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NOV./DEC. 1944

OF COLUMBIA WING TIPSI n oWr dN rG t o TbAe FaFb lM Et E TaI tNt eGn d t h e
e o

National Headquarters has been preparing and is putting into effect on
January I, 1945, a Flight Proficiency
Program comprising numerous practical Flight Missions ranging from one
to three hours. The purpose of this
program is to develop and maintain
a high level of proficiency among CAP
flight personnel and insure an adequate
pool of qualified pilots and observers
available to meet the continuing Official
demands upon local units for CAP
flight services and special emergency
All flight personnel eligible for the
program will be required to have satisfactorily completed all basic and advanced CAP pre-flight training courses;
hold currently effective FCC Restricted
R a d i o Te l e p h o n e o p e r a t o r ' s p e r m i t s ,
and must hold currently effective CAA
Pilot's Certificates of Private Pilot or
h i g h e r. S p e c i a l c e r t i fi c a t e s w i l l b e
issued by Headquaters, 32d. AAF
B a s e U n i t ( C A P ) , N e w Yo r k , N . Y. , t o
all CAP pilots and observers who satisfactorily complete the flight proficiency
program, which will require from 50-75
hours of flying over a period of 9-12

B r i g . G e n e r a l W m . W. We l s h h a s
been appointed as assistant chief of
air staff, training, handling in the
Headquarters of the Army Air Forces
the CAP matters and Liaison between
t h e N a t i o n a l C o m m a n d e r, 3 2 d A A F
Base Unit (CAP) and General Arnold.

Active CAP members who must be
in possession of the (ARMY) identification card are no longer required to
wear red shoulder loops and sleeve
braid on their uniforms.

C . A . P. P r o fi l e s

dedication of the new $1,000,000
Martinsburg Airport in nearby West
Virginia, a wing staff meeting and dinner was held on Friday night, November 3, at the Shenandoah Hotel in
Martinsburg. Approximately 25 CAP
staff officers of the Maryland Wing
and Squadrons were represented, most
of whom flew to this occasion. Lt.
!~ ~i~ iliill ~ii~i~ i~ii~~ !!~!i~i o l . A . C . H y d e p r e s i d e d . T h e v i s i t C
ing officers were entertained at a dance.
T h e f o l l o w i n g a f t e r n o o n , S a t u r d a y,
November 4, the Maryland CAP pilots
and members attended the dedication
of l~he airport. Speaking at the cerem o n i e s , R o b e r t P. P a t t e r s o n , U n d e r -

C a p t a i n C A P, C a d e t L i a i s o n O f fi c e r
of Maryland 33 and Baltimore Squadron 332.
Born May 13, 1897, at Philadelphia,
Pa. First solo was at Rutherford Field
in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1934. Obtained seaplane rating at Whipp's Seaplane Base in Glenburnie, Maryland,
in 1941, and now has several hundred
flying hours. CAP enlistment was in
M a r c h , 1 9 4 2 . C a p t a i n c y s i n c e O c t o b e r,
jn civilian life, he is an engineer for
t h e Te l e p h o n e C o m p a n y, a m e m b e r o f
the A.I.E.E. and a registered electrical
engineer of Maryland. He received
his technical education at Drexel Institute, Philadelphia, Pa., and the
American University at Beaune,
D u r i n g W o r l d Wa r I , h e s p e n t n e a r l y
two years in France in the Signal Corps
as signalling instructor and operating
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strip will receive men from ships and
planes to whom the sounds of battle
were night mares of reality only a few
days and hours past. These wounded
service veterans are returned to this
country for treatment at the nearby
Newton D. Baker Army General Hosp i t a l . C o l . E d g a r S . G o r r e l l , AT C ,
Washington, D. C., and Rep. J. Randolph also spoke.
The dedication was preceded by an
aircraft demonstration, including a presentation of the amazing new Fairchild
boomtail cargo plane, C-82 and all
types privately owned CAP planes and
Army liaison aircraft.



Besides Indoctrination Flights, check
flights and transportation of official
CAP and Army personnel in connection with CAP and cadet activities,
Army airplanes allocated to CA~P will
not be used for flight instruction purposes, nor will said airplanes be used
in the performance of search missions
except in cases of emergency when
privately-owned CAP aircraft are not
available for the performance of the
Missing-Aircraft Searc:h Service.


F LY I N G ! - -



Maryland Wing News THE SQUADRONS

NOV./DEC. 1944

Simulated Crash and First Aid Transport Patrol. Suffice to say "the inOfficial monthly publication of
jured" arrived in sufficient time for the
:Maryland Wing 33, Civil Air Patrol
successful administration of therapy.
E d i t o r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .lY[aj. Arthur Lyem
The flights were represented in formAsst. Editor .............. Lt. ]V~arjorie Craft
Maj. Arthur Lyem, Commanding
ation flying over Hagerstown on ArmisAssoc. Editors..All Squadron Intelligence
Officers and CAP ~VIembers T H E C U M B E R L A N D F L I G H T S :
tice Day.
Address all news to: Editor, Maryland Wing
CAP officers in cooperation with the
Our former CAP Corp. Emma L.
N e w s C i v i l A i r P a t r o l , P. O . B o x 8 9 1 ,
high school superintendent and princi-"
Tw y f o r d , n o w P r i v a t e o f t h e W A C S
Cumberland, :~¢I d.
p a l s h a v e r e c r u i t e d 1 0 0 c a d e t s f r o m s t a t i o n e d i n K a n s a s w i t h t h e AT C ,
15-18 years of age including ACERS, visited with us recently and gave a talk
(Continued from page 1, column 2)
comprising the various high schools in on her experience in routine duty in the
and maintaining field telephone systhis area. Pre-flight training and drill, WACS.
t e m s u n d e r fi r e . A f t e r t h e W a r , h e including s o u n d m o v i e s , a r e b e i n g
The L2 has been doing yeoman
was commissioned in the Quartermas- g i v e n t o
t h e c a d e t s e v e r y M o n d a y service and is now in Middletown, Pa.
ter Corps.
n i g h t f r o m 8 - 1 0 a t t h e S t a t e A r m o r y.
for check.
A c t i v e d u t y m i s s i o n s f o r C A P i n - L t s . W. B r e n a m a n , B . M i l t e n b e r g e r,
THE FREDERICK FLIGHTS: Pracc l u d e a m o n t h ' s a s s i g n m e n t w i t h t h e W. B e r g a n d G . W i l l i a m s a r e s u p e r tical navigation experience was given
3 t h To w Ta r g e t S q u a d r o n , A A F a t
vising the cadet flights.
CAP Cadets of Frederick Flight, SunLangley Field, Virginia, where he
Lt. E. Metzger, AAF, a B17 bomber
e n g a g e d i n t h e A r m y ' s t r a c k i n g w o r k p i l o t a n d f o r m e r C A P m e m b e r g a v e d a y, A u g u s t 2 7 , a n d d u r i n g t h e w e e k
of September 23 to 30. Using an
for the testing of anti-aircraft locating an interesting talk at one of our recent
L-2-M of the Hagerstown Flights, the
devices and night time searchlight tests.
F r i d a y n i g h t C A P m e e t i n g s o n h i s Frederick Cadets put into practice reflight missions over Germany.
cent knowledge acquired in navigation
A lecture was given to CAP memclasses capably instructed by Warrant
bers, in the Federa'l Building, by C.
Officer Marilynn H i n e s a n d J . W.
Lathrop from the Ballistics Laboratory Honeysett, CAP.
o n R a d i o a n d R a d i o Tr a n s m i t t e r s ,
Since the last issue of the NEWS,
while Lt. G. Williams continued Morse four members have been added to the
Code classes.
Cadet roster of Frederick Flight. They
CAP Cadet John Williams passed
are Charles Hayward, Odell Covell,
his mental and physical exams and Louis Hargett and Edward Etchison.
was sworn in as an ACER.
All Cadets are making commendable
Mike Smith, Air Corps, a former
progress in their current courses in
CAP cadet and a B24 bomber pilot
navigation, and are given opportunity
was killed recently in a crash, including to fly courses they plot.
the entire crew.
As new members come into the
T h e L - 2 h a s b e e n k e p t b u s y o n Flight, we must also say "'So long" to
S u n d a y a f t e r n o o n s g i v i n g i n d o c t r i n a - others who answer our country's call.
tion flights to cadets. Pilots were:
Recent addition to the group of service
Berg, Brenaman and Lyem.
men from the Frederick Flight is Ed
Te n s o u n d fi l m s o n a i r c r a f t s t r u c Free who progressed quite rapidly in
ture and actual aerial combat have navigation during his membership in
been the main interest at our regular
CAP, securing his private, commercial
weekly CAP meetings.
and instructor's rating while a member
Training Officer, Lt. Brenaman, was o f t h e F r e d e r i c k F l i g h t . E d i s n o w i n
P H I P P S , H . E . , 1 s t L i e u t . C A P. instrumental in an airplane model exNaval service.
Tr a i n i n g O f fi c e r B a l t i m o r e S q u a d r o n hibition at the local library.
T H E TA N E Y T O W N F L I G H T S : N o
3 3 2 . B o r n D e c e m b e r 11 , 1 9 1 3 , a t
L t . H a r r y F l o o k , A A F a n d a B 1 7 news.
Baltimore, Maryland. Graduated Bal- p i l o t , a n o t h e r o f o u r f o r m e r C A P
2 n d L t . W. F. C r i d e r,
t i m o r e P o l y t e c h n i c I n s t i t u t e i n 1 9 3 1 . Cadets is now bombing Germany.
Sq. Intelligence Officer.
Worked as drug clerk for several years,
then became oil burner service man for Hagerstown has reorganized the classes
local concern in 1936, later becoming
of instruction during the past month.
service manager. Began flying in 1939
B A LT I M O R E S Q U A D R O N 3 3 2
The Cadets have started on the Manual
at 'Logan Field, Baltimore. Joined
Maj. J. A. Pfeiffer, Commanding
furnished by National Headquarters,
C A P i n D e c e m b e r, 1 9 4 1 , b e c o m i n g
Warrant Officer Glenn Zuck instructor.
Alan Bevier flew Mr. Wallace of the
Personnel Officer of Logan Squadron
t h e f o l l o w i n g s u m m e r. I n N o v e m b e r, CAP classes are Aircraft Maintenance D e p a r t m e n t o f T i d a l F i s h e r i e s o v e r
and Service, Instructor Warrant Officer
certain of the oyster beds in the Chesa1942, was accepted for active duty
Lester Querry. Meterology, Corp. Paul p e a k e . T h e w e a t h e r w a s b a d i n t h e
and served as pilot at Coastal Patrol
Settles, Instructor.
morning, but Alan took off at the first
Base ~2, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware,
Corp. Paul Settles secured his pripossible moment and the mission was
until the close of operations August 31,
s u c c e s s f u l . M r. Wa l l a c e , o n w h a t w e
1 9 4 3 . D u r i n g t h i s p e r i o d , L t . P h i p p s vate ticket. Cadet Wolfkill soloed and
is now building up time for his private believe was his first trip, seemed surput in more than 500 hours in overprised at the area visible from a plane.
water operations. He is now employed tests.
We a r e a l l g l a d t o h e a r t h a t J a n e
by the Army Air Forces as a ProcureFlight activities have been a flight
ment Inspector.
to Cumberland, Md. ; Formation Flight;
Plant is out of the hospital in England.