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C" A
Sept,-Oct. 1943

Official Publication of the Nebraska Wing—CIVIL AIR PATROL

Vo l . 2 . N o . 2

At Mobilization Banquet

First Wing Assembly

Air Cadets Offered

Is A Distinct Success


"Highly successful" is the simplest, most
a c c u r a t e w a y. t o d e s c r i b e t h e N e b r a s k a

A program of pre-induction tralotng for
next year's pilots, bombardiers and navh
gators by local units of the Civil Air Pa
trol has been announced today by the War

w i n g ' s fi r s t m o b i l i s a t i o n a t F Ye m o n t , S e p
tember 5th and

Despite the unfavorable weather; includ
ing high winds and a line squall, the event

Civil Air Patrol, the volunteer auxiliary
of the Army Air Forces, with squadrons and

proved to be even more successful than had
been hoped for. Every one seemed in ar>

flights In more than 1,000 communities* has
been conducting a nation-wide training pro

greement that it was very much worth while
and that another should be planned before

gram through the CAP Cadets, composed oC
specially selected students In the last two
years of high schol. Many of the former
AP Cadets are now in the Army Air Forc
es. The training: which CAP has given

long. One Salutary effect was that every
one agreed that the experience should make
it possible to do better next time. About

them in aviation and military sU'bjects has
proven greatly to their advantage.
Young (men of 17 who can pass the men
tal and physical tests are now being placed
in the Air Corps Enlisted Reserve for call

Two Wing; Officers
and a Deputy Named


to active duly for aviation cadet training

after they become 18. Thousands of these
reservists are now at home awaiting the
time when they will go to the training cen
ters and colleges.
The Civil Air Patrol recommends that 17-

year-old Air Corps Enlisted Reservists now
at home join their loca.! CAP Cadet units.

CAJP Cadets wear the Army enlisted uni
form, with Bpecial insignia whtoh can be
removed when the men report for Army

d u t y. M e a n w h i l e , t h o s e a c c e p t e d b y t h e
Army can wear the silver Insignia of the
Air Corps Enlisted Reserve and many will










quet, asserted tkat wbea U-boats





Two new wing staff appointments and the
first deputy wing staff member are announ
ced by Maj. Harry B. Sidles, wln^ command

375 members attended.

H i g h l i g h ts i n cl u d e d i n th e p r o g r a m a t th e
airport Sunday afternoon, the banquet,
featuring a speech by Congressman Karl
Stefan, at the city auditorium Sunday night,
and the parade through downtown Fremont

Monday morning.
National headquarters was repesented by
Capt Kendall Hoyt. national intelligence
o f fi c e r.

Capt. Earl C. Reynolds, formerly trans
p o r t a t i o n o f fi c e r, h a s b e e n a p p o i n t e d w i n g
a d j u t a n t , s u c c e e d i n g C a p t G . H . L l n d l e y,

The strong wind eliminated some of the
demonstrations that had been planned. A
line squall that blew in at the conclus
ion of the Sunday afternoon program blew
loose a tethered plane which was there,

who has moved to California. Capt. Oscar

property of a Fremont club group, and caus

O. Cooke, formerly commander of Omaha


squadron No. !• is the new wing transpor

storm also prevented the appearance of a






e r .


Lt.. Stover Deats of ' the Grand Island















have an opportunity for valuable command

squadron has heen named deputy to Capt
V i c M . S c h r o e d e r, w i n g o p e r a t i o n s o f fi c e r

P-38 Lightning arrived—and knifed low across the field during the height of the

experience as CAP Cadet Squadron Flight

and promoted to first Lt Lt Kenneth Klm-



mel was appointed commander of Lincoln

CAP courses are given free by volunteer
instructors selected from CAP members.

Three army BT trainer planes from Cof-

squadron succeeding Lt William Browni

feyville, Kans. staged an impressive acro

who has moved to the northwest Lt. Ger

batic demonstration.

ald Hallstead is the new commander of the

Dance Surpasses Expectations





The photographic section of Omaha

Crete squadron, succeeding Lt. Frank

squadron No. 1 staged a demionstratlon In
which an aerial view of the airport was

Bringham. who has asked to be relieved.
Lt. M. J. "Zack" Warren is the new com

dropped from a plane, and processed into
a fi n i s h e d p i c t u r e i n 11 ' m i n u t e s t i m e . F i r s t
aid demonstrations were given by the Oma

squadrons sponsored October 15 was a great
success, both in attendance and a good
time. Between 800 and 900 attended. Lt
M . J . Wa r r e n w a s g e n e r a l c h a i r m a n . D a n

mander of Omaha squadron No. 1. He was

cer. succeeding Kenneth Bucher, who has

ha No. 2 "Powder Puff squadron. The
Fremont squadron demonstrated posting of

cing was to the music of CAP Memter Web

gone Into service, and P. K. Patrick, form

the guard. Other demonstrations prepared


erly a sergeant, succeeds Highfield as lieu
tenant in charge of Squadron No. 1 Cadets.

by Crete and Lincoln were halted by the
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CAP buildings at the Municipal airport.

executive officer. In Omaha No. 1, Lt. Hoy

Highfield has been made intelligence offi


Page 2

Sept-Oct. 1943

Publlihad «aoh month by the Nebraska Wine

Headquarters of the CJvIl Air Patrol. Offices
•t 602 South Nineteenth Street. Omaha. Neb.
Extra copies may be . obtained by writing

to Wing Headquarters. Five cents each.

Wing Staff
Commanding Officer JIarry B. Sidles






Adjutant - Earle C. Reynolds
Operations Oflcer Vic M. Schroeder
Tr a i n i n g O f fi c e r - G . C r a w f o r d F o l l m e r
Intelligence Officer ....Lawrence Youngman

Supply Officer Rudy Mueller
Transportation Officer .Oscar 0. Cooke
Communications Officer Harry Burke

Engineering Officer ....William A. Fraser. Jr.




Yo u n g m a n
Assistant Editors—Irving Greene. Dorothy
C a t h e r s a n d M a r y E l l e n Ly t l e .


Business Manager .Clair M. Wolfe
The CAP NEWS Is printed by the Citizen

Printing Co.. 2308-10 N Street Omaha, Nebr.

T h a n k Yo u , F r e m o n t
"nie Nebraska wing of the Civil Air Patr<H is deeply indebted to Fremont for the

cooperation which made possible the suc
cess that attended the State's first mobolization a success.

Everything was done to make the CAP
visit pleasant. The Fremont Squadron un
der Lt Arthur Baldwin, went to great
effort and pains in arranging details. The
Chamber Commerce, through its effici

On September 16-16> Ma}. H. 6. Sidles, commander of tbe Nebraska courier base
and Cap! Vic Schroeder. wing operations officer, met with Col. Earle L. Johnson, CAP
national commander, and CAP commanders from most of the western states, at Denver.
There they discussed courier operations and were told of some proposed changes—but
non« affecting' Nebraska. Tbe group is shown in the picture above.
R e a d i n g f r o m l e f t t o r i g h t , fi r s t r o w : M a j . P h i l i p H i n k l e y. l i a s o n o f fi c e r I n S e c
o n d A i r F o r c e , M a j . B u c k S t e e r s , N e w Yo r k C i t y. C o l . E a r l e L . J o h n s o n . N a t i o n a l C o m
mander, N. Y.,Ma]. Harold R. Smetbllls, Denver, Colo., Maj. Harry Sidles. Second row:

Maj. Leverett Davis. Idaho, Capt Cla:Hon N. Wulff. Minnesota, Maj. Moss Patterson*
Oklahoma. Maj. Bertrand Rine, California, Capt Chas. Summers, Kansas. Third row:
M a j . L e o D e v a n e y. O r e g o n , M a j . F. W. B e e r. A r i z o n a * M a j . D . C J o h n s t o n ; I o w a , M a j .
H e r m a n H e n r i c k s o n , M o n t a n a . C a p t . V i c S c h r o e d e r, M a j . H o w a r d W i l c o x . K a n s a s .
Fourth row: Capt A. B. Gill, Colorado Springs, Capt John Moodle, South Dakota, T. B.
R o b e r t s . S o u t h D a i k o t a , M a j . W. E . Va n Wa l k e r, N o r t h D a k o t a , C a p t . P. J . K i n g . Wy o
ming, Maj. Joe Bergln, Utah.

sincerely hope we will be privileged to again
entertain the Nebraska Wing of the C.A.P.
"The latch string hangs out and we in
Fremont will count it a pleasure to have

USO and Pathfinder hotel served excellent

S p i n a r, J r. , 1 8 , a p p r e n t i c e m e c h a n i c , w e r e

you look In on us at any time you are in

killed in a crash October 7. when a Ijght

this part of tbe state."

plane they were checking, following me
chanical adjustments, crashed on a farm
o w n e d b y S p i n a r ' s f a t h e r.
The wreckage was located from the air
the following day by two Crete squadron

Thanks. Mr. Motter, but the pleasure and
privilege were alt ours!

ent secretary-manager. C. W. Motter. co

o p e r a t e d i n e v e r y w a y. T b e R e d C r o s s a n d

other enthusiastic and hard-working member
Miss Norma Adams, 19, Adams, Neb., a
member of the Crete squadron, and Frank


Tbe Nebraska wing joins other groups in

m e m b e r s . D r. M . H . M a c k a n d C a r l B a u m -


saluting one of Its own members. Lt Phil

Also appreciated were the cooperation of
the Fremont police and the Nebraska high

ip K. Patrick of Omaha squadron Na 1
for the patriotic service he rendered his

way safety patrol in handling the parade.
F r o m M r. M o t t e r t h e w i n g h a s r e c e i v e d
t h i s v e r y p l e a s a n t l e t t e r.
" ' We w a n t y o u t o k n o w t h a t w e a p p r e

country recently by providing the govern
ment with the evidence which resulted in

one of the pilots when the CAP sent out

breaking up a fraud ring among war con
tractors and officials at the quartermaster

cadets last summer.

ciated your attendance at the first state

depot in Philadelphia.
One ot the crooks proi>osed that Lt Pat
r i c k , h i m s e l f a c < » i t r a c t o r. p a r t i c i p a t e i n
t h e c o n s p i r a c y. O n h i s o w n i n i t i a t i v e . L t
Patrick went all the way to Philadelphia

wide mobollzatlon of the Civil Air Patrol
September 6th and 7tb.

''It was a real inspiration for all of us.
here to have an opportunity to look in on
your splendid program and observe the
grand manner in which the Civil Air Patrol
does things.
"The goodfellowshlp which prevailed
made a very deep Impression upon our
Chamber of Commerce and City Officials
who took time out to enjoy the program
and manuevers at the port. It gave them
an opportunity to meet and know a fine

^oup of men in the C.A.P. who ftre making

to get the evidence which he turned over
to tiie FBI. A dozen people have been in
dicted, and many others are likely to be in













members of the Crete squadron. She was
aerial caravans to assist in recruiting air

New (and original) business manager of
the Cornhusker CAP News is Clair M. Wolfe
o f W O W. H e h a s t e e n a n e w s p a p e r e d i
t o r, a n d p u b l i c r e l a t i o n s d i r e c t o r a t N e

braska Ordnance plant Formerly he was
a r e s e r v e o f fi c e r.


Patrick was in the balloon corps during
W o r l d Wa r N o . 1 . H e o f f e r e d h i s s e r v i c e s
to the war department the day after Pearl
H a r b o r. H e h a s h e e n a t i r e l e s s C A P w o r k

TUs issoe of tiie Cornhusker CAP'

e r, a n d r e c e n t l y w a s p l a c e d I n c h a r g e o f

News is made possible by tiie Central
States Broadcasting company's three

cadets in No. 1 squadron.


a real sacrifice in the interests of aviation
in Nebraska.

Miss Adams

Nebraska wing mourns the loss of an





Sept-Oct. 1943


Page 3

New Units Formed
In Nebraska Patrol
The Nebraska wing of the ClvU Air Pa
trol is enjoying an encouraging growUL
Three new units are in the process of or
ganization at the moment.
At Alliance, a squadron Is heing organ
ized with Rae Hudson as the commanding

o f fi c e r, a n d R o b e r t I j . G i l b e r t a s e x e c u t i v e

At Wayne, R. K Marek is taking the lead
in the organization of a flight.
At Elgin» Joseph Kluthe is heading up

T«p-Bo<oh drtn oaHftt at tke mobfltaation w«a <lie Omaka No. 1 eadei e^m**roa



the organization of a new flight.




Louis Rodehorst of Columbus is organ
i z i n g a fl i g h t a t t h a t c i t y.
The N£^S hopes—and hereby requests—
that all of these people will see that re
p o r t s o n . p r o g r e s s ' a n d t h e p a i n e s o f s t a ff
members will be provided for the next is
s u e .


Tw o d a u g h t e r s o f t h e D e e r C l a n o f t h e
Indian Tribe are now enthusiastic mem
bers of Squadron 2 of Civil Air Patrol.

They are sisters. Mrs. Virginia Henderson
Walker and Miss Elizabeth Henderson of

C A P o m 4 k e a i r. H k r e M a J . H . B . 9 l d l e « t v r l a f c e e m m a a d e r, l a - I a t « r v l e w e 4 b r H a n r P o ^

323 North 17tib Street Both employed at
the Martin Bomber plant They formerly

T h e N e b r a a k a w i n y l a r e v l « w « d b > > L t . C o l . W . F. B r a e i t . B e k t i i d t a M a J . H » B . S I 4 1 c a >

lived in Macy, Nebraska.
The entire family Is air-minded accord
i n g t o t h e g i r l s . T h e i r p a r e n t s , M r. a n d
Mrs. Henry Henderson have remained in

Macy. A brother,Marlin, is training to be
come a Naval Air Force pilot at Allston.

Mass. Air Base. Another brother,Noah, is
a memiber of the ground crew at a Kansas
Air Base.

Vi r g i n i a a t t e n d e d b o a r d i n g s c h o o l i n
South Dakota, wher<e she excelled in arch
ery and rifle shooting. She was a mem

of KOlLi aa Capt. Keadntfl Hoyt» national IniolllKeaiee officer, ataatfa by.

squadron; second was Capt William A.
F r a s e r, J r. , o f t h e w i n g s t a ff a n d t h i r d b y
Capt Oscar O. Cooke, commander of Omaha
squadron No. 1.
In his talk at the banquet. Congressman
Stefan paid ringing tribute to the CAP tor
the Jobs It has done, the jobs it la doing;
and for the money it saved the nation. He
asserted that the organization was worthy
of far better financial support than It has
received, and said that he proposes to help
.in the fight to win both recognition and

ber of the Squadron No.2 girls, drill group

a Drake co-ed, Miss Rosalie Smith,
that she might arrive in time' to
National anthem at the program.
even prettier than her pictures.'*

Lt Marsh o4>served.


which took second place in the state mo
bilization held recently in Fremont.

Omaha. He flew to Des Moines and brou

ght >back
in. order
sing the

Many state.. military and. civic officials
were guests of the CAP at the banquet

Mobilization A Snccess—Cont. from page 1
w i n d .

Cadets of Omaha No. 1 squadron staged
a drill demonstration. The cadets com
manded by Sgt. Bill Bloom were not in com
petition with other units because U was ac

knowledged that they were "in a class by

First place in the competitive drill went
to the Crete flight under command of Lt
C h a r l e s I . S a g e r. S e c o n d p l a c e w a s w o n
by girls of Omaha squadron No. 2, with Lt

^mong them were H. M. Greenamyre, sec
retary to Govenor Griswold; C. M. Sharrar,
c h a i r m a n , a n d R o l l a n d H a a r. s e c r e t a r y o f
the Nebraska Aeronautics comfmJssion; Lt
C o l . W. F. B r u e t t o f O m a h a , w h o h a d r e
viewed the wing that afternoon: and May
or Hanson of Fremont.

C a p t R u d y M u e l l e r o f th e w i n g s ta ff w a s
t o a s t m a s t e r. C a p t Q a r l e R e y n o l d s , a l s o o C
the wing staff, led the group in singing
CAP songs that he had authored.
Lt. Stanley Marsh of Omaha's squadron
No. 1, played several piano numbers.

Mangaret Broderick giving the orders, and
third place to a flight from Omaha squadron

No, 1 wltn Sgt (now Lt) Philip K. Patrick

lit, Stanley Marsh, Omaha courier pilot,

in command.

did an extra special good deed recently in

The bombing contest was won by Lt L.
F. Valentine, commander of the North Platte

connection with the five-million dollar war

bond premiere at the Paramount theater in

L I . C o l . W . F. B m e t t I n a p e c t i N e b r a s k a




Page 4

TkMM w tne civU *ir p»lTOl, wUeti tn* jMt om imk befera
P e w i H w b o r, U a t i c d S t a t w o n e o f t w o e o a « t r i « * w h i c h t U U h t * ( o n «
dvli AvMloa desfila the w»r. (BomU to otk«r>. Th« pl«t«r«s o« thb pag*

Septemfoer-Qctober 1943

wen tOcn when Nebtuks wii{ betd its flnt «tat«wMe mobUlatioB «t
Fr«aoat lut SuwUf *»d Motids;. The pkton ibov* ihowt 14 of Uu 29 pUim
whlefe wtn pftrttad M (ha fUld kt en* Um*.

Nebraska Wing, Civil Air Patrol, on Parade

of the
Firt of lb* prejtrftm m« % paraJ* throoKh d««nt«wa
Fremeat. TbU pJctnrg w»f Uh<a M fh« MtelMrllled wanep't
M)Udn>«, No. 2 e( Omkht, ptMod the i«vl«wliiK stand. The
•qntdro* I* tommtttdtd by LL B«tle Hetiel, Qiriabft MbMl


Te w b e r.

wing mo


As MrobatiM
d e a omU»Uob

as told

b)r three bMte


M armjr &lr
biM, I h 0 w N
btre M (boy

in the

(lew ureM the

ipect«ten were







paMeB{«r« 1B
the pltnei




■aid they thor-

ooc)))/ eiiioyod
the experieoee.


Jfeeps and flsK> and leal* added color to tbe affair. Thb
photo ahew* the heaJqoartera tent for Otnaha *4iudre«
No. 1,

Flnt place ia the drtU edcapcttllea for pklcad filchta freia tho variotu sfBadrons
weat t« thia dbU from Crete. It wta eoamaadcil by Lt. Charlea I. Safer, of the
Ooaat coUete faealty (risht (aietmad). A {Sria* fltcht from Onaha wa* *«<od4.

o n

It f«cnt that each avtattoa meet ant hart Ita Ktorra—and this one waa m ezeeptSo*. A line aqaall a*d doat atMm broke ap the p«rty Stmday aftersooo, and t«r*
loeae two plaaea which had beea atakad dowo. The plane abo^e reared Dp la the air

Ulrb of Omaha a^t^roi No. 2 deraooattatcd flnt aid aad r«*eM

like a bacUas bxoKh^ aad ita bwUag fear waa hadly damaced wb«a It (truck the

work. Thoy are ahowo here as they prepared to load an *'»cc]dejit

earth acala.

victim" into an ambolaoce.

nia Nebrasha winf la ahowa bar* aa S70 mambera—about halt of the memboraUp U the state—prepared for laapaetioa by Lt. Col. W. H. Bmett of Oom^
ha. It wu tbe flnt time meabera tram all over the atate had participated la
a slagla fonutioa. T%» aatloiwi CAP, frldeh Isclpdes abotU 80 thoMaod adott

membera aad M thousasd cadetsi devetea Ita energies to a varied proi^m which
eiophaala groood ttBlAtag aitd flight Btelooa, recntltoieirt of air cadets for the
army, coaatal patrol, and courier aervice for the amy air corps.
- C AT r h M o t , t r l i L M n a k , t | i I b r a U O m U I • ( O a t J u , u d K « n u a C M t « < L l e n i a