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2012 Southeast Region Annual History

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2012 Southeast Region Annual History


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Richard B. Mulanax

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Unit History – HQ Southeast Region (SER) CAP – for 2012
Southeast Region is one of the largest regions in CAP, both in terms of membership and
geographical area, and contains the largest wing in terms of membership in CAP, Florida Wing.
The region and its wings performed numerous missions in support of Homeland Security and
Search and Rescue, and had vigorous and active Communications, Aerospace Education and
Cadet Programs.
Part 1 - Organization

HQ SER Commander: Col Alvin Bedgood.
I Region Vice Commanders: Col George Melton, Col Glen Atwell.
II Chief of Staff: Lt Col Wellesley Hannah.
a. DCS A-1, Manpower and Personnel.
(1) Director of Administration.
(2) Director of Personnel.
(3) Historian.
(4) Professional Development.
(5) Recruiting and Retention.
(6) Chaplain.
(7) Region Staff College.
b. DCS A-3, Operations.
(1) Homeland Security.
(2) Operations.
(3) Emergency Services.
c. DCS A-4, Logistics.
(1) Supply.
(2) Transportation.

DCS A-5, Plans, Programs and Requirements.
(1) Aerospace Education.
(2) Cadet Programs.
(3) Drug Demand Reduction.
(4) Plans.
(5) Region Conference.


DCS A-6, Communications.
(1) Information Technology.
(2) Public Affairs.
(3) Communications.


III Special Staff.
a. Legal Officer.
b. Director of Finance.
c. Government Relations Officer.
d. Director of Safety.
e. Inspector General.

Names next to titles below refer to the 2012 incumbent, except when the position was
vacant, in which case it refers to the officer responsible for submitting the 2012 history.

3. During 2012, A-5 was restructured to create a Director of Plans and a Director of Region
Conferences as separate positions.

Although an historian was assigned to the Region headquarters, he was unable to collect
data for the 2012 History due to life threatening illness and hospitalization. As a result,
no action was taken until the new SER Historian, Lt Col Richard Mulanax, was assigned
in late May 2013, and initiated the process to collect data and formulate the 2012 History,
which is submitted below. There is no record available to the current Region History of
any previous submission of a Region HQ history.


Part 2 – Reports submitted by DCSs and Special Staff
1. DCS A-1, Lt Col Bruce Kincaid:
a. Director of Administration, Lt Col Virginia Cullity: The Director reviewed all SE
supplements, operating instructions form and personnel authorizations. Updates
were made as necessary. The SER staff directory was updated twice during the
a. Director of Personnel, Lt Col Ted Lybrand:
i. Thirty four awards were processed during the year and four special
ii. 2012 Awards:
(a) Frank G. Brewer Sr. CAP Memorial Aerospace Education Award
Category I - Cadet C/2nd Lt Samuel Anzuini MSWG
(b) Frank G. Brewer Sr. CAP Memorial Aerospace Education Award
Category II - Senior Member Capt Oscar Finol FLWG
(c) Cadet of the Year Phase I - C/SRA Trevor Jennings FLWG
(d) Cadet of the Year Phase II - C/CMSgt Robert Ward FLWG
(e) Cadet of the Year Phase III - C/1st Lt Nelly Perez PRWG
(f) Cadet of the Year Phase IV - C/Col Joshua Hinson FLWG
(g) John V. (Jack) Sorenson Cadet Program Officer of the Year - Capt
Andrew Hanes ALWG
(h) Character Development Instructor of the Year - Lt Col Gilberto
Aguiar FLWG
(i) Drug Demand Reduction Member of the Year - 1st Lt Gressel
Acosta PRWG
(j) Outstanding DDR Wing of the Year - Florida Wing FLWG
(k) Safety Officer of the Year - Captain Hector Collazo PRWG
(l) Squadron Chaplain of the Year - Maj Elise Whitworth GAWG
(m) Senior Chaplain of the Year - Maj Sergio Gutierrez TNWG
(n) Norm Edwards Counter Drug Officer of the Year - Capt John
Lawler FLWG
(o) Col Edwin Lewis Incident Staff Member of the Year - Lt Col
Joseph Knight III GAWG
(p) Col Dion E. DeCamp Ground Team of the Year - Chilton County
Comp Sqdn ALWG
(q) Administration Officer of the Year - 1stLt
(r) Property Manager of the Year - Capt Stacey Sage FLWG
(s) Col Robert (Bud) Payton National Public Affairs Officer of the
Year - Capt. Mark Landrum TNWG
(t) Communicator of the Year - Maj Charles Hester ALWG
(u) Col Lester Hopper Historian of the Year - SM Charles Holt FLWG
(v) Inspector General of the Year - Maj Gary Bishop - ALWG

(w) Region Staff Officer of the Year - Lt Col Joel Katz SER
(x) Legislative Squadron CC of the Year - Lt Col Kevin Brooks
(y) Aerospace Education Officer of the Year - Capt Geoffrey Chandler
(z) Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year - Maj Teresa Toney
Frank G. Brewer Sr. CAP Memorial Aerospace Education
Award Category IV - Lifetime Achievement Lt
Hauck MSWG
Air Force Sergeants Association Award (AFSA)
Banquet C/CMSgt Robert Ward FLWG
Senior Member of the Year - Lt Col Harold Coghlan
Cadet of the Year - C/Col Joshua Hinson FLWG
Squadron of Merit - SER TN 162 Murfreesborro Comp
Sqdn TN WG
(ff) Squadron of Distinction - SER FL 169 Cecil Field Cadet Sqdn
b. Region Historian, Lt Col Stephan Howard: No report received. The Director of
Personnel did note that Historian of the Year nominations were processed.
c. Director of Professional Development, Lt Col Bruce Kincaid: Six Level V
(Wilson) Awards were approved in the region. Lt Col Joe Wilkins became
Director in April.
d. Director of Recruiting and Retention, Lt Col Bruce Kincaid: No report received.
e. Region Chaplain, Lt Col (Ch) Jim Howell:
In 2012 I led seminars for Chaplains and Character Development Instructors in
the Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico Wing Conferences.
The Mississippi Wing Conference was the only Wing Conference I couldn’t
attend. In March, I also participated in the Puerto Rico Wing Assumption of
Command Ceremony in San Juan, PR. While I was there, I made a presentation
clarifying the need for Chaplains and Character Development Instructors and I
explained their unique differences. At the Chaplain Advisory Council meeting in
Baltimore I received a certificate of appointment for a chaplain in the PRWG.
Unfortunately, a few months later his endorsement was withdrawn by his
endorsing agency, therefore, we ended the year without a chaplain in the PRWG.
In February I assisted the GAWG Head Chaplain with their Cadet Winter
Encampment at Hawk Mountain in Dahlonega, Georgia. The Southeast Region
Conference was held in April at Peachtree City, GA. I met with chaplains to
discuss changes in the appointment process and other chaplain related issues. I
also conducted the Memorial Service on 28 April and the Protestant worship

service on 29 April. The 2012 Southeast Region Chaplain Corps Region Staff
College was held at Moody AFB, Georgia. We had 25 chaplains, four CDIs and
three guests participate in the college.
f. Director of the Region Staff College, Lt Col Wellesley Hannah:
i. History of RSC in SER.
“A Short History of the Region Staff College Program By Richard (Dick Curran),
former Director SER RSC, 1977 to 1983.
The concept of a “Regional” Staff College goes back to 1975. It was the idea of
the Seminar (#2) at the National Staff College to develop, and propose as our
Class Project the concept of allowing each CAP Region to develop and host an
Intermediate Senior Level Professional Development Course (a.k.a. Region Staff
The three (3) people behind the project were Andrew Skiba, Pennsylvania Wing,
Charlotte Payne Wright, Louisiana Wing, and Dick Curran, Southeast Region. We
used the model of the National Staff College for our “Straw Man” but took into
account there would not be the logistical support available as provided by the Air
In the spring of 1976 Mr. Richard Ovington came to HQ CAP-USAF as the
Director of Senior Training, prior to that he was the Academic Chief for the
Academic Instructors School at Air University. He and I were friends and I
brought up the Region Staff College idea with him during a meeting we were
having. He was very enthused and asked me if it would be possible to get some
key CAP players together to work out the “Straw Man” in greater detail. A
meeting was scheduled for June 1976 at CAP-USAF, Andrew Skiba, Charlotte
Wright, Don Goss, PhD ED, SER Director of Senior Training and Dick Curran
attended. In 4 days we worked out both the Course Objectives, the dollar support
needed, what assistance could be obtained from the Reserve Assistance Program
(CAP-RAP), and the personnel needed to staff the College.
I offered to present this concept to Oscar K. Jolley the Commander Southeast
Region, Andy Skiba took his plan back to brief the Northeast Region
Commander, and Charlotte Wright went on to brief the Southwest Region
Commander. Dr. Ovington was to brief BGen Westburg, Commander CAP-USAF
and BGen Thomas Cassiday CAP National Commander. All the briefings were
successful and the RSC Concept was placed on the Fall NEC Agenda for 1976,
Since this was a unfunded proposal the concept was approved with a
modification; in 1977 only 4 Schools were to be held, with 8 Regions pairing up
to do a joint RSC. The NEC left the door open to expansion if the trial worked.
The original 4 RSC’s were held in the summer of 1977, they were North EastMiddle East; Great Lakes-South East; North Central-South West; and Rocky
Mountain-Pacific. Andy Skiba was the North East-Middle East Director, I (Dick

Curran) became the GLR-Southeast Director, Charlotte Wright became the NCRSWR Director and “Pancho” Donaldson was the RM-PAC Director.
In 1977 we held our first SER-GLR RSC at the University of Louisville, KY and
we had over 120 students, 12 Seminars of 10 students each. We had an
administrative staff of CAP and CAP-RAP personnel. Additionally the Kentucky
Air National Guard allowed the use of their Leadership Course which was
modeled after Project X at Maxwell AFB. Each Seminar leader was a graduate of
National Staff College, or a CAP-RAP officer with extensive educational
background. BGen Tom Cassiday was our commencement speaker and presented
the diplomas upon graduation. He was so impressed by our RSC and the reports
received via the Region Liaison Offices on the other 3 schools that he and BGen
Carl Miller, Commander CAP-USAF went to the Rocky Mountain-PAC Region
Staff College to be Director Pancho Donaldson’s Guest Speakers.
At the 1977 National Board Charlotte Wright presented an overall briefing on the
success of the 4 RSC’s and the NEC approved continued funding for 1978
allocating $1000.00 for each school, as well as CAP-RAP support.
In 1978 we held a GLR-SEC RSC at Maxwell AFB, using the facilities of the
Academic Instructor’s School. For the first time we opened the RSC to any Cadet
who had earned the Spaatz Award, we had 4 Spaatz Cadets that year and averaged
4-5 each year after that including the school in Puerto Rico, again we had over
100 students, with each wing from both regions having at least 1 student. We
invited BGen Paul Gardner, Commander CAP-USAF to be our graduation
Speaker, and BGen Tom Cassiday to be our Dining Out Speaker.
At the 1978 National Board Andy Skiba, who by now was the Northeast Region
Commander put forth a motion to create 8 RSC’s, each with corporate funding of
$1000.00 each and requesting HQ CAP-USAF for CAP-RAP support for all 8
schools. The motion carried, and as the say “The rest was history”.
When I was planning for the 1979 SER RSC to be held at Maxwell AFB it
became very apparent due to the distance Puerto Rico was from the mainland
even with airlift support attendance would be minimal at best. I proposed to Col
Lee McCormack, Commander Southeast Region (I was the Chief of Staff at the
time) we hold a Puerto Rico RSC, using the Cessna 310 we had in Pell City AL,
to fly 4 key personnel to run the school with assistance from the PR Wing and the
CAP Liaison Office. The idea was approved, and 100% region funded, we held
the school at Ft. Buchanan, San Juan Puerto Rico in June 1978, July 1979, June
1980, and July 1981. This was in addition to the SER RSC being held at Maxwell
AFB each year. My (Dick Curran) last year as Director was 1983.”

The Region Staff College was conducted in the Summer, 2012.



DCS A-3, Lt Col Albert van Lingen:

SER participated in the Operation Conference held at Tyndall AFB, FL, from 20
to 22 January 2012. Activities included briefings on the Interagency Remote
Sensing Coordination Cell (IRSCC) (by Col Jim Rushing), Ardent Sentry 12 (by
Col Jim Rushing), Emergency Services (Lt Col Joe Knight), the SER SAREX and
Adjoining Wing Exercises (Lt Col Joe Knight), ARCHER/GA8 Status (Lt Col
Jones), Aircraft Usage and Allocation (Lt Col Jones, and National Exercise
Discussion (Col Al Bedgood, SER Commander).

b. Homeland Security, Lt Col Edward Woolf: no report received.
c. Operations, Lt Col Harry Jones: no report received.
d. Emergency Services, Lt Col Joseph Knight: no report received.

DCS A-4, Lt Col Jean Dubois:
a. CAP/USAF conducted a logistics audit in October 2012.
b. Director of Supply, Lt Col Bruce Sage: Logistic audit results were “Outstanding”
for the eighth year in a row.
c. Director of Transportation, Capt Sandra McKenzie: Transportation audit results
were “Outstanding” for the eight year in a row.


DCS, A-5 (Lt Col Mulanax):
a. Despite being severely under manned in A-5, especially in Cadet Programs, the
division was able to successfully complete two of the Region’s three key missions
assigned to A-5, Aerospace Education and Cadet Programs.
b. Director of Aerospace Education (AE), Lt Col Garner: The annual Aerospace
Plan of Action report and Brewer Award nominations were completed in the first
quarter. At the SER Conference, Aerospace Education was briefed to the staff
and a meeting was conducted by the Director with the wing Directors of AE. The
staff (Lt Cols Garner and Gary Lynn, Dr. Kermit Duckett, and Lt Paul Lynn)
conducted the 17th annual Aerospace Education Workshop for Teachers at the
University of TN, 9-27 July 2012. Thirteen educators attended this graduate level
event. AE materials were updated on the SER web site and the staff coordinated
with NHQ AE concerning the 2012 National AEO School and National AE
Leadership Committee. The staff continued AE coordination between SER and
wing Directors of AE. Lt Col Garner also attended a meeting with the TN State
Aeronautics Staff in reference to the annual teacher workshops in TN.


c. Director of Cadet Programs, Maj Otero: The 2012 Cadet Competition was held
16-18 March 2012 at Maxwell AFB, AL. Maj Otero briefed Cadet Programs to
the staff at the 2012 Region Conference in May 2012. Continuing problems with
manpower in this staff directorate were forwarded to the SER Command staff on
a regular basis, but the directorate remained undermanned throughout the year.
The Region Cadet Leadership School was held at Knoxville, TN. Plans were
initiated for the 2013 Cadet Competition to be held at Maxwell AFB, AL, but due
to restructuring of Air University, facilities at Maxwell AFB were no longer
available. This required relocation to Patrick AFB, FL, for 2013, and plans for
this change were initiated in December, 2012. Delays in receiving Air Force
approval were not resolved by the end of the year. This was of great concern to
the Director and the DCS.
d. Director of Drug Demand Reduction, Capt Kurt Efinger: The staff consisted only
of Capt Efinger. Diligent efforts were made throughout the year to increase the
staff by recruiting a Deputy Director, leading to the appointment of Lt Col Tracy
Scantland as Deputy. The staff conducted two interactive DDRP seminars at the
SER Conference, one for cadets and one for seniors. Capt Efinger operated a
booth at the Stuart (FL) Air Show, a major state event, and made promotional
material available to interested parties. Capt Efinger presented on CAP to Lincoln
Park Academy (public high school) in conjunction with Agent Brian Ray from the
US Dept of Homeland Security.
e. Director of Plans, Capt Kurt Efinger: Capt Efinger Completed a Region Cadet
Competition Logistics Manual and submitted it for review to the Command staff.
Approval was still pending at the end of the year. The first draft of the SER
Master Calendar was submitted for Command staff review and approval, and has
been continually updated throughout the year.
f. Director, SER Conference, Lt Col Cullity (acting): Candidates for the permanent
position of Director were reviewed but not approved, so the position remained
unfilled at the end of the year. The SER Conference was held at Peachtree City,
GA, from 4 to 6 May 2012.
6. DCS A-6, Lt Col Joel Katz:
a. A new Assistant DCS for Communications was appointed.
b. Director of Information Technology, Lt Col Robert Sims: During the first quarter,
there were substantial updates to the web site. A new guide was written and
submitted for approval to instruct members on how to use the new site. Minisites
( has become popular with many squadrons and groups,
especially in Florida Wing. Ten new united joined in the second quarter. A subdomain was established for archived information; there is a large amount of
information that required digitizing and uploading, which is pending user guide
approval. The staff advertised on line on behalf of the Region Conference,
Region Staff College, Chaplains Region Staff College, and Cadet Programs.

c. Director of Public Affairs, Maj Phillip Norris: Staff continued to work on a social
media presence on the internet by maintaining the SER Twitter Page, “SERCAP”.
Staff attended the SE Conference, where the annual PAO training session required
by CAPR 190-1 was held. A new Online Editor was appointed for the directorate.
The staff worked with SER wings to update their Wing Crisis Communications
Plans, and participated in the National PA Committee and the National PAO
d. Director of Communications, Lt Col Edgardo Torres:
i. CAP/USAF conducted an audit, which resulted in a grade of excellent.
Staff attended three Wing Conferences and the SER Conference and
presented at all of them.
Staff also attended one National
Communications Conference and participated in two National
Communications Conference calls.
ii. Staff conducted eleven multi member conference calls between SER and
wing Directors of Communications, as well as seventeen mini-conference
calls. Staff assisted in installing four VHF and three HF antennas and six
radios throughout the Region.
iii. Lt Col Katz assisted Puerto Rico Wing in a multi-day Communications
Training Program.
iv. Staff established three ALE Message Centers and one HF Message Center
Net. Over ninety weather messages were sent out. Staff currently has a
90% average check-in rating on the HF net.
v. Communication Directorate increased staff by adding an HF Net Manager,
and two new NRCG representatives.
vi. Four staff attended twenty local unit meetings, assisted in training with
cadet in excess of fifty hours and allowed cadets u use SER hand held
radios and vehicle radios to check into HF and VHF nets from their
meeting locations.

Special Staff:
a. Legal Officer, Lt Col Thomas McBroom: no report received.
b. Director of Finance, Lt Col William Ferguson: no report received.
c. Government Relations Officer, Col James Rushing: no report received.
d. Director of Safety, Lt Col William Woody: no report received.
e. Inspector General, Col Tanya Boylan: no report received.

Richard B. Mulanax, Lt Col, CAP (PhD, History)
Southeast Region Historian