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MARCH 1985


Scores of NAT-CAPers assembled at the
Andrews Air Force Base Officers' Open Mess on
January 19th to participate in the Annual Dining
Out of the National Capital Wing. Colonel
RoneId A. Quander, Wing Commander, welcomed
those in attendance, including Mr. William J.
Reynold% the guest speaker; Brigadier General
Russell C. Davis, Commander of the ll3th TactieaI Fighter Wing, District of Columbia Air
National Guard; Colonel Charles X. Surani Jr.,
Middle Eastern Region Inspector; and Lieutenant
Colonel Harold "Hap" Harris, Assistant Region
In spector.
A longtime aviation test pilot, William J.
Reynolds is regarded as one of the nation's
foremost aviation artists. His aerospace paintings communicate a sincere respect and love for
flying, developed over the many hours spent in
the cockpit of an aeroplane and the long association with aviation. His many varied experiences
in aviation are translated to the canvas, expressing deep involvement and integrity. Mr.
Reynolds has been commissioned to paint many
historic aerospace scenes, especially two each
year for the National Aerospace Education Congrass. He serve as a fighter pilot during World
War H, where he flew the P-40 with the 49th
Fighter Group in the South Pacific, and in recent
years, served as the Liaision Aerospace Education Offiear for the Middle Eastern Region, Civil
Air Patrol
Many NAT-CAP Wing personnel received
awards during the Annual Dining Out for their
various accomplishments in CAP. The affair
ended after remarks by Colonel Quandcr and
other dignitaries. Dancing followed in the Open
Mess Lounge.

Volume: i~85

The National Capital Wing, Civil Air
Patrol observed Founder's Day in afternoon
services on Sunday, December 2. Wing Chaplain, Lt Col Alva R. Appel presided during the
event which featured many prominent Civil
Air Patrol officers.
The services began at 2:30 with presentation of the colors by cadets from the
Whcaton-Silver Spring Squadron. Following a
piano duet by Rose and David Eide-Altman, Lt
Col Harold "Hap" Harris, Assistant IG, Middle
Eastern Region, greeted those in attendance.
Lt Col Harris encouraged all to continue to
maintain regard for "duty-hanor--country", in
his remarks, which were partIy taken from the
book of Galatians. Colonel Charles Gries,
Liaisinn Officer, Middle Eastern Region, was
next to speak and urged all to continue to hold
high the principles of Civil Air Patrol
Chaplain (Lt CoD William Sumner, Fairfax Squadron, delivered the keynote address.
In his remarks, taken from Luke 4-14 and
Isaiah, Chaplain Sumner praised the aneompI'ishments of Civil Air Patrol and urged the
members of National Capital Wing to eontinue
their efforts.
Following the address, presentations
were made to the musicians, to Lt Col Stanley
Voyiaziakis, National Capital Wing and Cangressinnal Squadron Liaision Officer, to Lt Col
Harris and to Colonel Grias. In a statement
following the affair, Chaplain (Lt CoD Alva R.
Appel remarked, "The National Capital Wing is
privileged to celebrate the 43rd Anniversary
of the establishment of Civil Air Patrol We
believe Civil Air Patrol is God ordained to the
saving and enrichment of life through its
Cadet and Emergency Services programs."

Aerospace, a eontrectinn of the words slr
and space, is a term used to identify the enti'~
region extending from the earth's surface
through the total expanse beyond.
The napaoity to act through the expanse
beyond the earth's surface is know as a nation's
a e r o s p a n e p o w e r. I n . t h i s p o w e r e q u a t i o n t h e
eivll-military-industrial factors are indivisible
p a r t s o f t h e w h o l e . M o r e o v e r, t h i s p o w e r s t r u e t u r e , i n a d e m o e r a t i n s o c i e t y, r e s t u p o n t h e
foundation of an informed citizenry enthusiastic
and eepable of acting wisely in a aerospace
world. Just as ancient man explored the seas in
ships and the man of yesterday eoequered the air
in balloons, men today are penetrating the outer
atmosphere in unconventional eirereft and venturing into space aboard revolutionary vebielesThe aerospace sciences that have fostered
today's teehnologieal achievements have simultaneously generated dynamic humanistie forces
that are ehaogiag slgnifieantly the seeJa1~ eeonomie, politiea1~ and edueatinnal structure of our
nation and the world.
All of our people should become familiar
with today's aerospace world and the impact of
its teehnology upon soeiety if we are to maintain
the national and international leadership necessary to advance as a people dedicated to freedom and to world progress.
Maj J. Seen Habina
Dir., Aerospace Edueatinn




We l c o m e t o 1 9 8 5 ! : S u p p l y O f fi c e r s - ~ [ o u h a v e
received your 1985 Supply Kits. U~e tl~em, and
meet your report dates on time '~f !fpu need
i n f o r m a t l o n , s e e o n e o f " T h e Te a l r r ~ o r m e .
There is still a need for Senior Members/
C a d e t s t o h e i p o u t a t t h e Wa r e h o u s e o n d a y s
that it is closed - - cleaning - painting -cutting
grass, eteAs Supply OffieePs, you must consistently be
o n g u a r d a g a i n s t t h e m i s u s e o f C A P p r o p e r t y.
I ask you to stress this point to all members in
your Squadron or at Wing Headquarters. Use
your CAPM 67-L We hope to have a meeting
with all Supply Officers at Wing HQ to go over
the new CAPM 67-1, the new CAPE 37, CAPE
111 , a n d C A P F 3 8 r e p o r t s . Yo u a r e a s k e d t o
attend, meet and know the Logistics Staff:
Lt Col Thurston Staples - Director
Capt Louis A. Gignae - Maintenance
1st Lt Jesse W. Carpenter - Transportation
2nd Lt Nieola Tenaglia - Supply
Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n O f fi n e r s - D o y o u r P r e v e n t ative Maintenance! We have oil, rugs, antif r e e z e a n d s o m e p a r t s . Yo u c a n r e p a i r, d o
body and fender work, brake work, tune--up's,
tire changing, painting or any other work in
t h e w a r e h o u s e , o n a n y S a t u r d a y.
Use This
Lt Col Thurston Staples
Director of Logistics


Bolling AFB Chapel Center
0900 - 1700
Cost: $9.00
POC: M a j o r S e a n H a b i n a
(W) 981-3077
(H) 420-4386

29 March 1985

242nd Squadron (Mont Reg)
Royal Canadian Air Cadets
Through I April 1985
POC: Lt Col Roy H. Boller
(w) 767-4746/5833
(H) 630-4462

30 March 1985

Andrews AFB Officer's Mess
1830 - 0100
POC: Lt Col Roy H. Boller

31 March 1985

Boiling AFB Chapel #i
1430 - 1600
POC: Lt Col A. Appel
(W) 202/722-6162
(H) 301/490-8888