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More Than 1SO members of
Colo. Wing participated in an
intensive search 31 Jan. - 5
Feb. for a missing Kansas Air
National Guard F100C jet.
The aircraft was presumed
down in the mountains northw e s t o f D e n v e r, m o r e p r o b ably in the Milner Pass area°
CAP headquarters for the
search were established at
Granby airfield. Capt. and
Major Engle of Colorado
Springs Sq. acted as mission
c o - o r d i n a t o r s f o r C A P.
Plying operations during
the first 3 days were directed by the National Guard,
under control of Maj. Wertz.
CAP took over direction
of search efforts 2 Feb. The
search was called off 5 Feb.,
after weather conditions made
flying impossible during that
d a y.
In all, Colo. Wing flew












V V I N G - - C I N / 1 L

more than i00 sorties. Betwe~ 1O sad 20 aircrafti from
D e m v e r, C o l o r a d o S p r i n s s ,
Ptmble, Grand Junction sad
other areas, were available
each day for CAP missilns.
According to MaJ° Bud
Brown, who reported on the
search at the Colo. Wing
meeting 7 Feb.i CAP participation was excellentj
and he was very pleased
with coordination and
execution of the mission.
The 1967 Annual Colorado
Wing Conference will be held
at the Village Inn Motel,
G l e n w o o d S p r i n g s , 2 0 - 2 1 M a y,
1967. Start early to make
your plans to attend. More
information will appear in
the next issue of Chandelle.

F r o n t r o w, l e f t t o r i g h t , C / C a p t . D o r o t h y B a n a s ,
C/Capt. Bill Williams, C/2 Lto Lonnie Smith,
C / M S g t . M a r y W i l l l a m s . B a c k r o w, C / T S g t . E v a
S e a r c y s a d C / T S g t , R o b e r t a S e a r c y. C a d e t S m i t h
is on a Special Scholarship sponsored by Dunkln
B l u e P r i n t C o m p a n y. T h e o t h e r s a r e b e i n g s p o n sored collectively by various merchants and
business man interested in Grand JunctionWs
role in the Space Age.







G P S . I , I I AT T E N D
Group I and part of Group
II of Colorado Wing participated in a 4-day training program encampment 27-30 December
1966. A breakdown of members
participating: 61 male cadets,
9 female cadets and 15 senior
members gave up 4 days of
their Christmas vacation period.
The training was generally
intense. The days began at
0600 and extended beyond 2200
e a c h d a y. T h e y a l s o h a d d r i l l ,
recreation, but most of the
time was spent on calsses. The
first 2½ days were spent at
the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Golden, Colorado. The
instruction consisted of American Red Cross First Aid, Civil Defense Medical Self-held
proRram, and Civil Air Patrol
Continued on Pa~e 4


Col. Arthur



Colorado Wing of CAP recently received its 1966 Evalu a t i o n r e p o r t f r o m t h e U S A F. T h i s r e p o r t w a s b a s e d o n a
simulated SARCAP in October end a Headquarters Inspection
i n D e c e m b e r, 1 9 6 6 .
Colo. Wing placed as one of the best in the nation in
t h i s r a t i n g . A c c o r d i n g t o C o l . J a c k M c R e y n o l d s , U S A F,
Director of CAP Plans and Programs, Coloo Wlng advanced
from 20th place in 1965 to 5th place this year. Col.
McEeynolds, a former liaison officer for Colorado,
v i s i t e d u s a t t h e C A P w i n g m e e t i n g 7 F e b r u a r y. H e t o l d
the officers attending the meeting thats in his opinions
Colo. Wing rated first. Largely due to Colo. Wing's high
standing, said the Colonel, Rocky Mountain Region advanced
from 4th to 2nd place in the national standings.

-x-TH I NK SAFETY ! -XColorado pilots, keep up the
g o o d w o r k . ' To d a t e , C o l o r a d o
Civil Air Patrol pilots have an
excellent overall flying safety
Considering our high tough
terrain in general, this record
is much more than a matter of
g o o d l u c k . Yo u a c h i e v e s a f e t y
by first deciding to BE safe,
then working constantly and
constructively to make NO
flights except SAFE flights.

We believe you will agree
that in aviation to a far greatAs you read in last month's C.hendelles Colo. Wing reer degree than in any other form
ceived 98 out of a possible i00 points on the simulated
of transportation, the operator
S A R C A P. O r g a n i z a t i o n a n d C o o r d i n a t i o n o f t h e m i s s i o n
can influence and control his
were considered perfect. Mission Execution itself rated
o w n s a f e t y. W h i l e a i r b o r n e , w e
61 of the possible 63 points, which reflects a very
have very little chance of being
excellent evaluation indeed from the USAF team.
jeopardized by "the other felIn the two-day inspection of headquarters operations
low". Actually few flying acand procedures, the USAF representatives praised Colo.
cidents are directly and unWing on its great progress over the past two years.
avoidably caused by failure of
Particularly cited were our Aerospace Education and
the machine itself. And in a
M e m b e r Tr a i n i n g P ~ O g r a m s .
great many situations the comT h e r e w e r e , h o w e v e r, s o m e m i n o r a r e a s o f d e fi c i e n c y
petent pilot can overcome minor
pointed out by the USAF
mechanical problems by follow* # * * * * * * * * * * * * * E v a l u a t i o n Te a m o n b o t h
ing common sense emergency proColorado Wing CAP Newsletter the SARCAP and Headquarters
is the official publication of Inspection. It is to our
the Colorado Wlng of the Civil credit that for the most
C e r t a i n l y, C A P p i l o t s s h o u l d
A i r P a t r o l , C o l . A r t h u r F.
part these were procedural
strive to set the best possible
P u t z , C o m m a n d e r.
r a t h e r t h a n f u n c t i o n a l m a t - e x a m p l e y e a r a f t e r y e a r, a n d
ters. Nonetheless, these
lead the entire General Aviation
P u b l i s h e d b y t h e W i n g I n f o r m a - d e f e c t s c a l l f o r o u r i m m e d - c o m m u n i t y i n F l y i n g S a f e t y.
tion Office Staff:
late attention and correctLet's make it 100% for 1967.'
ion. If all our members
Lt. Col. Bernard Gebhardt continue the fine record of
Wing Staff Info. Officer
careful attention and unBy W/O Bob Arany
stinting effort that typified
Capt. Cliff Gau 1966, I am confident that we
Deputy Info. Officer
will not see mention of these
S/M Bob Brand - Editor
details on future USAF Evaluations.
M a j . G e r r l e To l b e r t s o n I went to take this opCo-Editor
portunity to thank all of you
for your individual and colMajor August E. Wlrth is the
lective efforts, which resul- new Commander of Group VIII, ,fPublished at Wing Headquarters, ted in our outstanding rating.fective i February 1967.
P. O . D r a w e r C , L o w r y A i r F o r c e A s i n c e r e w e l l d o n e t o a l l o f
W/O Rober R. Cumin, became
you, end let's keep up the
B a s e S t a t i o n , D e n v e r, C o l o r a d o
the Commander of Timberline
good work so that we may do
Squadron on 1 January 1967.
* * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * *
e v e n b e t t e r n e x t y e a r.


FEBRUARY 1967 Page 2

The editorlal staff of
Chandelle takes great pride
in announcing -- for the
first time for any CAP publication -- the opening of an
International Branch Office.
Headquarters will be located
in Brussels, Belgium, where
Chandelle International will
share office space with Gates
Rubber Company International.
Foreign Services Director
will be Lt. Col. Jack W. Cullinan,~who was inveigled into accepting the position
when the Colorado Wing IO
Staff learned that he had
been named International Advertising Manager for Gates.

Lt. Col. Jack
When asked to shoulder this
n e w C A P r e s p o n s i b i l i t y, C u l linan stated: "I will gladly
set aside the southeast corner 6" of my new office for
Colorado Wing International
Activities. Now please stop
twisting my arm."
IO Director Bernie Gebhardt
expressed full confidence in
the capabilities of Cullinan,
who has been the skilled editor and guiding light of the
C h a n d e l l e f o r t h e p a s t y e a r.
Cullinan left for Brussels
to assume his new CAP post at
t h e e n d o f J a n u a r y. H i s p o s i tion as editor of Chandelle
will be assumed by S/M Bob
Brand, a former newspaper and
magazine editor who is now
with the promotion department
at Mullins Broadcasting Comp a n y. C o - E d i t o r o f t h e C h a n d e i l e i s M a j o r G e r r i e To l h e r t son, whose other job is secretary to the Production Manager
of Pan American Petroleum.

The Chaplain% Chat
By: Major Henry Thompson
May I introduce my new ass i s t a n t , C a p t . Ve r n o n B a l l i n g e r
from the Longmont Squadron.
Ve r n o n h a s b e e n v e r y a c t i v e
within his own squadron and
helpful in several Wing activities. We welcome him as an
effective addition to our Wing
Congratulations to Capt.
Nell Hewitt for being promoted
to Chaplain of Group II, and
also to Capt. Fred Martens who
has also been promoted to Chaplain of Group I. Other new
Chaplains have been added to
our roster: Capt. Glen Sherman,
Rocky Mtn. Squadron; Capt. Kenneth Haroldsen, Littleton Sqdn~
Capt. David Holden, Brighton
Squadron; and Capt. Leslie McRae, Wing Headquarters Sqdn.
One of our objectives this
year is to fill several of the
vacancies that still exist in
some of our squadrons. This is
a job for all of us, to encourage our ministers and priests
to share in this program. Some
times all it takes is an encouraging word from you to begin
this ministry of service. One
of the big problems is that this
is a ministry in which several
of the clergy are not acquainted. Once they feel at ease and
are convinced of the opportunities, they heartily give of
their time. May I say that if
I can he of any help in sending
a word or letter of explanation
or encouragement, I am always
more than willing. We are striving to even excel the good
record that has been maintained
ove~ the past.

AT T E N T I O N : I O ' S
All lOs should send copies
of any releases m~de to CAP
TIMES at the same time they are
communicated to local news media.
F E B R U A RY 1 9 6 7 P a g e 3

It's always inspection
n i g h t w h e n " To p B r a s s " v i s i t
a unit. Denver's Squadron ii,
commanded by Major Eleanor
Wigand, passed with outstanding reports from Lt. Col. Nath a n B a u m , G r o u p I C o m m a n d e r,
and his staff who visited the
unit for a special parents'
night observance. Awards,
decorations and citations for
outstanding service were presented.

Major Frank R. Dillingham,
USAF Liaison Officer for the
Colorado Wing, presents the
Amelia garhart Award to Cadet
Cathy doyee, one of more than
a dozen cadets in Squadron ii
who received honors at last
month's parents' night meeting of the squadron at Abraham Lincoln High School in
D e n v e r.


Continued from Page 1
classes Also covered were
Rediological survival, fallout, home shelter management,
care of the sick and injured,
infant care, and a film on
emergency childbirth°
O n t h e t h i r d d a y, t h e
cadets were bussed to Camp
George West, Golden, for
their shelter management program° This included an overnight stay in an underground
CD shelter° During the night
cadets were given field problems in shelter management by
Major Eleanor Wiegand, Encampment Commander; CWO ~saac
Te n n a n t , D e p u t y O 0 o f C a d e t s ;
and Mro Julian Dombrowski,
Colorado State Civil Defense
E d u c a t i o n R e s e a r c h O f fi c e r.
On the final day of the-encampment, the cadets attended
additional lectures and participated in hospital field
exercises on simulated emergency situations°
At the conclusion of the
program, Civil Defense Medical
Self Help, American Red Cross
.S t a n d a r d F i r s t A i d c a r d s a n d
the CAP Certificate of Accomplishment were presented by
General Erlich, Assistant Adjutant General with the National Guard and Military Support Plans Officer (CD); Colo
A r t h u r F. P u t z , C o l o r a d o W i n g
Commander; Mrs. Ewing Friedmen, member of Jefferson Co°
Chapter American Red Cross;
Cadet 2/Lto Robert Ki~el, Encampment Cadet 00; Lto Colo
Nathan Lo Baum, Group I Commander; and Mr° Julian Dombrowski, Colorado State Civil
Defense Educational Research
By 2/Lt. Albert L. Field, I0
Group I, Colorado Wing

M T. S H E R M A N


During a Wing Staff meeting participants in the reA severely retarded State
c e n t M r. S h e r m a n s e a r c h d i s c u - H o m e s t u d e n t , 5 1 y e a r s o l d ,
ssed problems that they enwandered from a group of 30
countered. This successful
students on a hike and was
search could have ended otherlost on the afternoon of Dewise. Many different groups &
cember ist. A gully by gully
many people were involved, all search of the barren desertof which made for much confuland near the Bookcliffs turnsion in the reporting of proed up no clues. Next morning
93C, the CAP L-21 joined the
search, piloted by Capt. Bob
A false report of locating
Amelang. "Niner Three Charthe downed plane on the first
lle" was the first plane in
afternoon of the search causthe air on this search. Six
ed considerable delay in the
hours were spent flying low
search and could have resultover the area but to no avail.
ed in disaster. It took a few
On Jan. 20 the body of the
hours to verify that no
student was found by two huntsighting had been made and
ers in a box canyon where he
that the report was false.
had died of exposure.
At every search everyone
By: Fred R. Allen, 1.O.
wants to know the latest inGrand Junction Comp. Sq.
formation and even the truth
gets distorted. The only way
of keeping the information
straight is to have no news
released except from the MisMembers of Group II (Jeffersion Headquarters or the I.O.
As a search- son County) staff and families
for the mission.
and the senior staff of Arvada
er, you should give no inforSqdn. and their families held
mation to outsiders who are
a pot luck, get-better-acquaintnot part of the active search
ed dinner meeting recently at
parties. Send them to MisSecrest School. A "State of the
sion Headquarters for inforUnit" message brought the parmation.
ents up-to-date on the accompDON'T GO OFF ALONE IN BAD
lishments of the squadron and
individual cadets.
By: Seymour Beitscher



Arvada Squadron cadets are
planning a ski-train party to
Winter Park on February 19. A
Fifty-four educational scho- lively recruiting campaign has
larships and grants amounting
been kicked off with the ski
party as a target date. Cadets
to $39,000 will be awarded to
outstanding Civil Air Patrol
bring the most new members inmembers for the 1967-68 acato the unit will win a pizza
d e m i c y e a r, C h a r l e s W. W e b b ,
d i n n e r, a n d a b o y s - v s - g i r l s
deputy chief of staff for aerocontest for recruits has a
s p a c e e d u c a t i o n i n C A P, r e c e n t paid ski trip as a prize.
ly announced.
By: Capt. Pat Murphy
I0, Arvada Squadron
FEBRUARY 1967 Page 4