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Vol. 1, No. 11

O f fi c i a l P u b l i c a t i o n o f t h e N e b r a s k a A I R PAT R O L

July-August 1943

Wing Mobilizes at Fremont
Cong. SteUik to Spetk*

Air Cadet Recruiting

First state-wide mobolieati(m of the Neb
raska wing of the Civil Air Patrol will be

Is Praised by Army

held at the Fremont airport over the Labor

Day holiday, Sunday and Monday, Sept>
ember 5th and 6th.

Highlights of the two-day affair will

In recruiting cadets for tihe army aif corps
the Nebraska wing of Civil Air Patrol is

dude demonstratiotts by the various squad

handling one of Its most important assign

In the- Fremont auditorium, and a fuU dresa

rons and flights within the wing,a banquat

ments thus far with distinction.

parade through downtown Fremont There
will be aerial bombing competitions and

In a recent bulletin to CAP coinpiandeTB
in the nine states of the Seventh Service

infantry drill competition for oae flight

c o m m a n d , M a J . R . E , D a v i s , a i r. o f fi c e r e s pecially cited the Nebraska organization.
"Nebraska," he wrote, ''seems to have xe*

.2eived more applications than the other
wings combined.
C a p t F r a n k V. K e n t , a r m y r e c r u i t i n g o f >
ficer for Nebraska and South Dakota, told

the wing staff that he believed the Nebraska
wing is doing the outstanding Job in the
nation as far as this assignment Is con
The Comhusker members have attacked

t h e j o b w i t h e n e r g y, d e t e r m i n a t i o n a n d i m

Full time recruiting offices liave been es'

tafblished in Omaha and Lincoln, and part
time offices in smaller communities. The
state committee Is headed by Capt M. M.
M y e r s , w i n g e x e c u t i v e ' o f fi c e r.
Aerial recruiting caravans have been dis
patched to more than a score of communi

ties. At one place alone, McCook, 42 appli
cants were waiting when the caravan ar
rived. Some pictures of these activities
are contained in this issue. This portion

of the drive has been directed by Lt Roy
Highfleld, Omaha squadron No. 1, assigned
t o w o r k w i t h t h e c a d e t s a s l i a i s o n o f fi c e r.
(Nebraska's contribution in thi& sphere in
cluded one cracked-up airplane.)

CAP cadets have been working hard on
this program. At the Alliance air base

celebration recruiting was slow, and Lt
Highfleld instructed them to go out in
to the crowd and round up applicants.

They brought in 18 within a short time.
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froin each squadron.
Congressman Karl Stefan of Norfolk wUl

Ist lit. Paul 6. Gord^ new Grand Iilnnd

Grand Islanders Buy

Building For Airport

be the .principal speaker at the banquet
Other government and military officials are

being Invited. Acceptance has already
been received from Congressman Howard
Buffett of Omaha.

The Fremont squadron, under command

of Lt Arthur Baldwin, is going to a great
deal of .effort and making extensive plans

The Grand Island squadron has purchased
a building which will be moved to the new

to carry out the role of host

airport for use as headquarters, according
to a report from the new squadron com-

the Seventh Defense Region, is contacting

mander^ Lt Paul Gordtm.
It was purchased from contractors at the
air base there, and the money which en
abled a speedy transaction was furnished by
Lt Stover Dats. Members are making up
the sum with ^donations. The structure is
72 feet long and 22 feet wide. The Com
husker CAP News congratulates the squad
ron on its enterprise in the matter—and
hopes the ccogratulations wiH be rewarded
with a photograph for the next issue.
Lt Gordon, the new commander has been
active in CAP since the Grand Island squad*
ron was organized. He was appointed ad
jutant last December, aftdr aerving aa sup
ply officer for several months. He's an av
i a t i o n e n t h u s i a s t , a h a r d w o r k e r, a n d b i s
appointment provides assurance that he
will keep clicking.
Ul. Gordon reports that the squadron is
preparing to organize a cadet unit.

Y O U H AV E A " M U S T ' D AT E
Gvery CAP member in Nebraska sbpold
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Col. Joseph Leedom, acting director of
army ordnance officials to determine wheth
er it is possible to hold an ordnance show
in connecUon with the event If so It will

be In the hangar at the Fremont airport
Cong. Stefan, who is close to the CAA la
Wa s h i n g t o n , I s j o i n i n g w i t h t h e C A P i n a n

effort to obtain special and interesting air*
craft for mobilization.

Arrangementa for the affair are in chage
of a genenal committee consisting of Capt
Rudy Mueller, wing supply officer, Capt
Crawford Pollmer, wing training officer*
Capt Vic Schroeder, wing operations offi
c e r, C a p t . O s c a r C o o k e , c o m m a n d e r o f O "
maha squadron No. 1, Lt Baldwin and Lt
Bill Brown, commander ' of the Lincoln
A tentative program and certainly sub
ject to considerable revision) baa been set
up as follows;
S U l f B AT
9:00 Registration untU 12:00 noon





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Pa^e 2

July-August, 1943


B J 8 G T. W I N H N E L S O N

Published each month by the Nebraska Wing

(Picture on Page 4)
Lt William O. Brown, new commanding
officer of Lincoln's CAP squadron, was hon
ored Sunday, June 27, with a banquet in the
Cornbusker hotel, attended by the wing
staff, several army officers, and 36 squadr

Headquarters of the Civil Air Patrol. Offices
at M3 South Nineteenth Street. Omaha, Neb.

Extra copies may be obtained by writing
to Wing Headquarters. Five cents eacb.

Wing Staff

Commanding Officer Harry B. Sidles


ron members.


M a j o r H a r r y B . S i d l e s , w i n g c o m m a n d e r,
lauded the choice ot Lt Brown as head of

Adjntant ^ - Dorothy 6. Orr
OpexaUons Officer -Vic M. Schroeder

the Lincoln squadron, to eucceM Xt Ray

Training Officer 6. Crawford FoUmer

Ramsey, now on duty for the USO in the

Intelllg«nce Officer Lawrence Youngman

Panama Canal Zone.

Snpply Officer _....Budy Mueller
Transportation Officer Earle C« Beynolds

Major Sidles ouUihed the work of the

CAP In Nebraska, praising its effectiveness
in training men and women for jobs in the

Commanlcationa Officer Harry Burke
Engineering Officer ....Wiiliam A. Fraseri Jr.





w a r ,


*'The Lincoln Air Base," he said, "has de
rived a great deal of service from the two


CAP courier fllghta that transport air corps

Assistant Editor Dorothy Catliers




The CAP NEWS is printed by the Citizen
Printing Co., 2308-10 N Street, Omaha, Nebr.

Commander of Squadron 2, all women
squadron organized May 29,1943 Is Lt. Belle
H e t z e l . T h e s t a ff c o n s i s t s o f t h e f o l l o w i n g :
E x e c u t i v e O f fi c e r, 2 n d L t B e a t r i c e M a c k ,
S-1 Adjutant^nd Lt Lavonne Uiller: S-2

National headquarters of the CAP has ac

Intelligence, 2nd Lt Gwen Hess; S-3 Train*

cepted the responsibility of certifying for
flight instruction pilots and student pilots
wiho are not eligible for training under CAA

Ing, 2nd Lt Margaret Broderlck; S-4 Sup
ply and Transportation, 2nd Lt Dorothy
Moore Anderson; Operations, 2nd Lt Alice

relations but who, with some further in
struction, could quickly qualify for war-ef
fort jobs requiring a high degree of skill.

Riss: and CommtmicaUons, 2nd Lt Made
line Kranda.

status; must be ab^e to qualify for CAP
active duty within six months, and must be
free to leave his nonnal duty to spend a

minimum of two months per year on active
d u t y.

confident the Lincoln squadron was on solid
ground and ready to go ahead with a new
training program. He told the memloers
that their newly recruited CAP cadets would
look to them for guidance.

Army Capt Frank Kent, coordinator of

air cadet recndtment for Nebraska ^d
South Dakota, discussed tJie CAP'S recent
assignment of recruiting aviation cadets for

the army air forces. Lieut James E. Miller,
aviation recruiting officer at the Lincoln air

To be eligible for CAP certification a pilot
must have long draft deferment or no draft

Issue for the base's sub-depot
Lt Brown spoke briefly, saying he was

base, said his aviation cadet board Is equip




C a p t W m . A . E r a s e r, J r. , w i n g e n g i n e r i n g o f fi c e r, r e m i n d s p i l o t s t h a t F r e m o n t
airport regulations prescribe a RIGHT
HAND turn in event of a southerly wind.

ped to handle all examinations given cadet

Others who spoke were Capt Crawford
Poilmer, wing training officer; Capt Harry
Burke, wing communicaUons officer; Capt
l^wrence W. Youngman, wing intelligence
officer; and Capt £^rle C. Reynolds, wins
t r a n s p o r t a t i o n o f fi c e r.

Lt Raymond Case, Lincoln squadron in
t e l l i g e n c e o f fi c e r, w a s t o a s t m a s t e r.








Arthur Baldwin's Fremont squadron staff,
who will assume the role of hosts to the
state wing on September 5-6:

Executive officer. Bob McDonald; adju
tant, Mrs. Bessie Spangler; intelligence,
Stephan Spangler; medical Dr. Lloyd Rag-

On Angnst Ifiy 85 jMtlntersy members of Omaha District CoeaccII No. 7, AFL, patated

the two CAP bnUdhkgs at the airport in a remarkably fast time of 1 hoar aad 2& mlaates.
The painters helped because they figured

that, with their brushes, they were taking
a few extra swipes at the axis.
Equipment with "srhicb the painters work
ed was furnished by five Omaha firms:

0. A. Steinheimer company, Swan Painting
a n d D e c o r a t i n g C o m p a n y, F e l d m a n P a i n t

ing and Decorating Company, C. H. Hendrikson and bons. Hansen Painting and Dec

orating Company and Isard Painting and
Decorating Company.

" To b o t h p a i n t e r s a n d c o n t r a c t o r s , t h e
Omaha CAP is grateful," said Capt Oscar
O. Cooke, commander of squadron 1.

an: supply and thansportation, Forrest

Rose; operations, Eugene Dierrs; training
suppy land transportation, Forrest Rose;
GEbert EX Brayton.

Must Date

Work on the building Is moving apace..
Omaha squadrons No. 1 and 3 have roofed

bear In mind that attendance at the CAP

(he buildings.


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Sgt Louis Cutler, an architect, has drawn

only the best of reasons will be accepted

up some very fancy plans for the transient
airmen's lounge and thd CAP activities

as excuse for failure to attend. This Is our


good one.

first mobillzatios->and we must make it a

•MddUjo ivuy *9 •a «n om) wtL
•a *8«i' *%!. Pn« *x *tnnaainioj 'ii eouMMvi ^ojg *wipig •f«H *nviai|«ip 'Mto pnomlva: "ll ^^Jl-nia
XuvH "9^3 *spioal9S 1 09 ^jdi "*9iq«| uo^vads dig ^ 8x»&i||o eiji |o w moj^oq eq;)« B9n|0(d 0i4 aqj;

•3aa^9)ii| j()nddp ^osiej; aniM. pnv Ojdi) vo8«az0 ijxji on 8d]p9i iianoX 0M9 oqx *ttMwa t} spi ?r « * *' m I 8«

peaiO)9ii9«vai]f, o| }aoq« «(eq ijsnoq) w s^ooi 89|p)S *& paiq 9]9i J9ddQ din 0l *aiLOJS mvuHAl *11
*j»pcTOB0i09 iLev 9)1 JO JtOQOii o) oi«S aojpvDbs Qioonn Of) qoplM. loaip oi[) |o tqdwSojoqd 8^3 ovtiuoji otzg oSvd S|q| ao

J3UUTQ s^uojpBnbs u|0Duiq ay



8^6X '^snSnv-iCfiif


Page 4

July-August, 1943

Air Cadet Becmltiog
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Praise for the CAP effort Is contained

In a letter which Capt Kent sent to Capt
Meyers about a month ago,
"In compliance with your request that
this headquarters furnish you with a report
of the number of Aviation Cadet applicants,
qualified and disqualified, for which the
Civil Air Patrol hw been directly respon
s i b l e d u r i n g t h e m o n t h o f J u l y, w e s u b m i t
the following information.






been 72 Aviation Cadet applicants pro
cessed by our Omaha Board during this
period. Of this number fifteen (15) have
been completely qualified and processed,
ten (10) have been rejected, the balance
are pending completion of their examina
tions. These figures most certainly do not

reflect In any sense of the word the true
picture of your efforts to assist our Avia

tion Cadet campaiga In the first place,
regulations prohibit us from requesting re
ports from other Aviation Cadet Boards In
the state, of which there are seven in num

ber, hence we have no way of knowing how
many men the Civil Air Patrol has secured
for such other boards. We have heard in

formally from many of the Boards, all indi
cate the fact that Civil Air Patrol Is co

operating fully In the campaign. In the
second- place, any attempt to measure the
good which your organization is doing for
this campaign on the basts of number of
applicants actually processed falls so far
s h o r t w h a t s o e v e r. A s a n e x a m p l e w e c i t e
the fact on the present recruiting flights
which are covering almost the entire State
of Nebraska, will result in men applying in

—Jack Bailey, Phota
Elks, Legtonitalres and Teterans of Foreign Ware Welcome CAP*
E l k s , L e g i o n n a i r e s a n d Ve t e r a n s o f F o r ^

Mks aviation cadet committee; Qus Kallos,

e i g n Wa r s s h a r e d h o n o r s w i t h t h e G r a n d
Island squadron of the Civil Air Patrol the

Legionaire; Lt Stover Deats, CAP execu
tive officer; Lt Ray Russell, Omaha CAP

I^ast week when a traveling recruiting
party of CAP and army offlcerrs visited

p i l l o t , a n d S e c o n d L t F. G a g n e , S e v e n t h
S e r v i c e C o m m a n d r e c r u i t i n g o f fi c e r. B a c k

Grand Island.

r o w, l e f t t o r i g h t : B i l l D e l a n e y, L e g i o n
commander: Lt Paul Gordon, CAP squad
r o n c o m m a n d e r ; L t J e r r y M u r p h y, C A P

An explanation of the army air corps
enlisted reserve requirements and proced
ures was made to a group of 17 central

Nebraska youths previously contacted by
the Elks lodge under its aviation cadet
sponsorship program.
Members of the group left to right, front
row; Eldon Cunningham, chairman of the

squadron adjutant; County Judge Paul
Kirk, representing the Elks; Lt Rex Lathen, CAP; Second Lt M. J. Kramer, local ca«
det recruiting officer and Lt S. B. Marsh
Omaha CAP pilot

the future who could not in any way be
identified as having been recruited by such
flights. Any attempt to estimate the pub
licity value In thla flying campaign would
be futile.







command to express our appreciation to
the Nebraska Wing of the Civil Air Patrol
for their help tti our recruiting drive. It
is the writers desire to personally commend
a l l o f t h e m e m b e r s o f t h e W i n g S t a ff , a n d
Lt Roy HIghfteld, for their part in this
program.In my entire experience with the
Recruiting Service I have never found an

organization who cooperated more heartedly or who entered .Into an assignment
m o r e e n t h u s i a s t i c a l l y.

Cbadron was ''bombed^ Aa^st S, by an army—CAP recmiting camvan.

"1 sincerely hope that this communication will serve as a substitute for the actu

al facts and figures which it is impossible
to give you.

Front row, left to right Lt L. J. Heinsen,
C _ A . P. ; C a p t a i n V i c S c h r o d e r, C . A . P. ; L t .
Carl Lang, CA.P; Lt. A. M. Downes, C.E.C.;

Lt F. Gagne and Lt Ray Russell, C>A.P,
Very truly yours,Frank V. Kent, Captain,
I n f . m t r y, A s s t . R c t g . & I n d O f fi c e r.

Back row left to right, N. C. Brown, Pres





George Babcock, chairman airport commit
tee Chamber of Commerre; H. C. Jones,
Mayor; Judge Frnest M. Johnson, Secretary

Of Chamber of Commerce and secretary of
of BIks Lodge; Homer M. Brown, exalted
r u i l e r E J k s L o d g e ; L . Wo r l e y.

Bage 5


July—August, 1943

On ibis pace are pictures made by the
G o m b u s k e r C A P N e w s p h o t o e d i t o r, L t .
Robert Fl^, while on one of the sev^
special flights conducted b^ the Nebraska
wing to boost recruiting of army air corps
cadets In Nebraska.
The official delegation which met
the caravan at the Imperial airport is
s h o w n w i t h L t F. G a g n e , ( e x t r e m e r i g h t )
of the U. S. army recruiting service. The
o t h e r s , l e f t t o r i g h t , a r e : D r. F a y S m i t h ,
H e n r y W . C u r t i s , D a v i d P. M e e k e r , J . C .

Naylor, U Claus, Mayor C. G. Adams and
Archie h. Smith.

Another cpember of the committee is 2&d
l i t . A r t h u r L u h r s o f t h e C A P.

The picture above shows the group that
was waiting when the caravan arrived at

Here's good news for the girls. Nation
al headquarters announces that the air
corps has given approval for female CAP
m e m b e r s t o p u r c h a s e WA C u n i f o r m s ( e x
cept caps) from authorized army ex>
change stores.
HoUUie at Fremost
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Flag-raising ceremony
General orders

Review of complete Ciyil Air Patrol
1 5 : 0 0 Tr a i n i n g D e m o n s t r a t i o n , e a c h s q u a d ron and detached flight allotted 15 minntes
for demonstration.
Here members of the caravan are shown

with members of the Hastings reception
committee. From left to right are: Capt.
Boritz, commanding the 74th college train
ing detachment at Hastings,Lt. Norm)
Adams, CAP pilot from Crete, CAP Cadet
Roland Reifschneider of Omaha, Cun
n i n g h a m , O m a h a , L t H o l t o f t h e a r m y,
Orville Kindig of Hastings, an air cadet re
cruit, LtGagne, L. C. Puckett of the Beebe
F l y i n g S e r v i c e a t H a s t i n g s , L t R o m i o n g e r,
a r m y p i l o t , a n d L t . F. 0 . K i m m e l , C A P
pilot of Lincoln.

Officials at the Alliance Air base especi
ally invited the CAP to attend their Au
gust 22 dedication and demonstration, and
many red shoulder loops were in evidence.

Maj. Sidles and the majority of the mem>
bers of his wing wore present So were
members from Omaha, North Platte and
other points. Scottsbiuff was also rep
resented by 18 cadets, and Omaha No. 1 by




Three CAP planes were among the exhibits,
and a CAP recruiting booth for air cadets
was in operation.








11 M I


This issue is made possible








8:00 Breakfast—round-table discussion
with Squadron Officers meeting with
Wing Officers.
10:30 Formation of entire wing for parade
probably Municipal Park, downtown
Fremont Pilots only will report at
at Fremont Airport for formation
fl i g h t o v e r c i t y.
11 : 0 0

by Firestone Tire & Rubber

' ^ Co. and their service stations.


R e t r e a t


their way out by army transport planes,
and were shown extra courtesies, including
some rides on operational' trips, while there.








13:30 Competition in drill—each squadron
being lepreeented by one flight





Page 6

July—August, 1948


J o h n S c b w i n d t , J r. , L i n c o l n s q u a d r o n

member, was killed July 14, when his Taylorcraft airplane hit a power wire strung
a c r o s s t h e l a k e a t S o u t h b e n d , K e b r. , a n d
crashed Into the water.

S c h w i n d t ' s i n s t r u c t o r, M o r t o n F l t z p a t r l c k
ot the White and Jensen flylne school, es<
c a p e d w i t h o u t i n j i i r y. T h e t w o w e r e r e
turning from Omaha to the flying school at
6:30 p.m. when the crash occurred.
Au active member of the Lincoln squad
ron, Schwindt had accumulated about 30
hours of (lying time and a few weeks ago
purchased his own plane.
A military guard of 12 squadron members
attended Schwindt at funeral services July

For intensive activity^ the training

program that (8 being carried out by
ibe cadets of Oniaha sqaadron Ko. 1

pots all senior groups to shame. The
cadets have classes five nights a week

—and each cadet Is required to attend
at least two meetings a week* In the

picture above tbey are learning abOQf'airplane construction from Instmctor
Bill Jefford, who spent nine months

As the air cadet reemlttng drire was opened in Omali& nie two boys seeted la
the centw are cadet ^pUcaats, GUff Bahel» left» aad Francis Fayne> At the type,
writer is Kiss Dorothy Gathers of the women^s squadron* who has Tolnnte^red a
great deal of time to tiie center. Others, left to rights are Cap& Frank T. Kent of the

army recmiUng sarice^ Capt. Earle L. Beynolds, wl^ transportation offictf» Lt, F.
Clagne of the anny reciriiting sdrvlce, and Capt. H* U« Heyere, wing; execattre officer
and chairman of the air cadet drlye In the state.

i n E n g l a n d w i t h t h e B C A F.

Lt Roy Highfield reports an Increase of
twenty five cadets dttrittg the last month.
T h e e n r o l l m e n t i s n o w e i g h t y.

Shown at right are membebrs of Flight
No. 4 of the Martin-Nebraska squadron as
as they received Instruction on artificial

respiration methods from Lloyd Breeden
of the Red Cross. G. K. Anderson !s flight



Flctnred here are some of the 125 memhera of the new and energetic Martin*
Nebraska squadron, composed-of second-shlft employes at the &leiui L. B£artin>Ne*

br&skft ftircr&ft plAn^ ODd^f commaDd of Lt. William Garner. The squadron meets
three times each week at the Omaha Aircraft Goonpany, 2523 Famam Street*