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O P E R AT I O N S D I R E C T I V E S "

N AT I O N A L h ~ A D Q U A R ~ R S

1. In ,order to expedite h~.udlinL of urgen~ matters pertaining to CAP
tactical operations, there has recently been installed at National Headquarters,
T!~ telet~e machine. (Call Sign -WA 302).
2. The followin~ specific procedure will pertain in the transmission
of teletype r~essages:
a. When receivin~ a call, the operator ~rill announce with the unit
designation and location, the operator's initials, followed by GA, as: "CCP 12,
~ . ~ B r n s v l . Te x . ~ B M , G A " .
b~ The unit calling ~will anno~ice its designation and location
foll~,~ed by the date, time and operator's initials, and immediately proceed v~ith
t h e m e s s a g % , a s : " N a t l . H q . , C A P, Wa s h n ° , D . C . , 1 0 - 5 - 4 2 1 A O S Q , H L S R e u r l e t
10-3 .......... J OH/TSON".
~ (I) If an ~,~mediate reply is requested, the c ailer will t~

( 2 ) I f n o r e p l y i s n e c e s s a r y, t h e c a l l e r ~ v i l l t y p e , " E ~ D A C K " .
d _ ~ ( 1 ) I f t h e m e s s a g e r e c e i v e d r e q u i r e s n o r e p l y, t h e o p e r a t o r .
will acknowledge by t~.l~ing, "RCD" follo~ved by the trait desi&nation and the tirae of
receipt, as: "~CD CCP 12 1210Q".
(2) If the message requires m~ lj~ reply or the
receivin~ operator is ready to send a message or :tsh a question, the incomin~
call will be ac~no~ledLea ~irst, followed b a rec~uest to hold the line, as:
(3) After an exchange of messages, the operator terminating the
exchanse ~ill Z~pe, "E~D" follo;;cd by the unit designation ~.d "C~F ACK", as
follows, "END I.~TL. HQ. OFF ACE". If the other station has completed its call, the
operator ~ill ackno~zledso by t~pinL "@~" followed by unit dcsi&nation, "OFF" and
t~o of ter ~ination, as follows, "OK" CCP 12 OFF 1310Q", whereupon both stations
will immediately disconuect.
3. The follov~in~ general ru!os will apply M= the usa of the ~PX
tclotyp~ circuits:
--a- ~V~ telct.vpc circuits will bc used only ~lhcn the sittuution is of
such ~ravity as to place the usa of such circuits in th~ category of a "military
necessity". CarcLss o~d indiscriminate usa of these circuits impedes the ~;arof~ozt
by t~ing up facil~tius which already arc seriously ov*rlo&dcd by cssc:~tJal military


Operations Directive i$o. 31

T h e T, ~ c i r c u i t s d i f f e r f r o m t h e s p e c i a l l ~ e . s c d l o o p t o l o t y p c c i r c u i t s h e l d o p e n
for continuous use in that TWX is a general nation-~ide communication network.
b. The content of messages ~ll be kept to the minimum consistent
; ; i t h c l a r i t y ~ - A b b r e v i a t i o n s w i l l b ~ u s e d ~ . ~ h e r e v u r p o s s i b l e . Tr a i l e r s o n r o u t i n e
matters that could be handled by mail ~;it.hout seriously hindering operations ~;ill
not bc added to TWX me,sagos.
c. Unless an ~nmediat~ roply can be furnlshcd, circuits ~~ill ~ bc
held open until the requested information cain bc obtained. It is more expeditious
to place another call than to tie up already over-loaded ccmmunim.tion ~etvorks
by doldi~ the circuits open. Furthermore, TWX tolls are c~mrgod on the basis of
the number of minutes thu circuits arc ~n us~ or held open.
d. inasmuch as stations called will anuo~mco by thuir unit desisnation cud inca--tion as prescribed in para&rnph 2 a above, teletype co:~munications
bet~een CAP units and to National Headquarters v~ill carry no inside address.
Messages to National Headquarters will hot bu addressed to u/_~y pa/'ticul~r individual, ~s all such mcssqgcs %,ilI be Iwutod ~ao the proper office for attention.
n~ "
c . I f m o r e t h ~ n o n e m ~ s s a g c i s t o b e t r a~ s n l tt ca o n o n e c a l l , e a c h
~;ill boar the hcadlng prescribed in paragraph 2 k ~bovc follo~;cd by the usl~ul
acknowlcdgmcnt .
f. In a t~7o-way convcrsatinn, in order to avoid br~aklng in on, a
ste.tcmcnt bo-for~ its complction (m~Icss some flagrant error has been notice~)~
operators will not st~t typln~ before the phrase "GA" appe~s.
4. Con~mdcrs of c.ll CAP ~uits are responsible that the instructions
set forth in this directive ~c strictly obsorwd.
5. All units having T~:~ teletype s~rvicc ~i!l advice Natione~ Headquarters ef their call signs e~d will keep this Headquarters currently informed
of any c -bangcs.
By direction of ~'.~ational Comm~nder JO~SON:

Oporet~ons. ' 0ffzccr"