File #289: "Phipps-to AFCAP Liaison Offier-Aeronautical Rating Application File.pdf"

Phipps-to AFCAP Liaison Offier-Aeronautical Rating Application File.pdf

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~ o ~ 4 11 ~ ' o s t O f fi c e i ~ u i l d L n g
1~nlttr~o~ [~, ~r~T!and
~iSJ ~: ~eror~uti~l l~etin~7 ~pplieetiom File
i. &ubJeot file ~ns bonn L'ept and oompletod
applioations hnve been fomv~ed to ~at~onal ~ad~.~uarter~ by the ~:rttor slnoe July 1950,
~. Copies of all !ettor~ of tr~r~ttnl, t~ether
with oop~oo of suoh ~0nlieations, whore evnilable, are
inelud~d in thisf~le fol~er.
3. ~II letters of trcn~Itta~ fevered b~ the
writer to l~ation~ ~ad ~ua~ters i~ the naz~ of Col.~vier,
o~r ~,or~nnd~a~: flfieer of ~Ind ~,~ have been initiele d " H . ~ , P, "
e inas~moh as the undorni~,,.~ed hnm requested to be
r~!iovcd of the ~vt~es of U~retions off~eer ~:~d inas~eh as
Col, i~ovlor is no lor~c~, in oo~nnd of ~La~Tland V;in~. s~e~
fi l e f o l d e r , ~ o , , , ~ ". , n e ~ ~ . t h s u n n i a p p l l e a t l o n s , ~ a d ? f o r
e ~ .
for~In~ to ~mtionsl i.cad unrters, sro cnolosodfor the
", ~"
~ttentio~ of ~,he new ..... ~.. 0

~nx~ ~;. l~hipps