File #513: "WWII Office of Civilian Defense Civil Air Patrol-Some ideas to make WIng Commanders' job easier and more efficient-Dec. 29, 1941.pdf"

WWII Office of Civilian Defense Civil Air Patrol-Some ideas to make WIng Commanders' job easier and more efficient-Dec. 29, 1941.pdf

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December 29th-1941


All Wing Commanders


M a j o r G e n e r a l J o h n F. C u r r y

~he attached note8 written after a conference with
a Wing Commander who hae h~d conglderable ~cceB8
In starting the organization of his et~te, ~re aent
you with the ~hou~ht that the ideas expreeee~ therein
may be of help to you in eolvlng your own particular

DeceJ~ber 29, 1941

Some ideas to make Wing Gomm~ndere~ Jobs
~ . . . _ ~ n d m o r e e f fi c i e n t

Pick the beet men you c~ got for your staff~ Men who will work; not Just
say they will,
Pick even better
going to rely on
a hang up good
need and how if

men for your group co~mander9o These are the men you are
most, Impress on them how i~mortant it le for them to have
executive officer. Then tell them what sort of a staff they
they get e good har~ working staff their Job is going to be


Call in the aviation writers in each area ~ introduce them to the group
c o m m a n d e r . Te l l t h e m w h ~ t e b i g J o b t h i s ~ r o u p c o l a n d e r i s ~ e r t a k i n g
and solicit their coooeration and help. This goe~ .lee for the radio

4~ AdvtBe them to try ~erson~lly to ~et the to~ notch pilots to enlist and then
see thmt the word gets around the v~rious communities that Joe Zilch a w~r
ace, a race pilot, an old bara.tormer, or a transport pilot for one of the
airlines has enlisted. This will help get the youngsters to go overboard
i n a b i g w ~ v f o r C o A P.

S e e y o u r G o v e r n o r a n d t e l l h i m a b o u t t h l e o r g o n i ~ e t i o a ~ Te l l h i m h o w i t
can be helpful to the Home Guards, the Office of Civillan Defense, the
ethte police, etco

6 ~ See your Adjutant GenerAl end explain to him our set up end what we are
g o i n g t o d o f o r N ~ t i o n a l D e f e n s e ~ H o w w e w i l l b e h l ~ e r r a n d b o y. Te l l
him the reeson for Federal control of this organization, which is, of
course, that all ~ctlvlty in aviation, especially in time of war, comes
under Federal control. All air over ell States com~.s under Federal control
M a n y a c t i v i t i e s o f C . A o P. w i l l b e o v e r ~ t a t e b o u n d a r i e s o r I n ~ o m e c a s e s
over many States. When something h&s to be done, it has to be done right
now and the orders have to ~e sent out from a central place, They may be
orders affecting many States at one time,
See your State hl~hway patrol leader; explain and ~e~ hie help~ also tell
him to call on us at anytime he think~ we cen be heloful~
See so~e of the leading companlee who u~e eeroolenes In their business or
who ~re National Defense mP~z~acturerz and got their oooper~tlon by telling
them that we are ~t their service and that cart of the reason for this
or~nl~tlon i~ to ~ee~ civil ~viation going~
I n s e v e r a l ~ l a c e ~ C h ~ b e r. o f C o m m e r c e A n d o t h e r c i v i c o r ~ n l ~ e t i o n s h a v e
do. ted office ~oace, stenographic help~ etc. ~ney mu~t be told about
C ~A.P.

A centr~l euli~t~n~ office i~ vsry hel~ful to the o~lot~. Arrange for
a fingerprint man, a photogr~pher and ~ome ~tenegr~ohlc hel~ ~o ~t will
expedite enll~tments~
Call a meeting of O.A.A. representatlve~ an~ tell them we want to be
their errand boys and ask them to call on us ~hen there i~ ~omething
the~ think we might be helpful In~
See the ~irport man~er~ they can be very helpful~
Be sure an~ impress on all of the above mentioned groups that our Job
is one of cooperstion and that we are not ~oinE to take ~ay any of
their Jobs or authority~