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V' jUml

B a l l e n g e r

r e c e i v e s

S p a a t z

Washington, D.C. -- General Lawrence A. Gkantze, vice
chief o~ etaPf, U.S. Air Force, presented Civil Air Patrol
Cadet Nerri!l O. B~llenger, the organization's 6~nerll Carl
A. Spaat: Hwlrb in a cerHony at the Pentapon recently.
Cadet GalIenger is the son o~ CHSgt. and Hrs. Oerril]
i . B a i l e n ~ e r o f A l e x a n d r i a , Vi r q i n a , H e i s a m e ~ e r o f
Civil Air Patrol'~ Mr, Vernon Composite Souadron and has
been aP/i!iated with the agency since June 17, 1977.
The prestigious Spaatz Awarh, highest attainable in
Civil Air Patro!'i comprehensive cadet brogram, i~ always
presented ~y a~ Air Force or CAP general plaiter: by an
elected state or Federal officidi or by a caoineb-leve!
The award means that Cadet ~alJenger has compteted all
the requirements of the cadet program. Cadets, who range
in age from |3 to 18, study a serles o; courses in aviation

i n

P e n t a g o n


c e r e m o n y

and aerospace science*related subjects as part o~ the
|n addition, they attend annu~l encampmente and
participate in a number of special course~ and programs,
intruding internationml travel. At tn~se encampments and
programs, they etudy ~urvlviai and rescue technPdu~~
ethical and leadership prlnclples+ build ielf-confidence.
and learn firet had of ~be c~.eer opoortunibies open in the
avladon and aerospace fields.
,As capers complete ea:h phase of the program, they
receive an award and a promotion. Having coaplebed the
entire p~ograi~ Cadet ~aIIenger now becomes a cadet
Commanher of the squadron is Captain Gordon W.

-~ -c-;m£

=TV -_T~'=TD ;c 9~7-~, 7m~7£~C -muoi-~mi<

'uo~p~n~ ~Pe3 M!i!o5
pdT 'uOJp~n~ ~i1500~ UOUJ~ '~W ~uoJ~nb~ ~!~od~o~

R~T~ uo~a~o~ T!!Jp Bq~ RBDu~ BH 'S~JD~;O~ puE THJp



uT pJzq#



I!TJP ~e3~mN

Who's Bolli.g? CONSERVE

C o l o n e l

H e c t o r

N e g r o n i

:do e: ~e:to, Me~ron: 1~ tne Vice CoJmander of the
li~th Air Emse Wln~, Bdhn~ AFB. Colone! hegronh a
nativs o: Puerto R:ze, is ! !%1 graduate of the UB Air
Ro-ce Acabem~ and Ouli rited a~ i ~iiot an~ naviqator. His
:ire: !i~In~ aesi@nme~: w~s in the KB'SB~ tanner at B:~es
AC~. Tex~, io)]owB~ b~ ~ tOJT lP ~uerto Rico. He re:~rn~d
t l t h e A c a d e m y t n 1 7 ~ 7 a e a ~ A s s i s t a n t P, o ff e s s o r o f
Sosnish. Colonel Neuron! Fie. z coloat ~oor in EC-12!~ a:
Kormt RTAFB. Tniilan~. ~no wit~ :C-:~@s asslgneo to the 7
ACCS a~ Uoorn RTAFB. :oi!o~!n~ e tour as ao~sor w~th the
Bohv:~ A:. Perce, he wm~ a~:i~ed to Pope AFB, MC, !~ the
C-l~E, he served ms an internatlona! Poiltico-Mihtar~
Afcalrs O=Ficer ~n SRain an~ returned (o Washington in I78~
-" an GJCS danner prior te his current a~s!qnment mt
Boi:ing AFB.

G e m i n i

l l

n a m e d

S q u a d r o n

0 4

EFORE ff Og#
t h e

Ye a r

a t

W i n g

o i n i n g - o u u

At ins Natlon~i Ca~i:a£ Wi:lo~ Senlor ~ini~-Out~ help
in Novemoer at the Drleer s Ciuo at An:taws A!r Force
~se, the '~ouadron ef :he lear' ~a~ announced and when Lhe
enve!ooe ~a~ ooen~c the honors went tc the Gemini Ii Cadet
SOuoron. ,~ejor Page, Gr!g~s, ~ouadron Commander, and iLt,
Mar~re~ :. Thomas. Squadron Deoutv Comeander, proudly
entente: the Souadron of :he lear distinction ~hizh has
~on@ t:",:e~!rll :: three od
.,,: ~.n.o ~=t'-- tour years,
,n.~.o. the pest veer Gemini Z[.ao..r o, S~uadron ha~

Wa~nington, ~, C. Cbaoh~r h~ the United Negro Colleg~ Func
Also, over the past year Bemini ii rims in=teased its
Senior membership ~ ~even *nlcn included t#o ollot~ ~ene

inYo!,,ed ~t~e:f wl~h a ,ar~et~ of acti41tle~ both CA" =:
w e i ~ a 5 O ] , i C 1 w...n :v..r..~uo.. ~ H P the Wa~hinoton, rj.
h ~ . ' . - - ~ , , ~ , bo
Chanter OP the March o;.im..n ~ TeletUon and the

Year honors and wile s:ri~e to oecome :he Souaoron oi the
Yea. for the National C~pita] H~ng in I~, <ILL. Edward
Tholas, Jr,~ Geiini 11 PAO)

of which IS £he OB~ ~:uapron Chapilfi), tWO foreer C~OB~S,

ne~ squadron reservi~: NC~. ~nh t~o parents he~e ~eco~e
5 e n i o r m e m b e r E , A 0 d i t i 0 n a l i y, ~ e v e r : i h e . c : o e c i h i v e
!dined t~e squadron,
~ e ~ ! ~ l [ : i E v e r y o r o u d t O r B C E I Ye t h e ~ o ~ o r o ~ O ~ C ~ B




Canadian cadets visit: D C

Confused? Read the tax instructions--makes
doing your return easier and fasted
A pu~t¢ serwce mes~e from
me Internal Revenue Serrate.

Seat Pleasant

holds Yule party

The Seat "Pieasant Cadet Squadron seniors, cadets and
?arenL Club =esbers celebrated the end of 1983 and the
~eqinning of 1984 with a Christmas party on Oecelber 19 at
Greendale Recreation Center in Seat Pleasant, Md.
Chaplin (Capri Ja=es McCord led those present in a
;enediction and a few Christmas carols. Afterwards, let
L~. ~ichzrd Borges and C/Lt. 5aouel Henry Jr. extended a
welcome froe the seniors end cadets of the squadron. Mrs.
Jeter greeted the assembly on behalf of the Parents Clu).
Capt. Samuel Henry, squadron coemander, presented
Certificates of Appreciation to those who participated in a
r~cent disaster exercise at )ulies International Airport.
Dinner ind sooe dancing, including impromptu
break-dancing, Co!lowed the cereennies.

Members of the 742nd Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
.ere hosted by the National Capital Nine during the United
States phase of the Canadian/NatCap exchange November
The eight year old exchange ~as headed up this year by
ILl. Margaret Thomas, CAP and naj. Bill Ostafuchuck, RCAF,
was project officer for the 49 Canadian cadets and seven
Royal Canadian Air Force officers.
Ouring the week-end the Canadians with their ~merican
hosts were taken on tours of Annapolis Old Town, the g.S.
Naval Academy, a display of the capturned ares from
Grenada, the U.S. Capitol building, several popular
aonunents with a stop at the Lincoln Memorial and the Vial
Ham Nemorial, a shopping trip at a local mall, the Paul E.
6arber Facility at Silver Hill, MO., and the Air and Space
Cadets of the National Capital Wing hosted the
Canadian cadets in. their homes as well as treating the
visitors to a good ti~e. On )unday night there were
several parties For the cadets.
The Canadian phase of the exchange will be in the
spring when the NatCap members wi!l visit Ottawa, Canada.
The ee~bers that were hosts or worked on the U.S. phase
will have priority on the Canadian trip.
ILl. Margaret Thomas' staff included: LtCol. Roy
Boiler, Maj. Amanda Anderson, Capt. Rickey Hawkins, and
CILtCoI. Ken Reinstein.


"That sure is clever how
you taught your parakeet
to attack on command,


by AF

Ft. Belvoir, Va---Oerrill W. Ballenger, Captain, CAP,
received the Air Force Hueanitarian Service Medal recently for
his participation in the disaster relief efforts of the Air
Florida crash in Washington, D.C. in January 1982. Capt.
Baltenger, an active duty Chief Master Sergeant :n the Air
Force, was presented the sedal at squadron headquarters by
Squadron Commander Capt. Sordon Mclntnsh.
Ouring the disaster relief efforts, Capt. ~a[ienger
co-ordinated and supervised radio communications oetween the
Mr. Vernon Hospital and the D.C. Office of Emergency
Preparedness until the hospital was released From its alert.
As CMSgt. Ballenger, he is assigned to the White House
Communications Agency in Washington, O.C. (let LL. Miidred

(OVd uouJaA qR ~a6uaII~ Pa~PV~ '~I )ST)
,~u!ioae0 q%nos pu~ ~eu~Ioae3 ~IJON ~UIBJIA ~s~ ~ru~6~!h
'~a~Jo~ a~aq~ ~o q~oq ~ palq; ~a~e!d eea~
uo uo!~)adzo: F÷~5 uoyssyW ~VS ~ pu~ ~FJa^J~SOO pu? ~oT!~)
uon!:adwo~ 4;~ea5 JYV ue pa)~npuo~ os!~ s%!un dVO aql

~u~ss!a ~ u~ ~!i!~ a!aq~ ~u!~eJ~so~ap 'palad~o} uo~a~ ~V3

~uo~o~nOS ~!sod~oO uouaaA qW aq% +o ~ea~ (~VS) an3~a~



ao!go VA s Jeau |oe uoo
oI ,paanfu!, au% p~%en~k~ pu~ ~:JJE kE~!nb iauuo~Jao
~nos~ 'BC~-3 e u! pamela ~aw ,pa~n[u!, aUi
a~oq% uo '~n-a%e~ ~o ~sn aql q%!~ pa!Tdde aJaM sa~nCu~
a~qo%30 uo [i!~O }atla~ aa~s~s!o sa~InO ~q% u! paled!3!;~d
lauuosJad $$oJ~ pa~ pue ~k|J~'S'~ ;sau~JeR 'S'~ ~$~oJpenbs
aeq%o IO~ ~%~po~ se Iia~ se s%ape~ uouJaA '%W ^ueR
I~T~P -~-~e~Tp seIInQ uT s~ape~ F~uTM


Jno~ Jo~ paJ!e k!uo S~ uoq%ala% aUl q~no4%l~ '(R~ C'%
~nH~) kaspUTR uT~law pu~ (~3~M> kq%ae~W
~e7 'sW kq pa%soq ~N pu~ L Ai-~7~ uo~%~s A~ uo ~a@
ue!%!iodoJ%aW uo~BuTqs~M a~% ul u~e~ sew uoq%ei~ ~ql
's%ue%~s~e ~u!%unon~ pue ~Jalpueq a~paT~ '~o%~do
auoqdai~% ~%ao~a dI^ aaa~ suoJpenb~ ow% eq% kq p÷~Jo~Jao
~alqnp aq% ~oi~ 'o!Pe~ ~H~ pue ~A!-~I~M ~un~ ~B~i!o~
OJbaN pa%!uo ~q% ~o aa%de~3 ~as~ uo%bu!qseR au% kq pa~osuoes
ki~u!o[ ~e= q~!q~ uoq%aIal pun~ a~a!Io~ o~BaN pa%!u~ eq%
ul e%ed~o!%aed 0% ~!% a!aq% paJae%nlo" uoJ~nos %~P~3 rOS~a~
,sng, TI~JI~ "!o0 pu~ uoapeno~ %aOe3 !~ iu!ma~ !o ~:~p~
pu~ ~J~qma~ aotua~ !Taa^a~ '~I Jaq#~3g~ 'k~osn~s uO

LUosues PV kq,,,
NIJ09 3HJ.

VA oql skes os

u o q ~ a I a ~


~ . . J o d d n s

~ 3 ~ p ~

5 u z M

b86T ~B±~90L~ $S~I-~


G e m i n i


v i s t e d

b y

l l 3 t h

Ta c t i c a l

Unfortunet!L due to the ~hort notice, we weren't ible
to go down onto the ~ain Hoor of the hanger ~or a close
uolhands on inspection M the F-4's and other sections of
S p r i n g

n o w

a t

memb~r~ to cle~n, rebair~ and Ralnt the headquarters
h o n o r s

S e n i o r

S e r g e a n t

(!Lb, Edward Thomas, ;r,~ Gemini !i PAOI

Gil~er Spring, ~d---Yhe ~heaton-Silver Rprin0 Cadet
S~uadron, ~atiena[ C~pitat Wing, recently c~mpLeted ~oving
into a new heaWquarters. The new ~quadron Headquarters in
located at Waiter Reed ~r~y ~edicd Center - Forest Glen in
Silver Spring, ~d.
The move :ulmin~teg a 2 !/2 ~ontn work e~ort bk

W i n g

W i n g

the-hanger such as the ~peclaliy built room where the
election 5e~te ar~ stored and repaired. But from our
vantage point on the :ecofld floor ~alkway, the cadets bad
an :xc!l!ent vie~ o~ :verythfng bet. Loughry talked about.
?hinks to Set, Loughry the ~eebers of SeJinl !I Cadet
Squadron now have a gre~t~ unhersbanding and insight into
the procedure5 and ~ctivitkes they ohsere each reek when
t~hy attend their ~quaoron leetings in the ~econd Ho~r
da~srgem ~rea of the !tCth's hanger. A program ~i!l he
worked out ;or the ;utur~ where Gemini iI o~dets will be
alibied to ~pend time directly with the various
~aintainence cr~w le~oers is they go abort their duties,

Gemini II Cadeb ~adron, National Capitz] ~ing, .as
9rivilaged with a visit fro= TSgt. Char!us Loughry, USAFR,
o~ the ilGth Tactical bighter ling, hantainence Section.
Set. toughy, a 17 year veteran who has forked on such
~krtrtft as the F-!dd, P-l~, and now the F-d, ~topp~ in
during the meeting to give the squadron & tour of the
it~th's hanger ar~a. Geaini II was giv~ an out,tending
rundown on the history of the tlath Tactical Fighber Wing,
the F-4 Fighter jet ~nd the various pieces o~ equipment
that ~re used to amintain the F-4'~.

W h e a t o n - S i l v e r

F i g h t e r

M e m D e r s

Ouring the annuai Oining Out, recently heid at Andre~s
Air Force Rase Officers" Club, the sen~or ~emoer~ of
~ational C~hital Nine honored their ~utstandkng ~emoers.
Over !8~ ~e~bers gathered &t the Officers" Club ~er
dinner, awards, and dancing. The ~peakers ~ere : Col,
Charles Suraci, ~ER inspector and fer~er WatCah :ozmander:
.tCoi. ~tan[ey Vovi~zi~ki~, RatCap LO ind former C~P :ade~i
and Col. qonaid ~uander, ~atCab co~mander.
Some o{ the award~ that ~ere or~sent~ were:
Coemander'~ Commendation Award, ~a]. 3ruse hcConnei!; Si!l
Robh Wil~on A~ard, hal, Sruce ~cConnel ~no LLCol. Richard
Ei0wlb~ ~aul E. Sarher Award, ~aL Bruce McConpell; Paul Z.

W a l t e r

R e e d

M e d i c a l

C e n t e r

building, The renovation o~ the building was a joint
~ervlce project ,iLh the U,S. Ar~y providing repair
~ateria!e and paint under the 'EeH Help Program' i~d CAP
personnel Foviding the labor.
'The Ar~v has b~en lust ~reat in the project', states
LCCoL Steohen C, Gilhs, CAP, ~quadron commander. '~e
nave e~tabli~neo an ~xcellent working relationship ~et~een
the Rr~y and CAP', he aodeb.
[r~nicdi~, thi~ is not the first time ih~t the
~guadron has been a '~uest' o~ the U.5. Ar~y. When !irst
:hartereh in io57, the ~ouabron set at ~n Army
~ n t i - a i r t r l f t b a t t e r y r i t e i n S i [ Ye r R o t ! r i g , ~ d . To d a y,
thz: site is a local hlgh school which !7 attenoed by the
~aloritv of the squadron': cadets.!LtCol. Stephen GiIlis,
Wheeton-Si!~er 5prlng coama~der!

Garner ~ronze Star, LkCoi. Richard SlowiK ~nd ha).
klanoa Anderson; :boning Aerospace ~ward, LtCol,
Richard 51o~ik; 4ational Head~uarter~ Certificate of
~oor~szatlon, ~a). ~, Wiilimm Scbeil, ~r. ~nd Ra]. Amanea
~ndmrson; ~atCap Unit of the Year, 5emini l!.

"'I ~old you I could do id"





TwD squadrons hold joint bivouac

.eeK~ gr~un~ reic~e ~iv0ua: D~t~een ~gceiber ~
!E ~: {edarvi:ie Su~÷ Par~ in Ced!rviiie, Np, unite~
~e~i0r~ an~ caaet~ ~f Sea: Pieasant one C01~mbia Cade~
C~t~n~ ~nr~ ~ 5picer, !~t Lt. ~mrgms. a~b 2nd k~,
5i~es conducte~ iec%ures on land

navlgador and ground

rescue technioue~, hik÷! allowed the three 5e~! Pleasant
~nc :~o Coiu~i~ cadet5 to practic~ their new ~niis.
5~turdey night rid dinner coo~e~ o~er a co&p~ire by
C~, 5miter ormc~o~ ~ ~rigi~ n~gM ~ sleep,

Cadets enjoy Hall~ween party

The 5~it Pielsant Caoe~ 5~uaoron ~elebr~ted Halloween
:brae d~rs e~riY ~th i Hdiow~en di~ce o~ Gc~ooer 2Sth ~d
the S-een~!i~ Sie~nt!r! Schoc! mdtipurdms~ roo~ in Ge~t
Pie~nt. !,i, The ~:sco .~a gl~en by the Seed P~easant
"..... "'
a ~ . . . . t n i ~ q u a d r m n c o m m a n d e r, i t
~!÷ced in~ the wee hours 0* the ~ornlng. There were
C~szumes ez all iind with a Contest just after mionight ~o
eroase t~ reve!er~.

C a ~ e t

w i n s


s ~ h o l a r s h i ~

Silver 5~ring, Rd---Cadet 2rid LL ~evin N. R~nrahzn m~
Wheaten-Silver Spring CaPet S~uadron, National Capita1Wing~
recently received a full four year krmy RSTC Scholarship to
North Georgia College, Oahloneg~, So.
C~de[ Ranrahan, a igS3 gr~ou~te o+ Nortbwood High School,
h~ been e ~ember o+ Civil Air Patrol for two and on.half
year~ and is current/¥ the s~uadron's c~det coimander, Whiie
in high ~chooi, ne was an ~ctive me~ber o~ AR~ROTC, (gt. Col.
Stephen Gillie, Whe~ton-Si!ver Spring commander}

R o w e

t a p p e d

+ o r

W e s t

P o i n t

January 20- February 18
The friendly, charming, fun-loving
Aquarian is the humanitarian who
loves attracts and neeos people
Your generosity often prevents you
from saving the funds lor the elegant
home you want where people can
congregate The Payroll Savings
Plan for U.S Savings BOOCS is the
a r Ts w e r

Silver Sorinu~ ~d---C~det Warrant Officer Richard L, Row~
o~ the Wheaten-Silver Sprin~ C~det GRuadro~ na~ O~en a~ointed
to th÷ CIas~ of !~87 o+ the United States Military Acaoemv at
We~t Point, NY,
Cadet Rowe, a member o4 C~P ~or two year~, holds the
~i!I¥ ~itchml] Award and ~s ~ ~em~er of th~ Nationd C~pital
Wing Cad~l Advisory Counc~!. His appointment to the USN~ wa~
made by ~aryiand Congressman Steny L. Hoyer, CLtSol, Stephen
SilIih Whe~ton-Si]ver Spring COmmanber)



F o u n d e r s

s e r v i c e

h e l d

National Captiai Wing ~aluted the ~aun~ers a~ Civil
Air Patrol in a service at Boiling Air Force Sane ,S.C.
recently. The service was held to com=emorate the founding
of CiYil Air Patrol on SeceJher i, !g41.
The program started off with 'The C.A.P, Is On The 8o"
being played Jhkie the colors were posted. It was the
First Lime zany of the Jelber~ had heard the oifieiai CAP
son~ dl~yed,
There were speachee by LLCoI, Stanley
Voviazi~kis, USAF-LO~ Col. Charter R~raci, MEg-t6; Col.
Rona!d gsander,RatCap Com=ander: and ~aj,(ChapJin} James
Hal|end, 7he drogra| wa.~ coordinated by LtCol,(CbapHn}
Aba Rppel~ RatCag Win~ Chaplin, and held at the ~ain
Chapel on Selling hRS.
G e m i n i


s e e s


C a d e t s

s l i d e s

M t

HLL, Edward The~a~, Jr., gemini II PRO)















C I V I L A - ~ PA ~ O L
Auxi!ia~y of the United States Air Force
Boiling Air ~orce Base, Washingzcn, D. C,

s h u t t l e

V e r n o n

v a c a t e s

q u a r t e r s

~nd ~ack the desks and ch.~irs i~1o the truck, E,~erY~hing was
going Fine until the truck *a~ iull and t~ere were ~tiil two
thirds~f the equio=en~ Le÷t. Aii in ili ~t wasn't th~b ~ao!
~ereonnel ~articipating: Caot, ~clnt~sn, LL. ~cfnto~b,
LL. ~cConne!l, ~aj, Riu~ericn URAFRI, Cant, galienger~ C,'~ai,
~entzel, C/~aj, Caine, C/Rg~, Terry, C~gt, Acey, C/MSgt.
~u!iivan, C/3~gt. Anzulavic, C/Sgt. Ah~skog, Lt. Le÷or~, a~o
C'HO ~or!an. C/SgL. Phdg.¢, ~t. Vernon Cc~oeei!e ~uadroni

program. A~ter veiwlng thi~ dido presentation ! would
h~ve to ~ay that it is in very close :omoetition ~tth
~xhihi~ions now on display at the Smth~onlan'~ ~ational
hir ~nd ~pace ~uee~=, ~ajor ~cConnell has ~one ~n
e~ce!!ent lob ~n researching his inf~r~alien and ~reparting
hi~ ~hdes ;or presentation and i ~ould bigHT ~dvise
envone to ~iew it i~ they can.

t o

It aii started in mi,~ Octooer ~hen the Ft..%ivoir
Faci!it~ Rnqlneer ~st.~r Planning 0-'~ice ga,e us the ,srd chat
we had to ~ove ~ut o~ our building hy Hover.~Per 2S, !gS~, it
~ee~s that the~ ~ound ~ur hal!wring license unacceht:~le and
decided to ~ove us out as part oi ~ big ~iin to reorgenxze
evervthlng on Ft. Relvolr, ~e are now using the U,~.A.R.
school, On gove~der 12th, .e st~rted !o dive,semele ~he ~alls

!~r nls presentation, w~ich ~as ~ery greatly detailed, .e
were still not able to see the zajor'e entire ~lide


c o n t r i b u t e

Rndre,s ~F~---Two cadets of Rndrews Composite ~quadron
are m~hin~ a contribution to the 1985 space shuttle. The
c~dets ire working on pro~ec:s that ha~e been sche~ueled to
fly aboard the craft. The Rrojects ere taking place at Oxon
Hill High School in Oxen Hall, ~d,
Cadet Sgt. Rorma Rodriguez is #orking on i surface
tension project inYolving !niection o~ water between two glass
elides, This prelect will be used ÷or a atudy o÷ lotion o÷
~]uids in ~pace.
Cadet LL. Col, Kevin Reinstein iea ~eeher o~ the group
working on the project involving Liesengang hands. This
project involves injecting test tuhe~,ith a carrier gel and
then injecting thee with sodiu| silicate and sodiu~ nitrate.
The purpose ol this test ~ill be to determine if crystal
~or~ation in soac~ i~ randoa. (SLL, Oennis CrowleT, Andrew~

Recently, f0r its ~onthly aerospace prograimeeting,
the seniors and cadets of the Gemni H Cadet Squadron,
~ational Capital Wing, were given an e~cellent one and
~ne-hal~ hour slide presentation on the develo~lent of the
NASA space grogra~ starting ~ith the ~ercur~ Project~ ~nd
going 4or~ard to and through the ~eace Rhuttle progrem,
This outstanding presentation wa~ provided and shown
by ~ajor 3ruce ~cConndl,C~P~ .he !s the National Capitll
Hinge ~enior ~e~Per Programs Officer, The slides used by
~ajor ~cConneil .er~ ~roe hii own personal collection which
he ~ai gathered over the years while ~orkinp ~ith ~ASA
orograe as part of his PuLing, ~irst as a Captak~ in th~ US
Ar~v~ log now i~ ~ Captain in the d~ Air Force.
Even ~th the I [12 hours allotted the ~ajor ~cConne!l