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public service organization to
develop.., all aspects of aeronautical
a n d a e r o s p a c e a c t i v i t y. . .

The 1974 Missouri Wing Con.
ference was held 12 October
in Columbia, with 122 members
registering for the general
Unlike previous conferences,
there were no section meeti n g s t h i s y e a r. I n s t e a d ,
all attendees were briefed
b y W i n g S t a ff s e c t i o n h e a d s
on the activities of the year
and general information.
LT C W i l l i a m T. W i n k e r t , W i n g
Commander, opened the meeting
and served as moderator.
This was his first wing con.
ference since assuming his
present position. Also addressing his first wing con.
ference was USAF Liaison
Officer MAJ Charles P~ Dick;
he assumed the LO function
in January 1974.
COL Jerry Quilling represented the region commander.
Als0 attending was the North
Central Region Liaison Officer COL Armstrong.

disaster operations, discussed the close relationship of Civil Air Patrol and
his office during emergency
situations in Missouri. He
especially prais~d the efforts
of Civil Air Patrol members
during the 1973 floods in St
Throughout the meeting, LTC
Winkert challenged all members to work toward making
Missouri Wing "Number 1 in
The Missouri Wing Cadet Advisory Council also met
during the conference. At
the meeting, the following
officers were elected to
serve during 1974-75:
o Chairman, Gregory Hampton,
St Louis Composite Squadton 2;
o Vi c e . C h a i r m a n , K a t h y G i d dens, St Louis Composite
Squadron 1; and

COL James H. Bash was guest
speaker at the banquet, at- I
o Recorder, Kathy Snelson,
tended by 79 persons. COL
Rella Composite Squadron.
Bash, state director of

Patterson Joins LO
Staff; Jeffreys to Retire
Te c h n i c a l S e r g e a n t J e r r y W.
Patterson has joined the
staff of the Missouri Wing
Liaison Office. SGT Patterson, a native of Forest
C i t y, A r k a n s a s , w i l l r e p l a c e
M S G T R ~ s s e l l E . J e ff r e y s ,
who is retiring at the end
of December.
Patterson has been in the
Air Force for 12 years.
Prior assignments have included two tours in South
Vi e t N a m a n d o t h e r s i n Tu r k e y a n d G e r m a n y. H e h a s
served at Barksdale and
Castle Air Force Bases and
at the Hastings, Nebraska
Bomb Scoring Radar Station.
He also served one tour with
A F ~ 0 T C a t L o y o l a U n i v e r s i t y,
Los Angeles.
P a t t e r s o n , h i s w i f e J u d y,
and son Jude live in south
K a n s a s C i t y.
SGT Jeffrey' s plans for the
future are not yet firm, but
he expects to remain in Missouri and to continue active
in flying.

LT C W i l l i a m T. W i n k e r t
Wing Commander
To t h e 1 2 2 p e o p l e w h o a t t e n ded the Wing Conference, my
thanks. That was the first
chance I have had to meet
with some of you, and I was
i m p r e s s e d . Yo u r d e v o t i o n
and dedication to the Civil
Air Patrol came through.
This is what the whole program is about: dedicated
individuals devoting time
and resources to a program
that can help their fellow
man. Thanks again.
Several programs are in the
works, based on information
gained from meeting with you
at the conference. The
first is a SAF~CD combination mission scheduled for
1 5 - 1 7 F e b r u a r y, 1 9 7 5 . T h i s
will be a joint mission with
K a n s a s . We h a v e e v e n g i v e n
it a name: MOKAN GOLDCAP.
This in itself is not too
startling, but the Cadets
will be allowed to take over
the mission at noon Sunday
and run it until the close
a t 1 4 0 0 M o n d a y. T h e C a d e t s
..VOLUNTEER public service
organization to develop...
all aspects of aeronautical
a n d a e r o s p a c e a c t i v i t y. . .
is published quarterly by
Headquarters, Missouri Wing,
Civil Air Patrol, for all
members of Missouri Wing.
Prepared by Missouri Wing
Information Office, Box
1 4 9 8 , K a n s a s C i t y, M i s s o u r i ,
LT C W i l l i a m T. W l n k e r t ,
Wing Commander
MaJ Frank Anderson, USAFR,
Opinions expressed herein do
net necessarily represent
those of Civil Air Patrol,
its officers, or members.

will be expected to fill
every slot on the mission
with the exception of pilot.
That means everything, from
Mission Coordinator to Airh o m e O b s e r v e r. P l a n f o r
this; it will be interesting.
Shortly after the first of
t h e y e a r, w e h o p e t o p u b l i s h
a calendar of events. This
will enable squadrons to
better plan to use time and
resources. Any squadron that
is planning an exercise in
which other squadrons or
Wing might hump is asked to
get it down on paper and
send it to the Plans and
Programs Officer at Wing.
We are still~ planning to go
for the number one spot in
the nation in 1975, but
without the help of each of
you it will be impossible.
This means that each and
every member will have to
pull his or her share and
then some We will have to
recruit and retain to a
higher level than ever bef o r e . We h a v e a t r e m e n d o u s
program. Let' s make it come
alive in '75.

Seven Attend
Special Activities
Seven cadets of Missouri
Wing participated in various
special activities during
t h e s u m m e r. F o u r s q u a d r o n s
were represented.
Attending Cadet officer
School were Katharine J.
Giddens, St Louis Composite
Squadron i, and R~ss E.
Knight, Richards-Gebaur
Composite Squadron.
J o h n D . F ~ c k e y, K a n s a s C i t y
Composite Squadron i, went
to both the Air Force Academy Survival Course and the
AT C F a m i l i a r i z a t i o n C o u r s e .
Cadets Giddens and Eric S.
Alyea, Cape Girardeau Composite Squadron attended the

A Class B encampment was held
the first two weekends of November at Skyhaven Airport in
Wa r r e n s b u r g . C o m p l e t i n g t h e
two sessions were 43 cadets
and seniors, representing
Kansas and Missouri Wings.
Included on the schedule of
activities was training in
emergency services, communications, first aid, and the
USAF organization and mission.
Encampment commander was CPT
M a r y A n n M i n s t e r l . LT C J o h n
H. Woods was deputy commander
and ILT Rick Mathews served
as Deputy for Cadets. John
Rockey was Cadet Commander.
A highlight of the event was
a night training exercise
during the second weekend.
A l t h o u g h t h e e x e r c i s e Wa s
shortened, CPT Minsterl
called it "very successful."
The final session of the encampment will be held 7 December at Skyhaven. Highlight of this meeting will be
helicopter orientation rides
for the attendees, furnished
b y t h e 6 3 5 t h Av i a t i o n C o m pany, Missouri ARNG, Warrensburg, Also on the schedule
i s a r e v i e w c e r e m o n y, h o n o r ing the outstanding participants in the encampment.
FA A C a d e t O r i e n t a t i o n P r o .
Attending the Medical Services Orientation Program
w e r e L e e A . Tr o w b r i d g e , C a p e
Girardeau, and Gary L.
H a s t y, R i c h a r d s - G e b a u r.
J e a n e t t e K . R o c k e y, K a n s a s
City Composite S~uadron 1,
visited Israel in the International Air Cadet Exchange
a c t i v i t y. T h i s i s t h e
fourth consecutive year that
squadron has participated in
1ACE, the most prestigious
c a d e t s p e c i a l a c t i v i t y.

Wear Uniforms Properly,
Says Liaison Officer
MaJ C. P, nick, USAF-CAP
Liaison Officer
The Civil Air Patrol member
is identified by the uniform
h e w e a r s . F u r t h e r, h i s e f fectiveness and that of the
organization he represents
is evaluated by observers by
the appearance and condition
of his uniform. Because the
Civil Air Patrol wears the
uniform of a military service, it behooves that organization' s personnel to
wear the uniform in a way
that is honorable to both
Civil Air Patrol and the
United States Air Force.
Tw o i n c i d e n t s p r o m p t t h e s e

the ~ s~uadx~m_~-~o ~ ~~
the CAP unifQ;~,~WO~p e r i y. ~ m m a n d e r s s h o u l d
~ew CAP directives that
govern the use and proper
wear of the uniform. They
should brief their squadron
personnel on these directives and conduct uniform
inspections during weekly
The Liaison Office is aware
of the shortage of current
uniforms available to the
Missouri Wing. This office
pledges to double its efforts
to secure stylish uniform
components and an equitable
distribution to all squadrons. Commanders can help
by informing us of their
uniform requirements, including type and sizes of
uniform components.

i. A cadet was alleged to
have reported at Scott AFB
to board an Air Force aircraft to fly to the Air
Force Museum. His uniform
consisted of a combination
o f u t i l i t y, b l u e s , k h a k i ,
and tennis shoes. The cadet
was permitted to wear civilian clothes if he did not
have a suitable uniform.
2. A squadron commander was
observed wearing a flying
suit, hatless, and with a
scarf around the neck. His
duty of the day was farming,
not flying as his uniform
would indicate. Not only
are these suits inappropriate for farming, they have
been difficult to obtain
and should be reserved for
CAP flight duties.
Improper wear and mixing of
uniform components is a flagrant violation of both CAP
and USAF regulations, and
should be avoided, especially on an Air Force Base.
It is the responsibility of

The following senior members
of Missouri Wing have been
promoted recently to the indicated grade.
F~ F. D o u g h e r t y, W i n g S t a f f
W . T. W i n k e r t , W i n g S t a f f

C . L . K e r r, W i n g S t a f f
L. B. Knutz, Wing Staff
P~ C. Rinkel, St Louis Composite Squadron I

E . I . B a i l e y, W i n g S t a f f
J . E . H a r v e y, R i c h a r d s - G e baur Composite Squadron
F. T. J a c o b s , M a r k Tw a i n
Composite Squadron
J. P~ Otto, St Louis 1
P~ Procino, Joplin Composite
J. Rosemann, Richards-Gebaur
E . P. W h i t m i r s , H a r r y S .
Truman Composite Squadron
J. A. Williams, Tri-county
Composite Squadron
D. E. Armstrong, Kansas City

Cadet John D. Bockey, Kansas
City Composite Squadron 1,
has been notified tha~ he is
to be featured in the eighth
annual edition of Who's Who
Among American High School
Students, 1973-1974, the
largest student awardpublication in the nation.
LT C C l e m e n t S . B e r t o l i n o ,
USAFF~ Missouri Wing Reserve
A s s i s t a n c e C o o r d i n a t o r, r e t i r e d i n S e p t e m b e r. N o
successor has been named as
Command changes have been a
announced recently for three
Missouri Wing Squadrons.
CPT Donald J. Norvell is now
commander of St Louis Compos i t e S q u a d r o n 2 ; S M S t e v e V.
Allen has assumed command of
Cape Girardeau Composite
Squadron; and SM Jack Plympton has been appointed commander of Capital City
Composite Squadron.
Composite Squadron 1
D . P ~ B a r n e t t , H a r r y S . Tr u man
E . L . H e d g e s , Tw i n C i t y
Composite Squadron
D. L. Hollandsworth, St Joseph Composite Squadron
C. S. Kennard, St Louis 1
P~ E. Mathews, Kansas City i
G . A . M o o r e , Tw i n C i t y
J. Barrett, St Louis Composite Squadron 2
S . W. C o r s o n , R i c h a r d s Gebaur
W. J. Donahoe, Falcon Composite Squadron
V. F e l d m a n , S t L o U I s 1
J. J. Jahrling, Kansas

City 1


J . H a n d r a h a n , Tw i n C i t y
W. N a r d o n i , F a l c o n
F. N e l l e , T w i n C i t y
D. Schulte, St Louis 2
L. Scudiero, Marshall
Composite Squadron
K. C. Stockwell, St Louis 1
J . E . Yo u n g , T r i - C o u n t y


The award will consist of a
large plaque with space for
15 names, and will be kept
at the honored cadetI s
s q u a d r o n f o r o n e y e a r. T h e
cadet will also be given a
small plaque. In addition,
he will be awarded a $25
savings bond from Area 5.
The winner for 1974 will be
announced at the St Louis
A r e a 5 D i n i n g - I n i n J a n u a r y.
The presentation will be
made by Lawrence Daugherty,
first sergeant of the Guard

St Louis Area 5 will hold
its fourth annual ~ining-ln
o n 11 J a n u a r y 1 9 7 5 a t t h e
Armed Forces Officers Club,
Lambert Field. The DiningIn is the Civil Air Patrol' s
social highlight of the year
in the St Louis area and
provides an excellent opportunity for cadets and seniors
to honor the 33rd anniversary of Civil Air Patrol.
In honor of the retirement
of Victor Feldman from the
Missouri National Quard in
June 1975, the noncommissioned officers of Btry C,
1 s t B n ( TA ) , 1 2 8 t h F A , w i l l
honor a Civil Air Patrol
cadet in the St Louis area
a s " C a d e t o f t h e Ye a r. "
Feldman is a member of St
Louis Composite Squadron 1.

A challenge has been issued
to the members of Missouri
Wing. The Marshall Composite Squadron will take on
all comers in a rocket meet
Board was unable to decide
among the three cadets being
conside red."

Wing Names Winners
of Solo Scholarships

The Wing Finance Committee
then decided a third scholarskip should be donated by
Wing Headquarters.

Missouri Wing Headquarters
has announced the winners
of the solo flight scholarships provided by National
Headquarters as a result of
Missouri' s cadet membership
and recruitment during 1973.

Because the Corporate Matching Funds Program has been
restructured on a National
level to provide funds for
orientation flights and one
to three $120 solo scholarships to each Wing, it has
been more difficult to decide on scholarship recipients. I'It is possible that
this action may be continued
in the future, with at least
one scholarship being donat e d b y W i n g S t a ff m e m b e r s o r
by the Cadet Section," NAJ
Knutz said.

Sharing the .wards are
Tamara Joseph, 2ichardsGebaur Composite Squadron;
Gregory Hampton, St Louis
Composite Squadron 2; and
Roy Sanderson, Sikeston
Composite Squadron.
"Published procedures called
for two $120 scholarships to
be awarded," MAJ LuCretia
Knutz, Cadet Program Direct o r, s a i d , " B u t t h e R e v i e w

If this program remains the
same for fiscal year 1976,

BOX 1498 KC M0 64141



at any time. Anyone interested in a meet should contact LTC John H. Woods,
Marshall, NO, 65340.
In August, Civil Air Patrol
members of the greater St
Loris area assisted the St
Charles Junior Chamber of
Commerce in couducting the
a n n u a l Wa l k f o r M e n t a l
Health in St Charles by proviling radio communications
between check points and
along the hike route. CFT
D. D. Auchly was Project
O f fi c e r.

Missouri Aids Kansas
SAR Training Exercise
A search and rescue training
exercise by Kansas Wing in
September had help from nine
Missouri Wing members.
The Missouri members,~ under
t h e d i r e c t i o n o f M A J W. H .
Bailey and LT Rick Mathews,
placed aircraft parts on a
farm near Paola, Kansas, to
simulate a mid-air collision
of two light planes.
The members also served as
"victims" for first aid
training. Kansas squadrons
had 50 to 55 persons in attendance at the exercise.
it is anticipated that the
requirements and procedures
will remain the same, according to MAJ Knutz. Applicants' must have the Billy
M i t c h e l l Aw a r d , a n d m u s t
submit their application to
Wing Headquarters on CAP
Form 31 by the published
"Non-Profit Organization"


Permit #275,
Kansas City, Mo.