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WAS~TOS, MAP~ 4, 1%2

1 . We a r e a t Wa r. T h e C i v i l A i r R e g u l a t i o n s h a v e b e e n m o d i fied to meet the requtrmaauts of the Arm~ and Navy in providing for the
National Defense. It is imperative that all pilots observe these regul a t i o n s t o t h e l e t t e r.
2. There are certain areas over which no f]~g is permitted.
These areas have anti-aircraft defenses which are under orders to shoot
down a~ aircraft passing over them. Civil Air Patrol pilots are hereby
directed ~.o familiarize themselves with areas and routes over which their
p a r t i o t t l a r fl i g h t s a r e t o b e m a d e a n d c o n d u c t t h , e i r f ~ a c c o r d i n g l y.
It is important that all pilots navigate aoourate~ and adhere rtgid~

to fA ht plans.

~. This is no tim for £oolish f~tng. The fact that the
Civil Air Patrol insignia is displayed on a plane or that the plane is
e~ged in an official mission does not give the pilot permission to
break the Civil Ai~ Regulations or do ~eeessar~ aerobatics. On surveiY~ance and search missions, for example, the operations orders govex~ing the missions are not a permit for hedge-hopping.
4. OertaAn missions, including pick-up message tz~,
require low f~T~. Such flying sh~ be cleared with Civil Aeronautics
Administration inspectors and airport managers.
5. Failure of Civil Air Patrol flight personnel to comp~ with
regulations will not be tolerated. Unit Commanders are hereby di~cted to
take prompt disoi~ action against any such personnel under their
command who break regulations or engage in careless f~TIDg.
6. Without thorcm~ air discipline, the Civil Air Patrol is of
no value as a f~Ang auxiliary to the armed forces. Develop air discipline.
By Com2and of Major General ~:



Tr a i n ~ & O p e r a t i o n s O f fi c e r