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I, NO, 2

L t .


C o l . Wi n k l e r

Lt.Co]. Roy~ Winkler will be retiring
from active duty in the United States Air
Force a,fter 26 years and 16 days of service.
He began his military career in May
!956 after getting his commission from the
R O T C p r o g r a m a t R u t g e r s U n i v e r s i t y, N . J .
Entering pilot training at Kinston Air
B a s e , N . C . , h e g o t h i s w i n g s a t Va n c e A F B
in Enid, Okla.
From pilot training he was assigned to
the 962nd Airborne Early War~ing and Control Squadron of the 551st AEW Wing (ADC)
at Otis AFB, Mass. As a pilot and aircraft
commander he flew over 4,500 hours in the
Lockheed Re-121 Super Constellation radar
patrol aircraft.
For career broadening, he volunteered
for the air traffic control (Aq~]) field in
! 9 6 2 . A f t e r g r a d u a t i n g f r o m t h e ATe o f fi cers school at Keesler AFB, Miss., he was
assigned to Okinawa, where he served as a
crew chief and later as a watch supervisor
in the highly complex Kadena Approach Cont r o l F a c i l i t y.

D. C.

l e a v i n g

MAY 1982

Wi n g

the Potomas River to downtown Washington,
D.C., to serve in the Federal Aviation Administration headquarters.
Now a Lt. Col., he worked as an Air
Traffic Control specialist in the terminal
procedures branch of the Air Traffic Service. His valuable input in this area provided an update and improvement in the entire air traffic system.
In 1977 Col. Winkler was assigned as
the Liaison Officer for the National Capital Wing, Civil Air Patrol at Bolling AFB,
D.C. In early 1979 he was additionally assigned as the Liaison Officer to the Congressional Squadron of Civil Air Patrol.
During his 26-year career Col. Winkler
has amassed over 8,000 flying hours. His
decorations include the Distinguished Flying
Cross, Meritorious Service Medal, Air r[edal
with eight oak leaf clusters,Air ForceCommendation Medalp and the Vietnam SerVice

Upon his return from overseas in 1965.
he was assigned as the Flight Facilities
Officer in the 1908th Communications Squadron at Eagland AFB, la. A year had,not yet
gone by when he was alerted for a Vietnam
assi~ment in "Project Phylis Ann".
After flying 947 hours in combat (160
missions), he returned to Westover AFB,
Mass., in Feb. 1968. ~here,the then Major
Winkler served as commander of the 1917th
Communications Squadron.
In 1970 Major Winkler was assigned to
the Pentagon where he served as a staff offleer in the Air Traffic Control Branch of
theFlight and Airspace Management Division.
In 197g a4 opportunity arose to move across

R E T I R I N G - N a t C a p A i r F o r c e L i a i s o n O f fi c e r,
Lt.Col. Roy Winkler (left)is seen ataWing
Dining Oat conversing with Mess President,
Maj, William Sturn.



MAY 1982

by Lt. Col. R. H. Christie

O n e Ye a r L a t e r
I offer my thanks to the 569 members of
the National Capital Wing for working so
very hard and together during the past 13
months of my command. The Wing has changedfor the better. And as we know, the only
constant thing in life is change. Here are
just a few:
We plan to use and train unit commanders as mission staff on SAR/CD exercises.
We are preparing a new repeater site to
firm up our coverage.
We are looking at participation with New
Yo r k W i n g i n a s u m m e r L a n d R e s c u e T r a i n i n g
We have a Unit Citation Award for our
work on Palm 90'
Our Cadet Lt. Col. Jerome Brown appears
on page 19 of the Report to Congress.
The warehouse is open and functioning.
Maj. Maurice Thomas is offering a Communications School on Saturday mornings at
8 alto.

We renewed our agreement with the District government for the second year and
they are happy with us.
We're a proud Wing ...... and justly so.
Let's do it again.
Commander .......... Col. Ronald Quander
I n t e r n a l I n f o . . . . Maj. Amanda Anderson
The National Capital Wing is an official newspaper published quarterly
in the interest of the members of the
National Capital Wing of Civil Air
Patrol. Opinions expressed by the publishers and writers are their own and
are not to be considered official expression by the Civil Air Patrol or
the Air Force.
Editorial copy should be sent to:
N a t i o n a l C a p i t a l W i n g / PA I - N
( E d i t o r, T h e N a t i o n a l C a p i t a l W i n g )
Poilin< AFB, D. C. 20~?

Well, the first quarter of 1982 has
passed and NatCap Wing is into the second
q u a r t e r o f t h e y e a r. J a n . 1 2 , a t C o m m a n d e r ' s
Call, I stressed the need for qualified Emergency Services within theWing. The next
day we had "Palm 90" mission 2-055A. On
Jan. i5, we supportedDC/OEPwlth the Stevy
Wonder parade. That got NatCap off to a
rurming start in 1982 from the SAR point of
v i e w.
In February there was SAR and Comm. train~
ing at the Class "B" Encampment at Fort
Meade, Md., followed by a Wing SAR practice
at Acqualand Airport. March was a bit quiet
by comparison with visitations with two
squadrons on SAR readiness and support of
DC/0EP with the marathon.
Things started going again in second
quarter with REDCAP 2-425 on April 7, our
e v a l u a t e d W i n g S A R C A P a t W a r r e n t o n , Va . , o n
April 17 and March of Dimes Walkathon on
April 25. Middle East Region SAR Compitit i o n w a s h e l d " a t F t . P i c k e t t , Va . , A p r i l
30 through May 2. Planning has already
started for the practice SAR on June 12.
I would like to thank those squadrons
and seniors who found time to support Emergency Services and attended these functions
s o f a r t h i s y e a r. B u t h o w a b o u t t h o s e s q u a d rons and seniors, includingWing staff, who
haven't participated?
We hada critical need for senior staff
at our evaluated SAR mission. Where were
you? We had six ground teams at our evaluated SAR mission, yet we had ten teams at
Acqualand the month before. I have had
problems fielding a full complement to attend MER SAR Comp at Ft. Pickett to represent your Wing.
Again, We are holding these practice
missions and training exercises so you can
be more proficent in SAR. If your squadron
does not attend, or you do not attend, how
do you expect to get the training you need
to become proficient? National Capital Wing
needs trained, qualified, personnel to fill
every mission staff position and trained,
qualified, air crews to fly search missions.
Spring is here with better flying conditions. More pilots will be flying during
the summer with the probable increase in
related S~2 incidents - so, let's be prepared.



Colorful coat
Causes comments
b y M a j o r A . W. S c h e l l , J r.
"Who was that?"
" W H AT w a s t h a t ? "
"Darn if I know, but shets in the Civil
Air Patrol, that's for sure."
Such comments are usually overheard by
Major Amanda Anderson, National Capital
Wing director of internal public affairs,
when she wears her blue jacket.
~hat is to say the jacket was blue when
she bought it~
It's still blue, but it's
the mass of color covering it thai causes
the comments. ~he jacket now sports over
ninety Civil Air Patrol andCAPrelated organizational patches and pins, none of which
were purchased.
Fifty two oft he patches are, of course,
those of the various wings - all donated.
~he remainder are region, unit, obsolete
C A P, I A C E a n d A i r F o r c e i n s i g n i a - a g a i n
all donated. ~he 12 IACE emblems were donatedbyE~ropeanparticipants during their
visit to the nation's capital in 1979. Additional, there are seven USAF patches on
the jacket from units with which she has
had close CAP related contact.
~he jacket is a real eye catcher and
quite a conversation piece. Quite understandably the conversation centers around
Civil Air Patrol. What more could a public
affairs officer ask for than something that
automatically brings up the subject wherever she goes o
~he best thing about the jacket, says
Maj. Anderson, is the ninety new friends
she has made by way of the ninety patches
t h a t w e r e g e n e r o u s l y g i v e n h e r. E a c h b r i g h t
splash of color represents a new ~cquaintance made via Civil Air Patrol.
When asked which is her favorite patch
she proudly points to one from Maryland
Wing's U.S. Naval Academy Squadron. "It's
from the only CAP unit at one of the nations
service academies," she explains.
Is the jacket complete? Not in the
N e e d l e s s t o s a y, t h e r e a r e m a n y
unit emblems she would also llke to add.
If you would like to make a new friend
and add your unit's ir~ignia to a most un-.
usual collection, bring a duplicate patch
to any NatCap activltyand look for the tall
blonde Major in the colorful jacket.

PAT C H E S - M o r e t h a n 9 O C i v i l A i r P a t r o l a n d
CAP related organizational patches amd pins
festoon the jacket of NatCap Internal Affairs
Officer Maj. Amanda Anderson, a walking
advertisement for Civil Air Patrol.

N tCap "82 summer encampment
Set for Youngstown AFRES Base
Yo u n g s t o w n A i r F o r c e R e s e r v e B a s e , O H ,
will bet he site for the NatCap 1982 Summer
Encampment. Capt. James Clark of the East
Capital Cadet Squadron will be the encampm e n t C o m m a n d e r, w i t h C a p t . G o r d o n M c l n t o s h
s e r v i n g a s t h e D e p u t y C o m m a n d e r t h i s y e a r.
Cadets sre reminded that an encampment is
mandatory for the Mitchell Award and promotiontoCadet Warrant Officer. Also, it's
not to early to be thinking about getting
y o u r u n i f o r m s r e a d y. ( C A D E T G A Z E T ~ )


MAY 1982


The Air Force ROTC Four-Year College Scholarship Program
~hroughout high school, you've been
working for one goal - college But, what
will you do with your college degree?
Now, while laying out your plans for
college, why not consider becoming an ofricer in the United States Air Force? As
a member of the Air Force team, you can be
sure you are serVing with the best~
Upon graduation from college, you could
receiveanAir Force commission through Air
Force R0~U with an opportunity for an exciting and challenging position as a scientist . . . engineer , . . data analyst .
. missile launch officer . . . pilot . .
. n a v i g a t o r. j u s t t o n a m e a f e w,
Yo u h a v e e v e r y t h i n g t o g a i n b y e l e c t i n g
Air Force ROTC as a part of your college
curriculum Air F~rce ROTC concentrates on
preparing men and women with special abilities in a wide range of professional skills

for rewarding and disciplined work as an
Air Force officer.
Because Air Force ROTS wishes to recognize students who desire to develope their
intellectual abilities, it offers four-year
scholarships to qualified students who can
"measure up"to the high standards required
of an Air Force officer.
If you plan to pursue a scientific or
e n g i n e e r i n g d e g r e e o r h a v e a d e s i r e t o fl y,
then consider an Air Force ROTS four-year
scholarship . . . you will find it an excellent and rewarding way to help finance
your college education. This scholarship
provides full tuition, certain fees and
expenses associated with required courses
and reimbursement for curriculum-required
textbooks. Room and board are not included
but, you will receive a $1OO monthly allowance while on scholarship during the school
y e a r. % h e s c h o l a r s h i p i s b a s e d o n i n d i v i d ual merit, not on fizancial need.
Other scholarships a~e offered by Air
Force ROTS. If you are not selected for a
four-year scholarship, then hy erurelllng in
an Air Force RO~C program on campus, you
^ i
become ellglble to compete for 3~-,3-,4~-,
and 2-yearscholarship. Theseare available
for certain scientific/engineering and preHealth Professions majors and pilot, navigator, and missile launch officer candidates. Limited numbers of two-year scholarships, at times, are available to student
majoring in selected nontechnical academic
d i s c i p l i n e s . To t a k e a d v a n t a g e o f t h e s e
scholarships, apply directly to the Air
Force ROTS detachment at a college offering
Air Force BO~during your freshman or sopho m o r e y e a r. S e e N a t C a p ' s N C O / L O S g t . g a r t
Conehin for applications.


Don't Smoke
American Heart Association 1:
Gotewo'f Io a g,eol woy of lile.

MAY 1982



Well kept CAP secret is finally revealed
Civil Air Patrol has a secret~
A secret that has been well kept since 1959 1960. It is something that can be used for
displays, recruiting, parades, shows, radio
and television.
The Air Force has known about it and
has kept quiet for 23 years.

Cadets work ,vet flight line
,At Andrews Armed Forces DaV
S a t u r d a y, M a y 8 , d a w n e d w i t h c l o u d y
skies and rain. The 75 cadets and21 seniors
of the National Capital Wing that were on
duty at Andrews AFB, Md., for the annual
open house prayed it would stop. And stop
it did - the rain that is.
Open House at Andrews AFB is held one
week before Armed Forces Day to start the
week-long activities. All types of aircraft,
t a n k s , g u n s , a n d e q u i p m e n t w e r e o n d i s p l a y.
All the Armed Forces join together to put
o n o n e b i g s h o w.
This year there were the Army Golden
Knights, a Marine aerial rappelling team,
an Army mass parachute drop, Air Force Hono r G u a r d S i l e n t D r i l l Te a m , A i r F o r c e K - 9
guard dogs, and much more.
O f t h e a i r c r a f t o n d i s p l a y, t h e B r i t i s h
Vu l c a n a n d t h e A i r F o r c e S R - 7 1 d r e w t h e b i g gest crowd.
CAP had the Wing's C-172 and ground team
e q u i p m e n t o n d i s p l a y. A l s o , r e c r u i t i n g w a s
going on.
Cadets on duty worked on the flight line
keeping the several hundred thousand spectators from going out on the runways and
were used other places as needed by the Air
NatCap cadets and seniors were sharp
and did the Wing and themselves proud. As
usual when there is a job to be done - Nat
Cap members always come through.
M a j . B e a r a , A i r F o r c e p r o j e c t o f fi c e r,
was very impressed with the prompt and efficient way CAP did whatever was asked of
All Lt.Col. Roy Boller and Maj. Amanda
A n d e r s o n , c o - p r o j e c t o f fi c e r s f o r C A P. c a n
add is, "Amen, and thanks to all who worked
so hard.
"Well Done: ! "

But now the secret is out' Maj. ~m~n~%
Anderson stumbled across it and started asking questions. She called the Air Force on
Bolling AFB and found it to be true. Next,
National Headquarters confessed that it was
true and had known about it all along!
What is the secret? Well, it is really
two secrets. CAP has its own marches comp l e t e w i t h l y r i c s . T h e fi r s t i s " T h e C . A . P.
Is On The Go" (The Civil Air Patrol March),
l y r i c s b y C a p t . R o b e r t M i l l s , C A P, m u s i c b y
Josef Myrow (ASCAP) 1959. In 1960, Sgt.
F l o y d E . We r e , C h i e f A r r a n g e r, U . S . A i r
Force Band did an arrangement for Band.
The other one is "Civil Air Patrol
March Song" by Nell Mann, lyrics and Lt.
C o l . L e w i s L . M o o r e , C A P, m u s i c .
Both have been published and adopted by
the National Board, Civil Air Patrol. At
least one has been recorded.
Maj. Anderson has obtained the sheet
music for both and is trying to get a copy
of the recording.
Now, you know!

SARCAP earns AF "Well done"
by Major Thane Anderson
On April 17, the National Capital Wing
h e l d a U S A F e v a l u a t i o n S A R C A P a t t h e Wa r r i n g t o n - F a u q u i e r A i r p o r t , Va . D u e t o h i g h
winds the flying sorties were limited on
S a t u r d a y, b u t m u c h w a s a c c o m p l i s h e d o n S u n d a y. T h e g r o u n d t e a m s o f t h e N a t C a p W i n g
again proved they were ready to meet the
challange and found all "targets" without
t h e b e n e fi t o f a i r s e a r c h . To a l l t h e
personnel that attended, "Well Done."
On April 30- May I, the NatCap Wing
was represented at the Middle East Region
S A R C o m p . a t F t . P i c k e t t , Va . b y L t . C o l . B o b
Christie and Maj. Bern Miller - mission
staff; Maj. Thane AndersonandCapt. Mihail
Baxevanis, flight crew| and the outstanding
g r o u n d t e a m s o f M r. Ve r n o n a n d G e m i n i I I
squadrons. Much was learned by all. Alt h o u g h w e p l a c e d fi f t h o v e r a l l t h i s y e a r,
the spread between first and last place was
only a few points.
Now is the time to start planning for
n e x t y e a r.




O ~ m m O





, Ce=ter

0 ~



I 21 .'

The following stations are designated
as Monitoring Stations as defined in CAPM
100-1, and will perform those duties listed:


LT C R o b e r t C h r i s t i e
Capt. Richard Rogers
Capt. Bruce McConnel

A d d i t i o n a l l y, t h e f o l l o w i n g a r e d e s i g nated as Alternate Net Control Stations for
this wing, as defined in CAPM 100-I:

A~O i


AER0 4


AER0 8
AER0 10


A~0 6

Am0 14



A~0 15 H~/VHF
A E R 0 9 3 H F O N LY
AER0 1.50 HF/VHF

Am0 456 HF/VHF
A~O 380 HF/VHF


BROWN, Jerome A.


HAWKINS, Rickey A.
GADDY, Pamela R.
CUNNINGHAM, Charles III 25012
FARRAR, David R.
WATERS, Thomas W.
Va . W i n g
ALLEN, Daniel L.
GUNTER, Sherri R.
CUNNINGHAM, Charles llI 25012

Col. RonaldQuander
Maj. Maurice~homas III
LTC. Lawrence Olson
LT C . R o b e r t C h r i s t i e
Maj. Amanda Anderson
Capt. Richard Rogers
DCOEP-Mayor's Command
Capt. Bruce McConnel
East Capital Cadet
Squadron HQ
ILt. Lloyd Mason
M a j . W i l l i a m Ta y l o r
M r. Ve r n o n C a d e t
Squadron HQ
Cdt. Mark Ballenger
2Lt. Doraleen Zimmerman
Wheaton-Silver Spring
Cadet Squadron HQ
Capt. Doran S. Platt
C/Maj. Shawn Samuels
C / LT C . C h e r y l J o n e s
Andrews Composite
Squadron HQ

D e s i g n a t e d a s P r i m a r y Te c h C o n t r o l a r e
the following stations:
AER0 24

MAY 1982

Maj. Maurice Thomas III
S M F. K e i t h B o r d e n

These appointments shall remain in eff e c t u n l e s s s u p e r s e d e d b y t h e C o m m a n d e r.

P a l o w a y, L e e
CREWS, Michele
March, April, May
McNEILL, Dorothy

S H A R P, C l i n t o n
FROST, Robert
SELLERS, Cikeithia
BOLLER, Roy H. to Lt. Col. 25012
ANDERSON, Amanda B. to Maj. 25001
ANDERSON, Thane L. to Maj. 25001

MAY 1982



USAF Band announces summer concerts
B o i l i n g A F B , D . C . r. S u m m e r, 1 9 8 2 - . . . T h e
Summer Concert Series by The United States
Air Force Band will begin June Ist and end
August 31st. The Band and Singing Sergeants, as well as the Airmen of Note, will
appear at various locations in the metropolitan D.C. area including The U.S. Capitol
W e s t Te r r a c e o n Tu e s d a y s a n d t h e J e f f e r s o n
Memorial on Fridays. These outdoor concerts
are free and no tickets are required.
The Band will highlight the Summer Concert Series with its annual "Christmas in
August" concert on August 27th at the Jefferson Memorial. The UnitedStates Air Force
Symphony Orchestra and Singing Sergeants
will highlight the series with performances

P.A. seminar held
Civil Air Patrol members of the National Capital Wing had an opportunity to
participate in a Public Affairs Officer
Seminar which was conducted at Andrews Air
Force Base, Maryland, on April 24.
The seminar provided an opportunity for
local Civil Air Patrol members to learn
about the importance of this function to
the total Civil Air Patrol effort, and is
the first of two seminars held by the Wing
each year forthis purpose.
Major Hugo H. Bayona, National Capital
W i n g p u b l i c a f f a i r s o f fi c e r, c o n d u c t e d t h e
seminar in which teamwork and total cooperation were stressed as essential elements
in building a strong and effective program.

of the opera, "The Mikado", on August 17th
a t t h e U . S . C a p i t o l W e s t Te r r a c e a n d o n
August 20th at the Jefferson Memorial.
The United States Air Force presents
all concerts as a public service.

<(on tol=*> of storms
The season of cold and snow has finally
past and warm temperatures are with us.
Now is the time for the weather Zorcast to
read "...partly cloudy with a chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms..."
With the storms and the added hazard of
traffic it should be on every driver's mind
t o d r i v e d e f e n s i v l y. W e s h o u l d a l s o m a k e
sure that the vehicles we drive are in top
mechanical condition.
For the pilots, a good preflight should
include a good weather briefing. Thunderstorms can be among the most destructive
forces on earth.
A reminder for all pilots - the Wing
Flight Clinic will be held at Davison Army
Airfield on June 5. For more information
contact SM Howard Ross at 892-4000 (ext 45)
or (703) 67i-5210 after 6 p.m.

What is a CAP member
b y C a p t . D a v i d G ~ i m e s , J r.
Ta s k F o r c e I I I ( VA )
They care enough to give the best.
Yo u e x p e c t m o r e a n d y o u g e t i t .
They care more, don't you wish everybody
They have better idea.
They are the most original.
They make the going great.
They are the real thing.
Their goodness holds in all kinds of
w e a t h e r.
We do it all for you.

Cadet speech winners announced
It is a distinct pleasure for me to announce the winners of the Wing Cadet Speech
Competition, they are: Cadet Charles J.
Cunningham III, ofthe Bolling Cadet Squadron in the advanced category and; Cadets
Holly Spangler and Scott Graves, both from
M o u n t Ve r n o n S q u a d r o n i n t h e b e g i n n e r s .
As you might notice there is a tie for
t h e " b e g i n n e r s " c a t e g o r y. T h e y r e p r e s e n t e d
our Wing at the Middle East Region Conference/Reunion, at Raleigh, N.C. on the 21st
a n d 2 2 n d o f M a y.
Award elements will be given to each


MAY 1982



The U. S. Air Force Band and Singing Sergeants
T h e U . S . C a p i t o l W e s t Te r r a c e - 8 P. M . , T u e s d a y s , i , 8 , 1 5 , 2 2 , & 2 9 .
T h e J e f f e r s o n M e m o r i a l - * P. M . , F r i d a y s , 4 , I i , 1 8 " , & 2 5 .
T h e U . S . C a p i t o l W e s t Te r r a c e - 8 P. M . , T u e s d a y s , 6 * , 1 3 " , 2 0 * , & 2 7 .
T h e J e f f e r s o n M e m o r i a l - 8 P. M . , F r i d a y s , 2 , 9 * , i 6 " , 2 3 , & 3 0 .
% h e U . S . C a p i t o l W e s t Te r r a c e - 8 P. M . , q 3 / e s d a y, 3 , 1 0 , 1 7 * * ( O p e r a , " T h e
Mikado"), 24, &31.
T h e J e f f e r s o n M e m o r i a l - 8 P. M . , F r i d a y s , 6 , 1 3 , 2 0 * * ( O p e r a , " T h e M i k a d o " ) ,
& 27 (Christmas in August).
* Airmen of Note Concerts
** The U. S. Air Force Symphony Orchestra and Singing Sergeants

Anderson House
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .

Wednesday, June 9

Chamber Players

Montgomery College
Rockville, MD Campus

Tu e s d a y, J u n e 2 2

Airmen of Note

Catholic University
Clarinet Festival
Wa s h i n g t o n . D . C .

T h u r s d a y, J u n e 2 4

Auxiliary of the United States Air Force
Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C. 20332

U.S. Air Force
Symphony Orchestra