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public service organization to
develop.., all aspects of aeronautical
a n d a e r o s p a c e a c t i v i t y. . .

McConnell AFB Hosts
Three-Wing Encampment
The joint Missouri-KansasNebraska encampment was held
1-7 August at McConnell AFB,
Kansas. Host wing was Kansas, and encampment command e r w a s LT C F ~ C . W e i n s a f t .

Governor Christopher S. Bond signed a proclamation on 16
July making the month of July Civil Air Patrol month in
Missouri. Present at the signing were (L to R) Jack Plympt o n , C a p i t o l C i t y C o m p o s i t e S q u a d r o n ; C / LT Ta m a r a J o s e p h ,
Richards-Gebaur Composite Squadron; Col D. N. Fulton, form e r W i n g C o m m a n d e r ; G o v B o n d ; C / T S G R o b e r t D o m i n g , Tr i C o u n t y C o m p o s i t e S q u a d r o n ; LT C W i l l i a m W i n k e r t , W i n g C o m m a n d e r ; C O l L . D . A r m s t r o n g , U S A F, N o r t h C e n t r a l R e g i o n
Liaison Officer; CPT Larry Kuban, Wing Staff; and Maj
C h a r l e s D i c k , M i s s o u r i W i n g L i a i s o n O f fi c e r.

The schedule of events for
the Missouri Wing Conference has been decided,
a c c o r d i n g t o LT C N . J .
K n u t z , p r o j e c t o f fi c e r.
The conference will be held
12 October at the Ramada
Inn in Columbia.
Following is the agenda for
the session:
I000 hours, general meeting,
w i t h r e m a r k s b y LT C W i n k e r t
and Maj Dick.
1300 hours, general meeting,
briefings by Wing section
chiefs (to end at 1600).

1800 hours, cocktails
1900 hours, dinner and award
Registration fee for the
conference will be $2. Cost
of the dinner has not been
determined. Reservation
cards, for those members desiring to remain overnight,
will be mailed to each
squadron by Wing Headquarters. Members wishing reservations are urged to obtain them as soon as possible because of other activities in Columbia that
same weekend.

Of the 93 persons attending,
55 were from Kansas, 19 from
Missouri, 18 from Nebraska,
and one from Iowa. The Iowa
m e m b e r, C P T J u d y M i l l e r, i s
an Air Force Nurse stationed
at McConnell. The Missouri
group included 16 cadets and
three senior members.
Honor Flight for the encampment was C Flight. Mike
Powell, Springfield Composite Squadron, was chosen
Missouri honor cadet. The
awards were given at a picn i c h e l d t h e l a s t d a y. T h e
parade and banquet for the
encampment were held on Sund a y, 4 A u g u s t . LT C A I B r o z ,
USAFF~ was reviewing officer;
Kansas Wing Commander Col
P~wland and Missouri Wing
C h i e f o f S t a f f LT C N . J .
Knutz were guests at the
Among the activities were an
o r i e n t a t i o n r i d e o n a T- 2 9
and tours of the base and a
missile site. Training
oriented toward Civil Air
Patrol included search and
rescue, the CAP program
(for new cadets), and the
Jaycee's "Leadership in
Action" program.

LT C W. T. W i n k e r t
After a little longer than a
month as Interim Wing Comm a n d e r, I w i s h t o s a y t h a n k s .
It was a long step from
s q u a d r o n t o w i n g . To t h o s e
dedicated people in the
field, and especially the
Wing staff, I extend my
A change of command is always a time of "What happens
next?" I wish to set forth
some of my thoughts along
these lines. We use the
w o r d g o a l s f r e q u e n t l y, a n d
this will not change; howe v e r, w e m u s t a l l f r o m t i m e
to time review both our long
and short range goals. My
long range goal is to see
Missouri Wing as Number 1.
I hope that each and every
CAP member in Missouri has
this same goal. Pride in
being number one can be a
wonderful payment for long
h o u r s a n d h a r d w o r k . To
reach this goal, three short
range goals must first be
..VOLUNTEER public service
organization to develop..
all aspects of aeronautical
a n d a e r o s p a c e a c t i v i t y. . .
is published quarterly by
Headquarters, Missouri Wing,
Civil Air Patrol, for all
members of Missouri Wing.
Prepared by Missouri Wing
Information Office, Box
1 4 9 8 , K a n s a s C i t y, M i s s o u r i ,
LT C W i l l i a m T. W i n k e r t ,
Wing Commander
Maj Frank Anderson, USAFF~
Opinions expressed herein do
not necessarily represent
those of Civil Air Patrol,
its officers, or members.

Goal I: The Cadet Program. I
am open to suggestions on
this goal. Please feel free
to jot your suggestions down
and send them to me at Wing.
Any idea that will increase
the overall cadet retention
and participation rate will
not be rejected.
Goal 2: Finances. This may
be met through contributions
or donations or Just plain
hard work. There are some
ambitious programs that will
need additional funding.
Some involve flying and
transportation costs. Ideas
on fund raising will also be
Goal 3: Senior Recruiting.
Col Don Fulton is the project leader on both senior
and cadet recruiting. I am
sure he will appreciate any
worthwhile suggestion.
These are three short term
goals that, with the cooperation of the Missouri
W i n g C A P, c a n b e m e t .
It has been said before, and
it bears repeating, that Wing
is a service and a direction
agency for the squadrons, but
it is the squadron level that
does the work. In this light
I promise that Wing will not
delay in getting answers to
your requests. It may not
always be the answer you are
seeking, but it will be an
a n s w e r. T h i s i s a t w o - w a y
s t r e e t h o w e v e r, f o r i f w e d o
not know about it at the Wing
we cannot help you. Put it
in writing and I, along with
the Wing Staff, will do my
best to come up with a solution. Be it a supply requisition, an aircraft request,
a promotion request, or a
suggestion for improvement in
the squadrons, we will try to
help you with any problems
or programs. Just let us
know how we can be of service.
The future holds much in
store for CAP members in N_is-

souri. Some of the future
programs will be fun, some
educational, and some just
plain self-satisfying. Plans
are being made now for several programs, one of which is
a n a l l - g i r l s e m i n a r. T h e r e
will also be an up-grade
clinic for our pilots, and a
working session for squadron
commanders. As soon as the
plans are finalized, word
will be passed to you.
In communications, the Wing
net will become an important
tool. Each squadron not now
on the net had best make
arrangements to join as soon
as possible Messages will
be passed from time to time
about bonus activities. And
Wing communications will
help with equipment when
possible. But if you dontt
get the word, donI t say you
weren' t warned.
A final thought I would like
to leave with you. My door
is always open If you are
in town, please feel free
to drop in. Visitors are
always welcome.

Governor Bond proclaimed the
month of July as Civil Air
Patrol month in Missouri.
A delegation was at the
Governor' s office for the
official act. Following is
a l e t t e r s e n t t o LT C W i n k e r t
by the Governor:
"Thank you and all members
of the Missouri Wing, Civil
Air Patrol, for the plaque
and honorary membership in
this fine organization.
"It was good to see you in
J e f f e r s o n C i t y r e c e n t l y.
Please pass along to all
members of the Civil Air
Patrol my appreciation for
your good work.
" S i n c e r e l y,
C h r i s t o p h e r S . Bond
G o v e r n o r. "

NATIONAL STAFF COLLEGE a s s i g n e d a m e e t i n g r o o m .
I m ur t e e
e m
IS INTERESTING, REWARDING fi'n e sp e e p he ra t tw e rd i n ga, r ~ u t
o l
(The following article was
prepared by CPT Pauline
Woods, Commander of Marshall Composite Squadron.
She was the only person from
Missouri Wing to attend the
National Staff College this
y e a r, a n d t e l l s h o w i t w a s
as a student.
What a weekl It began with
t h e T- 2 9 b e i n g a n h o u r l a t e ,
a n d e n d e d w i t h t h e T- 2 9
being back an hour earlier
than planned. But it is
the time between those two
events that really matters.
It was raining when we landed at Maxwell, their first
rain in three weeks. While
we stood under trees awaiting our bus, cadets that had
been attending Cadet Officer
School were being bussed to
their planes. Imagine my
surprise to hear a familiar
voice call my name. The
weather se~med a little less
We were bussed to our area,
assigned rooms, and given
course materials. One of
the first people I saw when
I got to the table to be
assigned to a seminar was
Maj Anderson, Missouri Wing
I0. Things were looking
better all the time! I had
expected to be one of four
from our Wing, and was the
only one. I was the lucky
o n e o f t h e f o u r. l ' m s o r r y
they missed it.
One of the first announcements was, "Our base is experiencing a stomach flu
epidemic. We don' t want
any heroes; if you don't
feel well, report it at
once." The Commandant of
Students for the National
Staff College was in the
base hospital.
We were divided into groups
(seminars) of ii or 12 and

l'm convinced that I was in
t h e b e s t o n e . O u r l e a d e r,
LT C A r t h u r R e i t n o u e r, i s a
math teacher in California
a n d a n o u t s t a n d i n g l e a d e r.
He commented near the end
of the first afternoon that
he had never seen any group
of people begin to think as
a group rather than indivldu a l s s o q u i c k l y.
About half the time was
spent listening to lectures,
demonstrations, or video
tapes; the rest of the time
was spent in our seminar
room discussing what we had
heard or seen. We soon
learned why they referred
to the auditorium as the
"big blue bedroom." A few
of the presentations were
conducive to napping, but
most were quite good.
Much of the work was on management--time, materiel, and
people. Much of the material used is in ECI 20. Not
everyone recognized it as
such, but I had completed 20
about a year ago. This made
i t c l e a r e r, o r w a s i t t h a t
NSC made 2C clearer?
Some of our time in seminar
was spent on a CAP problem
we were given at random. We
were to write a "staff report" on it. Each seminar

The Safety Spot
"Buckle Up For Safety" is
more than a slogan. Australia recently passed a law
which required all passengers
in cars to wear safety belts°
Passengers in cars built between 1965 and 1967 must
wear lap belts, and all passengers in cars built since
1968 must wear both lap and
shoulder belts° This law resulted in a 23% decline in
traffic fatalities the first
year it was in effect.

had a different problem.
Ours was: CD is expecting a
flood and wants a four week
low profile surveillance of
the area. What would our
plan include? No one else
had worked on such a problem. None of them knew what
t o l o o k f o r, o r t h a t y o u
could use the CD members as
observers on such flights.
Therefore, I felt that I
could contribute my part.
We didn' t have Project X, so
l'm still not positive what
it is.
Receiving the Certificate of
Achievement from Gen Westberg and the formal Dining
Out was the icing on the

Proficiency Certification
Required of All Pilots
Lt Col Karl Hull, Wing Opera t i o n s O f fi c e r, h a s i s s u e d a
reminder that all pilots
m u s t h a v e FA A c e r t i fi c a t i o n
of proficiency by 1 November 1974. This requirement
applies to all ratings,
including students of over
2 years.
The certification must be
annotated in each pilot' s
log book. Col Hull emphasized that those not complying will be grounded.
He urged all CAP members to
get this requirement complet e d e a r l y. " D o n ' t w a i t u n t i l
the last minute, because the
instructors will be overloaded at that time," he

A land rescue training exercise was held 26-28 July
at Pigeon Hill Wildlife
Area near St Joseph. Among
the 25 persons attending
w e r e 11 s e n i o r s a n d s i x
cadets, representing Wing
and Kansas City 1, Harry S.
Truman, and St Joseph Com.
posite Squadrons. Others
attending represented the
H i g h w a y P a t r o l Tr o o p H , t h e
B u c h a n a n C o u n t y S h e r i ff ' s
Reserve, Red Cross, and the
Emergency Preparedness
O f fi c e . Tw o v i s i t o r s a l s o
were at the training site
during the exercise.
Fifteen persons attended the
water safety exercise at
L a k e P o m m e d e Te r ~ 2 1 - 2 3

Missouri Leads CAP
In Communications
According to the semi-annual
communications status report, Missouri Wing is leading the nation in communications, with a total of 185
points awarded by National
Headquarters. Delaware Wing
is second with 175 points.
Although gratified by the
r e p o r t , 1 LT J . H ~ M c E l h a n y,
C o m m u n i c a t i o n s O f fi c e r, s a i d
it is imperative that the
Wing score well in the Nat i o n a l C o m m u n i c a t i o n s Te s t .
In addition to passing traffic and complying with national directives issued
during the test, 50 percent
of the Wingi s land stations
and 25 percent of ground mobile stations should participate.

J u l y. S e v e r a l l e a r n e d t o
water ski and to pilot a
power boat p ~ulling skiers.
~ichards-Gebaur Composite
Squadron participated in a
parade in Belton in late
June. Members parading
w e r e G a r y H a s t y, Ta m m y J o s e p h , C a r l M a j o r, B i l l
Denio, Kevin Jonson, Kathy
M i l e s , Wa n d a P o l s o n , a n d
USMC Corporal Huston.
A new squadron has been
chartered in Missouri Wing.
We o f . . . v O L U N T E E R c o n g r a t u late the Creve Coeur Composite Squadron ~-~i its first
c o m m a n d e r, 2 LT R o b e r t L .

Ve h i c l e I n s u r a n c e F e e s
Squadrons and individuals
having custody of corporate
vehicles are reminded of
the need to send their vehicle insurance payments to
Wing on a timely basis.
The payment is due 15 days
before the beginning of
e a c h q u a r t e r.
C P T Wa l t e r S h o t t s , Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n O f fi c e r, h a s s a i d
that consideration is being
given to assessment of a
late charge if payments are
not on time. This can be
avoided if payment is made
with the vehicle report, CPT
Shotts said.
Those not making the payments as required are in
danger of losing their vehicles, he warned. "If payment is not made, vehicles
will be picked up!" he said.

P E R S O N N E L - LY S P E A K I N G
Cadet CPT Gregory L. Hampton
was recently presented the
Amelia Earhart award by the
Mayor of the City of St
L o u i s J o h n H . P o e l k e r. T h e
ceremony was held in the
Mayor' s office with Cadet
Hampton' s parents present.
Hampton, a member for three
years, is Cadet Commander
of St Louis Composite Squad.
ron 2. He plans to attend
Parks Aeronautical College
this fall.
CPT Gene Reseman has been
named commander of RichardsGebaur Composite Squadron,
r e p l a c i n g LT C W i n k e r t , n o w
serving as Wing Commander.
Three -Wing Staff members
were honored with awards in
J u l y. LT C W i l l i a m W i n k e r t ,
Wing Commander, presented
the Exceptional Service Aw a r d t o LT C N . J . K n u t z a n d
the Meritorious Service Aw a r d t o LT C J . J . L e h r a n d
CPT Lu Cretia Knutz.
Lt William Abel and Lt Don
Horrell, Falcon Composite
Squadron, recently gave a
CAP orientation lecture to
seventh and eighth grade
students of Epiphany of Our
Lord Grade School, St Louis.
The two discussed the cadet
activities program and
showed pictures of cadets in
training and on an actual
search and rescue mission.
The CAP mission and cadet
scholarship program were
also explained. Response
by the faculty and student
body was excellent.

BOX 1498 KC M0 64141

Non-Profit Organization
U . S . P O S TA G E
Permit #275
K a n s a s C i t y, M o .