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££GI '33 0

Seniors and Cadets, nany to'.ns r.ald.n,'^ for Civil /ar Patrol*
Ho":cver, it can only be r.s ^ood as the stren::th and leadership
of its squadrons.
Tour Vln^ Staff i^rordsos to aid and assist your unit and the

state v.lde GAP prolan in everj^ veiy possible,
e seek your cooperation in maintaining a ^xjod pro.^am nnd a
full quota of r.>er.bcrs,

Ho'7 about giving yourself a Christniis present NCT', by
sending in your 1554 aeirbershi;: rene .'ol?
Merry Christinas to each and everyone.
Col. Enrle C. He:,Tiolds nnd Staff.
Nebraska Mng, Civil Air Patrol.

P, Q S T E R O F N E B R > S TA F F

Commander..-Col^ Earle C» Reynoldsj
Box 725, Omaha^ Keroaska*
HI?:, Officer Jack Stavneak, Lt.Col,
P u b , I n f . O f f . , L t » J a n e t Ye s ,
Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dir. Ti'ansp,....iiaj. Wendell CSeroge.
Dir, Cadets.♦.♦Lt.Col, Roy Highfield^
Cadet Act« JCenn^t-h Christenson.

Cadet Rec,,..LtvKol5nd Roifschneid'^^

Dir# ,0per3tion5t,,Lt« Rob>, Clausong

Chaplain.••Lt«Col» Raymond T?Ageinan,
Steinauar, Nebraska*

KssX^iTf Oper.t«l't,.Vic-'.ior C'r:>Rs,

Air Inspector^. Jjtk Robert Dixon*

Dir,'frng.& Educ,rM^».Cjlen Pic'crc" .

Adjutant • •.«^Gapt«-Clara Krueger *
T.eEal.-Officer,«Maj.-Milton R* Prohnu

Adm, Inspector,. .Capfcarrdn TTal}:®.;

Coord.of Vfemen. JiEaj# Janie Bay.

Arst.Coord«...*Maj« Laura Russell#
Cnard.Civil Defense.Capt.F* C.SneHer.
Hastings y Nebr#

Dir •. of Supply.. • -Guy Snanaono

AsstJ)ir,-Sply.. Capt. touis A.Cucl.f ^-.
Asst,Sply.Records.Lt. E.B. MosW.e,'?^
Asst, PIO....Capt. Ihos. PickeriJ^-»

Dir^ Cornmunications.-Maj.Vern Puller#
Asst. Conu Off.»Capt*L.G,Troth,
AsstJDir•Personnel* Lt« Rob^L* Hill«

Con^ytroller** Lt.Col# Eugene Carrigan.
Finaijce Off«,.Pete Carlentiid, Capt;



• «■




Ve regret to announce the death of
HaJ, A. D. Gloyd, ' Medical Officer,
nho has served Civil Adr Patrol from

its inception#

A s s t » P I O R i c h a r d C o f f e y,

L i a i s c n O f fi c e r. . . . # . l a a j . K e n n e t h D , C r i t c h fi e l d .

ll/Sgt, Stanley W, Anderson, Liaison Assistant
T/Sgt. Ray L, .Dudley, Aircraft M^tenanoe Technician.
Miss Cheryl £. Dietz, Seoretdry,


The new CAP Service Cap aablem can norr


bo obtained fi*om GEMSCO or other supply

Vfe understand a post Christmas Dance
is being planned ty'the North Platte

sources. Small size is mnufactured for

Crdets for Sat, Eve# Dec, S6th and

female nient>ers«

they invite all units to att^#

(cont'd from 1st col.)

Yo u a r e a n a v i a t i o n m i n d e d i n d i v i d u a l

; Today ve are fighting for America ana '

or you T70uld never have joined GAP,
To d a y, d e s p i t e t h e f a c t t h a t t h e a e r o

nautical science is at perhaps its most
cp'Ktacular state, aviation careers may
Lare lost the interest in American youth*

i kind of Fre^om fen people in the iTorl.
today enjoy. :7e spend dollars every dr*
for ourselves, our pleasures, for om*
communities, but r/hat m.11 it profib U3
if T7e build a community grand and glori
ous, the envy of all our neighbors, nd
lose America and Arerican freedonift

YOU as a GAP member can do a lot to help
<!rDuse an interest in American youth in

He need your help to put on a

Av i a t i o n c a r e e r s ®

and better program for CAP in Neo-*£..3*'a
in 1954, Reneir your membership

■^.T/ can help cadcnt our cadets and the

; o'ith of your community in the place'of
/..odern aircraft in our society today#
You can help recapture the interest of

Sarle'C. Reynolds^ Col. C/.
Comdg, Nebr# ^.?ing#

American youth in the modem breathtak

ing industry and bring them to a better
t.if'erstanding of the iji^iact of aviation
on the social, economic and scientific


S e v e r a l r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s m e t a t . l i o r. v y
Jleld, Denver to confer on SARCAP ineyboJr
and plans for next year. liajor Critchfic:

faoric of their norld.
DEADLINE JAN 15. 1954.

represented tiie Nebraska '"ing.

reach our goal of SSl menbers for 1954

Some of things discussed nere: Use of

Georef method of search, method of alerbing units, communication proceadure?

by Jan, 15th, 1954,

j basic land rescufc kits, discrepancies in

Our CAP men are the minute men of our
nation t^o take to the air on short

j recent SARCAPS.

notice or use their ground forces, pro
viding radio and many types of equipmsnt
for community need iTithout change.


It is time ve are thinking about our

i next SARCAP in Nebraska and rre are asking

• all squadrons that feel they can do a go<y
job and v/ant the SARCAP in their tonn to

v;e are proud of the fact that m are

l e t u s k n o r r. " H e h a v e h e l d S A R C A P S a t

nefiijers of CAP# It is one organization
that challenges our every effort) our
loyalties to our country and conniunity
and affords an opportu;Jity'to expand
our o\m flying proficiency, making us

ScottsbluffS, Norfolk, Kearney, Grand
Island, and Hastings in the past.

feel vre have a part in the century's
greatest achievement#

Sure it costs time and effort and money#
It T/ouldn't be north anything if it

Sunday eve. Dec. 13th, four Nebraska
teachers rrfio TTon aiTard^ in the "SOth year
of Poirered Flight" contest T/ere recognis
ed by '"ing Officials at a dinner in their
honor in O.Taha# N?jnes of teachers chose-

for their outstanding theses rrere:

The fee is less than your NAA dues, no more Klsa Leila E. IT^ner ^d Delriyn Lindholi.

than yow American Legion or VBVT dues, much

less th^ your Lion's club, Rotary or

KitTanis# Less than any amount you give
to Red Cross, Polio or Community Chest.

O^st S5»00 per year or 42^ per month#

of Grand Island, Nebr. and'Kcnneth C,
Christiansen and Darrell M, ^"Toods of toJv
VTestside School. Uembershipa in Civil Ai
Patrol TTere presented each teacher#

To a d l l U n i t C o t m a n d e r s :

Having been recently appointed as Co

ordinator of Civil Defense, Nebr. CAPi it is ny duty to carry on a workable
Civil Defense program, for our organization# Ihis program Tiill be introduced
s h o r t l y a f t e r t h e N e n Yo a r b e g i n s .

C3iis program will be successful a nd effective only in direct ratio rdth the
bTjpport and cooperation it receives* Te earnestly and sincerely solicit the
hc 2i-ted and enthusiastic siQjport from you and your personnel.

Vh all like to belong to an organization that has an objective, that is goirg
places and doing an important job® During 'TorId TTrr II the Civil Air Patrol
od a most unique reputation# Our organization is being called upon again to

man porrer for a herculean task, that of organizing a mobile support unit in ercr;
of disaster, natural or man-made#
The CAP is and must continue to be prepared to render valuable aid to civil defenr®
and full advantage taken of its capabilities# In a major disaster b^ond the
capabilities of a community or state, y:e can be of service to our neighbors anc to
ourselves as T7ell» ^.'ho kncp.vs iihen our ovm community, our ovsi homes or our o(m.

loved ones may need that help and could, by virtue of a vrell rounded CAP-JiSU, be tho
recipients of that help.

To the end that rre miglit help others to help us, Tdll the Civil AXr Pata:^l Mobile
Support Units be built#

As information reaches your desk ve urge you to'enter into the spirit of the pro^ra^
and give generously of your time to its support,
Floyd *C. Shellerj 0J)«
a - p t . C A P. N e b r.
227 No# Denver'St,


T. ; e S e n i o r m e m b e r s m e e t a t t h e

Grand Island.

Ajrport, ^ere the program is conducted

Hf^Jor CharleSTTorth in getting a her? un:^;
started is doing a very good job. He

by a different Senior member each meet

had ZZ at the last meeting. He and

ing night# Last week Major Sterrart gave

Honsignor Keating'gave very interesting
talks to the unit. They start their
lii^nual program this coming Tre^. ";7e src
looking forr/ard to having one of the bert

a very dxtteresting lecture on Rocket
Space ships. If your unit or one of

your Service Clubs are looking for a
program, contact E-.joar Stei/art.

units in the state at Qrand Island.


Decenber 5^ 1953*

After ^ call from Airfcrce Search & Rescue, notifying us that a Jet'Plane had not

reached its destination, a Nebraska Redcap T/as declared at 1500 hrs, on l2/3/53o

this time the call Tias put out to all Conmunicatic^i Centers, either by r^uiio cr

by land line#

All'pilots rresre alerted to leave as early as possible for our base of operationj

4th, at North Platte, Nebr, The search TTas for a F94 Jet supposedly lost in

Colorado or ' festem Nebraska#

I vfould like to take this opportunity to thank all of the CAP personnel, the Liaison
OJ^'Ucer and Liaison personnel, and those pilots and'airplane otjners i^ho so unselfish
f r.-'e of their time and equipment for this emergency. The Kansas './ing sent 9 pl^-r.:

a day of search and the CoJjorado Coimmnications helped relay messages and I'll'

tion, and are due special jnention here#
A'?ter six days of search and coverage of the trestem area of Nebraska, search rrar
oa'Jled off# He regret the airplane r/as not found, but in searching this large
tory,» ue did leam a lot of things that r/ill make our CAP in the state more eff'-ci'M.':
Fo:.- exaicple—hoT? to get our operation in service faster and the type of equipmeni
r3^ded most in'certain localities in order to give complete coverage of state on
c omarjnications #

I TTOuld like to make this suggestion to all GAP Squadron Commaniers# Please ronke a
lint of all pilots and aircraft that can be in the air ''ith short notice#' In addition
a list of pilots and aircraft that can follo'v later should they be needed# For a goo'
o^oration, it is necessary to have fast action :Then the emergency arises#
Af^aln I ydsh to express ay appreciation to CAP pilots, observers, conanuhicat ions
Personnel, the liaison office and their staff for the fine job they did. Also TTant
to '.lish all the units and their neribers a very HERRT CHRISTf:[AS and a HAPPY NE T YSAT.®

Lt# Robert D. Clausen,

Operations Officer, Nebr. ^ing#

This is an attempt to revive the edition of the Nebraska Comhusker Netrs, vMch tos

edited for years by Sgt# Crydeinan and '"Ing Staff members# By the \7ay, we received

a fine Christmas message from the Sergeant and he vdshes all his old friends the beet
of Season Greetings#

" •e nant to put in all the ne^ we can about the local units, so start sending in at
once, all the activities of your unit and any activities planned# If you have any

suggestions for the in^ovemeht of our i/ork in the Nebraska ^^ing, let us have t)iose
also# Hail to Box 725, Ctaaha, Nebr# Ve r?ant every unit to have some item in our
next edition•


To: Col» Rejpolds:
Rrom: Capt» L* TiJ*oth#

Subject: Personnel assisting in RJDCAP Canmunications^ Nebraska#

Capt# Todd handled the Operations at tlltchell and reportod hourly thru '"ignaa IB.
He also alerted Capt, Poppert at SCOTTSBLUPFS and'made several auto trips bctr^een
the t'7o locations to coordinate activities, Capt« Popper^ reported thru Buffalo
18 inobile#

At B2PERIAL, Lt» Kr-rnes'alerted the squadron and kept operations advised of all
movements via *'igt7am 31, At ALLMCE, Lt, Ale reported for one day thru Briffol^o
24* At O'NEIXL, 1^, Gordon Hr.rper, a licensed radio operatctr and manager of o
airport, gave his tiioe for the full duration of the REDCAP, as relay at 'T/ig-x
^'ithout his assistance there T?ould have been very little communications, it'.F
application is being processed and he idll be a rory velcom aaember to the ilcb^
CAP Communications net. He TTas formerly a member in lovTa*
At LINCOLN, Lt« Fritz kept 'Iginam 21 in operation the first four days as relay Lr
contact vdth Lincoln# Capt. Green operated Ig'.Tam 11 about tvjo days as con'j&e'-i
T/ith the Lincoln Squadron#

At NCRTH PLATTE, Capt. lIcAllister of Lincoln vras flotm there^ where he set up and
operated "^igrram 1, as Operations hdqtrs. communications# "hen it \7as necessary
for him to return to his employment, he ras replaced by Major Guy Stramson, ^'Ing

Supply 0:'.'.:icer and T'/O Hoellmer of 0'\ha#
At SCUTH GIAHA, Lt. PhelpS operated Buffalo 1 at the airport, and relayed

aircraft departure and arrivals# At 02JAHA, 'J/O Acaioo and \f/0 Berghahn operated
VP^ZtAY the last trro days of the search as alternate Net contxol#

At BKLLEVUE, 'Vo Acamo and Cadet John T.^oth gave a lot of assistance in operating
control station ^.Tigrmm 27 (OliAHA, Capt# Benak 'ign^ajn 20 also assisted one day vd"

relay). CfciAHA GENERAL Area, Capt. Cutler v/ith Biiffalo 2 and Crdet Kuklin vdth

Buffalo 17 handled departure and arrival information from the various Oma:i?v and
Council Bluffs airports#
Airborn Kordo-^rlark 5 and lioadonlark 4 fie-? in the search for the lost aircraft^

KAI^TSAS VP0 AN2 and Jayharik Post *41 stood by lOOJ^ of the time as relay \7henever
v;e requested any help fi*om them# They also assisted in coordination betrreen th'^

Kansas aircraft, v;hich took part in the search, and our operations o
^/hile there ras not hearly enough oq^pnent available for the job, I feel that a?
of the communication personnel 7;ho assisted, did a very good job. Everyone gaine
a lot of e;tperience# There are apparently a number of Nebr# stations licensed
who are not in operation, and a number of stations v;ho should be lie ensed and put
into operation. There are a lotal of 34 fixed strtions and 30 mobile stations

Hcensed# It tras interesting to note that the most of the stations t^o did assis".

in the mergency, are those tAio are quite regular on net drill periods#

llajor Vern Riller, ing Communications Officw, stood by to make any emergency
repairs to transmitters that might have been*needed.

Capt» L# G. IVoth, Asst Coraa# Officer#


Maj, VTondell 7. George,

T^l6 CAP Squadron being the basic operating unit of Civil Air Patrol, naiat be
a ftofl^ilete and self sufficient operating unit, ready to meet any emergency ^lith
c.ll necessary equipment and specialist personnel#

The Squadron Transportation Officers, should "B e ready to meet any emergency"*
look at the Organization chart and'set up your Transportation staff norr# Also

consult your 20-1 for their duties# It is suggested that each Squadron activate
iho Office of 'Transportation as soon as possible.
You should then prepare a roster of all available mobile equipment Tjhich ma^ ba

d.apend^ on in an emergency. The roster should contain tTTO and perhaps three

citegories'of equipment^ 1 CAP on loan. Zm Privately ovmed passenger cars-Za^-'
trucks. 3. Other available mobile equipment such as conpressors, generators,

Copy of abwe mentioned roster giving complete description and condition of a]"',

pot-dle equipment rdth name, address and phone number of o:^er,'should be fonrai-^to this headquarters, attention *."ing T:.-ansportation Officer.

Maj. ^^endell George.

A s^gested address to be given at Service Clubs, Ki anis, Rotary, Lions, etc#
is in the making. If you desire a copy, ririte the .Ing Commander, Box 725, Omahftj
Have^you stopped to evaluate the efficiency of your 'ing, in relation to its
possibilities, as to nmber of members, program, promoting the aviation program,
cadets, your value to the community as an emergency unit?* If not, take stock
aiid outline topplan, and start doing something about the THAN ITS LOCAL our
a efficiency# CIVIL AIR PATROL IS NO BETTER plan# Lot' bring UIOT#
" uadrons to