter flying
over a rugged mountainous area in southern Hardy County near Peru, West Virginia. Pilot and
passengers of the missing aircraft were confirmed dead.
A dozen CAP aircraft and numerous ground teams from the West Virginia, Maryland,
North Carolina, and Virginia Wings participated in the search, which also involved the Maryland
State Police Helicopter. CAP units and numerous EMS units also searched for the aircraft in
The piper, operating under visual flight rules, was in radio radar contact with air traffic
controllers until it was lost about 12 miles southeast of Grant County, about 8:45 PM October 2
after taking off from Danville, Virginia for Johnstown, Pennsylvania. West Virginia Wing of
Civil Air Patrol was alerted to the missing plane by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center at
Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida.
CAP coordinated with Hardy and Grant County emergency services agencies, along with
local fire-fighting and law enforcement agencies throughout the search effort. In all, more than
200 CAP and EMS personnel were involved in the operation.


Ground Search and Rescue Training.
This was held at Manidokan Camp
and Retreat Center.


Aircrew Training Clarksburg, WV.


(SBU) March 16-17, 2012. The Martinsburg Composite Squadron held a Ground Search
and Rescue training event March 16-17, at the Manidokan Camp And Retreat Center, Knoxville,
MD. This event marks a new beginning for Martinsburg ground search and rescue capability,
which was dormant for many years.
The GTM3 training by senior members of the squadron, combined with the real world
expertise, added realism to the tasks that were being trained. Combined with the enthusiasm
provided by the cadets, the event was a great success. The training involved cadet GTM3
trainees: C/1st Lt Tim Dye, C/Amn Kendall Barrett, C/Amn John Garlitz, C/TSgt Kenneth May,
C/A1C Tony May, and C/Amn Angel Web. Senior members Dennis and Frances Web assisted
1st Lt Gary May. For the cadets, the training provided many new experiences. For others, this
was their first time camping, eating Meals Ready to Eat, sitting around a campfire looking up at
the stars, and learning in an outdoor environment.
Trainees are required to demonstrate proficiency in search and rescue techniques in order
to obtain the “Ground Team Member” qualification, making them eligible to assist in actual
search and rescue missions. The focus of this field training event was line searches clues
identification. The trainees were instructed in the use of scanning techniques while on foot,
moving as part of a search line, search line communications, whistle signals, attraction
techniques, identify aircraft, and missing person search clues.
(SBU) May 12, 2012. Operation Apocalypse. A flight crew consisting of Capt Larry
Dean, Capt Merv Bourque, and Maj Russ Voelker participated in the West Virginia Department
of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Joint SAREX, held at the Buckskin Boy
Scout Camp, Dilley's Mill, West Virginia . Air Operations for this exercise were based out of
Elkins Randolph County Airport. The Martinsburg aircraft flew several photographic missions
during the week exercise.
(U) March 1, 2012. Martinsburg Members Participate in Civil Air Patrol Legislative
Day. During Civil Air Patrol's 2012 Legislative Day, West Virginia Wing Commander, Col.
Dennis D Barron briefed members of the West Virginia Congressional Delegation on how the
U.S. Air Force auxiliary's primary missions emergency services, aerospace education and cadet
programs make a difference in their communities.
Col. Barron, and eight members of Martinsburg Squadron took part in this annual
networking event on Capitol Hill. The delegation was able to personally meet with Sen. Joe
Manchin and Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito. During Sen. Manchin’s briefing, Col
Barron presented Sen. Manchin with a Certificate of Membership in the Congressional

Squadron. Sen. Manchin, an avid aviator, joined the Congressional Squadron, which is
composed of members of Congress and members of their staffs, and is based at Andrews Air
Force Base. Congresswoman Capito has been a longtime supporter Civil Air Patrol, especially
its cadet program.
The trip to the Hill also provided the delegation with an opportunity to garner support for
bipartisanship legislation introduced in Congress to honor CAP's World War II era members.
Identical bills introduced in the House of Representatives and Senate call for the awarding of a
single Congressional Gold medal to CAP in recognition of the highly unusual service performed
by the volunteer men and women of the organization who, using their own aircraft, conducted
combat operations and other emergency missions during the war.
Legislative day is part of a full slate of activities for CAP members gathering in the
nation's capital for the organization's Winter National Board meeting, March 2-3, at the Marriott
Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia.
(U) May 18, 2012. Three senior members and a record 16 cadets from the Martinsburg
Composite Squadron drove two hours to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland to attend the 2012
Joint Services Open House and Air Show, along with members from Mercer Squadron. The
members from Mercer Squadron camped out in the squadron hangar, both the night before and
the night after the air show since they had more than a 5-hour drive home.
The Martinsburg cadets did an outstanding job doing a variety of different tasks at the
airshow, including VIP escort, food service, aircraft security, Drug Demand Reduction,
recruiting and much more. The cadets received several compliments for the hard work and a job
well done.
“Despite waking up very early and having to drive from Martinsburg to Joint Base
Andrews, the cadets did an outstanding job and could not have made West Virginia Wing more
proud,” said C/2nd Lt John Dye. “The cadets returned home with smiles on their faces, stories to
tell and more likely than not, sleep on their minds. Given all the things they had to work around
at the show, they did an amazing job.
Cadets attending the event included: Zachary Arehart, Austin Bradford, Denver Brenizer,
John Dye, Tim Dye, John Garlitz, Clarke Gordon, Quinn Kahsay, Chase Kelvington, Nathaniel
Maine, Kenneth May, Toni May, Duncan Smith, Dustin Smith, Angel Webb and Nathan Worley.
Senior members Dennis Webb, Frances Webb, and Russell Voelker accompanied the cadets.


Key performers for this year’s air show included the United States Navy Blue Angels,
United States Army Golden Knights, Geico's Skytpers , and F-22 Raptor, the U.S. Air Force
Heritage Flight, F-4 U Corsair, P-51 Mustang and a B-2 bomber. Among the static displays were
the NASA Super Guppy, B-52, B-25, EA–6B Prowler, C-47, plus several vintage warbirds and
other equipment.
(U) June 8, 2012. Zombie Attack. The Berkeley County Health Department held an
Open Point of Distribution Exercise at South Middle School on Friday, from 10 AM until 2 PM.
This was a training exercise to help the Berkeley County Health Department, volunteer first
responders and the community prepare in the event of a real bioterrorism incident. The name of
the exercise was “Zombie Attack.”
(U) June 1-3, 2012. MAAM WWII Weekend. Civil Air Patrol World War II Living
History Squadron Members from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and the District of
Columbia, attended the Mid-Atlantic Air Museums World War II Weekend, held in Reading,
Pennsylvania . The members explained to show attendees the important role CAP played during
World War II.
(U) August 2-3, 2012. “Common Ground”. Last year, West Virginia wing commander,
Col. Dennis Barron, signed the “Common Ground Partnership Memorandum of Understanding,”
at the West Virginia State Capital. This MOU established a partnership between West Virginia
Department of Education, the West Virginia Board of Education, West Virginia Wing Civil Air
Patrol, and the United States military recruiting organizations which serve West Virginia.
As part of the Common Ground Partnership, a Student Success Summit was held at the
Waterfront Place Hotel and Conference Center, in Morganton, West Virginia. Part of this event
included a “Gallery Walk,” which provided the opportunity for the CAP and other public
organizations to display information about the programs and services to the participants at the
summit. West Virginia Wing Commander Dennis Baron, Martinsburg Squadron PAO, Major
Russell Voelker, and Morgantown member C/Capt Natascha Harrison staffed a CAP display and
talked with many of the attendees about the CAP cadet program. Later, Col Barron and several
members of Morganton Cadets Squadron participated in a panel discussion about the benefits of
the CAP cadet program, and how it fits into the goals of the “Common Ground initiative.”
(U) September 15-16, 2012. Thunder Over the Blue Ridge Air Show. The 2012 Thunder
Over the Blue Ridge Air show/Open House was held in September. The 167th Airlift Wing, of
the West Virginia Air National Guard, the Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport Authority and
the United Way of the Eastern Panhandle sponsored the event.


Members of Civil Air Patrol's West Virginia Wing work alongside members of the West
Virginia Air National Guard to ensure the spectator area was clear of trash and debris. Members
participating came from the Martinsburg and Clarksburg Composite Squadrons.
This year, along with Cadet Ken, the DDR inflatable cadet, the CAP National DDR Team
Leader, Lt Col Jett Mayhew and MER DDRC, Maj Juanita Sanchez-Carter brought the wrapped
DDR truck and mini-jet to enhance our DDR display. Other CAP members manned a recruiting
booth, which featured a World War II era CAP Stinson aircraft and a late model CAP Cessna
An estimated 20,000 people attended the two day event that featured a wing walker,
skydivers, aerobatic aircraft, military/civilian aircraft static displays and even a jet powered
school bus and outhouse.
(U) October 2012. Boone Composite Squadron Cadets Meet Former POW Jessica
Lynch. The color guard with the Boone Composite Squadron posted the colors during a Veterans
Day program at The Gospel Center Tabernacle in Madison, West Virginia. The squadron’s
color guard has participated in this program to honor local veterans for 12 years.
The special speaker for the program was former POW Jessica Lynch, a native of West
Virginia. Lynch spoke of the courage and determination that kept her going while in captivity.
She praised the American military, and encouraged all those present to remember that staying
focused and having a strong will to succeed is necessary in all endeavors in life. The cadets
posed for a picture with Lynch in the church’s entry just prior to the program.
(U) February 10, 2010. West Virginia Wing Visits State Capital for CAP Legislative
Day. A small delegation of cadets and senior members from West Virginia Wing’s Civil Air
Patrol visited the State Capital and met with delegates and senators of the West Virginia
Legislature as part of the Wings Legislative Day visit.
Wing Vice Commander Lt Col Alvin Fox, Wing Director of Operations Col Rod Moore,
Wing Public Affairs Officer Maj Jeffrey Schrock, and cadets and senior members from the
Charleston Cadet Squadron attended.
Col Moore and Lt Col Fox did a presentation on the missions of CAP to the military
committee. After the presentation, a certificate was presented to Sen. Evan H Jenkins of Cabell
County, also a member of the military committee welcoming him as a member of CAP’s
Legislative Squadron. The delegation also met with other delegates and senators to present
Legislative Squadron certificates. The delegation also sat in on a session of the State Senate.
CAP will hold a legislative day in Washington, DC on March 1.

Joint Services Open House. Joint
Base Andrews, MD.


“Zombie Attack”. Berkeley County
Health Department Emergency

Martinsburg Composite Squadron
presents Sen. Joe Manchin with his
Congressional Squadron Membership
Certificate, during Legislative Day.

(U) April 20-22, 2012. Professional Development Training Weekend. Camp Dawson
hosted the West Virginia Wing of Civil Air Patrol for its annual professional development
training weekend on April 20-22. Twenty cadets and fifty-two senior members attended the
various training classes. Classes included Training Leaders of Cadets, Corporate Learning
Course, Unit Commanders Course, and Cadet Leaders Training Course. These classes are to
train senior members interested in working with cadets and for advancement in the CAP
Cadets were on hand learning about public speaking and leadership responsibilities. The
total number present for training were 24 cadets, two from each of the 12 squadrons, plus those
on staff. Each cadet was required to write a speech about drugs, and how it affects them. These
cadets put a lot of hard work and research into their speeches, but only one was chosen the
winner. After much debate, the winner was C/CSSgt Tyler Brust from the Greenbrier Composite
Second place went to C/SMSgt Adam C Pauley of Potomac Highlands Squadron. Third
place to C/SSgt Dustin E Smith the Martinsburg Squadron. Tying for Fourth place was C/SMSgt
Stephen B Hott of Potomac Highlands Squadron, and C/SSgt Robert M Warner of Morganton.




South Carolina Wing Statistics
Volunteer Members
541 Senior Members
408 Cadets
111 Aircrew Personnel
476 Emergency Responders
26 Locations Statewide
9 Single Engine
1 Glider
23 Vehicles
14 VHF/FM Repeaters
95 VHF/FM Stations
19 HF Stations
14 Search and Rescue Missions/ 10 Finds
26 Other State Support Missions
Cadet Flying
682 Cadets Flown on Orientation Flights

South Carolina Wing Statistics
Total Hours Flown
1,767 Hours
$55,000 State Funding
$2.0 M Value of Wing’s Volunteer Hours


South Carolina Wing Squadrons
Headquarters South Carolina Wing
Group 1 Headquarters
Anderson Composite Squadron
Emerald City Composite Squadron
Greenville Composite Squadron
Kershaw Composite Squadron
Spartanburg Composite Squadron
York-County Composite Squadron
Chester Composite Squadron
Group 2 Headquarters
Camden Military Academy Cadet Squadron
Columbia Composite Squadron
Lexington Composite Squadron
Richland Cadet Squadron
Dent Middle School Cadet Squadron
Aiken Composite Squadron
Grand Strand Composite Squadron
Group 3 Headquarters
Coastal Charleston Composite Squadron
Greg Mathis Charter High School Flight
Lowcountry Composite Squadron
River Oaks Middle School Cadet Squadron
Walterboro Composite Squadron
Group 4 Headquarters
Florence Composite Squadron
Marion Composite Squadron
Murrells Inlet Cadet Squadron
Myrtle Beach Composite Squadron
Sumter Composite Squadron

(U) December 2, 2012. An idea presented for Aerospace Education Officers because of
their love for airplanes and spacecraft, is to sometimes use that love of airspace for things other
than Civil Air Patrol. One idea is to incorporate an airplane theme to decorate your Christmas
tree with an aviation theme. You can find aircraft decorations for your tree at card shops and
hobby stores.

(U) December 11, 2012. Emerald City in Newberry Opera House Celebrates the Holiday
Season. The Emerald City Composite Squadron, commanded by Lt Col Kay Dowling, has been
attending the Holiday Concert show of the 208th Army Band from Concord, North Carolina at
the Newberry Opera House for over 5 years. The production is presented by the Department of
Defense and the 81st Regional Support Command, Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The squadron
is recognized each year for its continuing service to the people of South Carolina.
Special guests this year included the former South Carolina Wing Commander, Col
Emerson Smith and the Group 1 Commander Maj Ceryl John's. Chief Warrant Officer Three
Timothy Lyden, Commander/Bandmaster, asked that everyone “keep all our Soldiers, Sailors,
Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard members stationed throughout the nation and around the
world, in our thoughts and prayers during this holiday season and every day.” The band played
to a full house celebrating the joy of Christmas, the miracle of Hanukkah, and the light that
shines from the souls of everyone of good spirit on long winter nights, wishing for peace and
understanding throughout the world.




National Capital Wing Statistics

Volunteer Members
224 Adult Members
167 Cadets
213 Emergency Responders
8 Locations
3 Single Engine
13 Vehicles
Inter-operable Communications
5 VHF/FM Repeaters
61 VHF/FM Stations
6 HF Stations
1 Search and Rescue Missions/ 1 Find
20 Other State Support Missions


National Capital Wing Statistics

Cadet Flyimg
127 Cadets Flown
Total Hours Flown
993 Hours
$0 In State Funding
$1.6M Value of Wing’s Volunteer Hours


National Capital Wing Squadrons

Headquarters National Capital Wing
Arlington Squadron
Andrews Squadron
Mount Vernon Squadron
Fairfax Composite Squadron
Challenger 1 Squadron
Tuskegee Cadet Squadron
National Capital Wing has no Groups.


(U) October 24, 2012. Human Powered Helicopters. The Arlington Composite
Squadron had an excellent guest briefer at their meeting. Mr. William Staruk by the University
of Maryland gave the squadron an overview of the German Human-Powered Helicopter project.
He covered the engineering challenges that the Gamera team has been facing, and showed us
several videos of some of the team’s success and failures. It was a great lesson in engineering,
aerodynamics, structures, and most importantly teamwork.
(U) September 23, 2012. Fairfax Cadet Program among the Nation's Best. Fairfax
Composite Squadron National Capital Wing received the 2012 Quality Cadet Unit Award.
Criteria needed to earn the award includes professional development of its senior members of
officers, advancement of its cadets within the program, cadet enrollment, cadet member growth,
cadet retention, and drug demand reduction efforts! Only 194 of 1500 units across the nation
were selected for this prestigious award! We also offer our congratulations to fellow National
Capital Wing Squadrons-Andrews Composite, Mount Vernon Composite, and Arlington
Composite-for earning this honor.
(U) September 17, 2012. Fairfax Cadet Receives the CAP Brewer Award. CAP National
Vice Commander BG Joe Vazquez presented C/Lt Col Michael Poussard with the Brewer Award
at the 2012 Air Force Association Convention.
(U) April 21, 2012. The Fairfax Composite squadron wins the MER Cadet Competition.
The team also took first place in the sub-categories of panel quiz and written exam. Team
members were C/CMSgts Caleb Faber, Raymond Tallarini and Stephon Tonko, and C/SrA
Matthew Dovi. Team Escorts were 1st Lt Ronald Poussard and 2d Lt Thomas Tallarini.
(U) August 29, 2012. Arlington Composite Squadron has a new Commander. In August
the Arlington Composite Squadron had a change of command ceremony. Our new squadron
commander, 2nd Lt Dave Sterling, took the squadron guidon from Lt Col Christopher Triana.
Presiding over the ceremoney were National Capital Wing Commander Col Richard Cooper and
Vice Commander Lt Col JD Ellis. We thank Lt Col Triana for his dedicated service and welcome
2nd Lt Sterling to his new command!


(U) December 18, 2012. Tuskegee Cadet Squadron is formed at Joint Base AnacostiaBolling under the National Capital Wing. Lt Col Daniel R Kirby assumes command.
(U) August 25, 2012. Three Members of the National Capital Wing were honored at the
Civil Air Patrol’s Annual Conference & National Board. Those honored were: Lt Col Jannon D
Ellis, of National Wing Headquarters was awarded the John V “Jack” Sorenson Cadet Programs
Officer of the Year. C/Lt Col Michael R. Poussard, of Fairfax Composite Squadron was awarded
the Frank G Brewer Memorial Aerospace Award (Cadet). C/CMSgt Stephon Tonko, of Fairfax
Composite Squadron was awarded the Air Force Sergeants Association Cadet Noncommissioned
Officer of the Year.





(U) Now that 2012 is a part of the on-going legacy of Civil Air Patrol, we as an organization
need to look forward to the future. We need to be sure that 2013 is not only a great year, but also
a SAFE one. I am aware that many other stories should have been included in this history, but
unfortunately, I only had limited information available to the History Department for 2012. Rest
assured that even though a lot of your efforts may be unsung, they still contributed to the
outstanding history of Civil Air Patrol. SEMPER VIGILANS


Lineage and Honors Data 2012
Unit Designation

Middle East Region Headquarters Civil Air Patrol


1500 Friendship Drive, Sanford NC

Higher Headquarters

National Headquarters Civil Air Patrol


Col. Larry J. Ragland

Vice Commander

Col. Richard Moseley

Aircraft Assigned

58 Corporate Aircraft
1 Corporate Glider






Larry Ragland



Richard Moseley

Vice Commander

Lt. Col.

Phyllis Griffin

Chief of Staff/Finance

C/Lt. Col.

Kyle Zobel

Cadet Advisory Council Chair

Lt. Col.

Rory Garnice

DCS/Personnel and Administration

Lt. Col.

Connie Moodey

Assistant Director of Administration


Robert Beichner

DCS/Aerospace Education


Larry Trick

Assistant DCS/Aerospace Education


Charles Midkiff III

DCS/Cadet Programs


Alisha Christian

Assistant DCS/Cadet Programs


Juanita Sanchez-Carter

Drug Demand Reduction Coordinator

Ch (Lt. Col.)

Jack Epperly


Ch (Lt. Col.)

Robert Edwards III

Assistant Chaplain

Ch (Lt. Col.)

Charles Wood

Assistant Chaplain

Ch (Lt. Col.)

David Bobbey

Assistant Chaplain

Ch (Lt. Col.)

Sefton Strickland Jr.

Chaplain Emeritus

Lt. Col.

Maurice Thomas III


Lt. Col.

David Crawford

Assistant DCS/Communications

Lt. Col.

James Carr

Message Center





Lt. Col.

Jeffrey Langley



John Henderson

Operations Officer


Karl Katterjohn

Critical Incident Stress Management

Lt Col

Charles Sersun Jr.

Counterdrug Officer


Keith Mottas

Standardization/Evaluation Officer


Susan Parson

Asst. Standardization/Evaluation Officer

Lt. Col.

Sandra McInturff

Assistant Director of Finance


Karl Katterjohn

Health Services Officer

Lt. Col.

Phil Saleet



Joseph Myers

Assistant Historian

Lt. Col.

Jeffrey Willis

Homeland Security Officer

Lt. Col.

Jon Royer

Director of Information Technology


Jane Raymond

Asst. Director of Information Technology


Franklin McConnell Jr.



Thomas Wallace

Deputy Inspector

Lt. Col.

Harold Harris

Assistant Inspector

Lt. Col.

Leonard Gostomski

Assistant Inspector

Maj. Gen.

Dwight Wheless

Legal Officer

Lt. Col.

John Maxfield

Assistant Legal Officer


David Oldham



Raymond Feliciano

DCS/Professional Development





Lt. Col.

Anthony Biondo Jr.

Director of Public Affairs

Lt. Col.

Karen Copenhaver

Assistant Director of Public Affairs


Charles Glass

Director of Safety


Dominique Litchford

Cadet Safety Officer


CAPP 5, Handbook for CAP Historian
CAPR 210-1, Civil Air Patrol Historical Program
Abbreviations and Acronyms

United States Air Force Rescue Coordination Center
Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol Information Officer
Civil Air Patrol Manual
Civil Air Patrol Pamphlet
CBS Broadcasting Incorporated (Previously Columbia Broadcasting
Department of Crime Control & Public Safety
Critical Incident Stress
Critical Incident Stress Management
Cadet Officer School
Department of Transportation
Emergency Locator Transmitter
Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Medical Technician
Eastern Operations Center
Federal Aviation Administration
Geographic Information System
Global Positioning System
International Air Cadet Exchange
Inspector General
Kirkland Air Force Base
Marine Corps Air Station
Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference
Maryland Emergency Management Agency
Middle East Region
Morehead City Airport, Morehead City, North Carolina
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Association for Search and Rescue
North Carolina
North Carolina Department of Transportation
North Carolina Emergency Management
North Carolina General Statute
Non-Commissioned Officer

Abbreviations and Acronyms

North Carolina Wing, Civil Air Patrol
National Emergency Services Academy
Orientation Flights
Personal Locator Beacon
Radar Approach Control
Search and Rescue
Search and Rescue Exercise
Search and Rescue Technician Training
Subordinate Unit Inspection
Unit Commanders Course
United States Air Force
United States Code
United States Coast Guard
Very High Frequency

Appalachian Trail – A Hiking Trail through the Appalachian Mountains
Asheboro – A city in Randolph County, North Carolina
Asheboro Airport – A small airport in Randolph County, North Carolina
Asheville – A city in and county seat of Buncombe County, North Carolina
Asheville Airport (FAA: AVL) – A class C airport in the town of Fletcher, 9 miles south of the
City of Asheville, in the state of North Carolina
Beaufort – A city in and county seat of Carteret County, North Carolina
Beaufort – A city in Beaufort County, South Carolina
Beckley – A city in Raleigh County, West Virginia
Billy Mitchell Airport – A small airport in Hatteras Village, North Carolina
Birkhead Mountain Wilderness Area – A State Wilderness Area in the Uwharrie Mountains,
in Randolph County, North Carolina

Boone Airport – A small airport in Boone County, North Carolina
Brussels – A city in Belgium
Burlington – A city in Alamance County, North Carolina
Butner – A city in Granville County, North Carolina
Camp Butner – A National Guard Training Base in Granville County, North Carolina
Carowinds Amusement Park – An Amusement Park near Charlotte, North Carolina
Catonsville – A city in Baltimore County, Maryland
Charleston – The Capital of West Virginia
Charleston – A city in Charleston County, South Carolina
Charlotte – A city in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
Clarksburg – A city in Harrison County, West Virginia
Clearfield – A city in Davis County, Utah, south of Salt Lake City
Coast Guard Air Station Washington – A Coast Guard Air Station in Washington, DC
Columbia – The Capital of South Carolina
Concord – A city in Cabarrus County, North Carolina
Concord Regional Airport – A small airport in Concord, North Carolina
Concord Mills Mall – A large outlet mall in Concord, North Carolina
Davidson County Airport – A small airport in Davidson County, North Carolina
Dover Air Force Base – An Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware
82nd Airborne Museum – A Museum of the 82nd Airborne Division in Fayetteville, North

Fayetteville – A city in Cumberland County, North Carolina
Fayetteville Regional Airport – A small commercial airport in Fayetteville, North Carolina
Fort Bragg – A US Army Base in Fayetteville, North Carolina
Fort Fisher Aquarium – A State Aquarium in Wilmington, North Carolina
Fort Macon – An 1800’s brick fortification and State Park in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina
Fort Pickett – A National Guard Training Base in Virginia
Georgetown – A city in Georgetown County, South Carolina
Goldsboro – A city in Wayne County, North Carolina
Great Wolf Lodge – A Hotel and Amusement Park in Charlotte, North Carolina
Grifton – A city in Pitt County, North Carolina
Harnett County Airport – A small airport in Harnett County, North Carolina
Haywood County – A County in Western North Carolina
Hickory – A city in Catawba County, North Carolina
Hilton Head – A city in Beaufort County, South Carolina
Hurlock – A city in Dorchester County, Maryland
Indonesia – A country in Southeast Asia
Iredell County – A County in Central North Carolina
Jacksonville – A city in Onslow County, North Carolina
Joint Base Charleston – A Joint Military Base in Charleston, South Carolina
Joint Operating Base Anacostia-Bolling – A Joint Military Base in Washington, DC


Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum – Sports Coliseum located in Winston-Salem,
North Carolina
Lewisburg – A city in Union County, Pennsylvania
Louisville – A city in Kentucky
Kirkland Air Force Base – An Air Force Base Southeast of Albuquerque, New Mexico
Macon County – A County in Western North Carolina
Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point – Marine Air Station in Cherry Point, North Carolina
Martinsburg – A city in Berkley County, West Virginia
Maxwell Air Force Base – An Air Force base in Montgomery, Alabama
McDaniel College – A College in Westminister, Maryland
McEntire Air National Guard Base – A Base near Columbia, South Carolina
Mesa – A city in Maricopa County, Arizona
Mid-Atlantic Air Museum – A small airport in Reading, Pennsylvania
Mobile – A city in Mobile County, Alabama
Morehead City – A city in Cartaret County, North Carolina
Morgantown – A city in Monongalia County, West Virginia
Mount Airey - A city in Surrey County, Maryland
Myrtle Beach – A city in Horry County, South Carolina
Naval Air Station Patuxent River – A Naval Air Station in St. Mary’s County, Maryland
Newburgh – A city in Orange County, New York
New Castle Airport – A small airport in New Castle, Delaware


Newport News/Williamsburg Airport – A small airport in Newport News, Virginia
Ocracoke – A town on Ocracoke Island, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina
Parkton – A city in Baltimore County, Maryland
Person County Airport – A small airport in Person County, North Carolina
Paiau – The new name for the island of Palau
Petersburg – A city in Grant County, West Virginia
Pinehurst – A city in Moore County, North Carolina
Pinetown – A city in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Pitt-Greenville Airport – A small commercial airport in Greenville, North Carolina
Pitt County Memorial Hospital – A major medical facility in Greenville, North Carolina
Portsmouth – A city in Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Raleigh – The Capital of the State of North Carolina
Raleigh-Durham Airport – A large Commercial Airport in Raleigh, North Carolina
Rehoboth Beach – A city in Sussex County, Delaware
Riverside Hilton Inn – Hilton Hotel in Wilmington, North Carolina
Rock Hill – A city in York County, South Carolina
Rocky Mount – A city in Edgecombe County, North Carolina
Rome – A city in Oneida County, New York
Russell Regional Airport – A small airport near Rome, Georgia
Seymour Johnson AFB (FAA: GSB) – An Air Force Base in Goldsboro, North Carolina


Shaw Air Force Base – An Air Force Base in Sumter, South Carolina
Southport – A city in Brunswick County, North Carolina
Spring Hill – A city in Hernando County, Florida
Statesville Municipal Airport – A small airport in Statesville, North Carolina
Tarboro – A city in Edgecombe County, North Carolina
Torrance – A city in Los Angeles County, California
U. S. Marine Recruit Depot – A Marine Corps Training Base in Parris Island, South Carolina
USS North Carolina – A Battleship Memorial in Wilmington, North Carolina
Washington, DC – The Capital of the United States of America
Westminister – A city in Carroll County, Maryland
Westminister Airport – A small airport in Westminister, Maryland
Wheeling – A city in Ohio County, West Virginia
Wheeling – Ohio County Airport – A small airport in Wheeling, West Virginia
Wilmington – A city in New Hanover County, North Carolina
Winston-Salem – A city in Forsyth County, North Carolina
Winston-Salem Airport – A small commercial airport in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Zebulon – A city in Wake County, North Carolina



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