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C" A"



Official Publication of the Nebraska Wing—CIVIL AIR PATROL

Vo l . 3 , N o . 5

June - July — 1945

Nebraska's ThirdAnnual Mobilization
Ashland Giiard Camp, August 29 to
September Z, Inclusive

Years hence you can think back and
remember how you fought the battle of







A s h l a n d . Yo u c a n r e c o r d i t i n y o u r m e

moirs as one of the high spots in World
Wa r 11 . W e l l , a t l e a s t t h i s T h i r d M o

bilization is going to be one that you
won't forget and one you cannot afford
to miss.

With emphasis on forming new friend
ships, finding out what is near in avia
tion, through manufacturer's representa

tives, flying numerous types of missions,
taking care of all the provisional work
for new members and compleung it while

at camp, taking part in a well organized
recreation plan, and finding out what
will be our interests and program after

t h e w a r, a l o n g w i t h c o n f e r e n c e s a n d
questions periods, radio demonstrations,

rifle competition and possibly link trainer
time. All these and more will form our

program this year.
It's a whale of a lot of work to organ
ize a mobilization but your officers are

willing and glad to do it. Now it is up
to every Squadron and Flight Comman
der and every CAP member to get those
old members back on the roll and round

up all the new members possible and
bring them all out to this mobilization.

We would like to see four hundred pre
s e n t t h i s y e a r.

Governor Dvi^ight Griswold of Nebraska signs Proclamation announcing
CAP WEEK in Nebraska. Looking on are, left to right, Lt. W. G. Brown,
CO Lincoln Squadron, Capt. Kenneth D. Kimmel, CO Group 762, Lt. C. £.
Taylor, Executive Officrer, Lincoln Squadron, and Lt. H. C. Henderson,
Intelligence Officer.—^(Photo Courtesy Lincoln Squadron.)

Stale-Wide CAP Week
CAP WEEK began with Governor Griswold's Proclamation of May 13 to 20 as
CAP Recruitment Week, and several Ma

Watch for pre-registration notices and

yors of town made similar proclamations.

special bulletins. Meals will be served
for one dollar per day the same as last

all high schools to have special assemblies

y e a r. G e t y o u r u n i f o r m i n s h a p e n o w.

at which a Wing Staff member appeared

New ones may be obtained from the

In Omaha arrangements were made in

Sumnier Camp For Cadels
At Kearney Army Air Field
Arrangements are progressing rapidly
for the Cadet summer encampment at
the Kearney Air Base August 13-25.
The quota of two hundred Cadets has
been far surpassed and it has been ne

to speak. Over two hundred cadets were

cessary to reduce requested attendance

Wing Supply Officer. Brush up on your
military courtesy as many Army officers

signed up in this way.

of many squadrons.

will be present.

clubs were hosts to Wing Staff represen
tatives, who spoke on Civil Air Patrol.

ka Elks Lodge, fourteen hundred dollars

enjoy swimming, recreation and things

The Wing Communications officer produ

chase of uniforms for those cadets at

of interest in Civil Air Patrol and avia

ced a variety of 5-minute transcriptions

tion. Less work and more information

tending camp. This is a splendid ex

concerning our organization and sent

ample of a great fraternal order expres

Plan your vacation at Ashland and

Most of Omaha's luncheon and service

and play will be the order of the day

them to radio stations throughout the

this year.

state. (Continued on page 4)

Through the generosity of the Nebras

has been made available for the pur

sing its interest and appreciation of the
(Continued on page 4)






June - July — IR45



Published each month by the Nebraska
Wing Civil Air Patrol, 504 South 18th
Street, Omaha 2, Nebraska.

Managing Editor Capt Stanley B. Marsh





Wing Staff

CornM. Officer....Lt. Col. Harry B. Sidles
Executive Officer Major M. M. Meyers





Supply Officer Major Rudy Mueller
Operations Officer Maj. Vic M. Schroeder
Medical Officer Capt. A. D. Cloyd
Tr a i n i n g O f fi c e r C a p t . G . C . F o l l m e r
I n t e l l i g e n c e O f fi c e r. . . . C a p t . S t a n l e y M a r s h

Comm. Officer Capt. Harry Burke
E n g . O f fi c e r C a p t . W m . A . E r a s e r, J r.

Special Duty Capt. Gould Dietz

■uture ol CAP Id
AV I AT I O N N E W S , p u b l i s h e d b y M c
Graw-Hill, states that Civil Air Patrol's

Elk's Club of Nebraska presents uniforms to Civil Air

future outlook is unfavorable, following

Patrol Cadets who will attend summer camp at Kear

disclosure of the War Department ap

ney Army Air Base. Left to right are Captain Leonard

propriation bill which made no, provi

J. Heinsen, CO Omaha Squadron Cadet CO Charles
Martin, aaid Mr. J, C. Travis, Chirman of the Elk^s War

sion for CAP in 1946, and that the CAP

League, originally formed to continue
C A P a f t e r t h e w a r, h a s n o t y e t s h o w n
w h a t r o l e i t p r o p o s e s t o p l a y.
Lt. Col. Harry B. Sidles, Nebraska
W i n g C o m m a n d e r, w a s c a l l e d u p o n t o

Committee.—(Omaha World-Herald PhotoJ

Elk's Lodge Is Civil

discuss this item and to express his opin

Air Patrol Boosler

ion of the news and how it might effect
Civil Air Patrol. Col. Sidles statement
is as follows:

"This should not be particularly alarm

ing to any one, as this has happened on
two previous occasions in the past. As
a, matter of fact. Wing Headquarters has
been advised that appropriations have
not been made as yet for the Army Air
Forces, so accordingly we could believe
that the fut' -e of the AAF might be un

"In view of the fact that AAF per
sonnel and various transportation vehi

cles and training aids are being assigned
t o C A P, w e s h o u l d n o t l o o k t o o u n f a v o r

able as to the future and post war acti
vities of Civil Air Patrol."


Six PT*17's arrived Decoration Day for
use by Nebraska Wing Civil Air Patrol
in giving orientation flights to Cadets.
Pending receipt of operations orders the
planes are grounded. These orders should

arrive soon, however, and then the planes
will immediately be put to use in their
designated function.

The-June issue of the Elk's Magazine,

national publication of the Benevolent and






Kearney Army Air Base. The result
was that the Lodge subscribed the neces
sary $1,400.00 for the uniforms, and do

nations poured into the Elk's headquar
ters from local lodges all over the state.






Protective Order of Elks of the United Sta

camp will be smartly turned out in new

tes, carried a story about the activities and
training program of Civil Air Patrol, by

uniforms, which will give the group that
look of clean cut precision which adds
so much to a military bearing, and pride
in their appearance which is such an im

F a i r f a x D o w n e y, w h i c h i s t h e b e s t c o v

erage of our organization ever brought
to our attention.

The article covers every phase of our
activities since the inception of Civil
Air Patrol, and individual incidents des

p o r t a n t m o r a l e f a c t o r.
The Benevolent and Protective Or

cribed have been taken from the exper

der of Elks — The Nebraska Wing
S t a f f T h a n k s Yo u , T h e S q u a d r o n s
Thank You, The Cadets Thank You,

iences of CAP Squadrons throughput the

A l l C i v i l A i r P a t r o l T h a n k s Yo u !

c o u n t r y.

The best thing about Downey's story
h o w e v e r, i s t h e f a c t t h a t i t i s t r u e . We

have all read some pretty far-fetched
stories about Civil Air • Patrol, written
by people who think facts are less fas

cinating than fiction. Members of Ci
vil Air Patrol know that our history is

an unusual and interesting phase of war
time America, born of patriotism in the
raw and developed by man's best in
stincts— to leam and to give.
Nebraska Civil Air Patrol has another
reason to be grateful to the Elks. Know

ing the work of the Elk's War Commit


tee, four CAP officers approached Mr.

Radio Station WOW

Committee, with the suggestion that they



win attend the summer camp at the

J, C. Travis of Omaha, chairman of the
furnish new uniforms to the two hun

Omaha Squadron 3 members in A &
E Mechanics Course at Omaha Uni
v e r s i t y. L t . G l e n F i s h e r i n s p e c t s
w i n g s p a r. — ( P h o t o b y W / 0 H . E .

June - July — 1945


N w U is I T e N ba k Wn
e nt n h e r s a i g






Station license is issued to Lt. Col. Har

r y B . S i d l e s , W i n g C o m m a n d e r, a n d c o v
ers any units now licensed or to be li








A cadet flight has been organized at

Omaha Squadron 1 members who op

Captain Baldwin Has Flight Award



Captain Arthur Baldwin, Group Com
mander at Fremont, has developed plans
to grant five cadets a flying scholarship
of ten hours each. Funds are to be rai

Father Flanagan's fanious Boystown by

erate a number of the units have for the

sed by popular subscription from mer

C a p t a i n W. C . G a r n e r a n d m e m b e r s o f
his Omaha Squadron 3, At the present

most part built their own radios. The

chants, and indications are that the mon

radio section meets once a week to work

ey will be raised without difficulty. How

approximately one hundred boys have
enrolled for Civil Air Patrol training, and

on building and re-building their equip

e v e r, b e c a u s e o f t h e s u m m e r v a c a t i o n

ment, and testing.

period the plan is being deferred until

classes are being held once a week. The
Flight is, attached to Squadron 3 and
Squadron members are the instructors.
—Clay County Squadron—
A new Squadron was activated this

last month, . with Headquarters at the


ensliuB! Squadron Photo Groups
Sgt. Wilbur Lyon, photo section lea
der of Omaha Squadron 1, recently wrote

to the Eastman Kodak Company in Ro

The Commanding Qfficer, Lt. Milton A.

c h e s t e r , N e w Yo r k , t o i n q u i r e a b o u t o b

M e y e r, i s i n t h e C i v i l i a n T r a i n i n g B r a n c h
there. He was formerly a member of

taining training material to be used in
class work. In response he received an
unlimited amount of training material
and literature, together with lists of

training slide lectures which may be ob

one of the largest and strongest in the
Nebraska Wing. Its officers are all en

tained free of charge on a loan basis.

gaged in civilian instruction work at the


field, and all the training facilities of

photography to get up to date training

the base have been put at the disposal
ses and meetings will be held at the

data. Write to the Eastman Kodak Co.,
C a m e r a C l u b D e p a r t m e n t , A t t e n t i o n M r,
A . C . S c h m i t t , R o c h e s t e r, N e w Yo r k . ; a l


so to Agfa, Inc., Binghampton, New

Personnel of the Squadron come from
several localities near the air base, and

Yo r k .

of the Civil Air^ Patrol Squadron. Clas

is to be known as the Clay County Squad

This is an opportunity for other Squad



—Group 761 Reorganized—



Lt. Roy L, Highfield has been appoint










ed Commanding Officer of Group 761,

Captain Paul G. Gordon, CO of the

succeeding Capt. M. J. Warren in the

Grand Island Squadron, announces that
by gratuity of special local sponsorships

post. This Group consists of the Omaha
S q u a d r o n s a n d ' B l a i r. N e w G r o u p O f
fi c e r s a r e : E x e c u t i v e O f fi c e r, C a p t . W.

arranged (including individuals now ser

C . G a r n e r ; Tr a i n i n g O f fi c e r, L t . G . T.

time awards will be made as follows:

M o r k ; I n t e l l i g e n c e O f fi c e r, L t . J . K e n

n e t h E w i n g ; C o m m u n i c a t i o n s O f fi c e r,
Capt. Leonard J. Heinsen; and Operations
O f fi c e r, L t . C . D . H o w a r d .
—Omaha Squadr<m No. 4—

Omaha has another Squadron, Its com
manding Officer is Lt. G, T. Mork, for
merly leader of Flights C. and D of Squa
dron 3. Besides the Squadron and Cadet

med Omaha Squadron No. 4 has a draw
ing at each bi-weekly class session, the
winner receiving one hour's observation

flight in a Squadron plane. This Squadson also has a very good plan whereby
members may win their observer's

wings. For one dollar an hour, paid into
a pool for expenses, members may get

fifteen hours observer time in a Squad
ron member's plane.



On Sunday June 17, Lincoln Squadron
met at the Union Airport for a flag rais
i n g c e r e m o n y. F i r s t t h e r e w a s m i l i t a r y
drill in which both boy's and girl's sec

tions participated, followed by the flag


r o n .


Lt. G. T. Mork, CO of the newly for

H a r v a r d A r m y A i r F i e l d , H a r v a r d N e b r.

the Lincoln Squadron.
This Squadron starts off with a large
membership, and should rapidly become

Lt. Mork of Omaha No. 4 Promotes

v i n g a s S q u a d r o n s t a ff o f fi c e r s ) fl y i n g
At the end of each eight weeks of train

raising. Then came the formal review

and inspection, with Capt. Kimmel, Grp.
C o m m a n d e r, L t . H . C . H e n d e r s o n , L t . O r l o

Powell and WO Harriet Turner, Squad
ron Staff members, in the reviewing
s t a n d . L t . W. G . B r o w n i s C o m m a n d i n g
Officer of Lincoln Squadron.

Spadron 1 Hies Breaklast Mission
Ten planes manned by Omaha Squad

ing, the two high class members will each

ron 1 pilots and observers took off at

be awarded eight hours of dual flight

daybreak June 24. Objective was Fre

instruction free.

mont—target, ham and eggs.

At the end of each four weeks of train

ing, the four high class members will
each be awarded one hour of observation

Captain Arthur Baldwin, Grqup Com
m a n d e r, a n d o t h e r F r e m o n t C A P p e r s o n
nel met Captain Leonard Heinsen's group

flight time free. Selection of class mem
bers awarded flying time will be made
on qualifications of attendance, examina

at the airport and took them to the Path

ized attached Flights at Ashland and

tion grades, deportment and general co

lar missions in the Omaha Squadron's



plans for the next few months.

Flight in Omaha, Squadron 4 has organ

finder Hotel for a fine breakfast.

This was the first of a series of simi

CAP-WERS Network For Nebraska
The Nebraska Wing has been issued a
station license by the Federal Communi

cations Commission to operate a WERS
network. Call letters assigned are KCHK.
Eighteen receiver-transmitter unit's

were ready when the license application
was sent in, and are now operating. Units
I and 2 are located in Lincoln, the other

Ten planes of Omaha Squadron 1 line up at Fremont airport before take

sixteen in Omaha.

off for return to Omaha,—(Photo by Squadron 1 Photo Section,)








(Continued from page 1)
Omaha Squadrons 1 and 3 cooperated in


June - Ju l y — 1 9 4 5


C a p t . W. C , G a r n e r, C O o f O m a h a
Squadron 3, announced that the winner

Request should be made for the neces

of one hour's flight in his PT-19 for the

sary vaccines to the Wing Medical Of
ficer, Captain A. D. Cloyd. Do not delay





in having all cadets inoculated as this is



a requirement to attend this encampment.

down town section. Omaha Squadron 2

d o u c h , S q u a d r o n I n t e l l i g e n c e O f fi c e r.

girls staffed booths in theater lobbies


and the desk at the Aeronca Chief display
at Brandeis." Having this airplane on
tlie floor in this large department store

efforts and cooperation in organizing the
Boystown Flight.

North Platte did an outstanding job on
th.eir assignment to observe the special
week. They had a very good display in
a store window, had good newspaper co






.Qreated'.a great deal of Interest.



decorating four large windows in the







Cadet Summer Camp At Kearney AAF

ing and had an instructive and interest
ing experience. With larger attendance
permitted this year and with the pro
gram already outlined • by the Air Base,

this encampment should be the high point

(Continued from page 1)








been doing for the Army Air F'orces.

verage, including a Proclamation, by the

The Nebraska Wing Is deeply grateful to

Mayor, and report seventy-five minutes
of radio broadcast time given to Civil

t h e B . P. O . E . i n N e b r a s k a .

Air Patrol.

The cadets who attended the camp at
Bruning last year received valuable train

Vaccines are now available for typhoid
inoculations and smallpox vaccinations.

pmaha Department stores cooperated with the NebrasIca Wing during CAP WEEK by decorating windows
featuring Civil Air Patrol. Above, left, is window in
Sears, Roebuck Co., upper right, the Nebraska Clothing







army life as lived by the regular sold
iers of the Air Forces.

The Civil Air Patrol is deeply appreci
ative of the fine spirit of cooperation evi
denced by the officers of the Kearney


Co., lower left, Browning King, lower right, Brandeis*
Department Store. In addition to the window display
Brandeis' had an Aeronca Chief set up on their main
floor, which attracted city-wide attention.