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L E T ' S


C" A


O ff i c i a l P u b l i c a t i o n o f t h e N e b r a s k a W i n g — C I V I L A I R PAT R O L

Vo l . 3 , N o . 2

February — 1945

Nebraska Civil Air Patrol

Otiicers Hold A Two-Day
Training Program Conference
•The special meeting announced in last





ruary 3 and 4 and was a great success,
both In attendance and in accomplish

ment of purpose. Most of Nebraska's
units were represented, and in addition
Wing Commanders and Staff Officers

from five other states attended, as well
£s Col. Earle L. Johnson, National Com
m a n d e r, C o l . H a r r y H . B l e e , N a t i o n a l

O p e r a t i o n s a n d T r a i n i n g O f fi c e r, a n d
Major Howard Sterne, Assistant Opera


A t t h e fi r s t m e e t i n g h e l d S a t u r d a y,
February 3, Lt. Col. Harry B. Sidles,

Nebraska Wing Commander, opened the
session by welcoming those in attend
ance and introducing the special guests,
and then turned things over to Col. Blee,
.who presented the new co-ordinated

National CAP Training Program. He
explained the purpose of the program is

Lt. CO'I. Harry B. Sid'es> Nebraska Wing Commander, con^atuiates Lt.. Butters
aiter announcement by Col. Johnson, National Commander, that he will receive

to provide practical ground and preflight
instruction in aviation subjects and ele

a Merit Citation for his part in the rescue of pilot in crashed P-47.
—Photo by Maj; Paul Threlfall, Kansas Wing.

mentary military matters for cadet and








uniform basis throughout the United

Omaha Squadron 1 Member
T Gei Distinguished
Service Citation


Blair Granted State Funds

— Will Improve Airport





During his recent visit in Omaha, Col.

Earle L. Johnson, AC> National Com

Blair has become one of the most avi

through the influence of the local Civil
Air Patrol organization and through the
efforts of Lt. C. D. Howard, Command

m a n d e r, a n n o u n c e d t h a t a M e r i t C i t a

ing Officer, and Sgt. Emory Hunt.
At a meeting of the executive board

tion Av/ard will be presented to First

of the Nebraska State Aeronautics Com

Lieutenant Ernest V. Butters, Training

mission in Lincoln recently the Blair
Airport was given $4,000 in cash for use
in making immediate improvements on
the field. The money, which comes from

Officer of Omaha Squadron 1, for action

performed last October 26 at Norfolk,
Nebraska, during ceremonies dedicating
the new airport there.
Part of the program arranged for the

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dents a sound, practical working know

ledge of fundamentals necessary for ef
ation minded towns in Nebraska, largely



cluded are intended (a) to give the stu

fective service' to Civil Air Patrol in the
performance of its varied activities as

an auxili?ry of the Army Air Forces,

(b) to assist the students in laying the
groundwork for a successful career in
either military or civil aviation, and (c)
to prepare the students to work intelli
gently for the general promotion of avia
tion in all its phases. Upon completion
of the prescribed courses, students will
be encouraged to organize classes for
specialized training.

taxes collected on aviation gasoline, is

After this meeting everybody board
ed a large Army bus and were taken to

en outright grant to the Blair Airport

Te c h n i c a l H i g h S c h o o l w h e r e O m a h a


Squadron I has set up a display of all
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Published each month by tiie Nebraska
Wing Civil Air Patrol, 504 South 18th
Street, Omaha 2, Nebraska.



February — 1945

Nebraska's Ground Flight
Program Is Launched




were Lt. Howard, Sgt. Hunt and Ben


Reeh, all Civil Air Patrol members, rep

Wing Staff

resenting the Chamber of Commerce and
the BlFir City Council.

Com'd. Officer....Lt. Col. Harry B. Sidles
Executive Officer Major M. M. Meyers









General Order No. 17





Airport Improvements
The $4,000 will be spent as follows;

Csptain W. C. Garner, CO of Omaha

$2,550 for a cement apron to be bmlt in
front of the existing hangars, to be more
thgn 100 feet long; $1,000 for the drilling

Squadron 3 receives lesson number one
f r o m . M a j o r Vi c S c h r o e d e r. I n t e r e s t e d

of a deep well and the installation of

bystander is Lt. Ftederic Hoffman, CO
of new CAP unit at McCook, Nebraska^—

an electric pressure system, work on
which will start immediately; and $450
for a new type of sodded north-south

hereby accepted. He will retain assign

runway, supplanting the alfalfa runway.
The new type runway planting is to be
of grgss which is not subject to the bur-

2 4 J a n u a r y, 1 9 4 5 .
Effective this date, William G. Brown,
Second Lieutenant, is hereby appointed
Commander of Lincoln Squadron of the


Phcto by W/0 H. E. Wohlford.

Nebraska Wing Headquarters



town, and it also has a Civil Air Patrol


E n g . O f fi c e r C a p t . W m . A . P r a s e r, J r,
Special Duty ......Capt. Gould Dietz


Nebraska to receive money for airport
i m p r o v e m e n t s . Wa y n e w a s t h e o t h e r

Medical Officer Capt. A. D. Cloyd
Operations Officer Maj. Vic M. Schroeder
Tr a i n i n g O f fi c e r C a p t . G . C , F o l l m e r
Intelligence Officer....Capt. Stanley Marsh
Supply Officer Major Rudy Mueller

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matched by 2n equal amount by the
town. Appearing before the council

Manafing Editor Capt. Stanley B. Maxsli


m e n t a n d d u t i e s o f M e d i c a l O f fi c e r, a n d

vowinjg of gophers which are always

commission as First Lieutenant.

Effective as of dates indicated, the


Wiliam N. Kite, First Lieutenant, is

hereby relieved of his duties as Squad
ron Commander in order that he may

following officer promotions and func
tional assignments have been made by






ficer of Group 762.

F I S H E R , G l e n n M . , F l i g h t O f fi c e r,
Executive Officer Omaha Squadron 3,
to Second Lieutenant, will retain as
signment and duties. Commission ef
fective as of 4 January, 1945.

non-commissioned officers are promoted

in grade as indicated by official notifica
tion of National Headquarters.

MURPHY, Jerald R., Second Lieuten
ant, Adjutant, Grand Island Squadron,
to First lieutenant, with assignment and
duties as Adjutant, Group 763, effective

JACKSON, Jack C., First Sergeant,
Adjutant Omaha Squadron 1, to Second
Lieutenant, will retain assignment and

^ s o f 1 4 D e c e m b e r, 1 9 4 4 .

J a n u a r y, 1 9 4 5 .

WILSON, Dorothy M., Second Lieu
t e n a n t , C o m m a n d i n g O f fi c e r, O m a h a
Squadron No, 2, to First Lieutenant, will

Training Officer Grand Island Squadron,

retain assignment and duties, effective

ment and duties. Commission effective

a s o f 7 D e c e m b e r, 1 9 4 4 .

a s o f 4 J a n u a r y, 1 9 4 5 .

MAPES, Andrew D., Executive Offi
cer, Norfolk Squadron, to Second Lieu
tenant, will retain assignment and du

MEYER, Mary F., Sergeant, to Sec
ond Lieutenant, with assignment as Ne
braska Wing Staff Officer. Commission

t i e s , e ff e c t i v e a s o f 1 4 D e c e m b e r, 1 9 4 4 .

e f f e c t i v e 1 8 J a n u a r y, 1 9 4 5 ,

K E L S E Y, C h g r l e s H . , I n t e l l i g e n c e
O f fi c e r, N o r f o l k S q u a d r o n , t o S e c o n d
Lieutenant, will retain e^signment and
duties, effective as of 14 December, 1944.

Lieutenant with assignment as Com

General Order No. 18
8 F e b r u a r y, 1 9 4 5 .
Effective this date, Herbert O. BERG-

STROM, Second Lieutenant, is hereby
appointed Commandiing Officer of the

North Platte Squadron, Civil Air Patrol.
T h e r e s i g n a t i o n o f L i n v i l l e F, V A L

ENTINE, First Lieutenant, as Command
ing Officer of North Platte Squadron is

Field Municipally Owned
The airport field was purchased last
fall by the town through a bond issue

accept the assignment of Executive Of
The foUowing named officers and

throwing up dirt mounds "snd creating a
hezard on take-offs and landings.

d u t i e s . C o m m i s s i o n e f f e c t i v e a s o f 11

ROSS, Thurlo E., Second Lieutenant,
to First Lieutenant, will retain as^gn-

manding Officer of McCook Squadron
C o m m i s s i o n e f f e c t i v e 1 8 J a n u a r y, 1 9 4 5 .

Effective thiis date, Blair Flight will
be designated Blair Squadron.

Effective this date, Columbus Flight
will be designated Columbus Squadron.
Effective this date, David City Flight
will be designated David City Squadron.

Commission appropriation makes good
a long standing promise from the Com
mission that Blair would receive the aid
if the field were purchased and all other
stipulations met.

CAP Squadron Very Active
The Civil Air Patrol Squadron at
Blair us ready to start on the National

Training Program. They have made ar
rangements for room in the high school
in which to set up and install the mech

anical training aids they expect to be
shipped to them soon. An all-out re
cruiting program is now being carried
on. The town newspaper carried a half

HOFFMAN, Frederic G., to Second


of $15,000. the Nebraska Aeronautics


C o m d r. N e b r. W i n g .

page ad setting forth facts about the Civil
Air Patrol, announcing the time ol meet
ings, the course of study, etc., and in
vited the public to attend the meetings.
A free in-the-air lesson is promised by
B y r o n A p p l e b y, B l a i r A i r p o r t I n s t r u c
tor, to those who qualify in classwork,
based on attendance and grades. In the
high school a girls' Cadet unit is being
organized, and will be ready when the
first class in the training program is

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B'ebruary — 1945






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mechanical training aids used in the CAP

program, including the Navigational
Tr a i n e r. A t r a i n i n g fi 5 m , " C a m o u fl a g e , "


Nebrasl&a Wing Staff Hosts at Banquet

S a t u r d a y n i g h t t h e N e b r a s k a Wa n g
Staff Officers were hosts at a banquet
which was attended by over 100 CAP
members and special guests. These in
c l u d e d L t . C o l . T. B . R o b e r t s , S o u t h D a

kota Wing Commander, Lt. Col. Clayton
N . Wu l ff , M i n n e s o t a W i n g C o m m a n d e r,
Lt. Col. J. Howard Wilcox, Kansas Wing

C o m m a n d e r, M a j o r R o y M i l l i g a n , M o n
t a n a D e p u t y W i n g C o m m s n d e r, a n d C a p t .

Stan Cowan, Intelligence Officer of the
North Dakota Wing, representing the
W i n g C o m m a n d e r. O t h e r g u e s t s w e r e
Col. Reed Davis and Major John Spald
ing, Air Liaison Officers of the Seventh
Service Command, Capt. James Soren-

Ron, Capt. Jack Norris and Lt. Joe Hart,
Training Liaison Officers of the Seventh
Training Area, AAF, Cspt. L. L. Brown,
Commander Detroit Lakes Squadron,
C A P, N o r t h D a k o t a , M a j o r H e n r y E g gers, CMP, Seventh Service Command,
Major A. G. Johnson, Seventh Service,
Command, Captain James R. Smith,
South Dfkota CAP Wing Staff, Major

Larry Brill, Minnesota Wing Staff, Ma
jor John Moodie, South Dakota Wing
Staff, Major Paul Threlfall, Kansas
Wing Staff, and 1st Lt. Jimmy Barnett,
Sioux Falls, South Dakota Squsdron
Commander. Commanding and Staff Of
ficers from the Nebraska Wing included
those from the three Omaha Squadrons,
B l a i r, L i n c o l n , G r a n d I s l a n d , K e a r n e y,
North Platte, David City, Columbus, Be
atrice, and the new squadrons at McCook
and Clay Center. Group Commanders

Capt. M. J. Warren, Capt. Arthur Bald
win, Capt. Charles Larsen and Capt.
Kenneth Kimmel attended. Major Rudy
Mueller wes toastmaster and Col. Blee

principal speaker.
Major Schroeder's
Sunday morning
ed over a meeting
a n d A A F Tr a i n i n g

Program Introduced
Col. Johnson presid
of Wing Commanders
Liaison Officers. At

the same time the conference of Nebras

ka CAP Officers continued with Major
Vic Schroeder, Wang Operations Officer,
in charge. The Special Ground Flight
Program for the Nebraska Wing, which
will be supplementary to the National

National Officers and Commanders from five nei^hboringf Wingfs guests at
banquet during training program conference in Omalia. Left to right: Lt. Col.
Clayton N. Wulff, Minnesota; Lt. Col. J. Howard Wilcox, Kansas; Capt. Stan
Cowan, Nortli Dakota Wing Staff; MaJ. Rudy Mueller, Nebraska Wing Staff; Col.
Harry H. Blee, AC, National Headquarters; Lt Col. Harry B. Sidles, Nebraska;
M2*j. Roy Milligan, Montana; and Lt. Col. T. B. Roberts, South Dakota.—Photo by

Major Paul Threlfall, Intelligence Officer^ Kansas Wing.








c r u i t i n g o f WA C s f o r m e d i c a l t e c h n i cicns. Aid in WAC recruiting is one of
the permanent assignments of the Civil
Col. Johnson Speaks
After the luncheon came Col. John






importance of the new training program.

what we pay for in time and labor is

He said: "The Cadet Training program

worth much to us. A purely voluntary

is the most important job Civil Air Pa

organization consisting of people inter

trol has ever undertaken, because every

ested in giving and not getting is what

member can participate, not just the few
who can serve in specialized ways as in

Civii Air Patrol is and will continue to

Coastal Patrol, Tow-Target Service, and

"CAP training will help our young
men realize the many other branches of

so forth.

"Civil Air Patrol in its training takes
in more and more youth who will chart
the future of aviation, and is spreading
the gospel of aviation not just to spe
cialized groups who are already in avi
ation, but to those who were not hereto
fore interested.

which the speaker was Major Irene

"Representatives of England's Cadet

Sweeney, WAC. Her talk was received

Training units who were here a short

with great and gravity, and the


of its Cadet members and the superior

son's address in which he discussed the


A luncheon was served at noon at

Meeting Continues Through Lujicheon


ity of its organizational background,
although they furnish uniforms and oth
er expenses of their members, while the
CAP Cadets pay for their own. What
we get for nothing is worth nothing,


"If and when recruiting iin the Air
Corps Enlisted Reserve is opened up
again, the examinations will be based
on what CAP is teaching at this time.

Program, was presented.

ization said that our CAP is much sound

time ago to study Civil Air Patrol organ


aviation which are available to them,
and they will "wash themselves out" as

pilots in favor of another phase, al
though in the beginning of their train
ing most of them think of no other goal
than becoming a pilot.
"We want people in the Civil Air Pa

trol who are interested in other things,
not necessarily in aviation. For instruc

tors we want radio men, mechanics, pho

tographers, school teachers, returned





"Civil Air Patrol is giving its Cadets
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February — 1945

ite Durbin, Adjutant. Others belong to




L t Va l e n t i n e , L t . B e r g s t r o m , a n d o n e

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a sample of aviiation, so that they can
make up, their own minds what part of
aviation they want to be in, or whether



t o a c l u b c o m p o s e d o f L t . W , M . S t o r y,

Sgt. Guy Grimm, Sgt. Sydney Goodfellow
and Pvt. Paul Meltin.



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day was formation flying of P-47's from'




the Bruning Army Air Base. One of the

they want to be in it, at all; and is mak
ing new customers for aviation opera
tors, as CAP members become flyiing
students and private plane owners, and
the demand for more airports and more

Third Class Radiotelephone Operator's
communications projects should be given
by all units, with WERS in mind..
The Squadron has made all prepara

first to reach the scene. He found the

landing fields will increase.

tions and is ready to begin classes based

He applied a splint to the broken arm

on the new National program. Plans
are to purchase a 16mm projector, in
stead of renting one as heretofore.

and rendered other first aid, then helped
remove the flyer from the wreck, and

"In 1944, 81 airports in the United
States were either built or caused to be

kept in operation by Civil Air Patrol.


knowledge gained from experience will
be of great value in our class work, and
in their case they may get satisfaction
out of still serving their country by

passing their experience and training on
to the young people who may some day
take their place."

Captain Reynolds Adjourns Meeting
Following Col. Johnson's address,
Capt. Earle C. Reynolds of the Nebraska
Wing Staff presided over a question and
answer session, with the Squadron Officers presenting the problems and Col.
Johnson and Col. Blee supplying the an
s w e r s .



North Platte Squadron has a new

Commanding Officer. Lt. Valentine,
former CO, resigned' but remains on the

staff as Medical Officer. Lt. H. O. Bergstrom, former Operations Officer, is the


Four planes are owned by Squadron
members, one by a woman, Lt. Marguer





planes crashed when coming in for a
landing, and Lt, Butters was one of the
pilot, Lt. Joe Steiner, suffering fi'om a
broken arm and leg, and cuts on the face.

accompanied him in the ambulance to
the hospital.

"Civil Air Patrol should make a def
inite effort to contact returned service
men and women, to invite them into
CAP to help us and work with us. Their




In getting set to put the new National
a n d N e b r a s k a Tr a i n i n g P r o g r a m s t o
work. Grand Island Squadron Command
er Captain Paul G. Gordon has instructed

Lt, Steiner, the pilot who was in

jured, is now fully recovered and is
again flying.

his staff officers to prepare and submit
in 'Writing their own various programs as
they pertain to the individual olficesi,

When this is done a public meeting will
be held April 30, before the start of the
new progiram, and the new training pro
cedure will be presented, explained and

Captain Gordon has also prepared an
outline enumerating the duties of each
staff officer. It is very complete and is
an idea which could be copied to advan
tage by every unit. In this way each of
ficer will know just what is expected
of him, and what duties he is responsible

J a m e s H . S o r e n s o n , J r. , C h i e f Tr a i n

ing Liaison Officer, Seventh Trsiining
Area, has been promoted from Captain
t o M s j o r. T h o s e w h o a t t e n d e d t h e m e e t

ing in Omaha February 3 and 4 know
him as the genial officer from "deep an



Before his assignment as Training
Liaison Officer, Major Sorenson saw ac
tive service with the Air Corps in Eng
land and North Africa, and has the Pur
ple Heart,

f o r. C a p t a i n G o r d o n o ff e r s h i s a s s i s t



a n c e t o a n y o f fi c e r, b u t w i s h e s t o e n

courage initiative, and wants each staff
member to plan his own phase of work,
following the general outline.
Five members of Grand Island Squad

David City Squadron has a flying
club within its members, owning a Cub

ron own planes. They are Lt. B. L.

"ham" and has. a Class A Amateur radio

T h o m p s o n , L t . T. E . R o s s , L t . S t o v e r
Deats, Art Edmunds and Sam Ross.

license. Haying a man with, this back


Sgt. Otto Holesovsky ds a former radio

ground, we hope to hear soon that David
City has a CAP-WERS unit.

"It just isn't safe on the ground", de


This New Uniform
. . . . the uniform of my country! I've put
aside all normal peace-time activities, for as

important as they may seem, they no longer

After a few short weeks, I'll be trained as a Medical Technician

in the Women's Army Corps and serve at. Fitzsimmons General

Hospital, Denver, Colorado, in one of Nebraska's "Purple Heart"
platoons. This is the least . , , and yet the most I can do.

More women are urgently needed. Contact the nearest Army Re
cruiting Office for full details or write 224 Post Office Bldg., Omaha,

c i d e d M / S g t . R u s s e l l Va n d e r k o l k . Va n derkolk, who holds a commercial license

and an instructor rating, suffered a bro
ken leg recently when a horse fell on

Former members of David City
Squadron have been in the hottest fight
ing of the war. Marvin Stier, on a Navy
destroyer, was recently wounded during
battle in the Pacific. Fred Forney is
missing in action in Germany and Nor
man Davis is with the 8th Army in Ger

Since being redesignated from Flight
to Squadron, Lt, Lloyd Ragan is pre
paring to fill several vacancies on his