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C I V T r A ~ PA ~ O L



I. General
All Civil Air Patrol Courier Services ~II operate under
authorization orders issued by National Headquarters. Said services
will be limited to the performance of official missions for the Federal
and State Governments of the United States, or s/%y ~bdivision, unit,
department or agency thereof~ for the American Red Cross, and for war

?~ere Courier Service is authorized by Nations~[ Headquarters,
the base or headquarters of said service will be designated as a Courier
Service Station. Said stations will be numbered serially as authorizations
t h e r e f o r a r e i s s u e d a n d w i l l b e r e f e r r e d t o b y n u m b e r. ( E x a m p l e : - C o u r i e r
Service Station No. 1).

All Courier Services will be organized in accordahce With the
instructions herein set forth.

Establishment of Courier Service

a. With the exception of requests filed with National Headq/artere by agencies of the Federal Government, all requests for Courier
Service and all arrangements incident thereto will in each case be
c l e a r e d w i t h W i n g H e a d q u a r t e r s . E x c e p t i n c a s e s o f e m e r g e n c y, W i n g H e a d quarters ~dll submit complete information covering proposed service to
National Headquarters and said service will not be underteken until
N a t i o n a l H e a d q u a r t e r s h a s i s s u e d g e n e r a l a u t h o r i z a t i o n o r d e r s t h e r e f o r.
_b. Wing Commanders will in each case submit said ~nformation
to National Headquarters in the form of a va'itten report setting fortk the
following :


Name and address of agency or organization for
which Courier Service is proposed.
Ty p e a n d p r o b a b l e d u r a t i o n o f s e r v i c e a n d d a t e
operations are desired to begin.

Operations Directive No. 25

(3) Proposed location of station or stations.
(4) Proposed routes.
(5) E s t , , a t e o f d a i l y s e r v i c e r e q u i r e d . ( N u m b e r o f
airplanes to be operated daily; estimated nuJ~ber
of passengers; kind ~md total weight of cargo to
be c~'~ried; number and extent of trips; number of
stand-by airplanes to be held in reserve; etc.)
To t a l n u m b e r o f a i r p l a n e s p r o p o s e d t o b e a s s i g n e d t o
said service.
To t a l n u m b e r o f a i r p l a n e s a v a i l a b l e f o r a s s i g n m e n t .
7~ether personnel and airplanes will be assigned to
continuous periods or on a rotation basis in which
they are drawn from a pool of available personnel
and equipment,
Detailed statement of estimated expenses of propos~d
service, including per diem and airplane allowemces,
telephone and telegraph chin:gee, etc.
(10i Availability of funds to cov~r expenses of proposed
c. All plans for Courier Service, designation of Courier Service Stations, and assignments of personnel rind equipment to Courier Service duty will be 1%klly reported to Nationai Headquarters omd subject to"
orders fro~ National Headquarters.
d. Agencies of the F~doral C~vornment desiring Courier Service
should address Nationol Headquoxters through the chiefs of their respective
departments~ bureaus, or services requesting such service ~nd should take
appropriate steps to make available the necessomy funds. Such requests
should b@ made in writing and should contain such of the informahion listed
in paragraph & b_ hereof as may pertain to the proposed service.

Ta b l e o f O r g a n i z a t i o n

The following T£ble of Org2~lization represents the m~
authorized strength, excepting pilots~ for Courier Service Stations and
is based on the number of airpleaes in daily operation. The number of
personnel of each category ~usaigned to Courier Service ot~tlons will be
determined by operating requirements, but ~will in" no case axcued the
~uthorized maximum, except upon writtun authorizatiqn from National
Headquarters. The number of pilots assigned to duty on Courier Services
will be determined in each case by operating requirements and ~vill be
held to the minimum consistent with such requirements.

O p e r a t i o n s O f fi c e r . ~ . . . . . . . . . .1
Operations Officer ........ ;..;~
C l e r k - Ty p i s t . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
O p e r a t i o n s O f fi c e r. . ~ . . . . . . . ; ; i
~ A s s t . O p e r a t i o n s O f fi ~ @ r . . . . .; 1
C l e r ~ Ty p l s t . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

Operations Directive No. 25

16 to 20


8/10/42 ~.

Operations Officer ....... ~ . . ~ A . . , i ~
~Asst. Operations Officer .... ...~,i
C l e r k ~ t y p i s t s , . . . .. , . o . . . . . . . . . . , 2

For operations involving less than t.hree airplanes in
daily operation, one of the pilots will be designated
t o a c t a S O p e r a t i o n s O f fi c e r.

~ - ~ W i l l a l s o a c t a s ~ g l n e e r i n g O f fl c e r.

Courier Services %dll in each case operate under the c6mmand
and geheral Supervision of the Wing Commander authorized by Nationsl Headq u a r t e r s a n d w i l l b e i n t h e c h a r g e o f a d u l y a p p o i n t e d O p e r a t l o n s O f fi c e r.
During the absence of the Operations Officer~ the AssiStant Operations
Officer; or one of the pilots designated to act as Assistant Operations
Officer~ as hhe case may be, will be in charge.
6. Succession of Command


7. Membership ReQuirement
Assignments to Courier Service will be limited f6 prouerly
qualified members of the Civil Air Patrol holding official Membership
Identiflcati~n Cards, No applinsnts for enrollment Who do not hold
official identificationcards wi]! be ~ssigned to duty on Courier 8ervice~
i n c l u d i n g t e m p o r a r y d u t y, e x c e ~ t u p a n v ~ i t t e n a u t h o r i z a t i o n f r o m N a t i o n a l
Headquarters. Non-members of the Civil Air Patrol will not be permitted
to engage in any Courier Service activities.
8. Assignment of Personnel
g e t
A . A l l a s ~ l "n m n s t % d u t y a s O p e r a t i o n s O f fi c e r s o r A s s i s t a n ~
Operations Officers for Courier Service Stations will in each case be
made by the Wing Commander having jurisdiction under authorization issued
~.4 by National Headquarters, v~qich headqu~ters will be advised of said asslg~ments, All other assignments of personnel to Courier Services will be made
by said Wing Commanders or by such subordln~te Unit Commanders as they m~
~. All assignments, reassignments, or terminations of assignments v~ll be affected by Special Orders issued by the headquarters making
s u c h a s s i g n m e n t s . C a r b o n c o p i e s o f s ~ c h S p e c i a l O r d e r s w i l l b e ' Yo w a r d e d
to National Headquarters,
9, Operations Officers
Oparations'Officers and Assistant Operat£ons Officers are re~
quired to be pilots meeting all the requirements hereinafter set forth in
paragraph l0 for pilots engaged in the transportation of pnssengers.~So
far as pnssi~le, consistent with their administrative duties, Dparatigns
Officers and Assistant Opbgations Officers will alsoServe as 91lots.

Operations Plrectlve No. 25
t ,



&. All pilots assigned to ~uty on Courier Service will be
require& to hold an effective Civil Aeronautics AAminlotraticn Airman
C e r t i fi c a t e o f t h e g r a d e o f P r i v a t e P i l o t , c r n i g h e r.
h. Zn s~dlt~cn tC the foregoing requirement, pilots assigned
to carry passengers will be required to have officially legged a minim~
of 150 hours as pilot, Includlng not less than 50 hollrs on cross-country
flying, and at least i0 hours ef eai~ officially l~gged flying time shall
h~ve been flown in the six months preceding said assignment.
c. Pilots who held an effective Civil Aeronautics Administration
A i r m a n O e r t i fl c a t e o f t h e g r a ~ e o f P r i v a t e P i l s t o r h i g h e r, , b u t 8 o n o t m e e ~
the requirements set forth in the foregoing subparagraph .~ may be assigned
tc missions which do not involve the carrying of passengers.
d. All 8ivil Air Patrol pilots, including both men and women,
who meet the requirements herein set forth are eligible for 0curler Service
assignment a.

A si nee t e Ai she

All assignments cf ai~lanes to Courier Service will be made by
authorized Wing Headquarters ,r by such subordinate Headquarter~ ae Wing
Headquarters may designate. Carbon copies ~f aesignment~ Of airplanes
will b~ fcwarded to National Headquarters.

12. Ai~l~es.
~. All airplanes assigned to Courier Service will be of less
than ninety horsepower (90 h.p.), unles~ otherwise specifically authorized
in writing by National Headquarters.
~. Said airplanes are not required to be equipped for instrument flying.
e. P~di0 equipment will be required only in such cases as m~v
be necessary to comply with Federal and/or l~cal regul~tions.
~. All aircraft assigned tc Courier Service will be required
to have a currently effective Civil Aereneutics Administration Airworthiness Certificate.
13. Reimbursements
a. All reimbursements for Courier Service will be made in
~ccerdance with the reimbursement Bchedules presented in Operations
Directive NO..16-A - Reimbursement Schedules for Courier Missions and
Miscellaneous Services - July Sl, 1942. Thege schedules set f~rth the
Per Diem Allewance~ for personnel asslg~ed to duty on Courier Service
end the Rates peld for the use of airplanesssaigned to Csurier Service.

Operations Directive No. 25


Seid Per Diem allowances apply for each day personnel are actuc3-1y on
C o u r i e r S e r v i c e d u t y, I n c a s e s o f p e r s o n n e l o n d u t y f o r p e r i o d s o f t h i r t y
or more consecutive days, said Per Diem allowances will also apply 9or 5ne
rest day per week during such period. Rest days will not be cumulative.
b . E x c e p t i n c a s e s o f e m e r g e n c y, n o C o u r i e r S e r v i c e w i l l b e
Undertaken until the 9~nds n6cessary for reimbursement therefor have
actually been made available.
c_. Reimbursements for Courier Service may be made either
°through National Headquarters of Civil Air P~.trol or direct by the emp l o y i n g a g e n c y, a s s a i d e m p l o y i n g a g e n c y m a y p r e f e r. I n t h e f o r m e r c a s e ,
the necessary funds will previously!have been allocated to the Office of
C i v i l i a n D e f e n s e - C i v i l A i r P a t r o l , a n d a l l P e r D i e m a n d A i r p l a n e Vo u c h e r s
will be submitted to National Headquarters. In th~ latter case, said
v o u c h e r s w i l l b e s u b m i t t e d t c t h e e m p l o y i n g a g e n c Y.
d ° A l l P e r D i e m ~ d A i r p l ~ u e Vo u c h e r s w i l l b e C e r t i fi e d b y t h e
Civil Air Patrol officer in charge of the particul~ Courier Service involved and also by the p~vee and will be submitted as of the fifteenth
and last day of each month. Said Per Diem ~llowances for personnel and
said Rat~s for the use of aircrc~ft ~re the only allowances made by
the Goverr~ent to cov~r living expenses ~nd personnl service of personnel
and expenses, both tangible and Intangible, incident to th~ operation3
i n s p e c t i o n , m a i n t e n a n c e , o v ~ r h ~ u l , r e p a i r, d e ~ r e c i a t l c n , r e p l a c e m e n t
i n s u r a n c e o f a i r c r a f t o n C o u r i e r S e r v i c e d u t y.
e. All checks co~cring reimbursements for Courier Service will
in each case be delivered Lo the Civil Air Patrol officer in charge in
order that he may see that the prescribed insurance payments are properly
i~. Insurance
All courier missions are required to be covered by Liability~
Crash, and Accident Lnsurance, as prescribed in Operations Directive No.
16-A. No courier missions will be undertaken until such insurance is first
secured in the m~nn~r set forth in said d~rective and the General Memoranda
referred to therein.

~nctional Titles

In the preparation of vouchers, reports ~md other documents amd
in correspendenc% the only functional titles used in refer1~ing to persol~el
assigned to duty on Courier Service will be the titles listed in pmsagraph
5 hereof.
16. Civil Air Patrol Uniforms
All personnel assigned to duty on Courier Service ~wlll wear
r e g u l a t i o n C i v i l A i r P a t r o l u n i f o r m s a n d i n s i g n i a w h i l e o n d u t y. S a i d
uniforms will, in each ease have securely sewed to th~ outer half of the
left sleeve thereof, onc-hnlf inch below the shoulder seam, the official
Civil Air Patrol shoulder patch. Nochher uniforms or insignia will b~
w o r n b y s a i d p e r s o n n e l w h i l e o n d u t y.

Operations Directive No. 25


17. Members.hip Idontificatica Cards
All personnel assigned to duty on Courier Service will carry
w i t h t h e m a t a l l t i m e s w h i l e o n d ~ t y. t h o i r o f f ~ c i a l M e m b o r s h l p I d e n t i fi cation Cards.

Airnlano Markings

All airpl~es on Courier Service duty will display on wings
and fuselage the Civil Air Patrol basic insignia (blue disk with superimposed white triangle and with red three-blade propeller superimposed
on triangle) in the marauor prescribed im paragraph 2 _l of General Memorandum No. 45 - Uniform, Insignia ~d Rank - July 17, 1942. Any aircraft while displaying such insignia will be flol~m exclusively by members
of the Civil Air Patrol. (The letters 'U.S." are not a part of the insignia
used in airplane markimgs.)

Operations Orders

All Courier Nisslons w~_ll bc covered by official Operations
Orders in accordance with the provisions of Operations Divoctlvo No. 5 0~ratlonsJ Orders for Plight Missions - ~arch 6, 1942. (The short
f c ~ m o f o p e r a t i o n s o r d e r s p r e s e n t e d i n A t t a c h m e n t B o f Tr o i a l n g D i r e c t i v e
No. 15 is recommended for thi~ purpose.) Said orders will in each case
be issued by the Operations 0fficor in chargc.
No pilot will be assigned to any particular Courier ~[ission
who, in the opinion of the Operations 0fficor ~m chargo~ is not
qualified to perform successfully the mission in question~ nor will any
aircraft be assigned to any such mission whlchp in the opinion of said
o p o r a $ i o n s 0 f fi c o r, i s n o t a i l n . l e r t h y, p r o p e r l y c q u l p p o d , o r o t h o r ~ ; i s o
qualified for the successful performance of the mission.

Observance of Ro~Alations .

All Courier Sorvics operations ~iili bc conducted in strict
accordance with the rcqttiromcnts of (a) the Civil Air Regulations,
(b) any special cleare nco and flight rsgulations of the Civil Aeronautics Administration and the ~rmad services, (o) applicable Civil Air
Patrol directives, and (d) local regulations.

General Limitation

Courier Service will be limited to day-time contact flying and
w i l l n o t o p e r a t e o v e r m o u n t a i n o u s t e r r a i n , e x c e p t u p o n ~ Tr i t t e n a u t h o r i z a tion from National Headquarters.

Co-Pilots and 0bscrvors

No co-pilots or observers will be carried on Courier ~ssions,
except upon vccitton authorization from National Headquarters.

Operations Directive No. 25


24. Passengers and Cargo
No passengers or cargo will be c~rried except on official
business for official agencies of Federal, Stata or local governments~ the
American Red Cross/and war industries. Unauthorized passengers or cargo
v~ll not be carried.
25. SafetF of Operations
~. Strictest safety standemds as to flight procedures and
airworthiness of e~rplanos will be maintained at all times. Either the
Operations Officer in charge or the pilot may cancal any flight on the
g r o u n d s o f s a f e t y.
~o ILlcargo will be properly secured to avoid any ahifting
thereof in flight.
~. All dual controls will be removed or renderd inoperative.
26. Stand-by Airpl,%nes
The number of stand-by airplanes held in reserve will be held
ta the minimum consistent with the spore±ions involved oAnd will be subject
to the approval of National Headquarters.
27. Operation and M~inten--nce Pool
a. As stated in paragraph 13 ~ hereof the hourly rates paid
for the us~ of ~iraraft on Courier Service duty are the only -llowances
made by the Government tocever expenses both tangible cmd intangible,
incident to the operationj inspection, maintenomoe, overhaul, repair~
depreciation, replacement, and insurance of sald ~ircraft. The owners
of such aircraft will be required to have same properAv inspected and
to maintain m%me in an airworthy condition at all times throughout the
~ ~risd %h~ d~rcruf~ ar~assf4ned to Courie9 ' ~
b. The owners of said aircraft may f4_nd it desirable to
organize a-pool from said aircraft ailowancos paid thcm bythe Government
with which to hire such mechanical services as may be necess~nry for the
proper inspection, maintenance, and repair of their aircraft.
28. Firear~
Firearms will be carried only when necessary to insure the
safety and security of personnel, equi~ent, and cargo. In accordance
vdth the provisions of the Falas_ of Land Warf~me, said firearms will be
c a r r i e d o p e n l y.
29~ ~ergency Cases
Cases of emergency which, in the opinion of the Civil Air
Patrol officer in charge, c-~L1 for a departure from the regular pro~-li08-6


Operations Directive No, 2~

'ceduro set forth in this Operations Directive, will in each case be
covcred b~ a written report to National Headquarters setting forth in detail
(a) th@ factors Justifyi~ shch emergency action ~ud(b) the m lesions performed°

Competition wlth Commercial Carriers

Competition with established commercial carrlerswillbe
strictly avoided. Civil Air Patrol Courier Service is exchsively an
emergency wartime service.
By direction of National Comm,under JOHNSCN: