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C- A- P
^ol. 1, No. 2

Official Publication of the Nebraska Wing—CIVIL AIR PATROL

Wm. A. Fraser, Jr.
On Sub Patrol
Lt. WilliaTD A. Fraser, Jr., is now carrying
le banner for the Nebraska Wing on active

uty at one of the Coastal Patrol bases. Pra3r took his own Stinson Voyager and was
lad he did so, for he reported that unless
ne had his own ship, he wouldn't stand
luch chance of getting signed on at that
articular base.

Detail, 'Tenshun!
To All Members of the Nebraska Wing:

On another page of this issue you will find

September^ 1942

Ireland Is Summoned

To Active Duty

the names of more than 50 of our members

The Army Air Corps has called George W.

who have joined the nation's armed services.

I r e l a n d , E x e c u t i v e O f fi c e r, b a c k t o a c t i v e
service—and Wing No. 76 has lost one of

That's fine—we're all proud of them—and
we trust that they will make better soldiers
or sailors for their CAP experience.

But at the same time it means that we
must be active in filling the gaps in our
own ranks.

The Wing Commander asks that each mem
ber set for himself a goal of one new re
cruit during the coming month. Select in
dividuals of high caliber — then tell them

Its best-liked staff members.
Since January of this year Ireland has

been CAA inspector in Nebraska, with head
quarters in Lincoln. He was Acting Com
mander of the Wing between the time that







what CAP can do for them—and what they
can do for civilian defense. With this issue

of the news, you will receive two copies of
a p a m p h l e t a b o u t t h e C A P. P u t t h e m t o

Appointment of five new officers to the
W i n g s t a ff , a n d e l i m i n a t i o n o f t h e s o l e r e
maining Group staff In Nebraska marked the
principal developments at Wing headquar
ters during the past month.
On September 1, A. R. "Barney" Burnham,
one of the most popular figures at the Oma
ha airport, resigned as commander of Qroup

No. 761, explaining that, in common with
many operators, the heavy CPTP schedule
carried by his firm requires all of his time,

I / t W U I I a m A . F i a s e r, J r.
Lt. Fraser has just been appointed to the

Zing Staff as Engineering Officer and was
reviously Operations Officer for Group 761.
i^hen "on the job" in Omaha, he is with the

Digineeriag department of the Union Pacific.
lit. Fraser reports that the ezperimenta.on with the flotation gear, an accessory

rhich keeps the plane afloat in case of a
)rced landing, which he and Oscar Cooke
ave been working on, is causing quite a

)t of comment both pro and con.
' great amount of time and effort that

raser put in to ^et ready for active

liy were well repaid when he got down
lere and found himself qualified for imroeiate service. One other report from Bill
idlcated that he had had a little too much
authern sunshine.

George W» Ireland

a n d e n e r g y.
Acting Wing Commander Sidles then con
cluded that, since the Wing headquarters
now is at Omaha, there probably would be

d u t y i n t h e a r m y, a n d H a r r y B . S i d l e s w a s

less need for a Group staff here in the fu

flying in 1935. For a time he was employed
by the Aeronca Flying Service, and later he
became a test pilot for the Aeronautical Cor
poration of America. He joined the army
air corps in January of 1939. After receiv

ture, and appointed several members of the
Group staff to Wing positions. The Wing ap
O p e r a t i o n s - o f f i c e r — V i c t o r M . S c h r o e d e r,
f o r m e r l y G r o u p I n t e l l i g e n c e O f fi c e r ; Tr a i n
i n g O f f i c e r — G . C r a w f o r d F o l l m e r, f o r m e r l y

Group rTaining Officer; ESigineerlng Officer
— W. A . F r a s e r, J r. , f o r m e r l y G r o u p O p e r a
t i o n O ff i c e r ; Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n O ff i c e r — E a r l e

s e l e c t e d a s P a c k a r d ' s s u c c e s s o r.

A native of Cincinnati, Ireland took up

ing training at Randolph and Kelly fields,
he was sent to Langley field aod assigned to
a reconnaissance squadron which shortly
thereafter was sent to Miami to serve with

the coastal patrol. He left the Army to

C . R e y n o l d s , f o r m e r l y G r o u p Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n

accept a position with the CAA. His first

Officer; Liaison Officer—Gould Dietz, for

Job was in Iowa, with headquarters at Des

m e r l y G r o u p L i a i s o n O f fi c e r.


All wing officers are now Omahans. The

The army ordered him to report to Wright

reason why he feels that this should be the

field September 15, Mrs. Ireland and their
child accompanied him there.

case Is explained by the Wing Commander in
a statement on Page 2.

(Continued on Page 2)



Published each month by the Nebraska Wins
Headquarters of the CivU Air Patrol. Offices
at 5^02 South Nineteenth Street, Omaha. Neb.

Extra copies may be obtained by writing
to Wing Headquarters. Five cents each.

September, 1942

Statement From Our Wing Commander
No doirbt there will be some surprise over the announcement that the Wing
Staff now consists entirely of Omahans.

In peacetime such a procedure would give rise to ^bitter criticism—and prop
e r l y 8 0 . B u t t h e s e a r e w a r t i m e s , a n d t h e y c a l l f o r d i ff e r e n t p r o c e d u r e i n m a n y

W i n g S t a ff

ways. I believe that careful consideration will lead 'to the conclusion that the

CoiQTnandin? Officer Jlarry B. Sidles
Operations Officer -Vie M. Sohroeder
Tr a i n i n g O f fi c e r G . C r a w f o r d F o l l m e r
Intelligence Officer Lawrence Youngman
Supply Officer JRudy Mueller
Transportation Officer Earle C» Beynolds
Communications Officer Harry Burke
^Engineering Officer ....William A. Fraser, Jr.

decision was for the best interests of the entire wing.
Most members will agree, I think, that the reason our organization faltered
and stumbled in the past was that the Wing Staff was not giving it the leadership






Yo u n g m a n
WIngr Intelligence Officer





Intelligence Officer for Group No. 761
Klnf, 761-1, Richard E. Moore, 761-2,
Omaha; Peter Holdorf, 781-4. Peru; Kent
T h o m p s o n , 7 6 1 - 5 , Va l l e y ; W. G . B r o w n ,
7 6 2 - 2 , L / i n c o l n ; A . C . G a r d n e r, 7 6 2 - 3 , C r e t e ;
R. D. Chamberlain, 763-1, Grand Island;
Don Shearon. 763-3. Fairbury; Stanley Hall,
764-1, North Platte; R. M. Stewart, 765-1,
S c o t t s b l u f f ; F. C . B l a k e m a n , 7 6 6 - 1 , N o r f o l k .

Our New Operations Officer Sez:
From now on all courses required in CAP

H deserved. That was no one's fault, but was due largely to the Inconvenience
of getting the staff members for frequent meetings. If it was difficult to hold
staff meetings then, think how much more difficult it would be in the future,
under gasoline rationing and transportation restrictions, if the wing members had
to travel from distant communities for staff meetings.
It is my sincere conviction that the entire wing can best be served by a group

of officers—their interest and earnestness already proven—living In the same
town, so that they can sive the various squadrons service and guidance and co
operation. Politics and sectionalism must he out for the duration. What we must

h a v e i s a n o r g a n i z a ti o n th a t w i l l g o p l a c e s , a n d d o Its b e s t to h e p r e p a r e d f o r
whatever comes.

Harry B. Sidles, Captain, CAP
Acting Wing Commander

After 30 days on active duty with the
coastal patrol, Oscar 0. Cooke has returned
to Omaha. He reports that a great many
of the CAP fliers sign on for the duration
and he himself would like to have stayed on

(Continued from Page 1)
A s C A A i n s p e c t o r, I r e l a n d n a t u r a l l y h a d
a wide acquaintanceship with the flying







bunch out here," he said. "I hate to leave the
state. I have enjoyed the people, and have

n e c e s s a r y. E n o u g h o u t l i n e s w i l l b e a v a i l
able so each member may have a copy.
Wing Headquarters will supply Squadron
Commanders with these outlines as they are

l o n g e r.
"I never thought a landlubber like myself
would feel so at home in a little plane, out
of sight of land, and circling around 200 or
3 0 0 f e e t a b o v e t h e w a t e r, " h e s a i d . " E v e n
when the motor gets a cough in her throat

completed; the first ones due to be released
before the end of this month.

you just pull out the altitude adjustment
until she clears her throat, and you think


Tr a i n i n g D i r e c t i v e s w i l l b e o u t l i n e d i n d e
tail so additional text material will not be

It has been recommended that the teach

ing of ail Training Directives be assigned to
the various Squadron officers, as follows:
Squadron Commander Nos. 13, 18, 19
E x e c u t i v e O f fi c e r N o s . 9 , 1 0 , 11

Adjutant Nos. 12,15, 20, 29
Intelligence Officer Nos. 3, 14, 21, 24
Operations Officer Nos. 17, 23, 25, 26
Training Officer Nos. 1, 2, 5, 7
Transportation Officer Nos. 8, 16




Personnel & Medical Officer Nos. 4, 6, 30
Training Directives No, 13 and No. 15 will
be supplemented with a course in Civil Air
Regulations and Aerodynamics to aid stu

dent pilots in qualifying for written CAA
examinations for Pilot Licenses.

T h e C o r n h u s k e r C A P N e w s d o ff s I t s e d i

torial bonnet to the new name and heading
on the weekly l)ullettn of Squadron No.

761-2, Omaha. Designed by Operations Offi
cer Carl Lang, It is reproduced here:

" ^rop ^

little about It"

"I'm convinced that the submarine patrol

come to like the climate. And I will misi^
Nebraska's famous steaks. Hope I can come
b a c k h e r e a f t e r i t ' s o v e r. "

" Yo u r n e w p t t h l i c a t i o n , t h e " C o r n h u s k e r, "
is an outstanding job on which your Wins
staff is to be congratuled. Please extend my

is doing an excellent job", Cooke said, "and
the men who are flying for the Civil Air
Patrol command the respect of both the

personal appreciation to the sponsors in
cluding yourself, who have made this wide

Army and Navy. There was certainly a

awake bulletin possible."—Earle L. Johnson,

grand bunch of fellows at my base."

National Commander.

Four New Wing Officers

ptember, 1942




'tJ' f ' "I*


Pictured aboTe are members of Gmnd Island^a np-and»at.em sqaadron. Front row. left to right: Gale D. Schmidt^ Keith Green, Robert
, Myer, J. W. Micek, William Thnte, Wendell Keller, Otho W. Means, engiDeeriug officer? Rl/t Xhompsom
Second row: George Bartenbach, Chris H. Gjerloff, Frank Olliyier, Hngo E. Wlndolph, Edward P. Mattke, James G. Myers, Art

^ Third'Cha^s F« Larsen, sqnadron commander; Edward JetriTy, ^Irwin Kokrda^ training officer? C. J. Mcintosh, transporta*

n officer? Jerald B, Mnrphy, operations officer; Joe Kay, Harold J. Norgaard, Merrill B. Impecover, Lawrence L. Kelso, photographic
Fonrth rows Paul F. Shanks, Glen Crook, Elmer C. Lykke, J. fl. Smith, Bay ©. Chamberlain, intelligence and public relations officerj
.or \ Holmes, squadron adjutant? Paul G. Gordon, equipment and suppy officer; Theo P. Steinkamp, Rex Latihen and ¥♦ J. Barton.

aTute Grand Island

or Training Program
One of the most active units in the Ne-

aska CAP is the Grand Island squadron,
>.763-1. Members of the CAP have been

jeting twice a week for the last six jaiontha
d have made unusual progress. In addim to their ground work the members go
in the air either as pilots or observers at
ist once a week.

For its training program, the Grand le
ad Squadron ra<tes a special salute—it has
mpleted all training directives, from .1. to
—and advanced training classes are under



Sustained interest in the Squadron's activ
es has been most gratifying. Real effort
s been put forth by members in studying
3 prescribed courses, and passing the exlinations.

In addition to arduous class room work,
e group has devoted many hours to reguUon drill. The Grand Island Squadron
s been particularly fortunate in getting
gular army commissioned officers from
e local Ordnance Plant to supervise the

These attractive femioioe members of the Grand Island Civil Air Patrol are under

the direction of Bettc Larsen, daughter of Squadron Commander, C. F. Larsen. Members
from left to right. Front Row: Jeanne Williamson, Betty Johnson, Bette Larsen, Mary
Keister. Back row: Hilde Thnte, 3[rs. James Smith, Evelyn Thompson and Mrs. C. F.

In addition to those pictured on this page,
th e Gr a n d Is l a n d S q u a d r o n l i s ts th e fo l l o w
ing members: Albert D. Anderstrom, Ken

The Nebraska Wing maintained a bootn
a t t h e N e b r a s k a s t a t e f a i r, a t L i n c o l n , d u r

ilitary drill.

n e t h A . C a r v e r, E l i z a b e t h L . G r e e n , H a r o l d

T' 'hird City Squadron 763-1 is under

F. H e s s , D o n D . K e i s t e r , P r a n k J a m e s K n o -

ing the week of September 6. It Included a
C A P d i s p l a y, a n d p a m p h l e t s o n t h e o r g a n i

t e k , F r a n k E . L a n d i s , D r. K e n n e t h P. M c -

zation were handed out. The booth was ar

D e r m o t t , R o b e r t W. M e y e r, G e o r g e G e l s e ,
W e n d e l l K e l l e r, E r w i n K o k d r a , L o u i s M a t -

ranged by Wing Adjutant Dorothy Orr and
Bill Brown, Executive Officer of Lincoln

t e a , O t h o M e a n s , J a m e s M i n o r, D o n M c Geary, Dorcas Stearns, Tom Williamson, and

Squadron. Members of the Lincoln Squad

mes H. Smith, B. L. Thompson, C. E, Wa*s, A. J. Bierman and T. E. Ross.

Agnes Hegge.

f a i r.

& * » c t i o n o f C o m m a n d e r C . F. L a r s e n .

ictive pilots include: Amos Bankaon, V.
Barton, Stover Deats, John Knoll, C. F.
.rsen, C. J. Mcintosh, Ellis Shephard,

ron were on duty at the booth during the

September, 1942



K E A R N E Y L AT C H S T R m G O U T

CAP Faces The Camera

The Nebraska Wing has been invited to
hold a state-wide jamboree at Hie new Kear
ney airport
Wa l l a c e T h o r n t o n , s e c r e t a r y o f t h e K e a r
ney Chamber of Commerce, extended the in

vitation to Wing Commander Sidles at the
time of the air<port dedication, and confirmed
i t i n a l e t t e r t o d a y, T h o r n t o n s a i d : " W e
trust that we may have the privilege of havthe officers and members of the patrol with
us at some convenient time when you have

o c c a s i o n t o c a l l t h e m t o g e t h e r. W i t h K e a r
ney's facilities, and our central location,
believe that Kearney is a point where
could call the group together on short
tice. . . . We assure you of our fullest


operation in any plans you may have.

Acting Wing Commander Sidles has rep
resented the Nebraska CAP at two important
e v e n t s r e c e n t l y.
He was one of the speakers when the new

Front row, left to right: Miss Marjorie Smitli, Mrs. Ed Biss, Mrs* BoroUir Moore, Msr"
garet Broderick, Telva Sorensen and Mary Beecham,

Back row» left to rlffht} HIbs Madeline Kranda, S&s. John C. Tanney, Mrs, Claade H.

Gesman, Mrs. Irene Adamson^ tieneTieve Scolt and Beatrice Mack. Doroth^ Broadfield ia at
the extreme ri^ht.

Kearney Airport was dedicated on August

23, with several thousand persons present.
On September 8 the Omaha Chamber of
Commerce held a public affairs luncheon in
honor of James M. Z/ondis, national director
of the Office of Civilian Defense, and Sidles
sat. at the speakers' table. His uniform added

that certain-something to the event.

In Omaha last week. Dean James M. Landis, national director of the CCD, bad high
p r a i s e f o r t h e C A P.

"It's doing a top-notch job," he told a
member of the Nebraska wing staff. "On
tbe coastal patrol, its members are flying a
tremendous number of miles each week.

"Both the army and navy are ready to go
to bat for it"

The CAP is one of the four principal divi
sions of the CCD.




Among the most recent of Nebraska CAP
members to receive commissions In the air

corps is Ray D. Chamherlalin. to whom the
Cornhusker CAP News is gratefull for the
feature material on this page. Chamberlain,
who has been with the advertising depart

Who looks more bnslness-Uke than tbe members of the Omaha squadron ivhen they get
to work on their eommnnlcations conrset Here they are lectured in a classroom at ue
Klectronio Radlo-Televlsion InsUtaitet 2056 Harney street. Facilities and teaching person
nel of the Institnte have generously been placed at disposal of the Omaha sqdadrons by
Creorge Risk, bead of the firm. (Could the pbotomphcr help it if three members of the

wing staff crowded into the front of tbe picture.) Xeft to right, In the immediate fore*
ground, are >Ving Training Officer Follmer, Wing Transportation Officer Bevnolds and






ment of the Grand Island Independent,
served as Intelligence Officer for the Squad


r o n .

A d j u t a n t P. W, S n y d e r o f S q u a d r o n N o .
765-1, Scottsbluff, has reported to headquar
ters tbe appointment of the following staff

Intelligence Officer — Byron J. Joachim;
P e r s o n n e l O ff i c e r — H u b e r t E . H o o d ; G r o u n d

Training Officer—George W. Garber; Sup
p l y O f f l c e r — S c h a r r e U T. R e d m o n d .

This issue of the Cornhusker CAP News is made possible through
the sponsorship of the following:

Frye Aircraft & Aeromotive Supply Co., Omaha, Nebr.
Electronic Radio-Television Institute, Omaha, Nebr.

Epsen Lithographing Co., Omaha, Nebr.
L. L* Coryell & Son, Lincoln, Nebr.
Earle C. Reynolds, Wing Transportation Officer



CAP IS GOOD 'COPX' Nebraska Ci\P units have been featured in two recent

issues of the Sunday World-Herald at Omaha* Tv;o v/eelcs ago tlie feminine meni-

bers of Squ^ron 761-2, Omaha, had most of the front page of the society
section. On September 6, Squadron 765-l> Scottsbluff, had a faU page in
the V;orld- Herald Magazine. Members elsewhere are still wondering why Offi
cer Eijaier Owen calls himself "General Whooping Cough". A title like that
should have a good reason.

ORGEMTi URGENTi More news from the various Squadrons is heeded for the
bulletin. The Intelligence Officers are responsible for supplying it. If

the activities of your Squadron are not reported in tiiis issue, ask your
Intelligence Officer why not.

V/AMTED AT OMCE Guards are badly needed for Coastal Patrol duty and Nebraska
has been asked to furnish nine for one of the bases. The only qualification

necessary is membership in the Civil Air Patrol. Necesseiry equipment is a

double barrelled or pump shotgun, whistle, and flashlight. The reimbursement
r a t e i s fi v e d o l l a r s a d a y. I f y o u a r c i n t e r e s t e d , a p p l i c a t i o n b l a n k s m a y

be secured through your Squadron Commander.
HOMOR ROLL Below is a partial list of Vling Ho. 76 members v^ho have joined
the arraed services:

I , V. P a c k a r d
Geo. V?. Ireland

Charlos H. Anderson

\.m. Chas. Ballinger

Harold S. Colpitts

James G. Johnson

John E. Cragon
Kenneth E. Harman

E d w, J . N c v r i v y

Roger E. Aulabaugh
Ralph R, Barnes

Raymond V/. Hedges

Thomas Doc? Pace
Richard H. Palmer

Um. E, Johnson

Lee Forrest Blodgett

Froderick Katz

Leroy H. Sdiwartz

fl . P. C h r i s t e n s e n

Paul P. McLaughlin

Earle \/. Schv/eiger

Harvey John Claussen
Joseph E, Cosgrove

Stanley R. Prince

V/m. Thute

James S, Shappoll

Rubert' J. Crooks

H . K . Wa t s o n

Arthur C, Danner
Edv/. A. Feer

E . P. V v h i t a l c e r

Major Alva White

V?ilbur M. Fullaway
Andrew J ♦ Gcmmer
Clark S. Haas

L e e x W f , J r.
Robert McC. Kistlor

Joseph B. Lambert
Vvm, Elbert Mekeel, Jr.
D r. . P a u l S , R o a d
T h o s . E d w. R i s s

Jerry J. Brovm
Royal C. Busch

Gale D, Schmidt

John V.'agoner
\v. Vv', V/illiajiis, Jr,
Hugo E, Windolph
Ray fl. Woods
R. D, Chamberlain

Dr. D. Kingsley

Philip K. Collett
Harry A, Detwiler
Leonard K. Gibbs

Ly l c D . K n o l l
Charles E. McMunn
R o b e r t F. R c i t f o r s

Edw. Fay Clark
H. J, Dollingor

Myron C. Taylor
Frank J. Cook
A r t h u r l i V. H a v e n

D r. . H . H . M o r r o v /

W i a . C . To b i s k a

Kent C. Thompson

FLAMES jPOMATED; Sorvice clubs in JDallas, Texas havo been raising funds
to donate cquijanent for CAP Coastal Patrol# One piano has" been purchased
and more money is in tho pot for another soon.

IMSURAt^CE; The master contract wi-tii the underwriters for li^iiity
insurance on CAP missions expired on Sept. 2. A now plan is now in

effect. This coverage, as in the case of accident and crash insurance,

will be paid for on an hourly basis for the time the piano covered is
acti^ly in flight. The rate for liability insurance is now 10^ per air
plane hour, for courier and miscellaneous service.

CONTACTS \n:TH THE ARIitt In line with previous notice on this subject,
members are advisod that the iniidation of contacts with Amty officers to
interest them in the availability of CAP services is not the approved pro

IMLAKD MISSIONS Up tp now, the stress has been pretty much on coastal
patrol duty but now the Patrol is entering a new phase in which attesnticn
is focused upon inland operations. This work included such missions
as courier service for the armed forces, official agencies, and v/ar in

dustries; flights to delp ground force training by target towing, track
ing, searchlight drill, tests of the spotter system, mock air raids, and
simulated strafing of troopsj reconnaissance observation, and inspocticn
flights; and area patrol to protect forests, pipe lines, and war facilities.

COURIER SERVICE The Pennsylvania Wing has established a courier station
at iork with five planes and pilots standing by to carry key personnel
and light cargo to and from the city as a service to tho production
plants of this area. Capt, John R# Burlei^, of Scran ton, Viing Transpo3>
tation Officer, is in charge of the sts-tion# Here is one example of how
this station is saving war industries precious time* A truck load of

castings on the way from the Soutii was del^'Od in transits The truck was
intercepted in Virginia by a CAP plane and the 700-pound load floral in,
saving two full work days,

MANEUVER In the first manewer of the Indiana V/ing^ lyW- planes and

MV members participated^ with 24 autos and 8 trucks. The Ving v&s divided
for intermediate rendezvous at 10 separate points and vdth 3 destinations

desi^ated as final rendezvous. Careful plans were made for housing,

feeding, f\xeling, first aid, and many other details so that tho whole show
went like clockwork.

M^ERSHIP GAINS In the month of August, 2,730 membership applications

wore received at National He^quartcrs* The total to August 31 is 58,554.
Allow^g for toose believed tliat tho net gain in membership is sevcrai
of aviation, it is v?ho have gone into the armed services and other branches
hundred per month,

OFFICER APPQlWTMP.NTSs Applications for the appointment of CAP officers
arc now being received and formal appointments arc being issued as fast

as they can be prepared. Appointments arc also issued for Flight Officers,
non-commissioned officers, and privates who have completed their 81 hours
of basic training and are so certified on a new form \:hich will come to
the Wing Headquarters,

BOND CAMPAIGNS Many a CAP plane is flying those days to keep the public
reminded of home front aid that everyone can render to the men \^o

arc piloting big planes over the battle lines♦ Defense officials find
the CAP comos out when called.